Queen Yongsin

Queen Yongsin of the Danju Han clan (Hangul: 용신왕후 한씨, 容信王后 韓氏; ? - 24 July 1036[4]) or known as Queen Jeongsin (Korean정신왕비; Hanja定信王妃)[5] was a Korean Queen Consort as the first wife of Jeongjong of Goryeo.[6]

Queen Yongsin
Queen Consort of Goryeo
Tenure1035 – 24 July 1036
PredecessorRoyal Consort Gyeongmok
SuccessorQueen Yongui
Died24 July 1036
Kingdom of Goryeo
SpouseJeongjong of Goryeo
IssueWang Hyeong
Regnal name
  • Princess Yeonheung (연흥궁주, 延興宮主) (? - 1035)[3]
  • Gracious Consort Han (혜비 한씨, 惠妃 韓氏; Hye-Bi) (1035 - 1035)[3]
  • Queen Jeongsin (정신왕비, 定信王妃) (1035 - 1036)[3]
Posthumous name
Queen Jeongui Myeongdal Huimok Yongsin
HouseDanju Han (by birth)
House of Wang (by marriage)
FatherHan-Jo (한조)



Queen Yongsin was the daughter of Han-Jo (한조)[7] and the little sister of Han-Gyu (한규),[3] also the older sister of Jeongjong's second wife, Queen Yongui (용의왕후). She had no any relation with Jeongjong from their family and this marriage was just a noble and royal family, not like the others Goryeo Queens who had a blood-relationship. After her husband's ascension to the throne, Han became Princess Yeonheung (연흥궁주, 延興宮主).[8]

In 1035, she bore Jeongjong a son named Wang-Hyeong (왕형)[9] and then, she was honoured as Gracious Consort Han or Hye-Bi (혜비 한씨, 惠妃 韓氏)[10] also become Queen Jeongsin (정신왕비, 定信王妃) not long after her first promoted. Meanwhile, one years later on 24 July 1036, the Queen passed away and received her Posthumous name in March 1048 (2nd year reign of Munjong of Goryeo).[3]

Posthumous nameEdit

  • In October 1056 (10th year reign of King Munjong), name Jeong-ui (정의, 定懿) was added.
  • In April 1140 (18th year reign of King Injong), name Myeong-dal (명달, 明達) was added.
  • In October 1253 (40th year reign of King Gojong), name Hui-mok (희목, 禧穆) was added to her Posthumous name too.



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