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This list of Intercity-Express lines lists all Intercity-Express lines in Germany, not including ICE Sprinter.[1]

Frequency of trains and allowed max speed on the German Intercity-Express (ICE) network (2017/18)


  • Routes segments written in bold have a frequency of one train per hour.
  • Routes segments written in Italics are only operated by selected trains or no more frequently than every four hours.
  • Route segments written in small are to destinations outside Germany.
  • All routes written normally have a frequency of one train every two hours.




Line 10 runs hourly between Berlin and Düsseldorf or Cologne. Some trains are held in Stendal. Wolfsburg is served only every 120 minutes. At Hamm, the train is divided or united depending on direction of travel. A train service operates via Essen to Düsseldorf (some trains to Cologne and, on Sundays only, to Aachen), the other train via Wuppertal to Cologne (some trains to Bonn or Koblenz).

Line 11 runs from Berlin to Munich every two hours. Between Mannheim and Stuttgart it uses the high-speed line Mannheim-Stuttgart.

Line 12 goes to Switzerland. From Mannheim, it no longer runs parallel to the line 11, but from Karlsruhe on parts of the unfinished new and upgraded line Karlsruhe–Basel.

Line Route Stock
ICE 10 Berlin GesundbrunnenBerlin HbfBerlin-Spandau–(Wolfsburg)–Hannover HbfBielefeldHamm[2] Dortmund HbfBochum HbfEssen HbfDuisburg HbfDüsseldorf Hbf–(Köln Messe/DeutzKöln/Bonn Flughafen) ICE 2
Hagen HbfWuppertal HbfKöln HbfBonn Hbf (Koblenz Hbf)
ICE 11 Hamburg-Altona–Hamburg-Damtor–Hamburg–Berlin Spandau–Berlin–Berlin-Südkreuz–Lutherstadt WittenbergLeipzigErfurtEisenachFuldaFrankfurt (Main)Mannheim HbfStuttgart HbfUlm HbfAugsburg HbfMünchen-PasingMünchen Hbf ICE 1
ICE 12 Berlin Ostbahnhof–Berlin–Berlin-Spandau–Wolfsburg–Braunschweig–Hildesheim–Göttingen–Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe–Fulda–Hanau–Frankfurt (Main)–Mannheim–Karlsruhe–Freiburg–Basel Bad Bf–Basel SBB–Interlaken Ost ICE 1
ICE 13 Berlin Ostbahnhof–Berlin–Berlin-Spandau–Braunschweig–Hildesheim–Göttingen–Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe–Fulda–Frankfurt (Main) Süd–Frankfurt (Main)–Frankfurt(Main) Flughafen– Mannheim–Stuttgart ICE 1


Line 15 is an ICE line, parts of which have the character of a Sprinter line. Four pairs of trains (six pairs on Fridays and Sundays) connect Berlin daily with Frankfurt in less than 4 hours, around 15 minutes faster than via Braunschweig. Individual trains continue from there to Stralsund or Binz. Further train pairs connect Berlin with Erfurt. Between Halle and Erfurt, the line runs on the new line Erfurt-Leipzig / Halle. Already in the annual timetable 2003/2004 there was an ICE line 15 as a successor to the Interregio line 15, but with a route via Potsdam, Dessau and Naumburg and Weimar. In the timetables 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 there were three train pairs of the ICE line 15 Frankfurt-Erfurt-Halle-Berlin together with the ICE line 51 Dortmund-Paderborn-Kassel-Erfurt-Leipzig-Dresden as a line exchanger in time with the ICE Line 50 Frankfurt-Erfurt-Leipzig-Dresden.

Line Route Stock
ICE 15 BinzBergen – StralsundGreifswaldZüssowAnklamPasewalkPrenzlauAngermündeEberswaldeBernau (b Berlin) Berlin GesundbrunnenBerlinBerlin Südkreuz HalleErfurtFrankfurt (– Darmstadt HbfBensheimWeinheim (Bergstr)Heidelberg HbfVaihingen (Enz)Stuttgart Hbf) ICE T
ICE 18 Hamburg-AltonaHamburg DammtorHamburg HbfBerlin-SpandauBerlin HbfBerlin SüdkreuzBitterfeldHalle (Saale) HbfErfurt HbfBambergErlangenNürnberg HbfDonauwörthAugsburg HbfMünchen-PasingIngolstadt HbfMünchen Hbf


The primary route segments of lines 20, 22, 25 & 28 begin in Hamburg-Altona station. Selected trains continue to Kiel or Lübeck.

Line 20 connects Hamburg every two hours with Zurich, Chur or Basel. Between Hamburg and Frankfurt, it overlaps with line 22 to an hourly frequency. Some trains already start in Kiel, then travel via Neumünster and Hamburg Dammtor to Hamburg central station. This line passes through some stations like Hamburg-Harburg, Lüneburg, Uelzen, Fulda or Hanau without stopping. A single train from Hamburg-Altona leaves the main line at Frankfurt (Main) Hbf and then travels via Frankfurt Airport Station and Mainz Hbf to Wiesbaden Hbf. This then serves the usually traversed hold, but not Hamburg-Harburg.

Line 22 connects Hamburg with Stuttgart every two hours. Between Hamburg and Frankfurt (Main) it condenses with line 20 to an hourly frequency. Some trains which already start in Kiel do not serve Hamburg-Altona. Besides Hamburg-Harburg, the stops Fulda and Hanau are not served by this line. A train pair runs from Frankfurt (Main) to Oldenburg.

Line Route Stock
ICE 20 (Kiel)–Hamburg–Hannover–Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe–Frankfurt (Main)– Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbf–Mainz–Wiesbaden ICE 1
(Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbf–Mainz)–Mannheim–Karlsruhe–Freiburg HBfBasel Bad Bf–Basel SBB–(Zürich Interlaken Ost)
ICE 22 (Kiel)–Hamburg– Hannover–Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe–Frankfurt (Main)–Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbf– (Heidelberg–) Stuttgart ICE 1

ICE 4[3]

(Oldenburg (Oldb) )–Bremen
ICE 25 (Lübeck)–Hamburg Hannover–Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe–Fulda–Würzburg Nürnberg–Ingolstadt München–(Garmisch-Partenkirchen) ICE 1 ICE 2

ICE 4[3]

(Oldenburg (Oldb) )–Bremen Augsburg
ICE 28 (Kiel)–Hamburg Berlin–Leipzig–Nürnberg– Ingolstadt– München (Innsbruck) ICE T
(Warnemünde–Rostock)–Berlin-Gesundbrunnen– Augsburg–München-Pasing – (Garmisch-Partenkirchen)


Line Route Stock
ICE 31 Kiel–Hamburg–Bremen–Münster–Dortmund – Bochum–Essen– Duisburg–Düsseldorf – Köln–Bonn–Koblenz–Mainz–Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbf–Frankfurt (Main) – Würzburg–Nürnberg–Regensburg ICE 1
Hagen–Wuppertal – Mannheim–Karlsruhe–Freiburg–Basel Bad Bf–Basel SBB


The primary segment of these lines (except ICE 47) begins at Köln Hauptbahnhof or Dortmund Hauptbahnhof:

Line Route Stock
ICE 41 (Dortmund–Bochum)–Essen–Duisburg–Düsseldorf–Köln Messe/Deutz–Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbf–Frankfurt (Main)–Aschaffenburg–Würzburg–Nürnberg–(Ingolstadt)–München–(Garmisch-Partenkirchen) ICE 3
ICE 42 Münster–(Recklinghausen –) Dortmund–Bochum–Essen–Duisburg–Düsseldorf  – Köln–Siegburg/Bonn–Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbf–Mannheim–Stuttgart–Augsburg–München ICE 3
Dortmund - Hagen - Wuppertal - Solingen -
ICE 43 (Hannover–Bielefeld–Hamm (Westf)–Dortmund–Hagen–Wuppertal–Solingen) – Köln–Siegburg/Bonn–Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbf–Mannheim–Karlsruhe–Freiburg–Basel Bad Bf–Basel SBB ICE 3
ICE 45 Köln–Flughafen Köln/Bonn–Montabaur–Wiesbaden–Mainz–Mannheim–Heidelberg–Stuttgart ICE 3
ICE 47 Dortmund–Bochum–Essen–Duisburg–Düsseldorf–Köln Messe/Deutz–Köln/Bonn Flughafen–Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen–Mannheim–Stuttgart
ICE 49 Köln–Siegburg/Bonn–Montabaur–Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbf–Frankfurt (Main) ICE 3


Line Route Stock
ICE 50 DresdenDresden-NeustadtRiesaLeipzig (NaumburgWeimar)Erfurt
Frankfurt AirportMainzWiesbaden ICE T
(Leipzig/Halle AirportHalleKöthenMagdeburgHelmstedtBraunschweigHildesheimHannover)


All these lines continue outside Germany. Lines 75 & 76 originate in Hamburg Central Station and continue into Denmark. Lines 78 & 79 originate in Frankfurt Central Station and continue into Belgium or The Netherlands:

Line Route Stock
ICE 75 HamburgLübeckOldenburg(Holst)Puttgarden
RødbyNykøbingVordingborgNæstvedHøje TaastrupCopenhagenNørreportØsterport
ICE 76 HamburgNeumünsterRendsburgSchleswigFlensburg
ICE 78 FrankfurtFrankfurt AirportCologneDüsseldorfDuisburgOberhausen
ICE 79 FrankfurtFrankfurt AirportCologneAachen
Liège-GuilleminsBrussels NorthBrussels South[4]


All these lines continue outside Germany. They connect Munich and Frankfurt with France and Frankfurt with Switzerland:

The train of line 81 connects Freiburg im Breisgau with Paris. The first train station in France is Mulhouse. Then it travels on the LGV Rhin-Rhône and the LGV Sud-Est until the Gare de Lyon. The line is served by single trains only. This is the only line that is however not served by InterCityExpress.

Line 82 begins its journey in Frankfurt (Main) main station and ends in the Gare de l'Est of Paris. It travels on the LGV Est européenne, a high-speed rail line in France. On the route via Saarbrücken the trains run every four hours. In Forbach is held only once a day. With the commissioning of a new section of the LGV Est in 2016, some trains will also be routed via Strasbourg. Both TGVs and ICEs operate on this line.

Line 83 starts at Stuttgart. From there 5 train pairs travel via the LGV Est to Paris Est. One train pair per day starts or ends in Munich. Since 2016, LGV Est has also been used.

Line 84 connects Frankfurt (Main) with Marseille on the LGV Rhin-Rhône and the LGV Méditerranée once a day.

Line 89 was reintroduced with the timetable change in December 2016. Once a day Munich is connected via Innsbruck with Feldkirch. The line runs only on Saturdays in the winter sports and summer seasons.

Line Route Stock
ICE 82 FrankfurtMannheim KaiserslauternSaarbrücken(ForbachLorraine TGV) Paris Est ICE Velaro D / TGV 2N2
ICE 83 (MunichAugsburgUlm)–StuttgartKarlsruheStrasbourgParis Est[5][6] ICE Velaro D / TGV 2N2
ICE 84 FrankfurtMannheimKarlsruheBaden-Baden StrasbourgMulhouseBelfort-MontbéliardBesançon Franche-ComtéChalon-sur-SaôneLyon-Part-DieuAvignon TGVAix-en-Provence TGV - mp airportMarseille Saint Charles International TGV 2N2
ICE 89 Munich HauptbahnhofMunich OstRosenheimKufsteinWörglJenbachInnsbruckTelfs-PfaffenhofenÖtztalImst-PitztalLandeck-ZamsSt. AntonLangenBludenzFeldkirch Railjet


Both lines originate in Vienna and connect the Austrian capital to München or to Nürnberg, Frankfurt and the Rhein-Ruhr area:

Line Route Stock
ICE 90 ((Wiesbaden –) Frankfurt (Main)–Mannheim–Stuttgart–Ulm–Augsburg –) München–Salzburg–Wien Westbahnhof– Wien MeidlingWien Hauptbahnhof– Budapest Keleti pu Railjet
ICE 91 Hamburg-AltonaHamburg DammtorHamburgHamburg-HarburgHanoverGöttingenKassel-WilhelmshöheFulda WürzburgNurembergRegensburgPlattlingPassauWelsLinzSt. PöltenWien MeidlingWien Hauptbahnhof ICE T
DortmundBochumEssenDuisburgDüsseldorfCologneBonnKoblenzMainzFrankfurt AirportFrankfurtHanau–(Aschaffenburg) –


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