Daejong of Goryeo

Daejong of Goryeo (died 969;[4] born Wang Uk) was a Goryeo Royal Prince as the only son of King Taejo and Queen Sinjeong,[5] elder brother of Queen Daemok and father of King Seongjong.[6] Through his children, he became the grandfather of Queen Wonyong and maternal grandfather to both Mokjong and Hyeonjong.[7][8]

Daejong of Goryeo
고려 대종
高麗 戴宗
King of Goryeo (posthumously)
Coronationafter 969
PredecessorWang Ryung
SuccessorWang Uk
BornWang Uk (왕욱, 王旭)
Kingdom of Goryeo
Kingdom of Goryeo
SpouseQueen Seonui[2]
IssuePrince Hyodeok
Wang Chi
Prince Gyeongjang
an unborn daughter
Queen Heonae
Queen Heonjeong
Posthumous name
King Yeseong Hwagan Gongsin Hyeonheon Seongyeong the Great
Temple name
Daejong (대종, 戴宗)[3]
HouseHouse of Wang
FatherTaejo of Goryeo
MotherQueen Sinjeong

He married his half younger sister and had 3 sons and 3 daughters.[9] However, both of them were died in 969[5] and their young children were raised by his mother.[10] After Gyeongjong's death, Uk's second son–Chi ascended the throne as Seongjong and then gave Posthumous name and Temple name to his late parent. He and his wife were buried in "Taereung Tomb" (태릉, 泰陵).[5]



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Posthumous nameEdit

  • In April 1002 (5th year reign of King Mokjong), name Hwa-gan (화간, 和簡) was added.
  • In March 1014 (5th year reign of King Hyeonjong), name Gong-sin (공신, 恭愼) was added.
  • In April 1027 (18th year reign of King Hyeonjong), name Hyeon-heon (현헌, 顯獻) was added to his Posthumous name.[11]

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