Russian Academy of Arts

Russian Academy of Arts (RAKh / rus. РАХ, Росси́йская акаде́мия худо́жеств) is the State scientific Institution of Russian Federation, eligible heir to the USSR Academy of Arts. RAKh is the public cultural Institution—a counterpart of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of fine arts, architecture, decorations, design and art education. A founder of RAKh is the Government of the Russian Federation.

Russian Academy of Arts
Moscow, Prechistenka 19-12 Aug 2008 01.JPG
Building of Presidium of the Arts Academy (former I. A. Morozov's mansion)
PresidentZurab Tsereteli
Address119034, Prechistenka st. 21, Moscow, Russian Federation[1]
Location, ,
Coordinates55°44′29.3″N 37°35′34.6″E / 55.741472°N 37.592944°E / 55.741472; 37.592944

Academic system of art educationEdit

Art education is one of the main aspects of the Russian Academy of Arts activity. In order to facilitate the development of art school creativity, Art Academy works on its scientific and methodological management.


Members of the Russian Academy of Arts include Full Members, Corresponding Members, Honorary Members and Foreign Members.[2]

The Government of Russia determines the number of members and the Academy Assembly has the right to elect them.

Artists, architects, designers and art critics can be elected for their enhancement of fine arts, architecture, design and art criticism with distinguished and important works of art and research work. Membership lasts lifelong.

Elections should be held at least once in 3 years.[3]


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Coordinates: 55°44′29″N 37°35′34″E / 55.7415°N 37.5929°E / 55.7415; 37.5929