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The A1 motorway (автопат A1 ) is a motorway in North Macedonia and it forms part of the European route E75 (E75). It spans 173 kilometers (107 mi) as a four-lane, tolled, controlled-access highway. It crosses the country from north to south, starting at the border with Serbia near Kumanovo and ending at the Evzoni-Bogorodica border crossing with Greece near Gevgelija. As a part of the Pan-European corridor X (along with route E70) and connection among North Macedonia's biggest cities, it is one of vital highways for Macedonian infrastructure, and significant works are currently undergoing for its reconstruction and enhancement.

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Route information
Part of E75
Length173 km (107 mi)
Major junctions
North endKumanovo, Serbian border
South endGevgelija, Greek border
Major citiesKumanovo, Skopje, Veles, Gevgelija
Highway system
Transport in North Macedonia


The motorway begins right after the North MacedoniaSerbia border checkpoint and it continues as a first class motorway for approximately 40 km, when it reaches the Skopje Airport and the interchange with the A2. Nevertheless, in the 30-kilometer (19 mi) part between Skopje Airport and Veles, the motorway splits, creating a gradual distance of several kilometers. The northbound route is the postulated motorway route whilst the slightly longer southbound route, with dangerous bends, is the old road and is being used as a freeway as it is only one-way. Currently, enhancement works are undertaken in this part. Also, the 33-kilometer (21 mi) SmokvicaDemir Kapija section was finished in 2018 and now there is only highway from Serbian border to Greek border.