List of Russian artists

This is a list of Russian artists. In this context, the term "Russian" covers the Russian Federation, Soviet Union, Russian Empire, Tsardom of Russia and Grand Duchy of Moscow, including ethnic Russians and people of other ethnicities living in Russia. This list also includes those who were born in Russia but later emigrated, and those who were born elsewhere but immigrated to the country and/or worked there for a significant period of time.

Alphabetical listEdit


Portrait Person
  Ivan Aivazovsky
seascape and landscape painter, portraitist
Storm, 1886
  Fyodor Alekseyev
cityscape and landscape painter
Red Square in Moscow, 1801
The Foundling Hospital in Moscow
The view of Nikolaev
Sara Alexandri
still life and landscape painter.
  Nikolay Anokhin
still life and landscape painter
In the old house of Rakitins, 1998
A village, 2006
Chronos, 2007
Evgenia Antipova
portrait, genre, and still life painter
  Mark Antokolski
(portrait by Ilya Repin)
  Aleksey Antropov
painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1784)
Ataman Krasnoschekov, 1761
Unknown lady, 1760s
  Ivan Argunov
painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, end of the 1750s)
Kalmyk girl Annushka, 1767
Unknown peasant girl, 1784
Irina Azizyan
landscape painter
Red leaves, 1978


Portrait Person
  Léon Bakst
painter, stage and costume designer
(self-portrait, 1893)
Terror Antiquus, 1908
Costume of Cléopâtre for Ida Rubinstein, 1909
  Maria Bashkirtseva
(self-portrait, 1880)
The Studio, 1881
Autumn, 1883
The Meeting, 1884
Nikolai Baskakov
portrait, genre, and landscape painter
  Alexandre Benois
painter, stage designer
(portrait by Léon Bakst, 1898)
Illustration to Pushkin's Bronze Horseman, 1904
Set for Stravinsky's Petrushka, 1911
At the German Quarter, 1911
Alexandre Beridze
Expressive abstraction painter
Intersection Opus 415, 2014
Intersection Opus 232
  Ivan Bilibin
painter, illustrator, stage designer
(portrait by Boris Kustodiev, 1901)
Set for The Golden Cockerel, 1909
Ivan Tsarevich catching the Firebird's feather, 1899
  Ivan Bogdanov
genre painter
(portrait by Leonid Solomatkin)
For calculation, 1890
Beginner, 1893
  Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky
realist painter
(self-portrait, 1915)
Reading a letter, 1892
Counting in their heads, 1895
  Victor Borisov-Musatov
symbolist painter
(self-portrait with sister, 1898)
Spring, 1898-1901
Daphnis and Chloe, 1901
The Pool, 1902
  Vladimir Borovikovsky
painter, portraitist
(portrait by Bugaevsky-Blagodatny, a pupil of Borovikovsky)
Pavel I, 1800
  Osip Braz
painter, portraitist
Portrait of Anton Chekhov, 1898
Wife, 1907
Portrait of painter Sergey Ivanov, 1903
  Alexander Briullov
neoclassical architect and painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1830)
Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, 1823-1826
E.M. Lvova, 1830s
  Karl Bryullov
neoclassical painter
(self-portrait, 1848)
Italian midday, 1827
A horse rideress, 1832
Alexey Brodovitch
painter, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer
  Feodor Bruni
neoclassical painter
(self-portrait, 1810s)
Maenad giving drink to Cupid, 1828
Z.A.Volkonskaya dressed as Tancredi, 1820s
  Misha Brusilovsky
(self-portrait, 1998)
Football. 1965
Homo sapiens. 1973
Aggressia. 1975


Portrait Person
  Marc Chagall
painter, illustrator, stained glass artist, stage designer, ceramics and tapestries designer
(portrait by Yehuda Pen)
Reclining Nude, 1911
Donkey on the Roof, 1911/12
The Fiddler, 1912
  Mikhail Chapiro
artist, painter
  Nikolai Chekhov
painter, illustrator
Portrait of Anton Chekhov
The Party at Sokolniki
The Young Widow at the Grave of Her Husband
  Mihail Chemiakin
sculptor, painter, stage designer
  Pavel Chistyakov
painter, arts teacher
(portrait by Chistyakov's pupil Ilya Repin)
Sophia of Lithuania at the Wedding of Vasily the Blind, 1861
Giovannina sitting by the window
Patriarch Hermogenes refuses to bless the Poles
  Peter Clodt
Nicholas I on Isaac's Square, Saint Petersburg


Portrait Person
  Vasily Demut-Malinovsky
neoclassical sculptor
Alexander Deyneka
social realist painter, graphic artist, sculptor
(c. 1440–1502)
medieval fresco and icon-painter


Portrait Person
  Stepan Erzia
Art Nouveau sculptor, woodcut artist
(a lithography by an Argentinian artist)
Sculpture in wood
Andrey Esionov
portraitist, cityscape painter, graphic artist
Mikhail Evstafiev
avant-garde painter, writer, photographer
Village under a dream sky
A photo of circus Chimes act (directed by Valentin Gneushev)


Portrait Person
  Peter Carl Fabergé
  Étienne Maurice Falconet
Rococo sculptor
Cupid menacing, 1757
  Vladimir Favorsky
graphic designer, woodcut illustrator, stage designer, painter
(1920s photo)
Self-portrait, Indian ink, 1912
  Pavel Fedotov
realist painter
Breakfast of an Aristocrate
Encore, again Encore!
Young widow, 1851
  Konstantin Flavitsky
neoclassical painter
(portrait by Fyodor Bronnikov, 1866)
Pharaoh's daughter finding baby Moses
Children of Jacob sell their brother Joseph, 1855
  Longin Frikke
landscape painter
View of the Fal estate of Count A. H. Benckendorff near Reval, 1837
View of the surroundings of Novocherkassk, circa 1885
Landscape with figures, circa 1845


Portrait Person
  Naum Gabo
constructivist sculptor, kinetic artist
Fountain by St Thomas' Hospital, London
Gestileerde bloem, a sculpture in Rotterdam
Nikolai Galakhov
landscape painter
Fyodor Gavrilov
  Nikolai Ge
history painter, realist, portraitist
(portrait by Nikolai Yaroshenko)
Peter the Great interrogating Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich at Peterhof Palace, 1871
Head of Jesus, 1893
Mikhail Gerasimov
archaeologist, anthropologist, forensic sculptor
Reconstruction of Tamerlane
Ivan Godlevsky
  Soviet Union
  Russian Federation
landscape painter
Feofan Grek
(c. 1340 – c. 1410)
medieval fresco and icon-painter
  Alexander Grigoriev
realist painter, public figure
Birch Grove, 1959
  Elena Guro
futurist painter
Portrait of Mikhail Matyushin, 1903
Little Deer, 1908/09


Portrait Person
  Alexei Harlamov
painter, portraitist
A Russian Beauty
Literary Pursuits of a Young Lady
The Flower Girls
  Viktor Hartmann
painter, ornamentist, architect, Russian Revival style artist
Plan for a City Gate in Kiev
Naval Russia's pavilion at the 1873 World Fair, design


Portrait Person
  Alexander Ivanov
neoclassical painter

(portrait by Sergey Postnikov)

The Appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene, 1834-36
The Appearance of Christ before the People, 1836—57
  Sergei Ivanov
history painter, realist, graphic artist, illustrator
(portrait by O.E. Braz, 1909)
Living of East Slavs
Monomachos' Princely Congress at Uvetichi
At the Southern Border of Muscovy
Anton Ivanov-Goluboy
neoclassical landscape painter
Italian peasants
Fishing Vessels off a Jetty, Kostroma, 1839


Portrait Person
  Valery Jacobi
neoclassical and realist painter
Serene holiday of a beggar, 1860
Prisoners Stopping Place, 1861
Jesters at the Court of Empress Anna, 1872
  Alexandre Jacovleff
neoclassical painter, draughtsman, designer, etcher
(self-portrait Arlecchino and Pierrot,1914)
Kabuki dancer


Portrait Person
Ilya Kabakov
conceptual installation artist, painter, illustrator
Installation in Münster, Germany
The fallen Chandelier in Zürich, Switzerland
Wordless, on the German-Dutch border
  Wassily Kandinsky
abstractionist painter
Munich-Schwabing with the Church of St. Ursula, 1908
Composition VII, 1913
Mikhail Kaneev
cityscape and landscape painter
  Nikolay Kasatkin
realist painter
Rival Ladies, 1890
Miner girl, 1894
Who?, 1897
  Ivan Khrutsky
still life and genre painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1883)
Flowers and fruits
Portrait of a boy
Still life, 1839
  Orest Kiprensky
romantic painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1828)
Yevgraf Davydov, 1809
Vyacheslav Klykov
monument sculptor
A bell-tower in Prokhorovka, monument to the Battle of Kursk
Boris Kocheishvili
painter and poet
Stepan Kolesnikoff
landscape painter
Sergei Arksentevich Kolyada
painter, landscape artist, Russian avant-garde, portraitist
(Self Portrait, 1934)
Sergey Konenkov
(portrait by Pavel Korin)
Kore, 1912
Bather, 1917
The Poor, 1917
  Pavel Korin
history painter, portraitist, art restorer
(portrait by Mikhail Nesterov)
Alexander Nevsky, 1932, on 1967 postage stamp
  Konstantin Korovin
impressionist painter
(portrait by Valentin Serov, 1891)
Two Ladies On a Terrace, 1911
Pier in Gurzuf, 1914
Nikolai Kuzmin
impressionist painter
Mikhail Kozlovsky
neoclassical sculptor
Cupids, a draft
Samson fountain in Peterhof Palace, 1800-02
  Ivan Kramskoi
painter, portraitist, arts critic
Unknown Woman, 1883
  Arkhip Kuindzhi
landscape painter
(portrait by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1869)
The Ladoga Lake, 1873
A birch grove, 1879
Elbrus, 1890-1895
  Boris Kustodiev
painter, stage designer
(self-portrait, 1912)
The Merchant's Wife, 1918
Russian Venus, 1926


Portrait Person
  Gennady Ladyzhensky
landscape painter
(Portrait by Nikolai Kuznetsov)
Landscape near Kologriv
  Mikhail Larionov
avant-garde painter
(self-portrait, 1910)
Acacias in Spring, 1904
Red Rayonism, 1913
Bull's Head, 1913
Klavdy Lebedev
history painter
Svyatoslav's meeting with Emperor John
Sergei Lednev-Schukin


landscape painter, impressionist

Church in snow (New York Metropolitan Museum)
Chapel Zvenigorod
Frosty morning at abbey gate
  Aristarkh Lentulov
avant-garde painter
(self-portrait, 1915)
Skybell (Nebozvon)
Portrait of Artist's Wife and Daughter
  Alexei Leonov
cosmonaut and painter
Selenodesists (On the Moon) on 1967 post stamp
Human spacewalk on 1972 post stamp (with Andrey Sokolov)
Lunokhod 1 on 1972 post stamp (with Andrey Sokolov)
  Isaac Levitan
landscape painter
(self-portrait, 1880)
Birch Forest, 1885-1889
Over Eternal Peace, 1894
March, 1895
  Rafail Levitsky
romantic, genre, impressionist painter, photographer
(portrait by Ilya Repin, 1878)
Bridge in the Woods, 1885-86
View of Mazzolada di Lison, Veneto, Italy, 1896
Morning Impression along a Canal in Venice, Veneto, Italy, 1896
  Dmitry Levitzky
painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1783)
Prokofiy Demidov, 1773
Duchess Ursula Mniszech, 1782
  El Lissitzky
avant-garde painter, photographer, typographer
(self-photo, 1924)
Suprematistische Komposition, 1919
Proun 93 (Konischer), 1923
Proun, c. 1925
  Vladimir Lisunov
nonconformist, mystic symbolist painter
The fugitive, 1976. Canvas, oil. 108x187.
Epiphany,1996. Canvas, oil. 90х118.
Forest visions, 1995. Canvas, oil. 60х81.
  Mikhail Lomonosov
polymath, scientist, writer, artist
(portrait by L. S. Miropol'sky, 1787, after G. Prenner)
A ship model
Peter I mosaic, 1754
Battle of Poltava mosaic, 1762-64
Anton Losenko
neoclassical painter, portraitist
Vladimir and Rogneda, 1770


Portrait Person
  Konstantin Makovsky
history painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1856)
Tamara and Demon, 1889
Proclamation of Kuzma Minin, 1896
  Kazimir Malevich
suprematist avant-garde painter
(self-portrait, 1912)
Englishman in Moscow, 1914
Mower, 1930
  Sergey Malyutin
painter, folk artist, architect, portraitist
The first Russian matryoshka doll (carved by Zvyozdochkin), 1890
Pertsov Building design, Moscow, 1906-1910
  Ivan Martos
neoclassical sculptor
(portrait by Alexander Varnek, 1819)
Michael Matusevitch
  Vladimir Mayakovsky
avant-garde poet, playwright and propaganda artist
(1912 photo)
Costumes draft for Mystery Buff, 1919
  Leonid Mezheritski
landscape, still-life, portrait
(Self Portrait with Dog, 1968.
Art Museum Chernigov, Ukraine)
Beach of Bolshoi Fontan, 1961
Springtime Sea Surf, 1970s
Yevgeniy Migunov
  Mikhail Mikeshin
neoclassical sculptor
(portrait by Ilya Repin, 1888)
  Vera Mukhina
sculptor, social realist
(from portrait by Mikhail Nesterov, 1940)
A man with a sword, 1916


Portrait Person
  Ernst Neizvestny
(left on photo, receiving Order of Honor from Vladimir Putin, 2000)
The Golden Child, 1995
Lotus Flower at the Aswan Dam in Egypt, 1971
  Mikhail Nesterov
religious symbolist painter, portraitist
(portrait by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1926)
Holy Rus', 1901-06
Philosophers Pavel Florensky and Sergei Bulgakov, 1917
Gury Nikitin
fresco and icon-painter, illustrator
The head of John the Baptist, c. 1680
The feast of the Cross, c. 1680
Ivan Nikitin
painter, portraitist
Peter the Great on his deathbed, 1725
  Aleksandr Nikolayev
  Igor Novikov
painter, member of Russian Academy of Arts
Diamond Grove, 2007
Goodbye Russia, 2003
Miss Switzerland


Portrait Person
  Alexander Opekushin
monument sculptor, architecture decorator
Pushkin, Moscow, 1880
Lemontov Monument, Pyatigorsk
Boris Orlovsky
neoclassical monument sculptor
Sergei Osipov
landscape and still life painter


Portrait Person
  Andrey Pashkevich
cinematographer, film director & producer, and painter
Gennady Pasko
impressionist painter
  Leonid Pasternak
post-impressionist painter, graphic artist, illustrator
(self-portrait, 1908)
Moscow in Winter, 1912
E. Levina, 1916
  Andrew Pavlovsky
expressionist painter, graphic designer
The beloved, 1994
The blue bottle, 1998
Trees at the river, 2001
  Vasily Perov
realist painter
(self-portrait, 1870)
Troika, 1866
The Hunters at Rest, 1871
A Governess Arriving at a Merchant's House
  Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin
symbolist painter
(self-portrait, 1918)
Bathing of a Red Horse, 1912
On the Line of Fire, 1916
Petrograd Madonna, 1918
Ilyas Phaizulline
classical realist
  Stepan Pimenov
(self portrait)
Statue of Vladimir the Great, 1807
Hercules and Antaeus, 1809
Chariot of Glory, 1827
  Vasily Polenov
landscape painter, realist
(portrait by Ilya Repin, 1877)
A courtyard in Moscow, 1878
Grandma's garden
Caesar's amusement
  Andrei Popov
realist painter
(self-portrait, c.1864)
An Eating House, 1859
Demyan's Fish Soup, 1865
Easter Fair in Tula, 1873
  Lyubov Popova
cubist abstractionist painter
Air+Man+Space, 1912
The Pianist, 1914
Portrait of a Philosopher, 1915
  Vasili Pukirev
realist painter
(self-portrait, 1868)
The Unequal Marriage, 1862


Portrait Person
Charles Radoff
landscape painter, neo-impressionist
  Ilya Repin
history painter, realist, portraitist
(self-portrait 1878)
What freedom!, 1903
  Alexander Rodchenko
avant-garde painter, sculptor, photographer, graphic designer
(1935 photo)
Dance, 1913
Portrait of N. A. Rusakov, 1915
  Nicholas Roerich
painter, philosopher, culture scientist, traveler, public figure
(portrait by Boris Kustodiev, 1913)
And we see, 1922
Monhegan, Maine, 1922
Fyodor Rokotov
painter, portraitist
Count I. G. Orlov, c.1762-1765
Lady in a Pink Dress, 1770s
Andrei Rublev
(c. 1360–1430)
medieval fresco and icon-painter
(Russian Icon of St. Andrei Rublev, holding one of his works)
Trinity, c. 1410
Alexandra Rozenman
surreal Russian American painter
Lev Russov
portrait, genre, and still life painter
  Andrei Ryabushkin
history painter
(portrait by Vasiliy Mate)
Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich and the Boyar Duma, 1893
Merchant Family in the 17th century, 1896
A Young Man Breaking into the Girls' Dance, 1902


Portrait Person
Vasily Sadovnikov
perspective painter
Palace Square, c. 1847
Arch of the General Staff Building, 1956
Alexander Samokhvalov

easel and monumental painter, graphic artist, book illustrator
Bogdan Saltanov
icon-painter, illustrator, portraitist
Cross of Kiy of the Crucifix church in Moscow Kremlin, 1670s
Feodor III of Russia (attribution disputed), 1685
  Konstantin Savitsky
realist painter
(portrait by Nikolai Grandkovsky, 1902)
Repairing the Railroad , 1874
Morning in a Pine Forest by Ivan Shishkin, 1886 (Savitsky painted the bears)
To the War, 1888
  Alexei Savrasov
lyrical landscape painter
(portrait by Iosif Volkov)
The Rooks Have Come Back, 1871
Rasputitsa (Sea of Mud), 1894
Alexander Semionov
cityscape and landscape painter
  Zinaida Serebriakova
painter, social realist
(self-portrait At the Dressing-Table, 1909)
Bath-house, 1913
Harvest, 1915
  Valentin Serov
impressionist painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1880s)
The Kidnapping of Europe
  Ivan Shadr
(c. 1930s photo)
Stone is a Weapon of the Proletariat
Girl with an Oar, 1936
Worker, 1922
  Silvestr Shchedrin
neoclassical landscape painter
(self-portrait, 1817)
Moon Night in Naples, 1828
Terrace of the Seashore, 1828
Andrey Shishkin
Georgy Shishkin
painter, portraitist, graphic artist, architect, stamp designer
400th anniversary of the reunification of the Russian nation Russian Post, 2012
  Ivan Shishkin
landscape painter
(portrait by Ivan Kramskoi, 1880)
Rain in an Oak Forest
  Fedot Shubin
neoclassical sculptor
(self-portrait, here on 1955 Soviet post mark)
Antonio Rinaldi, medallion, 1782
  Anatolii Ivanovich Sivkov
easel painter, graphic artist, stage designer
  Konstantin Somov
painter, graphic artist, illustrator, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1898)
Alexander Blok's Theatre, 1909
A galant scene
  Grigory Soroka
genre painter, portraitist
Dam in Spasskoye, Tambov Guberniya, 1840s
Peasant boy, 1840s
Reflection in a mirror, 1850s
  Evgraf Semenovich Sorokin
painter, professor
Portrait by Vladimir Makovsky, 1891
Crucifixion of Christ, 1873
Rendezvous, 1858
Spanish Beggar Girl, 1852
  Alexei Stepanov
genre painter
The Swing
Morning Greetings
Moose Herd
  Alexander Stupin
Portrait by Alexander Varnek, 1804
Boy with a Leaf
Rafael Stupin
  Vasily Surikov
history painter
March of Suvorov through the Alps, 1899


Portrait Person
Nikolai Timkov
landscape painter
  Feodor Tolstoy
neoclassical painter, illustrator, medallion and wax-relief artist
(portrait by Sergey Zaryanko, 1850)
People's militia of 1812, 1816
Family portrait, 1830
An illustration to Dushenka, 1820-33
Nikolai Tomsky
monument sculptor
Statue of Lenin, Berlin, 1970
Nikolai Gogol, Moscow, 1952
Monument to Sergey Kirov, Saint Petersburg, 1938
  Vasily Tropinin
romantic painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1844)
The Lace Maker, 1823
Woman in the window, 1841
Zurab Tsereteli
painter, sculptor, architect
  Israel Tsvaygenbaum
People Of Derbent, 1999
Duet, 2000
Abraham And Isaac, 2001
Alexander Tyshler
modernist painter, stage designer


Portrait Person
  Grigory Ugryumov
neoclassical history painter
The Trial of Strength of Jan Usmar, 1796-97
Vocation of Mikhail Romanov, before 1800
Capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible, before 1800
Yevgeny Ukhnalyov
painter, illustrator, designer, heraldic artist
Standard of the President of Russia
Star of the Order of Service to the Fatherland
Simon Ushakov
Saviour Not Made by Hands, 1658
Archangel Michael Trampling the Devil Underfoot, 1676
Last Supper, 1685


Portrait Person
  Nina Tokhtaman Valetova
metaphysical realism, fantasy, and visionary painter
Claustrophobia, 2003
Lost Without a Trace, 2008
Ancient Epics of Ancestors, 2008
  Feodor Vasilyev
lyrical landscape painter
(self-portrait, 1873)
After a Thunderstorm, 1868
Illumination in St. Petersburg, 1869
Wet Meadow, 1872
  Apollinary Vasnetsov
history painter, stage designer
(portrait by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1890)
Arrival of Rurik to Ladoga
Set for Tchaikovsky's opera The Oprichnik, 1911
  Viktor Vasnetsov
mythology and history painter, Russian Revival style artist
(self-portrait, 1868)
Bogatyrs, 1898
  Alexey Venetsianov
genre painter
(self-portrait, 1810)
Girl in a shawl
  Vasily Vereshchagin
battle painter
Peace at all costs (Napoleon in Moscow)
Ivan Vishnyakov
A Girl with a Bird
Sarah Eleonor Fermor, 1750
  Adrian Volkov
genre painter
(self-portrait, 1868)
The Interrupted Betrothal, 1860
Obzhorny Ryad in Saint Petersburg, 1858
Early snow
  Ekaterina Vorona
  Mikhail Vrubel
symbolist painter
(self-portrait, 1885)
Pearl oyster, 1904
  Yevgeny Vuchetich
monument sculptor
Soviet War Memorial in Berlin, 1946-49


Portrait Person
  Marianne von Werefkin
avant-garde expressionist painter
(self-portrait, c. 1910)
Autumn. School, 1907
A Red City, 1909
  Constantin Alexandrovich Westchiloff
impressionist painter
On the Road, 1903
Breakthrough of the Cruiser Askold in 1904 in the Yellow Sea, 1906
Still Life on a Terrace


Portrait Person
Nikolai Yaroshenko
realist, genre and landscape painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1895)
Gipsy Woman, 1886
On Swing, 1888
Konstantin Yuon
painter, stage designer
(self-portrait, 1912)
Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra from Vokzalnaya Street, 1911
Rostov the Great in Winter, 1906
Blue Bush, 1908


Portrait Person
  Nikolai Zagorsky
genre painter
David and Saul, 1873
At the local hospital, 1886
The Carpenter , 1887
  Pyotr Zakharov-Chechenets
painter, portraitist
(self-portrait, 1842)
Children of Pyotr Yermolov, 1839
Karp Zolotaryov
(fl. last quarter of the 17th century)
icon-painter, interior designer, wood carver
Saints Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia, 1685
Alexey Zubov
(1682 – c. 1750)
Swedish Ships Brought to Saint Petersburg after the Battle of Gangut, 1715
View of Catherinehof, 1716
Battle of Grengam, end of the 1720s

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