Kim Ji-hoon (actor, born 1981)

Kim Ji-hoon (Korean김지훈; born May 9, 1981) is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his romantic comedies on television such as The Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law (2007), Love Marriage (also known as Matchmaker's Lover, 2008), Stars Falling from the Sky (also known as Wish Upon a Star, 2010), and My Cute Guys (2012). In 2010, he also appeared in the film Natalie, and cable mystery series Unsolved.[1][2][3] In 2023 he appeared in Lee Chung-hyun's Netflix film Ballerina

Kim Ji-hoon
Kim in February 2023
Born (1981-05-09) May 9, 1981 (age 42)
Seoul, South Korea
Other namesKim Ji-hun
EducationAjou University
Years active2002–present
AgentBig Picture
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Ji-hun
McCune–ReischauerKim Chihun

Filmography edit

Television series edit

Year Title Role Ref.
2002 Loving You Choi Sung-wook
2003 A Problem at My Younger Brother's House Park Young-goo
2004 MBC Best Theater – "Kang Jang-soo's Love House" Kang Jang-soo
Land young Kim Gil-sang
2005 Love Hymn Kang Hyuk
Golden Apple Kim Kyung-gu
2006 Great Inheritance Choi Shi-wan
How Much Love Seo Dong-soo
2007 Flowers for My Life Go Eun-tak
Daughters-in-Law Lee Bok-su [4]
2008 Why Did You Come to My House? Jo Gi-dong
Love Marriage Park Hyun-soo [5]
2009 Empress Cheonchu Hyeonjong [6]
2010 Stars Falling from the Sky Won Kang-ha [7]
Joseon X-Files Kim Hyung-do [8]
2011 Marching Na Yo-han
2013 My Cute Guys Oh Jin-rak [9]
Goddess of Marriage Kang Tae-wook [10]
2014 Jang Bo-ri Is Here! Lee Jae-hwa [11]
2015 KBS Drama Special – "Funny Woman" Oh Jung-woo [12]
2016 Sweet Stranger and Me Jo Dong-jin [13]
2017 Please Find Her Kim Jung-nam [14]
Bad Thief, Good Thief Han Jun-hee / Jang Min-jae [15]
2018 The Rich Son Lee Kwang-jae [16]
2019 Babel Tae Min-ho [17]
2020 Flower of Evil Baek Hee-Sung

Web series edit

Year Title Role Note Ref.
2005 Yap Kim Ji-hoon
2016 7 First Kisses Man in the mall Cameo (Ep. 1)
2022 Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Denver / Oh Taek-su [18][19]
2023 Love to Hate You Do Won-jun [20]
2023–2024 Death's Game Park Tae-woo [21][22]

Film edit

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2010 Natalie Min-woo
2017 The Age of Blood Lee In-jwa [23]
2023 Ballerina Choi Pro Netflix film [24]

Variety show edit

Year Title Notes
2001 Hotline VJ
요리조리 팡팡 Host
2008 Sang Sang Plus - Season 2
2013 I Live Alone (TV series) Guest (Ep. 370, 375, 387, 407, 461)
2014 Saturday Night Live Korea Host, episode 98
Please Take Care of My Refrigerator Guest ( Ep. 146,147)
2015 Let's Eat with Friends
Some Guys, Some Girls
Crime Scene (season 2) Guest (Ep. 2, 3, 11)
2017 Crime Scene (season 3) Cast member
2023 Heo Young Man's Food Travel Guest (Ep. 221)
2023 Black: I Saw the Devil Cast member; Crime Thriller Crime Documentary (Season 2)[25]

Music video edit

Year Song Title Artist
2002 "Propose" Kangta
"Don't Go Away Ver. 2" Chu Ga Yeoul
"Waiting.." BoA
"Wedding" Shinhwa
2003 "Habit" Fly to the Sky
"Maybe" Dana
"Because I Want To Hold On" Eunhyul
2006 "300 Won Coins" Tutti
"Memory" Yurisangja
2007 "Beautiful Woman" Lee Ki-chan
"Did You Forget?" Hana
"Can't Forget" PK Heman feat. Lee Ji Hye
2008 "You Said You Love Me" Sungje
2009 "The Following Car Is Honking" MC the Max

Theater edit

Year Title Role
2010 University of Laughs Playwright[26]

Awards and nominations edit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2006 MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor How Much Love Nominated
2007 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor The Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law Won
Best Couple Award with Lee Soo-kyung Won
2013 SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Weekend/Daily Drama Goddess of Marriage Won
2014 3rd APAN Star Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Jang Bo-ri is Here! Won
22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Drama Won
MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Won
2018 6th APAN Star Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama[27] The Rich Son Nominated
MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Soap Opera Nominated
2021 57th Baeksang Arts Awards[28] Best Supporting Actor (TV) Flower of Evil Nominated

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