Jenbach railway station

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Jenbach railway station serves the municipality of Jenbach, in the Schwaz district of the Austrian federal state of Tyrol. It is the only station in Austria at which railway lines of three different gauges meet.

The station building
LocationBahnhofstraße 4
6200 Jenbach
Coordinates47°23′19″N 11°46′41″E / 47.38861°N 11.77806°E / 47.38861; 11.77806Coordinates: 47°23′19″N 11°46′41″E / 47.38861°N 11.77806°E / 47.38861; 11.77806
Owned byAustrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)
Operated byAustrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)
Achensee Railway
Line(s)Lower Inn Valley railway
Achensee Railway
Platforms4 main lines
1 Achensee Railway
1 Zillertalbahn
Preceding station   ÖBB   Following station
toward Innsbruck or Bregenz
Jenbach is located in Austria
Location within Austria

The most important line leading to Jenbach station is the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) standard gauge Lower Inn Valley railway, which passes through the station. Jenbach also has two terminating narrow gauge lines - the metre gauge Achensee Railway, and the 760 mm (2 ft 5+1516 in) gauge Zillertalbahn. The station is 2,437 metres (7,995 ft) long, has 5 main lines, 7 sidings and 3 private sidings.


The Lower Inn Valley Railway connects Jenbach with the main Austrian railway network. It therefore provides fast east-west links from (Budapest–) Vienna, and Salzburg to Innsbruck, Feldkirch and Bregenz or Zürich and Basel, and north-south links from (Berlin-) Munich to Innsbruck, Verona, Milan/Rome/Venice. Additionally there are links from Graz to Innsbruck and Bregenz.

The Zillertal is connected at Jenbach, via the Zillertalbahn, with the ÖBB main line. On the Zillertalbahn, there are not only regional trains but also regular steam-hauled special trains, which represent a great attraction, especially for tourists.

The Achensee Railway is a pure tourist railway and has no significance for commuter traffic. The roughly 7-kilometre (4.3 mi) long rack railway leads, via two stops, to the Seespitz railway station on the Achensee, and is operated by steam locomotives. In Seespitz, passengers can transfer directly to one of the Achensee ships.

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The station is served by the following service(s):

  • RailJet services Bregenz - Innsbruck - Salzburg - Linz - St Pölten - Vienna


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