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Jeongjong, 10th monarch of Goryeo

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Jeongjong II of Goryeo (31 August 1018 – 24 June 1046) (r. 1034–1046) was the 10th ruler of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. He was the second son of Hyeonjong, and the younger brother of Deokjong. At the age of four in 1022, he was made Naesaryeong, a position of high rank, and designated the Prince of Pyongyang.

Jeongjong, 10th monarch of Goryeo
Revised RomanizationJeongjong
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationSinjo

Jeongjong II was greatly concerned with national defense, and began constructing fortresses along the northern border in the first year of his reign. In 1037, the country suffered an invasion from the northern Khitan tribes. In 1044, the Cheolli Jangseong was completed, an enormous wall across northern Korea. Jeongjong II also concerned himself with the material support of the army, distributing state land to indigent soldiers in 1036.

Just before his death in 1046, Jeongjong II established primogeniture as national law.



  • Father : King Hyeonjong of Goryeo (1 August 992 – 17 June 1031) (고려 현종)
  • Mother : Queen Wonseong of the Ansan Kim clan (? – 22 July 1028) (원성왕후 김씨)
    • Grandfather : Kim Eun-Bu (? – 1017) (김은부)
    • Grandmother : Grand Lady Ansan (안산군대부인)
  • Consorts :
  1. Queen Yongshin of the Danju Han clan (? – 24 July 1036) (용신왕후 한씨)
    1. Unnamed son
  2. Queen Yongui of the Danju Han clan (용의왕후 한씨)
    1. Wang Bang, Prince Aesang (왕방 애상군)
    2. Wang Gyeong, Prince Nakrang (왕경 낙랑후)
    3. Wang Gye, Prince Kaesong (? – 1062) (왕개 개성후)
  3. Queen Yongmok of the Lee clan (용목왕후 이씨)
    1. Princess Donae (? – 1157) (도애공주)
  4. Royal Consort Yongjeol Deok-Bi of the Gyeongju Kim clan (? – March 1102) (용절덕비 김씨)
  5. Princess Yeonchang of the No clan (? – 16 March 1048) (연창궁주 노씨)

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In television, Jeongjong of Goryeo was portrayed by the following actors:

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Jeongjong, 10th monarch of Goryeo
Born: 31 August 1018 Died: 24 June 1046
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King of Goryeo
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