Hyeonjong of Goryeo

Hyeonjong of Goryeo (1 August 992 – 17 June 1031, r. 1009–1031) was the 8th ruler of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. He was a grandson of King Taejo. He was appointed by the military leader Gang Jo, whom the previous King Mokjong had called upon to destroy a plot by Kim Chi-yang.

Hyeonjong of Goryeo
고려 현종
高麗 顯宗
Wang Sun (왕순)
Prince Daeryang
(대량원군, 大良院君)
King of Goryeo
Yeonchong Hall, Gaeju, Goryeo
PredecessorMokjong of Goryeo
SuccessorDeokjong of Goryeo
BornWang Sun
1 August 992
His mother's manor, Gaeseong-bu, Kingdom of Goryeo
Died17 June 1031 (aged 38)
Junggwang Hall, Gaegyeong, Kingdom of Goryeo
Seolleung tomb
Queen consort
(m. 1009; died 1018)

Queen Wonhwa
(m. 1011; died 1028)
(died 1022)

(m. 1013)

(m. 1022)

(m. 1022)

(before 1024)

Noble Consort Wang
Noble Consort Yu
Posthumous name
King Daehyo Deokwi Dalsa Wonmun the Great
Temple name
Hyeonjong (현종, 顯宗)
HouseHouse of Wang
FatherAnjong of Goryeo
MotherQueen Dowager Hyosuk
Korean name
Revised RomanizationHyeonjong
Birth name
Revised RomanizationWang Sun
McCune–ReischauerWang Sun
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationAnse
Dharma name
Revised RomanizationSeonjae
Posthumous name
Revised RomanizationWonmun Daewang
McCune–ReischauerWonmun Taewang

In 1010, The Khitan attacked again during an internal Goryeo power struggle. Hyeonjong was forced to flee the capital temporarily, Hyeonjong directed the court to move far south to the port city of Naju. But Goryeo repulsed the khitan attack. Finally, Khitan forces withdrew.

In 1019, when Goryeo continued to refuse to submit or return the northern territories, the Khitan attacked once more. Goryeo generals, including Gang Gam-chan, were able to inflict heavy losses on the Khitan army in the Battle of Kwiju. The Khitan withdrew without achieving their demands. The Khitan never again invaded Goryeo. Both the Liao Dynasty and Goryeo enjoyed a time of peace, and their cultures were at their height.

Meantime, Hyeonjong ordered the compilation of the Tripitaka Koreana, which was 6,000 volumes. It is the act of carving the woodblocks that was considered to be a way of bringing about a change in fortune by invoking the Buddha's help.


  1. Queen Wonjeong of the Seonsan Gim clan (원정왕후 김씨; d. 1018); half first cousin once removed – No issue.
  2. Queen Wonhwa of the Gyeongju Choi clan (원화왕후 최씨); half first cousin once removed.
    1. Princess Hyojeong (효정공주)
    2. Princess Cheonsu (천수전주)[1]
    3. Wang Su (왕수)[2]
  3. Queen Wonseong of the Ansan Gim clan (원성왕후 김씨; d. 1028)
    1. Crown Prince Wang Heum (태자 왕흠)
    2. Wang Hyeong, Prince Pyeongnyang (왕형 평량군)
    3. Queen Inpyeong (인평왕후)
    4. Princess Gyeongsuk (경숙공주)[3]
  4. Queen Wonhye of the Ansan Gim clan (원혜왕후 김씨; d. 1022)
    1. Wang Hwi, Prince Nakrang (왕휘 낙랑군)
    2. Wang Gi, Duke Pyeongnyang (왕기 평량공)
    3. Queen Hyosa (효사왕후)
  5. Queen Wonyong of the Jeongju Yu clan (원용왕후 유씨); half first cousin once removed – No issue.
  6. Queen Wonmok of the Icheon Seo clan (원목왕후 서씨; d. 1057) – No issue.
  7. Queen Wonpyeong of the Ansan Gim clan (원평왕후 김씨; d. 1028)
    1. Princess Hyogyeong (효경공주)[4]
  8. Pure Consort Wonsun of the Gyeongju Gim clan (원순숙비 김씨)
    1. Queen Gyeongseong (경성왕후)
  9. Noble Consort Wonjil of the Cheongju Yi clan (원질귀비 이씨) – No issue.
  10. Noble Consort, of the Yu clan (귀비 유씨) – No issue.
  11. Palace Lady Hwon-yeong of the Yangju Han clan (궁인 한훤영)
    1. Wang Chung (왕충)[5]
  12. Palace Lady Yi (궁인 이씨)
  13. Palace Lady Bak (궁인 박씨)
    1. Lady Aji (아지)

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Hyeonjong of Goryeo
Born: 1 August 992 Died: 17 June 1031
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