Günzburg station

Gunzburg station is an important Swabian railway junction and the only station of the large district town of Günzburg in the German state of Bavaria. The town also has the Wasserburg (Günz) station on the Central Swabian Railway (German: Mittelschwabenbahn). The station has six platform tracks and is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station.[1] It is served daily by about 125 trains of Deutsche Bahn and Agilis. The Central Swabian Railway branches from the Ulm–Augsburg railway at Günzburg station.

Deutsche Bahn
Separation station
Bahnhof Günzburg.jpg
Street side of the entrance building
LocationGünzburg, Bavaria
Coordinates48°27′37″N 10°16′43″E / 48.46018°N 10.27864°E / 48.46018; 10.27864Coordinates: 48°27′37″N 10°16′43″E / 48.46018°N 10.27864°E / 48.46018; 10.27864
Owned byDeutsche Bahn
Operated by
Platforms6 (including 1 bay platform)
Other information
Station code2422[1]
DS100 codeMGZB[2]
Opened26 September 1853
Preceding station   DB Fernverkehr   Following station
towards Hamburg or Berlin
ICE 11
via Stuttgart - Frankfurt - Erfurt - Leipzig - Berlin
ICE 893/699 only
towards Munich
towards Dortmund
ICE 42
ICE 618/619 only
towards Munich
towards Karlsruhe
IC 60
IC 2094/2097 only
towards Munich
towards Frankfurt
IC/EC 62
towards Salzburg
Preceding station   agilis   Following station
toward Ulm Hbf
Preceding station   DB Regio Bayern   Following station
toward Ulm Hbf
toward Munich Hbf
toward Mindelheim
RB Terminus
Günzburg is located in Bavaria
Location in Bavaria
Günzburg is located in Germany
Location in Germany
Günzburg is located in Europe
Location in Europe


The station is located northwest of the town center of Günzburg. To its south is the station forecourt (Bahnhofplatz), through which Siemensstraße runs. To the West Auweg passes under the tracks through an underpass. Wiesweg runs to the north of the station. The station building is located south of the tracks and has the address of Bahnhofsplatz 5.


The station was opened together with the Neu-UlmBurgau section of the Bavarian Maximilian’s Railway (Bayerische Maximiliansbahn) on 26 September 1853. The whole UlmMunich route was finally completed on 1 May 1854. The Central Swabian Railway was completed from Günzburg to Krumbach in 1892 and it was extended to Mindelheim in 1910. From 2006 to 2009 the station was modernised at a cost of €8.3 million. The modernised station area was opened by the then Transport Minister, Wolfgang Tiefensee on 27 April 2009.



The station has five tracks next to three platforms. Attached to the “home” platform 1 (next to the station building) is a bay platform for trains to Mindelheim (platform 1a). All platforms are covered and have digital destination displays. The central platforms are connected to the main platform by a pedestrian tunnel and are equipped with lifts to make the platforms accessible.

Platform dataEdit

Platforms lengths and heights are as follows:[3]

  • Platform 1a: length 140 m, height 55 cm
  • Platform 1: length 250 m, height 55 cm
  • Platform 2: length 405 m, height 76 cm
  • Platform 3: length 405 m, height 76 cm
  • Platform 4: length 210 m, height 55 cm
  • Platform 5: length 210 m, height 55 cm


Long distance servicesEdit

Günzburg is served at two-hour intervals by InterCity and EuroCity trains on line 62 connecting Frankfurt and Salzburg. In addition a pair of Intercity-Express trains stop at Gunzburg. All other InterCity and Intercity-Express trains pass through the station without stopping.

Line Route Frequency
ICE 11 Berlin OstbfBerlin HbfBraunschweigHildesheimGöttingenKassel-WilhelmshöheFrankfurt HbfMannheimStuttgartUlmGünzburgAugsburgMunich Individual services
ICE 42 (EssenDüsseldorf –) CologneFrankfurt Airport – Mannheim – Stuttgart – Ulm – Günzburg – Augsburg – Munich One train pair
EC/IC 32 (Münster (Westf)) / (Dortmund) – Essen – Düsseldorf – Cologne – KoblenzMainz – Mannheim – Heidelberg – Stuttgart – Ulm – Günzburg – Augsburg – Munich (– SalzburgKlagenfurt) Individual services
IC 60 Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Ulm – Günzburg – Augsburg – München Individual services
IC/EC 62 Frankfurt (Main) – Heidelberg – Stuttgart – Ulm – Günzburg – Augsburg – Munich – Salzburg (– Klagenfurt / Graz / Linz) Every 2 hours
Saarbrücken – Mannheim –

Regional servicesEdit

Günzburg is served by the following regional services:

Train class Route Frequency Operator
RE Fugger-Express:
Hourly DB Regio AG
RB Ulm – Neu-Ulm – Günzburg – Dinkelscherben (– Augsburg) Individual services DB Regio AG
RB (Ulm – Neu-Ulm –) Günzburg – Krumbach (Schwaben) (– Mindelheim) Hourly DB Regio AG
ag Ulm – Neu-Ulm – Günzburg – Donauwörth – Ingolstadt (– Ingolstadt Nord) / (– Regensburg – Eggmühl – Neufahrn – Landshut) Hourly Mon–Fri,
every 2 hours Sat and Sun
Agilis Verkehrsgesellschaft
as agilis-Schnellzug:
Ulm – Neu-Ulm – Günzburg – Donauwörth – Ingolstadt – Regensburg (– Eggmühl – Neufahrn) / (– PlattlingPassau)
Every 2 hours Sat and Sun Agilis Verkehrsgesellschaft


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