Solingen Hauptbahnhof is the only railway station in Solingen, Germany, to be served by ICE and IC long distance trains.

Solingen Hauptbahnhof
Deutsche Bahn Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn
Through station
General information
LocationBahnstr. 5, Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Coordinates51°09′41.5″N 7°00′15″E / 51.161528°N 7.00417°E / 51.161528; 7.00417
Other information
Station code5882
DS100 codeKSO
Fare zone
Opened25 September 1867
Previous namesOhligs-Wald
Preceding station DB Fernverkehr Following station
Wuppertal Hbf ICE 10 Köln Hbf
One-way operation
Wuppertal Hbf
towards Dortmund Hbf
ICE 42 Köln Hbf
towards München Hbf
ICE 91 Köln Hbf
towards Wien Hbf
Wuppertal Hbf
towards Dresden Hbf
IC 55 Köln Hbf
Preceding station National Express Germany Following station
Wuppertal Hbf
towards Rheine
RE 7 (Rhein-Münsterland-Express) Opladen
towards Krefeld Hbf
Haan RB 48 (Rhein-Wupper-Bahn) Leichlingen
towards Bonn-Mehlem
Preceding station Regiobahn Following station
Solingen-Grünewald RE 47 Hilden
Preceding station Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn Following station
Solingen Vogelpark
towards Dortmund Hbf
S1 Terminus
Solingen Grünewald S7

History edit

The first station in the area of present-day town of Solingen was built with the opening of the Gruiten-Cologne-Mülheim railway by the Bergisch-Märkische Railway Company.[3] The station opened on 25 September 1867 and was named Ohligs Wald ("Ohligs forest").[4] That same year a branch line to Solingen was built from this station.[5] In 1890, the Wald part of the name was dropped and with the incorporation of Ohligs into Solingen in 1929, the station was renamed Solingen-Ohligs.[4] In 1894, the line from Hilden was opened.[6]

The importance of the Solingen-Ohligs station always exceeded that of the other stations in Solingen, including the old Solingen Hauptbahnhof, since only Ohligs station is located on a main line. Consequently, it was the stopping point for long-distance traffic. This factor lead to the discussion of renaming this station to Hauptbahnhof and giving the Hauptbahnhof a new name. These discussions, however, never came to a conclusion, so the station kept its name until the end of 2006. With the decommissioning of the old Hauptbahnhof in May 2006, Solingen-Ohligs station was renamed as Solingen Hauptbahnhof on 10 December 2006.[4]

Notes edit

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