A1 motorway (Serbia)

The A1 motorway (Serbian: Аутопут А1, romanizedAutoput A1) is a motorway in Serbia and at 588 kilometers (365 mi) it is the longest motorway in Serbia. It crosses the country from north to south, starting at the Horgoš border crossing with Hungary and ending at the Preševo border crossing with North Macedonia. As a part of the European route E75 and Pan-European corridor X, connecting 4 of 5 largest Serbian cities (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Subotica), it is the most vital part of the Serbian road network.

Autoput A 1 shield}}
Autoput A 1
Serbian Latin: Autoput A1
Serbian Cyrillic: Аутопут А1
Route information
Part of E 75
Length588 km (365 mi)
Major junctions
From M5 E 75 at Horgoš border crossing Hungary
Major intersections 11 at Subotica

12 at Novi Sad
A3 E 70 at Dobanovci
A2 E 763 at Surčin jug
14 and 33 at Požarevac
24 at Batočina
A5 E 761 at Pojate
A4 E 80 at Trupale

39 at Leskovac
To A-1 E 75 at Preševo border crossing North Macedonia
Major citiesSubotica, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Smederevo, Jagodina, Niš, Leskovac, Vranje
Highway system
A5 A2


Northern section

The northern section (Hungarian borderSuboticaNovi SadBelgrade) is 172 km long and was built between 1971 and 2013.

The first subsection of this section to be opened is the Belgrade (Batajnica) – Novi Sad stretch. It was built between 1971 and 1975, but only a single carriageway was constructed at the time. It is 56.3 km long, and it includes the Beška Bridge (2,205 m) on the Danube river, which is the longest bridge on the Serbian road network. The next to open was the section between Novi Sad and Feketić, in 1986, 44.7 km long. Again, only one carriageway was constructed. Due to the breakup of Yugoslavia and the UN sanctions, motorway construction temporarily came to a halt. The next section to open was Feketić – Horgoš (border with Hungary), 71 km long. It was opened in 1997, and once again only the one (right) carriageway was constructed. After the right carriageway of the highway was complete, the construction of the left carriageway could start. The left carriageway between Batajnica and Beška was completed in 2004, and at this stage there was 32.2 km of a full-profile motorway. Construction continued, and the 19.1 km section from Beška to Novi Sad was completed in 2006. The next two sections were Novi Sad – Sirig and Žednik – Bikovo, both of them 10 km long; they opened in 2009. The first 5.5 km of the Novi Sad bypass were completed in 2010. In 2011 most of the motorway was upgraded to full-profile, with the completion of the 93 km sections Bikovo – Horgoš (border with Hungary), Sirig – Žednik and the twin Beška bridge. Finally, the remaining 2.5 km of the Novi Sad bypass were completed, which marked the end of construction of the northern section of the A1 motorway.

The motorway enters Serbia in Bačka and passes by Subotica, Bačka Topola, Vrbas, Novi Sad, crosses the Danube and enters Srem, passes by Inđija and Stara Pazova and arrives to Batajnica, a suburb of Belgrade, where the Belgrade bypass. begins. This part of the A1 motorway passes through Vojvodina, which is part of the Pannonian Basin. This is very flat terrain and the motorway is surrounded by fields. In the Novi Sad area, the motorway features local-express lanes, in order to avoid congestion in both directions.

Belgrade city motorway

The Belgrade city motorway (Serbian: Аутопут кроз Београд / Autoput kroz Beograd) is a 29 km long urban highway, which connects the A3 motorway and the A1 motorway, passing by the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Zemun, Novi Beograd, Voždovac and ending at Bubanj Potok. It was constructed in the 1970s and, until the completion of the Belgrade bypass, it is the only motorway connection between the northern and southern parts of the A1 motorway. After the completion of the Belgrade bypass this motorway will turn into the city's main urban thoroughfare.

Belgrade bypass

Part of Belgrade bypass from Batajnica to Bubanj Potok which is 47.3 km long is part of A1 motorway. Part from Batajnica to Sava bridge (23.8 km) is a full-profile motorway, while part from Sava bridge to "Straževica" tunnel (14.9 km) is a half-profile motorway. Construction of rest of this part of bypass started in 2019 and it is planned to be completed by the end of 2022.[1]

Central section

Central section (BelgradeNiš) is 210 km-long and is completed in 1985.

First section of this part of A1 motorway was opened in 1977, and it was 28.1 km long section Beograd (Bubanj Potok) – Umčari, which was opened with another 12.5 kilometers of motorway through Belgrade from Mostar interchange to Bubanj Potok. Next year 79.3 kilometers from Umčari to Batočina were opened. Motorway was simultaneously constructed from Belgrade and from Niš, so in 1980 21.2 kilometers between Pojate and Deligrad were opened. In 1982 sections Batočina – Ćuprija and Deligrad – Niš were opened, and there was in total 189 kilometers between Belgrade and Niš. Last section was opened in 1985 and it was last 21 km between Ćuprija and Pojate.

Motorway goes through hilly terrain southern of Belgrade and then, near Smederevo enters the valley of Great Morava and later South Morava, passes by Jagodina, Ćuprija, Paraćin and Aleksinac and enters a basin near of Niš. Few km southwards Trupale interchange with A4 motorway which goes north of Niš, then passes Pirot, and goes to border with Bulgaria, while A1 motorway goes south by Južna Morava river.

Southern section

Southern section (NišLeskovacVranjeNorth Macedonian border) is 154 km long. Construction of southern section started in 1992 and has only been completed and opened for traffic in 2019.[2][3] First section of this part of A1 motorway was opened in 1992, and it was 13 km long section Niš – Batušinac. In 1997 year 23 kilometers from Batušinci to Pečenjevce were opened. Motorway construction continued in 2003 with the 23 km long subsection between Pečenjevce and Grabovnica which was completed in 2005. Next subsection to be opened to traffic was 21 km-long Levosoje – border with North Macedonia in 2013. New momentum came in 2014 when construction started on last remaining subsections (5.6 km-long Grabovnica – Grdelica, 26.1 km-long Grdelica – Vladičin Han, 26.3 km-long Vladičin Han – Donji Neradovac, 8 km-long Donji Neradovac – Srpska Kuća, and 8 km-long Srpska Kuća – Levosoje) and was in simultaneous construction from until 2019 when it was completed and this last remaining part of A1 motorway was opened to traffic.

Motorway passes through valley of South Morava, passes west of Niš, by Merošina and Leskovac, and through very difficult terrain of Grdelica Gorge. On this part of motorway through the Grdelica Gorge there are 33 bridges, of which Vrla bridge is longest (around 650 meters long and around 60 high), and two tunnels: "Predejane" (1,000 m) and "Manajle" (1,818 m) which is the longest tunnel in Serbia. Near Vladičin Han motorway leaves Grdelica gorge and passes by Vranje. Few kilometers south of Preševo motorway ends at Preševo border crossing with North Macedonia.

List of exitsEdit

Nr km Name Route Places Note
1   4 Horgoš   13 Horgoš, Kanjiža, Novi Kneževac
2   17 Subotica north   100 Palić, Subotica
3   23 Subotica east   300 Subotica
4   27 Subotica south   11 Subotica, Kelebija, Hungary
5   38 Čantavir   303 Čantavir, Novi Žednik, Tornjoš This is first exit on tolled part of A1 highway.
6   50 Bačka Topola   105 Bačka Topola
7   60 Mali Iđoš Mali Iđoš Construction of this exit is planned.
8   71 Feketić   100 Feketić, Mali Iđoš
9   81 Vrbas   15 Vrbas, Srbobran, Kula
10   94 Sirig   112 Sirig, Zmajevo, Temerin
11   110 Novi Sad north Novi Sad
12   112 Novi Sad center   100
Novi Sad, Temerin, Bački Jarak
13   114 Novi Sad east   12 Novi Sad, Žabalj, Zrenjanin
14   119 Novi Sad south   21 Irig, Ruma, Šabac, Loznica, Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Road 21 is a single carriageway road and does not have an exit on A1, but it is planned to be upgraded to a motorway with an interchanfe with the A1.
15   130 Kovilj   114 Kovilj, Šajkaš, Titel
16   143 Beška Beška, Krčedin, Sremski Karlovci
17   147 Maradik   125 Inđija, Sremski Karlovci From this exit it is only possible to enter the motorway towards Belgrade and exit the motorway from Belgrade.
18   152 Inđija   126 Inđija, Ruma This is last exit on tolled part of A1 highway.
19   162 Stara Pazova   127 Stara Pazova, Stari Banovci,
20   165 Nova Pazova Nova Pazova, Stari Banovci
21   169 Novi Banovci   319 Novi Banovci, Batajnica
22   175 Batajnica   100 Batajnica, Zemun, New Belgrade, Borča It is not possible to acces Batajnica directly from this exit until the construction of Batajnica boulevard is completed.
23   183 Dobanovci    A3 / E 70 Zagreb (Croatia), Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Šid, Sremska Mitrovica, Šabac, Loznica
24   187 Surčin   319 Surčin, Dobanovci, Jakovo, Novi Beograd
24.1   191 Surčin south    A2 / E 763 New Belgrade, Obrenovac, Valjevo, Čačak It is not possible to get to Novi Beograd from this exit until the construction SurčinNovi Beograd motorway is completed.
25   197 Ostružnica   26 Ostružnica, Obrenovac, Čukarica
26   206 Orlovača   22 Čukarica, Lazarevac, Barajevo This interchange is under reconstruction.
27   212 Avala   154 Beli Potok, Voždovac, Sopot This exit is under construction.
28   217 Bubanj Potok    A3 / E 70 Belgrade, Pančevo, Vršac This interchange is under construction.
29   219 Tranšped Zuce
30   224 Vrčin   347 Vrčin, Grocka
31   238 Mali Požarevac   25 Sopot, Mladenovac This is first exit on tolled part of A1.
32   245 Umčari   351 Umčari, Grocka
33   251 Vodanj   155 Vodanj, Smederevo, Mladenovac
34   257 Kolari   352 Kolari, Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka
35   263 Smederevo   153
Smederevo, Kovin, Pančevo
36   264 Požarevac   33
Požarevac, Kostolac, Veliko Gradište, Majdanpek
37   293 Velika Plana   147
Velika Plana, Smederevska Palanka, Mladenovac, Petrovac na Mlavi
38   305 Markovac   27 Markovac, Svilajnac, Rača, Topola
39   311 Lapovo Lapovo
40   315 Batočina   24 Batočina, Kragujevac, Kraljevo
41   337 Jagodina   184 Jagodina
42   349 Ćuprija   160 Ćuprija, Resavica, Despotovac
43   360 Paraćin   36 Paraćin, Boljevac, Zaječar
44   372 Pojate    23 / E 761 Pojate, Ćićevac Kruševac It is planned for this exit to be upgraded to interchange with    A5 / E 761 when it is constructed.
45   385 Ražanj   158 Ražanj
46   405 Aleksinački Rudnici   158 Aleksinački Rudnik, Aleksinac
47   410 Aleksinac   158
Aleksinac, Sokobanja
48   432 Trupale    A4 / E 80 Niš, Niška Banja, Pirot, Dimitrovgrad, Sofia (Bulgaria)
49   435 Niš south   158 Niš
50   441 Merošina   35 Merošina, Prokuplje, Kuršumlija, Brus, Priština It is planned for this exit to be upgraded to interchange with NišPriština motorway when it is constructed.
51   451 Doljevac   158
Doljevac, Prokuplje
52   457 Brestovac   225 Brestovac, Gadžin Han, Bojnik
53   465 Leskovac center   258 Leskovac
54   481 Leskovac south   39 Leskovac, Vlasotince, Pirot
55   492 Grdelica   258 Grdelica
56   502 Predejane   258 Predejane
57   516 Vladičin Han   40 Vladičin Han, Surdulica
58   539 Vranje   258 Vranje, Vranjska Banja
59   553 Bujanovac north   258 Bujanovac
60   556 Bujanovac south   258 Bujanovac, Ranilug, Gnjilane This is the last exit on tolled part of A1 motorway.
61   578 Preševo   40 Preševo, Gnjilane


The A1 is by and large a toll road, as are all motorways in Serbia.[4] The toll is collected at entry and exit toll stations based on the distance travelled and the category of the vehicle.[5] The toll sections are SuboticaStara Pazova, Belgrade (Vrčin) – Preševo, while the Belgrade bypass section and short stretches immediately adjoining it are toll-free.


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