The Goryeosa (Korean: 고려사), or History of Goryeo (Chinese: 高麗史), is the main surviving history of Korea's Goryeo dynasty. It was composed nearly a century after the fall of Goryeo, during the reign of King Sejong, undergoing repeated revisions between 1392 and 1451. He ordered a committee of scholars led by Kim Jongseo and Jeong Inji to compile it, based on primary and secondary sources that are no longer extant.[1][2]

Goryeosa, National Museum of Korea 01.jpg
AuthorJeong Inji, Kim Jongseo, etc.
Original title高麗史 (in Chinese)
LanguageClassical Chinese
SubjectHistory of Korea
GenreAncient history
Publication date

The Goryeo-sa, written using Hanja script, consists of 139 volumes, 46 of which consist of chronicles, 39 of geography, 2 of Chronological tables, 50 of Biographies, and 2 of lists.

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