Scandic Victoria Tower

The Scandic Victoria Tower is a skyscraper hotel in the Kista district of Stockholm, Sweden. It is also known as the Victoria Tower, however the Scandic name is used to distinguish it from the Victoria Tower that forms the southwest end of the Palace of Westminster. The 117 metre hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Stockholm, as well as the tallest hotel in Scandinavia.[2] It is named for Crown Princess Victoria, the heir apparent to the Swedish throne.

Scandic Victoria Tower
Victoria tower October 2015 01.jpg
Scandic Victoria Tower in Stockholm
General information
LocationKista, Stockholm, Sweden
Coordinates59°24′25″N 17°57′27″E / 59.407°N 17.9575°E / 59.407; 17.9575Coordinates: 59°24′25″N 17°57′27″E / 59.407°N 17.9575°E / 59.407; 17.9575
CostSEK 600 million / US$90 million [4]
OwnerScandic Hotels
Roof117 m (384 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count34[2]
Design and construction
Architect(s)Gert Wingårdh[3]
Main contractorPeab
Other information
Number of rooms299 [3]

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