Aachen Hauptbahnhof

Aachen Hauptbahnhof (German for Aachen main station) is the most important railway station for the city of Aachen, in the far west of Germany near the Dutch and Belgian border. It is the largest of the four currently active Aachen stations, and is integrated into the long-distance network.

Deutsche Bahn
Aachen Hauptbahnhof 10-2017.jpg
Station forecourt and main entrance
LocationBahnhofplatz 2a
52064 Aachen
Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Coordinates50°46′03″N 6°05′28″E / 50.767635°N 6.091179°E / 50.767635; 6.091179Coordinates: 50°46′03″N 6°05′28″E / 50.767635°N 6.091179°E / 50.767635; 6.091179
ArchitectFriedrich Mettegang
Architectural styleArt Nouveau
Other information
Station code1
DS100 codeKA[1]
Fare zone
  • AVV: Aachen City-XL-Zone[3]
  • VRS: 3100 (AVV transitional tariff)[4]
Opened1905; 117 years ago (1905)
Preceding station   Thalys   Following station
toward Paris-Nord
toward Dortmund Hbf
Preceding station   DB Fernverkehr   Following station
ICE 79
towards Frankfurt
Preceding station   FlixTrain   Following station
TerminusFLX 30
via Hannover - Berlin
towards Leipzig
Preceding station   DB Regio NRW   Following station
TerminusRE 1
toward Hamm Hbf
toward Dortmund Hbf
RE 4
TerminusRE 9
toward Siegen Hbf
RB 20
toward Essen Hbf
RB 33
Preceding station   Arriva   Following station
TerminusRE 18
toward Maastricht
Preceding station   SNCB/NMBS   Following station
RE 29
Aachen Hauptbahnhof is located in North Rhine-Westphalia
Aachen Hauptbahnhof
Aachen Hauptbahnhof
Location in North Rhine-Westphalia
Aachen Hauptbahnhof is located in Germany
Aachen Hauptbahnhof
Aachen Hauptbahnhof
Location in Germany
Aachen Hauptbahnhof is located in Europe
Aachen Hauptbahnhof
Aachen Hauptbahnhof
Location in Europe


A station at Aachen was first opened in 1841, when the Rheinische Eisenbahngesellschaft opened its line from Cologne. The line first was extended to Herbesthal (near the Belgian border) and on 15 October 1843 to Antwerp. The first station was built outside of the city walls, however the city soon grew and the station eventually became surrounded by new buildings. The Prussian state railways deemed that rather impractical and decided to build a new station situated on a hillside. Embankments and new bridges were built from 1901 onward, and on 21 December 1905 the station opened at its new location.

The station remained largely undisturbed until suffering from damage in 1944, when German troops were retreating. However, since the rail link was highly valued by the Allied forces, damage was cleared up rather quickly and in 1950 all war damage had been removed from the site. Since 2002 the Cologne–Aachen high-speed railway line allows connections to Cologne with speeds up to 250 km/h (160 mph).


In 1966, Aachen Hauptbahnhof was electrified. Due to its proximity to Belgium, it was decided to implement the switching point from the Deutsche Bahn's 15 kV AC to the 3000 V DC used by the NMBS/SNCB in the station. Tracks 6 to 9 therefore have a switchable catenary and are used for international Thalys, ICE and Regional-Express services.


The station hall was renovated from 2000 to 2006. In 2007 a new electronic signal box was built, enabling more streamlined operations and automatic switching of the correct voltages. The cost estimate for the revamp was around €40 million. The main changes were:

  • Construction of 400m long platforms for international traffic, replacing the old 250m platforms that did not allow economic usage due to their limited length.
  • Special through tracks (tracks 3 and 4) for freight trains to the Netherlands and Belgium (via Montzen) to Aachen West.
  • Constructional changes to the system changeover point to Belgium; a new track layout, which allows the smooth changeover of electric locomotives and is capable of handling the increasing number of through carriages.
  • Improvement of the layout to remove operating problems, especially in the sidings.

Train servicesEdit

ICE 3M train en route from Brussels to Frankfurt in Aachen Hauptbahnhof.
Regional-Express trains in Aachen Hauptbahnhof.

The following services currently call at Aachen Hbf:

Series Operator Route Material Frequency Notes
ICE 80 Thalys Paris Nord – Brussels-South – Liège-Guillemins – Aachen Hauptbahnhof – Cologne – (Düsseldorf – Duisburg – Essen – Dortmund) Thalys PBKA 5x per day high speed service
ICE 79 DB Brussels-South – Brussels-North – Liège-Guillemins – Aachen Hauptbahnhof – Cologne – (Siegburg/Bonn – Montabaur – Limburg –) Frankfurt Airport – Frankfurt ICE 3M - Class 406 Every 2 hours high speed service
IC 2222 DB Aachen HauptbahnhofMönchengladbachKrefeldDuisburgEssenBochumDortmundHammGüterslohBielefeldHerfordHannoverWolfsburgBerlin-SpandauBerlin HbfBerlin Ostbahnhof DB Class 120 and IC stock 1x per day
FLX 30 Flixtrain Aachen Hauptbahnhof – Cologne – Düsseldorf – Duisburg – Essen – Dortmund – Bielefeld – Hannover – Berlin-Spandau – Berlin Hbf – Berlin Südkreuz – Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Leipzig Siemens Vectron BR193 + railway coaches 8x per week
NJ 425 ÖBB Nightjet Brussels-South – Brussels-North – Liège-Guillemins – Aachen Hauptbahnhof – Cologne – Bonn-Beuel – Koblenz – Mainz – Frankfurt Airport – Frankfurt South – Nuremberg – Augsburg – Munich – Kufstein – Wörgl – Jenbach – Innsbruck Compartment coaches, Couchette cars, Sleeping cars 2x per week Night Train
NJ 50425 Regensburg – Passau – Wels – Linz – Amstetten – St. Pölten – Wien Meidling – Vienna
RE 1 NRW-Express DB Regio NRW Aachen HauptbahnhofEschweilerDürenHorremCologneDüsseldorfDuisburg HbfMülheim (Ruhr)EssenBochumDortmundHamm DB Class 146 + 6x Double-deck Coach 1x per hour
RE 4 Wupper-Express DB Regio NRW Aachen HauptbahnhofHerzogenrathRheydtMönchengladbachNeussDüsseldorfWuppertalHagenWittenDortmund DB Class 111 + 5x Double-deck Coach 1x per hour
RE 9 Rhein-Sieg-Express DB Regio NRW Aachen HauptbahnhofEschweilerDürenHorremCologneTroisdorfSiegburg/BonnHennefAu (Sieg)Siegen Talent 2, DB Class 111 + 5x Double-deck Coach 1x per hour
RE 18 LIMAX Arriva Nederland Aachen HauptbahnhofAachen WestHerzogenrathEygelshoven MarktLandgraafHeerlenValkenburgMeerssenMaastricht Stadler FLIRT 3 1x per hour
RB 20 Euregiobahn DB Regio NRW Alsdorf-AnnaparkAlsdorf-BuschHerzogenrath-August-Schmidt-PlatzHerzogenrath-Alt-MerksteinHerzogenrathKohlscheidAachen WestAachen SchanzAachen HauptbahnhofAachen-Rothe ErdeEilendorfStolberg (Rheinland) Eschweiler-WestEschweiler TalbahnhofEschweiler-NothbergEschweiler-WeisweilerLangerweheDüren DB Class 643 2x per hour
Stolberg-SchneidmühleStolberg-Mühlener BahnhofStolberg-RathausStolberg-Altstadt 2x per hour
RE 29 euregioAIXpress SNCB/NMBS Spa-GéronstèrePepinsterVerviers CentralVerviers-PalaisDolhain-GileppeWelkenraedtHergenrathAachen Hauptbahnhof SNCB AM62 1x per hour
RB 33 Rhein-Niers-Bahn DB Regio NRW Essen - Mülheim (Ruhr) - Mülheim-Styrum - DuisburgDuisburg-Hochfeld SüdRheinhausen OstRheinhausenKrefeld-Hohenbudberg ChemparkKrefeld-UerdingenKrefeld-LinnKrefeld-OppumKrefeldForsthausAnrathViersenMönchengladbachRheydtWickrathHerrathErkelenzHückelhoven-BaalBrachelen LindernGeilenkirchenÜbach-PalenbergHerzogenrathKohlscheidAachen WestAachen SchanzAachen Hauptbahnhof DB Class 425 1x per hour
Heinsberg 1x per hour
S 19 Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn DB Regio NRW Aachen Hauptbahnhof Aachen-Rothe Erde – Stolberg (Rheinland) – Langerwehe – Düren – Horrem – Cologne – Cologne/Bonn Airport station – Troisdorf (–Hennef(Sieg)) DB Class 423 2x per night

Operational usageEdit

Aachen Hauptbahnhof is served by the following lines:


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