List of terrorist incidents linked to the Islamic State

The following is a list of major terrorist attacks and arrests that have been connected to or have been claimed in reliable sources to be inspired by the Islamic State (IS), also known by other names.

Terror attacks committed or inspired by IS as of May 2023

Between June 2014, when the group self-proclaimed itself to be the Islamic State, and February 2018, IS has often made claims of responsibility over 140 terrorist attacks in 29 countries outside Syria and Iraq, that were "conducted or inspired" by the group, while the evidences of those claims are not verified. Hundreds of other attacks were also carried out since 2018.

The provided list below is according to a running count kept by CNN.[1]


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Iraq January 2013 A car bomb killed 28 Shia pilgrims and injured 60 others as they were returning from Karbala, while in the capital Baghdad a roadside bomb exploded near a minibus, killing four pilgrims and wounding 15 others.[2] 32 75
Two suicide bombing attacks killed 55 and wounded 288 in Baghdad, Tikrit and Kirkuk.[3] 55 288
A suicide bomber blew himself up during a funeral for a politician's relative in the city of Tuz Khurmatu, killing 42 and leaving 75 others wounded.[4] 42 75
February 2013 February 2013 Kirkuk attack A suicide car bombing at the provincial police HQ in Kirkuk killed 36 and injured 105 others, including the city's chief of police.[5] 42 111
A series of car bombs struck Baghdad, killing 37 and injured more than 130 others.[6] 37 130
A string of bombings and shootings killed 34 and injured 70 others in Iraq.[7] 34 70
March 2013 Akashat ambush IS fighters ambushed a Syrian Army convoy escorted by Iraqi soldiers, killing 51 Syrians and 13 Iraqis.[8] 64 10
19 March 2013 Iraq attacks A series of coordinated bombings and shootings across central and northern Iraq killed 98 people and left 240 wounded.[9] 98 240
April 2013 15 April 2013 Iraq attacks A series of 70 attacks, mostly car bombings and shootings, occur across 20 cities in Iraq. 75 356 Some perpetrators killed, others escaped
2013 Hawija clashes Four days of shootings, bombings and clashes in and around Hawija after the Iraqi Army tries to arrest protestors 331 600+ Some perpetrators killed, others escaped
May 2013 May 2013 Iraq attacks Dozens of attacks rock several cities in Iraq in a week long outbreak of violence. 449 732 Some perpetrators killed, others escaped
June 2013 10 June 2013 Iraq attacks A series of bombings strike nine cities in northern and central Iraq 94 289 Some perpetrators killed, others escaped
16 June 2013 Iraq attacks A series of bombings and shootings targeting various cities across Iraq 54 174 Some perpetrators killed, others escaped
December 2013 2013 Baghdad Christmas Day bombings Three bombings in Baghdad targeting Christians on Christmas Day 38 70 Unknown


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Belgium May 2014 Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting The Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels, Belgium was targeted when a gunman identified as Mehdi Nemmouche opened fire at the museum. Three people died at the scene while a fourth died on 6 June due to injuries. When apprehended in Marseille, with his belongings was a camera with a recording claiming responsibility for the shooting, and a white sheet with the name of the Islamic State emblazoned onto it. 4 0 Subject in custody, extradited to Belgium.
  Iraq June 2014 Badush prison massacre On 10 June, ISIL militants massacred at least 670 Shia prisoners in Badush prison, Mosul, Iraq. 670 Unknown
Camp Speicher massacre On 12 June 2014, ISIL killed at least 1,566 Shia Iraqi Air Force cadets in an attack on Camp Speicher in Tikrit. At the time of the attack there were between 4,000 and 11,000 unarmed cadets in the camp. This is the second deadliest terrorist attack in history and the deadliest attack conducted by ISIL.[10] 1,566–1,700 Unknown In retaliation Iraqi government launched counter offences against ISIL. New mass graves of ISIL victims were also discovered in Tikrit.[11]
  Australia September 2014 2014 Endeavour Hills stabbings Two counter-terrorism police officers stabbed. 0 2 Perpetrator shot dead.
2014 Australian counter-terrorism raids 15 people were detained after planning to kidnap a random Australian citizen and execute them. One hostage was murdered during the siege and one killed by a bullet ricochet from a police officer during the raid. 2 4 Perpetrator shot dead by police during raid.
  Canada October 2014 2014 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu ramming attack Two soldiers run down with car. One dies. 1 1 Perpetrator shot dead after chase.
2014 shootings at Parliament Hill, Ottawa Soldier standing guard at National War Memorial shot dead. Gunman storms Parliament. Security officer shot in leg trying to take gun from perpetrator. 1 3 Perpetrator shot dead in Parliament Building.
  United States 2014 Queens hatchet attack A recent convert to Islam and IS supporter attacks two police officers with a hatchet. A civilian is wounded when other officers attempt to shoot the attacker. 0 3 Perpetrator shot dead by police
  France December 2014 2014 Tours police station stabbing An IS supporter entered into a police station in Joué-lès-Tours screaming "Allahu Akbar" before stabbing three police officers. 0 3 Perpetrator shot dead.


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Saudi Arabia January 2015 2015 Arar attack Two attackers open fire on border guards, killing 3 before one detonates his suicide vest 3 1 Both perpetrators killed
  Libya 2015 Corinthia Hotel attack Car bombing, suicide attack and subsequent hostage situation in hotel known for hosting foreigners and government officials. 10 7 Some perpetrators dead, others escaped
  Denmark February 2015 2015 Copenhagen shootings Danish-born Jordanian-Palestinian Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein opened fire on a free speech event hosted by Lars Vilks and the Great Synagogue of Copenhagen. El-Hussein had pledged allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a few days prior. 2 5 Perpetrator shot by police
  Tunisia March 2015 Bardo National Museum attack Mass shooting and hostage-taking of foreign tourists at the Bardo National Museum 22 50 2 perpetrators killed by police, 1 escaped
  Yemen 2015 Sana'a mosque bombings Suicide bombings of two Shi'a mosques in Sana'a 142 351 All perpetrators killed in the explosions
  Saudi Arabia May 2015 Qatif and Dammam mosque bombings The mosque bombings occurred on 22 and 29 May 2015. On Friday May 22, a suicide bomber attacked the Shia "Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib Mosque" situated in Qudeih village of Qatif city in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, which killed at least 21 people. The event is the second deadly attack against Shia in six months. 26 106 IS claimed responsibility for the blast.
  United States Curtis Culwell Center attack Two men attacked officers with gunfire at the entrance to an exhibit featuring cartoon images of Muhammad at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas 0 1 Both perpetrators killed
  Turkey June 2015 2015 Diyarbakır rally bombing TNT bombing targeting a rally of the Peoples' Democratic Party 4 100+ Perpetrator arrested.
  France Saint-Quentin-Fallavier attack French-born Islamist beheads his boss and then rams his car into a gas cylinder outside a factory 1 2 Perpetrator arrested; commits suicide in prison six months after the attack
  Kuwait 2015 Kuwait mosque bombing Suicide bombing of a Shi'a mosque in Kuwait City 27 227 Bomber killed in explosion, 15 others convicted of involvement in the attack
  Tunisia 2015 Sousse attacks Mass shooting targeting western tourists at a hotel in Port El Kantaoui 10 kilometres north of Sousse 38 39 Perpetrator killed by police
  Iraq July 2015 2015 Khan Bani Saad bombing Suicide car bombing targeting Shi'a market in the city of Khan Bani Saad 130 130+ Perpetrator killed in explosion
  Turkey 2015 Suruç bombing Suicide bombing targeting the youth wing of the Socialist Party of the Oppressed 33 104 Perpetrator dead.
  France August 2015 2015 Thalys train attack A man who supported IS attacked a Thalys train from Paris to Amsterdam before being subdued. 0 3 Perpetrator subdued and arrested.
  Turkey October 2015 2015 Ankara bombings Suicide bombing targeting protesters at a peace rally 109 400+ Perpetrators dead.
  Egypt /   Russia Metrojet Flight 9268 Flight en route from Egypt to Saint Petersburg bombed 224 0 Unknown
  Lebanon November 2015 2015 Beirut bombings Suicide bombings targeting Shi'a civilians in the Hezbollah dominated suburb Bourj el-Barajneh 43 200–240 Perpetrators dead.
  France November 2015 Paris attacks Shootings, suicide bombings, grenade, hostage taking. 131 413 Perpetrators killed[12]
  Tunisia 2015 Tunis bombing Suicide bombing targeting a bus carrying presidential guards. 13 16 Perpetrator killed in explosion.
  United States December 2015 2015 San Bernardino attack Married couple Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik open fire on a holiday at the Inland Regional Center before fleeing. The wife swore allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a Facebook post the day of the massacre 14 24 Perpetrators shot by police
  Syria Tell Tamer bombings Truck bombings of a Kurdish militia hospital and a market. 60 80 Unknown
2015 al-Qamishli bombings Suicide bombings in three restaurants frequented by Kurds and Assyrian Christians. 16 35 Perpetrators killed in explosions


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Libya January 2016 Zliten truck bombing Suicide truck bombing at a police training camp 60 200+ Perpetrator killed in explosion
  Egypt 2016 Hurghada attack Stabbing attack targeting foreign tourists at the Bella Vista hotel in Hurghada 0 2 Two perpetrators killed by police
  Turkey 2016 Istanbul bombing Suicide bombing targeting foreign tourists in Sultanahmet Square 13 14 Perpetrator killed in explosion
  Indonesia 2016 Jakarta attacks Suicide bombings and shootout targeting a Starbucks and a police station in central Jakarta. The attacks occurred near the UN offices and several foreign embassies 8 24 Four perpetrators killed, others escaped
  Saudi Arabia Mahasen mosque attack Suicide bombing and shooting targeting a Shi'a mosque 4 18 One perpetrator killed; other arrested
  Syria February 2016 February 2016 Homs bombings Two car bombings in Homs targeting Alawite civilians 57 100+ Unknown
February 2016 Sayyidah Zaynab bombings Car bombing and two suicide bombings targeting the Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque, a Shi'a mosque believed to contain the grave of Muhammad's granddaughter. 83 178 Perpetrators killed by explosions
  Turkey March 2016 March 2016 Istanbul bombing A suicide bomber exploded targeting civilians in a commercial shop on a busy tourist destination and business center. 4 36 Perpetrator killed by explosion
  Belgium 2016 Brussels bombings Suicide bombers attacked a metro station and an airport 32 340 Three perpetrators killed in explosions; other suspects sought
  Yemen 2016 Aden car bombing Three suicide car bombings targeting military checkpoints 27 Dozens Perpetrators killed in explosions
  Iraq 2016 Iraqi soccer stadium bombings Suicide bomber detonated suicide bomb in stadium 33 78 Perpetrator killed by explosion
  Bangladesh April 2016 Murder of Xulhaz Mannan Xulhaz Mannan, a U.S. embassy employee and the editor of Bangladesh's first LGBT magazine, was hacked to death in his apartment along with his friend. 2 0 Perpetrators at large
  Iraq April 2016 Baghdad bombing At least 38 people were killed and 86 others wounded, as a result of two car bombings, in Iraq's capital of Baghdad.  38+ 86+
  Iraq May 2016 2016 Samawa bombing On 1 May 2016, attacks targeted Iraq's deep Shiite south, with the explosion of twin suicide car bombs in the city of Samawa. At least 33 people were killed and 75 wounded. 33 75 Two perpetrators killed in explosions
11 May 2016 Baghdad bombing Four separate car bombings in the Iraqi capital Baghdad claimed at least 110 lives. 110+ 165+ Perpetrators killed in car explosions
Real Madrid Fan Club massacre Two separate incidents in which three gunmen and suicide bombers attacked Real Madrid football fans at a supporters' café 28 45 Roughly six perpetrators killed
May 2016 Baghdad bombings On 17 May 2016, a series of bombings by the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant hit the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad. At least 101 people were killed and 194 injured. 101 194
  Yemen 23 May 2016 Yemen bombings Two suicide bombings targeted army recruits. 45+ 60+ Two perpetrators killed (maybe more)
  Kazakhstan June 2016 2016 Aktobe shootings A group of several dozen militants attacked two gun shops and a military base in Aktobe, killing four civilians and three soldiers. Several attackers were killed during the attacks on the shops and base and more were killed during police raids that followed over the next few days. 7 40+ 18 perpetrators killed, 9 arrested
  France 2016 Magnanville stabbing IS took responsibility for a stabbing that killed a French police officer and his companion.[13] 2 0 Perpetrator killed by police
  Malaysia 2016 Movida Bar grenade attack Two men approaching a bar and one of them throwing a grenade before escaping with their motorcycle while customer is watching the UEFA Euro 2016 between Italy and Spain. First ever IS attack in Malaysia. 0 8 Perpetrator arrested by police
  Turkey Atatürk Airport attack Three men from former Soviet states opened fire on Atatürk Airport in Istanbul before blowing themselves up. 45 239 Perpetrators killed
  United States Orlando nightclub shooting 29-year-old Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a mass shooting inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 49 53 Perpetrator killed, IS claimed responsibility for attack
  Bangladesh July 2016 2016 Dhaka attack Five men attacked a café in the Gulshan Thana of Dhaka and took hostages. 24 50 Five perpetrators killed
  Iraq July 2016 Baghdad bombings Two bomb attacks in the district of Karrada and the suburb of Sha'ab in Baghdad. 325 225+ Members of a militant cell connected to the bombings arrested
  Saudi Arabia 2016 Medina suicide bombing A suicide bomber targeted security forces outside the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, a man blew himself up after police tried to arrest him near the U.S. consulate in Jeddah, and two more bomb attacks occurred in Qatif. 7 7 Four perpetrators killed by explosions
  France 2016 Nice truck attack On 14 July (Bastille Day), Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a 31 year old from Tunisia, deliberately drove a 19 tonne cargo truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. IS claimed responsibility. 86 434 Perpetrator killed by police at the scene.
  Germany 2016 Würzburg train attack A 17-year-old Afghan refugee seriously injured four people with a knife and an axe on a train near Würzburg in Germany 0 5 Perpetrator killed by police
  Afghanistan July 2016 Kabul bombing Two suicide bombers detonated explosive belts on civilians. 80 231+ Both perpetrators killed in explosion
  Germany 2016 Ansbach bombing A Syrian refugee blow himself up near a music festival in Ansbach, where there were about 2,500 people at that moment. 0 15 Perpetrator killed in explosion
  France 2016 Normandy church attack Priest Jacques Hamel, two nuns, and two worshipers taken hostage by two men armed with knives in the church during mass. Hamel was killed. 1 3 Both perpetrators killed by police
  Syria July 2016 Qamishli bombings[14] Two explosions in the predominantly Kurdish town Qamishli in Syria, killing at 57 including 8 Asayish people and wounding over 171 people. 57 171+ At least 1 perpetrator was killed by the explosion
  Belgium August 2016 2016 Charleroi attack A man attacked two policewomen with a machete in Charleroi, Belgium, before being shot dead by another police officer. The attacker is reported to have said "Allahu Akbar" during the attack. 0 2 Perpetrator killed by police
  Pakistan August 2016 Quetta attacks A suicide bomber in Pakistan killed at least 70 people and wounded more than 100 on Monday in an attack on mourners gathered at a hospital in the southwestern city of Quetta, and Islamic State and a Taliban faction claimed responsibility. 93+ 130+ Perpetrator killed in explosion
  Turkey August 2016 Gaziantep bombing A child suicide bomber[15] kills over 50 at a wedding in Gaziantep province. 57 69 Perpetrator killed in explosion
  Iraq September 2016 9 September 2016 Baghdad bombings A suicide bomber in a car in Baghdad killed at least 40 people and wounded more than 60 Islamic State claimed 40+ 60+ Perpetrator killed in explosion
  Pakistan October 2016 October 2016 Quetta attacks 61 160+ One killed during operation, two killed in explosion
  United States November 2016 Ohio State University attack Abdul Razak Ali Artan stabbed people and ran others over with a car, injuring 11, before being shot and killed by a police officer. IS praised the attack and said Artan had responded to their call to attack civilians of coalition countries. 1 11 Suspect shot by OSU response team officer.
  Jordan December 2016 2016 Al-Karak attack On 18 December, a series of shootings occurred in Al-Karak, Jordan. 15 37 Four perpetrators were killed by security forces. IS later claimed responsibility for the attack.
  Germany 2016 Berlin truck attack On 19 December, Anis Amri, a 24 year old Tunisian asylum seeker, hijacked a Polish truck in Berlin and drove it into a Christmas market in Breitscheidplatz, Berlin. The attack claimed 13 lives, including the original driver of the truck. IS claimed responsibility and later released a video of Amri pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. 13 56 Suspect killed in Sesto San Giovanni (MI) by Italian police.


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Turkey January 2017 2017 Istanbul nightclub shooting At least 39 people are killed and nearly 70 wounded after a gunman opens fire in a nightclub in Istanbul, on the European coast of the Bosphorus. 39 69 Perpetrator arrested on 16 January. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claims responsibility.
  Iraq January 2017 Baghdad bombings At least 70 people dead in 3 separate suicide bomb attacks in Baghdad over the space of 2 days. 70+ 100+ Perpetrators killed in explosions
  Afghanistan February 2017 2017 Kabul Supreme Court Bombing Suicide bomber kills 22 at the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, Kabul. IS claims responsibility.[16] 22+ 35+ Perpetrator killed in explosion
  Iraq Car bomb explodes in Baghdad's Baya neighborhood, a majority-Shiite community. IS claims responsibility.[17] 54+ 63+
  Pakistan 2017 Sehwan suicide bombing Suicide bomber kills 100 at the Sufi Shrine. IS claims responsibility. 90 300+ Perpetrator killed in explosion
  Syria Part of Battle of al-Bab[18] Car bomb kills 51 people in a small village outside of Al-Bab, Syria. 51 Unknown IS claimed responsibility
  Afghanistan March 2017 March 2017 Kabul attack Shooting and bombing at military hospital in Kabul. 49 63+ Perpetrators killed
  Bangladesh 2017 Dhaka suicide bombing Suicide bomber enters under-construction Rapid Action Battalion headquarters and detonates suicide vest. 0 2 Perpetrator killed. IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  United Kingdom 2017 Westminster attack Car plows through crowd gathered outside of Westminster Palace before assailant stabbed police officer to death. 6 49 Perpetrator killed. IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  Bangladesh 2017 South Surma bombings Militants bombed a crowd of about 500–600 people gathered near the army and police perimeter, which was about 400 metres from the militant hideout. 7 40+ Four perpetrators killed. IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  Egypt April 2017 2017 Palm Sunday church bombings Suicide bombings at two churches on Palm Sunday in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria. 49 136 Perpetrators killed. IS claims responsibility for the attacks.
  Sweden 2017 Stockholm truck attack Truck drives into people on Drottninggatan pedestrian street before crashing into Åhléns department store, after which the perpetrator fails to ignite a homemade butane gas bomb. 5 15 Perpetrator arrested. IS does not claim responsibility for the attack but the perpetraitor claims to act on their behalf.[19]
  France April 2017 Champs-Élysées attack Police officers shot in Champs-Élysées, Paris. The incident killed one police officer and injured two more before the perpetrator was killed. 2 2 Perpetrator killed. IS claimed responsibility.[20]
  Pakistan May 2017 2017 Mastung bombing A bombing targeting Abdul Ghafoor Haideri in Mastung District. 25 37 IS claimed responsibility.[21]
  United Kingdom Manchester Arena bombing Suicide bombing targeting concertgoers at the Manchester Arena at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. 22 59 Perpetrator killed. IS claimed responsibility.[22]
  Philippines Battle of Marawi Philippine security forces launch an operation in Marawi upon receiving reports that Isnilon Hapilon is meeting with militants of the Maute group in the city. The militants in response took control of its medical center, burned schools and buildings and released prisoners. 1,233 1,400+ 90% of Marawi recaptured by government forces. 12 militants detained.[23]
  Indonesia 2017 Jakarta bombings Islamic state claimed responsibility for Jakarta bus station attacks that left at least three policemen dead and 11 others wounded on Wednesday. 3 12 [24]
  Egypt 2017 Minya attack Masked gunmen opened fire on a convoy carrying Coptic Christians traveling from Maghagha in Egypt's Minya Governorate. 28 22 Perpetrators caught. IS claims responsibility.[25]
  United Kingdom June 2017 2017 London Bridge attack Van drives into pedestrians on London Bridge before three men emerge and stab people in nearby bars and restaurants. 8 48 Perpetrators killed. IS claims responsibility.[26]
  Australia 2017 Brighton siege Somali-born Yacqub Khayre orchestrates a siege taking a prostitute hostage in a serviced apartment complex in Brighton, Australia and kills the complex clerk before enticing police to the complex. He makes references to al-Qaeda and IS. 1 3 Perpetrator killed. IS claims responsibility[27] and police declare it a terrorist incident.[28]
  Iran 2017 Tehran attacks On 7 June 2017, two attacks were simultaneously carried in the Iranian parliament and the Mausoleum of Ruhollah Khomeini, shrine of Iran's revolutionary founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. 17 42 4 of the perpetrators killed, 2 of them killed in explosions, IS claims responsibility.[29]
  Afghanistan August 2017 Suicide Blast kills 36 people in Afghanistan. IS claims responsibility of the attack.[30] 36 Unknown 2 perpetrators dead in the suicide blast.
  Pakistan August 2017 Quetta suicide bombing Suicide blast kills 15 people including 8 Pakistani soldiers. 15 40 IS claimed responsibility.[31]
  Finland 2017 Turku attack Two women were killed in the attack. The perpetrator was identified as Abderrahman Bouanane, a Moroccan citizen and rejected asylum seeker, who reportedly identified himself as a "soldier of the Islamic State". Despite this there was no claim of responsibility from IS. 2 8 Life sentence for Turku stabber.
  Pakistan August 2017 Quetta suicide bombing Suicide blast kills 15 people including 8 Pakistani soldiers. 15 40 IS claimed responsibility.[31]
  Spain 2017 Barcelona attack Van hits several pedestrians after jumping sidewalk in La Rambla 16 152 IS claimed responsibility.
  United Kingdom September 2017 Parsons Green bombing A bomb explodes at Parsons Green station in London 0 30 IS claimed responsibility.
  Canada 2017 Edmonton attack Edmonton police constable Mike Chernyk was allegedly hit and stabbed by 30-year-old Abdulahi Sharif, who then hit 4 pedestrians with a rental truck in a police chase 0 5 IS flag found in rental truck.
  France October 2017 Marseille stabbing A man killed two women at the Saint-Charles Station in Marseille, France 3 0 IS claimed responsibility.
  United States 2017 New York City truck attack A man drove a flatbed pickup truck into pedestrians on a bike path along West Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City. 8 12 Attacker taken into Police Custody. IS claimed responsibility.
  Egypt November 2017 2017 Sinai mosque attack Attackers launched rocket propelled grenades and opened fire on the worshipers during the crowded Friday prayer at al-Rawda near Bir al-Abed. 311 128 Survivors noted that the attackers brandished the Islamic State flag.[32]
  United States December 2017 2017 New York City attempted bombing Akayed Ullah, 27, attempted a suicide bombing at the 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal. The crude pipe bomb injured 4 people including the bomber. 0 4 The perpetrator was reported as declaring his allegiance to IS.[33]
  Afghanistan December 2017 Kabul suicide bombing Suicide bombing at the Tabayan cultural centre in Kabul. 50 80 Perpetrators killed. IS claimed responsibility.[34]


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Iraq January 2018 January 15, 2018 Baghdad bombings On 15 January 2018, two suicide bombings took place at al-Tayaran Square of Baghdad, killing 38 people and injuring more than 105 others. IS claimed responsibility. 38 105 Perpetrators killed. IS claimed responsibility.[35]
  Afghanistan 2018 Save the Children Jalalabad attack On 24 January 2018, militants affiliated with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Khorasan Province launched a bomb and gun attack on a Save the Children office in Jalalabad, a city in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, killing six people and injuring 27. 6 27 Perpetrators killed. IS claimed responsibility.[36]
  Russia February 2018 2018 Kizlyar church shooting On 18 February 2018, a 22-year-old man local to the Russia's southern province of Dagestan carrying a knife and a hunting rifle opened fire on a crowd at an Orthodox church in Kizlyar, killing five women and injuring several other people. 6 5 Perpetrator Killed. IS claimed responsibility.[37]
  France March 2018 Carcassonne and Trèbes attack A hostage crisis unfolded in the southern French town of Trèbes on 23 March 2018, but began hours earlier in Carcassonne, when 26-year-old French-Moroccan Redouane Lakdim killed a motorist and injured his passenger, then stole the car and attacked four French police officers, wounding one. Lakdim drove to nearby Trèbes, where he stormed a Super U supermarket, ultimately killing two civilians and a gendarme and injuring several more. 5 15 Perpetrator killed. Gunman claimed allegiance with IS.[38]
  Iraq April 2018 2018 Asdira funeral bombing 25 people were killed and 18 wounded when explosives exploded at a funeral for Sunni Muslim tribal fighters in the village of Asdira near the northern Iraqi town of Al-Shirqat.[39][40][41] 25 18 IS claimed responsibility.
  Afghanistan April 2018 Kabul suicide bombing On 22 April 2018, a suicide blast killed 69 people and wounded dozens more Sunday at a voter registration center in Koche Mahtab Qala, in the Dashte Barchi area of western Kabul, Afghanistan. 69 120 Perpetrator killed. IS claimed responsibility.
30 April 2018 Kabul suicide bombings At least 29 people were killed and 50 others injured in two suicide bombings in the Afghan capital Kabul, including several journalists documenting the scene.[42][43][44] 29 50 IS claimed responsibility.
  Libya May 2018 2018 attack on the High National Elections Commission in Tripoli, Libya Suicide bombers attacked the head offices of Libya's electoral commission in Tripoli, killing at least 16 people, injuring 20 and setting fire to the building.[45][46] 16 20 IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  France 2018 Paris knife attack On 12 May 2018, a man was fatally shot by police after killing one pedestrian and injuring several more in Paris, France. 2 8 Perpetrator killed. IS claims responsibility.[47]
  Indonesia 2018 Surabaya churches bombings The 2018 Surabaya churches bombings were a series of terrorist attacks that occurred on 13 May 2018 in three churches in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. The explosions took place at Innocent Saint Mary Catholic Church (Gereja Katolik Santa Maria Tak Bercela, SMTB) on Ngagel Madya Street, Surabaya Central Pentecost Church (Gereja Pantekosta Pusat Surabaya, GPPS) on Arjuno Street, and Indonesia Christian Church (Gereja Kristen Indonesia, GKI) on Diponegoro Street. The first explosion took place at the SMTB Church. The second and third explosions followed 30 minutes apart. 28 57 28 dead including all of the perpetrators. IS claims responsibility.
  Belgium 2018 Liege shooting On 29 May 2018, Benjamin Herman, a prisoner on temporary leave from prison, stabbed two female police officers, took their guns and shot and killed them and a civilian in Liège, Belgium. 4 4 Perpetrator killed. IS claims responsibility.[48]
  Afghanistan June 2018 A suicide bomber killed at least 36 people and injured 65 others at a gathering of Taliban and Afghan armed forces in the Rodat district of the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar[49] 36 65 Perpetrator killed. IS claimed responsibility.
July 2018 July 2018 Jalalabad suicide bombing On 1 July 2018, a suicide bomber detonated in the center of the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, killing 20 people, mainly Sikhs and Hindus, and injuring 20 others.[50] Islamic State claimed responsibility 20 20 IS claimed responsibility.[50]
  Pakistan 13 July 2018 Pakistan bombings Siraj Raisani was about to address an election rally when a suicide bomber, carrying around 16–20 kg of explosive material in his vest, blew himself up among a crowd of more than 1000 people.Along with Raisani, the explosion killed 128 people.Two days after the attack, on 15 July 2018, the number of dead increased to 149, while 186 other people were injured, making it the deadliest terrorist attack in Pakistan since the APS massacre in Peshawar in 2014.[51] 149 186 IS claimed responsibility.[51]
  Afghanistan At least 23 people, including an AFP driver, were killed and 107 others injured in a suicide bombing near Kabul International Airport as scores of people were leaving the airport after welcoming home Afghan Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum from exile.[52] 23 107 IS claimed responsibility.
  Pakistan 2018 Quetta suicide bombing On 25 July 2018, during polling for the 2018 Pakistani general election, a bomb blast outside a polling station in Quetta's Eastern Bypass area resulted in 31 people being killed and over 35 injured.[53][54][55] Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the group's Amaq News Agency. 31 40 IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  Syria 2018 As-Suwayda attacks The 2018 As-Suwayda attacks were a string of suicide bombings and gun attacks that took place in and around As-Suwayda, Syria on 25 July, killing at least 246 people and injuring more than 200. The attacks were committed by the Islamic State.[56][57] 246 200+ IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  Tajikistan Terrorist attack against cyclists in Tajikistan Four cyclists, including two Americans, are killed after a car plowed through tourists traveling through Tajikistan.[58] 4 3 IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  Afghanistan August 2018 2018 Gardez Shiite Mosque Afghanistan Attack Two militants dressed in burqa entered a Shiite mosque in the town of Gardez in the province of Paktia and opened fire. One of the attackers blew himself up and the other was gunned down by security guards. 39 people were killed and at least 80 others injured in the attack.[59][60] 48 70 IS claimed responsibility.
August 2018 Kabul suicide bombing A suicide bombing occurred on Wednesday 15 August 2018 in the Shia region of Kabul took place.[61] Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Health reported that 48 people including 34 students were killed and 67 were injured.[62] IS claimed responsibility.[63] 48 67 IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  Iran September 2018 Ahvaz military parade attack On 22 September 2018, a military parade was attacked in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz.[64][65] The attackers killed 25 people, including soldiers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and civilian bystanders.[66] 30 70 Perpetrators killed. IS claimed responsibility and provided a video containing the alleged attackers discussing the attack.[67]
  Egypt November 2018 2018 Minya bus attack On 2 November 2018, multiple gunmen opened fire on a bus in Minya carrying Christian Copts, the attack killed 7 and injured 14, IS also claimed responsibility for the attack.[68][69][70] 7 14 IS claimed responsibility and all of the 19 perpetrators were killed by Egyptian soldiers 2 days later.
  Australia 2018 Melbourne stabbing attack On 9 November 2018, a Somali man set his car on fire and started stabbing people, killing one and injuring two. The attacker died in hospital after being shot by police. IS claimed responsibility for the attack.[71] 1 2 The attacker, an IS sympathizer, was shot dead. IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  France December 2018 2018 Strasbourg attack On the evening of 11 December 2018, a mass shooting occurred in Strasbourg, France, when a man with a revolver opened fire on civilians in the city's busy Christkindelsmärik (Christmas market) killing five and wounding 11, before fleeing in a taxi. 5 11 Perpetrator killed by police 2 days later. IS claimed responsibility, but French interior minister Christophe Castaner described its claim as "totally opportunistic".[72]
  Russia 2018 Magnitogorsk building collapse On 31 December 2018, an apartment building in Magnitogorsk, Russia, was rocked by an explosion that leveled several floors, killing and wounding dozens of people. The following day a bus burst into flames and killed three people. However, the Russian Government has stated that the explosion was likely caused by a gas leak, not IS.[73] 42 12+ The 165th issue of the Islamic State's An-Naba newspaper contained the claim of responsibility.[74]


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Philippines January


2019 Jolo Cathedral bombings 2019 Jolo Cathedral bombings: 22 people, were killed and 102 others were injured when two bombs exploded in a cathedral during Sunday mass in Jolo, Philippines. The Islamic State-related branch of Abu Sayyaf terror group Ajang Ajang faction was behind the attack. 22 102 Abu Sayyaf is believed to have carried out the attacks however IS has also claimed responsibility.[75]
  Pakistan April 2019 2019 Quetta bombing A suicide blast took place in a potato stall in Shia dominated Hazarganji vegetable market.[76] 22 48+ Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and IS claimed responsibility
  Sri Lanka 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings On 21 April 2019, 6 suicide bomb attacks killing 253, including 45 children and 38 foreign nationals. Targets were 3 churches, namely St Anthony's church – Kotahena, St. Sebestian church – Negombo, Zion Church – Batticaloa and 3 leading hotels in Colombo namely Kingsbury Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel and Cinnamon Grand Hotel. There were 2 other suicide explosion in the afternoon in a small lodge in Dehiwala killing 2 and in the house of a main attacker in Colombo, killing 7 individuals including 3 police officers.[77] 261[78] 500+ IS claimed responsibility for the attack through AMAQ News Agency. Local Islamic extremist group, National Thawheeth Jama'ath is also directly involved in the attack.[79]
April 2019 Kalmunai shootout On 27 April 2019, Sri Lankan security forces and militants from National Thowheeth Jama'ath allegedly linked to IS clashed after the security forces raided a safe house of the militants. Sixteen people, including six children, died during the raid as three cornered suicide bombers blew themselves up.[80][81][82] 16 2 Groups involved in the attack swore allegiance to IS and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.[82]
  Afghanistan August 2019 17 August 2019 Kabul bombing On 17 August 2019, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a wedding hall, killing at least 92 people and injuring more than 140.[83][84] 92 142 IS claimed responsibility.[85]
  Iraq In the night of 24 August 2019 six Iraqi people (five youths and one policeman) were killed and ten others were wounded when Islamic State militants launched a mortar attack on a football pitch in the village of Daquq at the north of Kirkuk[86][87][88] 6 10 IS claimed responsibility.
  Tajikistan November 2019 On 6 November 2019, around 20 ISIS militants from Afghanistan conducted an attack on a border post in Rudaki, Tajikistan after crossing into Tajikistan from Afghanistan. The attack resulted in death of a Tajik border guard and a police officer. In the ensuing firefight 15 ISIS militants were killed and five were arrested.[89][90] 17 (incl. 15 militants) 0 Five IS militants were arrested.
  Nigeria December 2019 On 27 December 2019 it was released a video by Amaq News Agency showing the killing of eleven Christians in Nigeria.[91] ISWAP said it was part of its campaign to avenge the killing of IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a US military raid in Syria last October.[92] 11 0 IS


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Niger January


Battle of Chinagodrar On 9 January 2020 in a gunfight at a Niger military base, 89 Niger Armed Forces soldiers and 77 IS militants killed during the battle.[93][94] 166 Unknown IS claimed responsibility.[95]
  United Kingdom February 2020 2020 Streatham stabbing On 2 February 2020 two people were stabbed in Streatham, London, and one more had minor injuries.[96] The perpetrator, Sudesh Amman, who was a fighter of Islamic State and had previously praised it, was shot dead by police.[97] 1 3 IS claimed responsibility.
  Afghanistan March 2020 6 March 2020 Kabul shooting On 6 March 2020, ISIL gunmen killed 32 people and injured over 80 people at a ceremony in Kabul.[98][99] 32 80+ IS claimed responsibility.[100]
Kabul gurdwara attack On 25 March 2020, IS killed 25 people in a gurdwara in Kabul. 25 8 IS claimed responsibility
May 2020 Kabul hospital shooting & Kuz Kunar funeral bombing On 12 May 2020, gunmen executed a mass shooting at a hospital's maternity ward. 80 patients were evacuated, 24 victims, including newborn babies, mothers, and nurses, killed by the gunmen and all three attackers killed by the army; An hour after the Kabul attack, a suicide bombing took place in Kuz Kunar, Nangarhar Province at the funeral of a police commander, killing 32 mourners and injuring 133 others.[101] 32 133 IS thought to be responsible for the Kabul shooting although the Afghan government blamed the Taliban for it; IS claimed responsibility for the Kuz Kunar bombing.[102][103]
August 2020 Jalalabad prison attack On August 3, 2020, IS launched an attack on an Afghan prison that left at least 29 dead.[104][105] 29 Unknown IS claimed responsibility.[106]
  Philippines 2020 Jolo bombings The bombings occurred on August 24, 2020, when insurgents alleged to be jihadists from the Abu Sayyaf group detonated two bombs in Jolo, Sulu, Philippines, killing 14 people and wounding 75 others.[107] The first occurred as Philippine Army personnel were assisting in carrying out COVID-19 humanitarian efforts.[108] The second, a suicide bombing, was carried out near the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral.[109] 14 80 Perpetrator killed in the bombing.
  Austria November 2020 2020 Vienna attack Between November 2–3, five were killed in Stadttempel, Vienna, including the perpetrator.[110] The Vienna Police Department confirmed that the attacker was an Islamic State sympathizer, and that the attack was motivated by Islamic extremism.[111] 4 22 Perpetrator pledged allegiance to IS.[112]
  Syria December 2020 On 30 December 2020, an assault targeted a convoy of Syrian regime soldiers and militiamen of Bashar al-Assad's elite Fourth Brigade returning from their posts in Deir Ez-Zor. The bus was ambushed in a well-planned operation near the village of Shula by jihadists who set up a false checkpoint to stop the convoy and detonated bombs before opening fire.[113] 40 - IS claimed responsibility.[114]


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Pakistan January 2021 Machh attack IS claims responsibility for killing 11 miners in Balochistan, Pakistan. They kidnapped the workers on 2 or 3 January and took them to the mountains. The victims' hands were tied and their dismembered bodies were on the floor of a cottage. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the attacks, calling them "terrorist".[115][116][117][118][119] 11 - IS claimed responsibility.
  Iraq Baghdad bombings Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant targeted Shia Muslims on 21 January 2021 in a clothing market in Tayaran Square, Baghdad. US, UN, EU and the Pope condemn the attack calling it a senseless act of violence.[120][121][122] 32 110 IS claimed responsibility.
  Afghanistan March 2021 2021 Afghanistan attacks Three female media workers are shot dead in Jalalabad, Nangarhar. A fourth woman is wounded. The Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack.[123] 3 1 IS claimed responsibility.
2021 Afghanistan attacks A female doctor is killed and a child is wounded in Jalalabad, Nangarhar, after a bomb attached to her rickshaw explodes. Seven workers at a Hazara plaster factory are shot dead in Surkh-Rōd District, Nangarhar. ISIL is suspected to be behind the attacks.[124] 8 1 IS believed to be perpetrators.
May 2021 2021 Kabul school bombing a car bombing, followed by two more improvised explosive device (IED) blasts, occurred in front of Sayed al-Shuhada school in Dashte Barchi, a predominantly Shia Hazara area in western Kabul, Afghanistan, leaving at least 85 people dead and 147 injured. The majority of the casualties were girls between 11 and 15 years old. The attack took place in a neighborhood that has frequently been attacked by militants belonging to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant over the years.[125] 85 147 Afghan Government blame the Taliban. However the Taliban deny they carried out the attack. IS-K is blamed for the attack.
  Iraq July 2021 In the evening of Monday, 19 July 2021, an IS suicide bomber detonated his vest in a crowded market in the densely populated neighbourhood of Baghdad's Sadr City killing at least 30 people, the event happened near the eve of Eid al-Adha Islamic festival. Women and children were among the dead and wounded and some shops burned down as a result of the explosion.[126] 30 50 IS claims responsibility for the attack.[127]
  Afghanistan August 2021 2021 Kabul airport attacks On 26 August 2021, at 17:50 local time (13:20 UTC),[128] a suicide bombing occurred near Abbey Gate at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. Another blast occurred after the bombing.[129][130][131][132] These attacks came hours after the United States State Department told Americans outside the airport to leave due to a terrorist threat.[133] At least 183 people were killed in the attacks, including 13 US service members.[134] 183 200 IS claims responsibility for the attack.[135]
  New Zealand 3 September 2021 Auckland Countdown stabbing An IS supporter stabbed six people before being shot by police on 3 September in Auckland, New Zealand. The attacker came to New Zealand in 2011 and became a person of interest in October 2016, authorities said.[136] 1 6 IS claims responsibility for the attack.
  Afghanistan 18 September At least 7 people were killed and at least 30 were wounded during four explosions which occurred in Nangarhar's capital Jalalabad which targeted a Taliban patrol vehicle and another explosion which occurred in Kabul's Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood.[137] 7 30 IS claimed responsibility for the attack.[138]
8 October 2021 Kunduz mosque bombing IS Sunni extremist terrorists attacked, and killed many Shia Muslim worshipers in the mosque during their Friday prayer time.[139] 50+ 100+ IS claimed responsibility for the attack.[140]
15 October 2021 Kandahar bombing IS Sunni extremist terrorists attacked, and killed many Shia Muslim worshipers in the mosque during their Friday prayer time.[141][142] 65 70+ IS claimed responsibility for the attack.[143]


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Pakistan 4 March 2022 2022 Peshawar mosque bombing The Islamic State attacked a Shiite mosque in Peshawar, the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. 63 196 IS-KP claimed responsibility
  Israel 27 March 2022 2022 Hadera shooting 2 Arab-Israeli men affiliated with IS were responsible for a shooting in Hadera. 2 Israel Border Police officers 12 IS claimed responsibility
  Afghanistan 21 April 2022 2022 Mazar-i-Sharif mosque bombing A bomb exploded at a Shiite mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif during Friday prayers, killing 31 people and wounding 87. 31 87
29 April 2022 April 2022 Kabul mosque bombing The bombing occurred around 2:00 pm at the Khalifa Aga Gul Jan Mosque in Kabul, where hundreds of congregants were gathered for prayers.[144] Interior ministry spokesman Mohammad Nafi Takor confirmed ten fatalities. Sayed Fazil Agha, the mosque's leader, said more than 50 died.[145] Police chief spokesman Khalid Zadran said as many as 30 people were wounded.[146] 50 30 IS claimed responsibility for the attack.[147]
  Benin 1 July 2022 Multiple IS militants ambushed and killed 4 Beninese soldiers near the town of Alfa Kawoura [148] 4 0 IS claimed responsibility
  Afghanistan 3 August 2022 Two Taliban police officers were killed and four were wounded during a gunbattle with Islamic State gunmen at a hideout in Kabul. Three Islamic State militants were also killed.[149] 5 4
5 August 2022 On 5 August 2022, eight people were killed and 18 others were injured when a bomb hidden in a cart exploded near a Shiite mosque in Kabul.[150] 8 18 Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.
30 September 2022 September 2022 Kabul school bombing A suicide bomber blew himself up at the Kaaj education center in Dashte Barchi, a Hazara neighborhood in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing at least 52 people.[151] 52+ 110
  Mozambique 20 October 2022 Many IS militants attacked an Indian-owned Ruby Mine in Montepuez, which is considered the world's largest ruby mine.[152] IS claimed responsibility[153]
  Iran 26 October 2022 2022 Shiraz massacre 3 IS terrorists led a massacre at the Shah Cheragh Shia mosque in Shiraz, Fars province, Iran. At least 15 people have been killed due to this event, 2 have been arrested while 1 is still at large. IS has claimed responsibility for the attack on its telegram channel.[154] 15 40 IS claimed responsibility for the massacre.
  Turkey 13 November 2022 at 4:20 pm 2022 Istanbul bombing On 13 November 2022, a bomb exploded on İstiklal Avenue in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, Turkey, at 4:20 pm local time. Six people were killed and 81 others were injured. The bombing is regarded as a terrorist attack. No group has claimed responsibility, but Turkish authorities announced that Kurdish separatists were behind the attack, implicating the PKK and the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD). Turkey's interior minister, Süleyman Soylu, announced the arrest of the bomber and forty-six others. 6 81 IS and KPP claimed responsibility.[155]
  Afghanistan December 2022 2022 Kabul hotel attack 3 IS militants set off explosives and set fire to the Longan Hotel in Kabul due to its ties to the Chinese government. 6 people were killed, including the attackers, and another 18 were injured, including foreign and Afghan civilians and Taliban soldiers.[156] 3 18 Three IS perpetrators killed in the bombing.
  Syria 26 December 2022 A lone IS suicide bomber detonated a suicide vest in an attack on an SDF security centre in the former ISIS capital, Raqqa. The bomber and at least 6 SDF were killed in the attack.[157] 7 - IS claimed responsibility.[158]


Country Date Article Description Dead Injured Status
  Afghanistan 1 January 2023 2023 Kabul airport bombing An attacker detonated a bomb outside the entrance to the military portion of Kabul International Airport.[159] 20 (claimed) 30 (claimed) Islamic State claimed responsibility
11 January 2023 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan bombing A suicide bomber detonated outside the Taliban foreign ministry office in Kabul, reportedly during the visit of a Chinese delegation.[160] 20+ Perpetrator killed in the bombing. Islamic State claimed responsibility.
  DRC 16 January 2023 An Islamic State affiliated group went and committed a suicide bombing attack on the Protestant Church[161] 14 63 Islamic State claimed responsibility[162]
  Burkina Faso 23 March 2023 Islamic State militants attacked a unit of Burkina Faso soldiers that was patrolling the area[163] 15 0 Islamic State claimed responsibility
  DRC 8 April 2023 The Islamic State Central Africa cell claimed responsibility for the attack after raiding a farm in the village of Enebula in North Kivu province[164] 21 ~30 Islamic State claimed responsibility[165]
  Syria 16 April 2023 The Islamic State claimed responsibility for attacking and killing a group of around 10 militants and 16 civilians near the capital of Damascus[166] 26 Unknown Islamic State claimed responsibility[167]

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