Bremen Hauptbahnhof

Bremen Hauptbahnhof (German for Bremen main station) is a railway station in the city of Bremen in northwestern Germany. It is the most important rail station for both the city and state of Bremen; InterCityExpress, Intercity, EuroCity, CityNightLine and DB NachtZug services call at the station, which is situated to the Northeast of the city centre. The train services are operated by Deutsche Bahn, NordWestBahn, Metronom and Erixx.

Bremen Hauptbahnhof
Deutsche Bahn
Bremen Hbf Frontansicht.jpg
Front of station hall
General information
LocationBremen, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
Coordinates53°05′03″N 8°48′42″E / 53.08417°N 8.81167°E / 53.08417; 8.81167Coordinates: 53°05′03″N 8°48′42″E / 53.08417°N 8.81167°E / 53.08417; 8.81167
Owned byDeutsche Bahn
Operated by
Other information
Station code855
DS100 codeHB
Fare zoneVBN: 100[2]
Opened12 December 1847; 174 years ago (1847-12-12)
Electrified14 December 1964; 57 years ago (1964-12-14)
Previous names1847-1873 Bremen
1873-1889 Bremen Staatsbahnhof
1889-1897 Bremen Centralbahnhof
Key dates
1870Rollbahn opened
1886-89Current hall built
Preceding station   DB Fernverkehr   Following station
ICE 10
via Düsseldorf/Wuppertal - Hamm (Westf) - Hannover
TerminusICE 25
via Hannover - Fulda - Würzburg - Nürnberg
towards Munich
ICE 42
towards Munich
IC/EC 30
towards Stuttgart
IC/EC 31
towards Frankfurt
IC 56
towards Cottbus or Leipzig
Preceding station DB Regio Nord Following station
Delmenhorst Achim
towards Hannover Hbf
Preceding station Metronom Following station
Terminus Rotenburg
towards Hamburg Hbf
towards Hamburg Hbf
Preceding station NordWestBahn Following station
Delmenhorst Terminus
Bremen Neustadt
Preceding station Erixx Following station
Terminus Achim
towards Uelzen
Preceding station Bremen S-Bahn Following station
towards Bremen-Farge
RS1 Bremen-Sebaldsbrück
Bremen-Burg RS2 Bremen-Hemelingen
towards Twistringen
Bremen Neustadt RS3 Terminus
towards Nordenham
Preceding station EVB Following station
towards Stade
Moor Express
Bremen Hauptbahnhof is located in Bremen
Bremen Hauptbahnhof
Bremen Hauptbahnhof
Location in Bremen
Bremen Hauptbahnhof is located in Germany
Bremen Hauptbahnhof
Bremen Hauptbahnhof
Location in Germany
Bremen Hauptbahnhof is located in Europe
Bremen Hauptbahnhof
Bremen Hauptbahnhof
Location within Europe


Bremen's first train station was opened in 1847 on the site of today's station, on the line to Hanover. Later, lines leading to Vegesack (Bremen-Vegesack–Bremen line), Bremerhaven (then Wesermünde, Bremen–Bremerhaven line), Oldenburg and Uelzen (Uelzen–Langwedel railway) were connected to the station. In 1870, the Köln-Mindener Eisenbahn, opening its Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg line (Rollbahn), built another station some hundred metres north of the old station, since the old station could not cope with the additional Rollbahn traffic. Eventually, it was decided that a single station would be better, and so today's station was built from 1886 to 1891 after plans by Hubert Stier, with sculptures by Diedrich Samuel Kropp and Carl Dopmeyer. In 1907, additional tracks were added. Whilst the station hall has been remodeled several times due to war damage and modernisation, its basic outline still resembles the original 1880s building.

The station hall was thoroughly renovated in the late 1990s and early 2000s, merging the two formerly separated passenger tunnels into a single concourse. Since 1973, it is protected by the monument protection act.[3] The station's platforms, however, were only partially renovated, but are expected to be refurbished from 2008 on for €12.6 million.[4]

Train servicesEdit

The following services currently call at the station:[5]

  • Intercity Express services (ICE 10) Oldenburg - Bremen - Hanover - Berlin
  • Intercity Express services (ICE 25) Bremen - Hanover - Kassel - Würzburg - München
  • Intercity Express services (ICE 42) Hamburg - Bremen - Münster - Dortmund - Wuppertal - Köln - Frankfurt - Stuttgart - Ulm - München
  • EuroCity services (EC 7) Hamburg - Bremen - Münster - Dortmund - Düsseldorf - Köln - Bonn - Karlsruhe - Freiburg - Basel - Zürich
  • Intercity services (IC 30) Hamburg - Bremen - Münster - Essen - Düsseldorf - Köln - Bonn - Stuttgart
  • Intercity services (IC 31) Hamburg - Bremen - Münster - Dortmund - Wuppertal - Köln - Bonn - Frankfurt
  • Intercity services (IC 56) Norddeich - Emden - Oldenburg - Bremen - Hanover - Braunschweig - Magdeburg - Leipzig - Dresden
  • Regional services RE 1 Norddeich - Emden - Oldenburg - Bremen - Nienburg - Hanover
  • Regional services RE 4 Bremen - Rotenburg - Buchholz - Hamburg
  • Regional services RE 8 Bremerhaven-Lehe - Bremen - Nienburg - Hanover
  • Regional services RE 9 Bremerhaven-Lehe - Bremen - Osnabrück
  • Local services RB 37 Der Heidesprinter Bremen - Soltau - Uelzen
  • Local services RB 41 Bremen - Rotenburg - Tostedt - Buchholz - Hamburg
  • Local services RB 58 Osnabrück - Bramsche - Vechta - Delmenhorst - Bremen
  • Bremen S-Bahn services   Bremen-Farge - Bremen-Vegesack - Bremen - Verden
  • Bremen S-Bahn services   Bremerhaven-Lehe - Osterholz-Scharmbeck - Bremen - Twistringen
  • Bremen S-Bahn services   Bad Zwischenahn - Oldenburg - Delmenhorst - Bremen
  • Bremen S-Bahn services   Nordenham - Hude - Delmenhorst - Bremen

Operational usageEdit

The station sees 100 long-distance and 410 regional trains per day. About 100,000 passengers per day use the station. The station features nine platform tracks, of which seven are in the station hall. In the hall, two tracks serve as through tracks for freight traffic. The station is electrified since 1964 and has been thoroughly modernised during the late 1990s. Both the passenger and mail subways, which used to be separate, were joined together and the station's subway now features a rich selection of shops and food halls, akin to a shopping mall. The platforms have been partly modernised as well (most notably platforms 5 and 6, which carry most of the southbound long distance traffic), and lifts have been put in.
Trains usually depart from:

The station is connected to the Bremen tramway network operated by BSAG by a large, six-track tram station in front of the main hall.


Bremen main station in fog
Mural inside the station hall

The sculptures on the façade, among other railway-related symbolisms, depict the coats of arms of the cities of Bremen and Hamburg, the original destinations of the line.

There is a large mural inside the station's main hall, dating back to the 1950s and showing scenes from the city port. It went into oblivion when it was drywalled off and station announcement boards were put over it in the 1970s, but has been carefully renovated at the station's most recent interior overhaul and is now viewable to the public again.

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