Queen Wonseong

Queen Wonseong of the Ansan Kim clan (Korean원성왕후 김씨; Hanja元成王后 金氏; died 15 August 1028[2]) or formally called as Grand Queen Mother Wonseong (Korean원성왕태후; Hanja元成王太后) was a Korean Queen Consort and the third wife of Hyeonjong of Goryeo.[1] She was the mother of his successors, Deokjong of Goryeo and Jeongjong of Goryeo.

Queen Wonseong
Grand Queen Mother Wonseong
(원성왕태후, 元成王太后)
Queen Consort of Goryeo
Tenure1011 – 15 August 1028
PredecessorQueen Wonhwa
SuccessorQueen Gyeongseong
Grand Queen Mother of Goryeo
PredecessorGrand Queen Mother Hyosuk
SuccessorGrand Queen Mother Wonhye
Died15 August 1028[1]
Kingdom of Goryeo
SpouseHyeonjong of Goryeo
  1. Deokjong of Goryeo
  2. Jeongjong of Goryeo
  3. Queen Inpyeong
  4. Princess Gyeongsuk
Regnal name
  • Lady Yeongyeong (연경원주, 延慶院主)
  • Princess Yeongyeong (연경궁주, 延慶宮主)
  • Queen Mother Wonseong (원성태후, 元成太后)
  • Grand Queen Mother Wonseong (원성왕태후, 元成王太后)
Posthumous name
Queen Mother Wonseong Yongui Gonghye Yeongmok Yangdeok Sinjeol Sunseong Jaseong Gwangseon
HouseAnsan Kim (by birth)
House of Wang (by marriage)
FatherKim Eun-bu
MotherLady Ansan of the Incheon Lee clan

She was the daughter of the influential royal court favorite and official Kim Eun-bu.[3] She and her two younger sisters whom all married the Goryeo King. Her husband later arranged for their children to marry each other.


  • Grandfather
    • Kim Geung-pil (김긍필, 金兢弼)
  • Father
    • Kim Eun-bu (김은부, 金殷傅) (? – 11 June 1017)
  • Mother
    • Grand Princess Ansan of the Incheon Lee clan (안산군대부인 인천 이씨)[4]
      • Grandfather - Lee Heo-gyeom (이허겸, 李許謙)[5]
      • Grandmother - Grand Princess Ansan of the Gyeongju Kim clan (안산군대부인 경주 김씨)
      • Uncle - Lee Han (이한, 李翰)
        • Aunt - Grand Princess Nakrang of the Choi clan (낙랑군대부인 최씨)
          • Cousin: Lee Ja-yeon (이자연, 李子淵) (1003 – 1061)[6]
            • Cousin-in-law: Grand Princess Gyerim of the Gyeongju Kim clan (계림국대부인 경주 김씨, 鷄林國大夫人 慶州 金氏)
              • First cousin: Lee Jeong (이정,?李頲) (1025 - 1077)
              • First cousin: Lee Jeok (이적, 李頔)
              • First cousin: Lee Seok (이석, 李碩)
              • First cousin: Lee Ui (이의, 李顗)
              • First cousin: Queen Inye of the Incheon Lee clan (인예태후) (1031 - 5 October 1092)[7]
              • Unnamed first cousin (1038 - 1096)
              • First cousin: Lee Ho (이호, 李顥)
              • First cousin: Lee Jeon (이전, 李顓); died prematurely
              • First cousin: Lee Ahn (이안, 李顔)
              • First cousin: Royal Consort Ingyeong of the Incheon Lee clan (인경현비 이씨)[7]
              • First cousin: Royal Consort Injeol of the Incheon Lee clan (인절현비 이씨) (? - 25 October 1082)[7]
          • Cousin: Lee Ja-sang (이자상, 李子祥)[8]
            • First cousin: Lee Ye (이예, 李預)[9]
            • First cousin: Lee Oh (이오, 李䫨) (1042 - 1110)
      • Uncle - Lee Nul (이눌, 李訥)
      • Uncle - Lee Jin (이진, 李玲)


  • Older brother - Kim Chung-chan (김충찬, 金忠贊) (? – July 1036)
  • Older brother - Kim Nan-won (김난원, 金爛圓) (1055 - 1101)
  • Younger sister - Queen Wonhye of the Ansan Kim clan (원혜태후 김씨) (?–1022)
  • Younger sister - Queen Wonpyeong of the Ansan Kim clan (원평왕후 김씨) (?–1028)
    • Brother-in-law - King Hyeonjong of Goryeo (고려 현종) (1 August 992 – 17 June 1031)
      • Niece - Princess Hyogyeong (효경공주)
  • Husband


  • Son - King Deokjong of Goryeo (9 June 1016 – 31 October 1034) (고려 덕종)
  • Son - King Jeongjong of Goryeo (31 August 1018 – 24 June 1046) (고려 정종)
    • Daughter-in-law - Queen Yongshin of the Danju Han clan (용신왕후 한씨) (? - 1036)[12]
      • Grandson - Prince Wang Hyeong (왕형, 王詗)
    • Daughter-in-law - Queen Yongui of the Danju Han clan (용의왕후 한씨)[13]
      • Grandson - Wang Bang, Prince Aesang (애상군 왕방, 哀殤君 王昉)
      • Grandson - Wang Gyeong, Prince Nakrang (낙랑후 왕경, 樂浪侯 王璥)
      • Grandson - Wang Gae, Prince Gaeseong (개성후 왕개, 開城侯 王暟) (?–1062)
    • Daughter-in-law - Queen Yongmok of the Buyeo Lee clan (용목왕후 이씨)
  • Daughter - Queen Inpyeong of the Ansan Kim clan (인평왕후 김씨)[14]
  • Daughter - Princess Gyeongsuk (경숙공주)[1]

Posthumous nameEdit

  • After King Deokjong's ascension to the throne on 23 May 1031, he honoured his late mother as Queen Mother (왕태후, 王太后) and then given her posthumous name as Yong-ui (용의, 容懿) and Gong-hye (공혜, 恭惠).
  • In October 1056 (10th year reign of King Munjong), name Yeong-mok (영목, 英穆); Yang-deok (양덕, 良德); Sin-jeol (신절, 信節); and Sun-seong (순성, 順聖) was added.
  • In April 1140 (18th year reign of King Injong), name Ja-seong (자성, 慈聖) was added.
  • In October 1253 (40th year reign of King Gojong), name Gwang-seon (광선, 廣宣) was added to her Posthumous name too.


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