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Liechtenstein first participated in the Olympic Games in 1936, and has sent athletes to compete in most Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games since then. The Liechtenstein Olympic Committee was created in 1935.

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Liechtenstein is the smallest country in the world by both area and population to have won Olympic medals. Athletes from Liechtenstein have won a total of ten medals, all in alpine skiing. It is the only country to have won medals at the Winter, but not Summer, Olympic Games. Liechtenstein has the most medals per capita of any country, with nearly one medal for every 3,600 inhabitants.[1] Seven of its ten medals have been won by members of the same family: siblings Hanni and Andreas Wenzel, and Hanni's daughter Tina Weirather.[2] Further, the brothers Willi and Paul Frommelt have won two of the other three; only Ursula Konzett has medaled for her country without being related to Wenzels or Frommelts.

Xaver Frick, a founding member of the country's national olympic committee, is the only Liechtenstein athlete to have competed in both the summer and winter Olympic games.[3]


Medal tablesEdit

Medals by winter sportEdit

  Alpine skiing22610
Totals (1 sports)22610

List of medalistsEdit

Medal Name Games Sport Event
  Bronze Willi Frommelt   1976 Innsbruck Alpine skiing Men's slalom
  Bronze Hanni Wenzel   1976 Innsbruck Alpine skiing Women's slalom
  Gold Hanni Wenzel   1980 Lake Placid Alpine skiing Women's giant slalom
  Gold Hanni Wenzel   1980 Lake Placid Alpine skiing Women's slalom
  Silver Hanni Wenzel   1980 Lake Placid Alpine skiing Women's downhill
  Silver Andreas Wenzel   1980 Lake Placid Alpine skiing Men's giant slalom
  Bronze Andreas Wenzel   1984 Sarajevo Alpine skiing Men's giant slalom
  Bronze Ursula Konzett   1984 Sarajevo Alpine skiing Women's slalom
  Bronze Paul Frommelt   1988 Calgary Alpine skiing Men's slalom
  Bronze Tina Weirather   2018 Pyeongchang Alpine skiing Women's super-G

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