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Copper lion above the entrance

Göta Lejon is a theatre located at 55 Götgatan in the district of Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden.


Göta Lejon was built in the years 1926-1928 according to drawings by architect Birger Borgström. (1890-1964). Architecturally, the house has a block-long plaster facade with modernism on the basis of neoclassicalism. The entrance has a canopy covered with copper plate crowned with a copper lion. The entrance has a canopy covered with copper plate crowned with a copper lion by Einar Forseth (1892-1988) who also decorated the salon. The building was decorated with stucco work by Nils Enberg (1893-1959) and Carl Elmberg (1889-1955). [1][2][3]

It opened as a cinema in 1928, with the last movie at the venue in the 1980s. Since the 1990s, it has been a theatre, especially known for musical productions. Among the productions at Göta Lejon, the Swedish versions of High School Musical, Buddy - The Buddy Holly Musical, The Sound of Music, Jesus Christ Superstar and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert have been successfully played.

Up until 2008 it was owned by the Swedish musical production company Proscenia AB, now merged with 3 Sagas which is also the current owner of the Maximteatern theatre in Stockholm.[4]

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