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2013 Little League World Series qualification

Qualification for the 2013 Little League World Series took place in eight United States regions and eight international regions from June through August 2013.

2013 Little League World Series qualification
United States
Great Lakes WinnerMichigan Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
Mid-Atlantic WinnerDelaware Newark, Delaware
Midwest WinnerIowa Urbandale, Iowa
New England WinnerConnecticut Westport, Connecticut
Northwest WinnerWashington (state) Sammamish, Washington
Southeast WinnerTennessee Nashville, Tennessee
Southwest WinnerTexas Corpus Christi, Texas
West WinnerCalifornia Chula Vista, California
Asia-Pacific and Middle East WinnerChinese Taipei Taoyuan County, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)
Australia WinnerAustralia Perth, Western Australia
Canada WinnerCanada Nepean, Ontario
Caribbean WinnerPuerto Rico San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
Europe and Africa WinnerCzech Republic Brno, Czech Republic
Japan WinnerJapan Fuchū, Tokyo
Latin America WinnerPanama Aguadulce, Panama
Mexico WinnerMexico Tijuana, Baja California
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United StatesEdit

Great LakesEdit

The tournament took place in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 3–10.[1]

State City LL Organization Record
  Illinois Chicago Jackie Robinson West 4–0
  Michigan Grosse Pointe Woods Grosse Pointe Woods-Shores 2–2
  Ohio Hamilton West Side 2–2
  Wisconsin Burlington Burlington 2–2
  Indiana Hagerstown Hagerstown 1–3
  Kentucky Barbourville Knox County 1–3
August 8 - Indianapolis
4   Wisconsin2
August 10 - Indianapolis
1   Illinois12
1   Illinois3
August 8 - Indianapolis
2   Michigan10
3   Ohio4
2   Michigan5


The tournament took place in Bristol, Connecticut from August 2–11.[1]

State City LL Organization Record
  Pennsylvania Lionville Lionville 4–0
  Delaware Newark Newark National 3–1
  Washington, D.C. Washington D.C. Capitol City 2–2
  Maryland Berlin Berlin 2–2
  New York Burnt Hills Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 1–3
  New Jersey Clarksboro East Greenwich 0–4
August 10 - Bristol
4   Maryland3
August 11 - Bristol
1   Pennsylvania9
1   Pennsylvania2
August 10 - Bristol (F/4)
2   Delaware8
3   Washington, D.C.4
2   Delaware15


The tournament took place in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 2–9.[1]

Note: North Dakota and South Dakota are organized into a single Little League district.

State City LL Organization Record
  Minnesota Coon Rapids Coon Rapids Andover American 4–0
  Nebraska Kearney Kearney 3–1
  Iowa Urbandale Urbandale 3–1
  South Dakota Rapid City Timberline 2–2
  Missouri Webb City Webb City 0–4
  Kansas Girard Girard 0–4
August 7 - Indianapolis
1   Minnesota4
August 9 - Indianapolis
4   South Dakota0
1   Minnesota2
August 7 - Indianapolis (F/11)
3   Iowa3
3   Iowa4
2   Nebraska3

New EnglandEdit

The tournament took place in Bristol, Connecticut from August 2–10.[1]

State City LL Organization Record
  Connecticut Westport Westport 4–0
  Vermont South Burlington South Burlington 3–1
  Rhode Island Lincoln Lincoln 3–1
  Maine Saco Saco 1–3
  Massachusetts Newton Newton South East 1–3
  New Hampshire Rye Rye 0–4
August 8 - Bristol
1   Connecticut3
August 10 - Bristol
4   Maine0
1   Connecticut1
August 8 - Bristol
3   Rhode Island0
3   Rhode Island5
2   Vermont2


The tournament took place in San Bernardino, California from August 2–10.[1]

State City LL Organization Record
  Washington Sammamish Eastlake 4–0
  Oregon Lake Oswego Lake Oswego 3–1
  Montana Billings Billings Big Sky 2–2
  Idaho Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene 2–2
  Alaska Anchorage Abbott-O-Rabbit 1–3
  Wyoming Cody Cody 0–4
August 8 - San Bernardino
4   Idaho4
August 10 - San Bernardino (F/4)
1   Washington5
1   Washington13
August 8 - San Bernardino
3   Montana1
3   Montana3
2   Oregon0


The tournament took place in Warner Robins, Georgia from August 2–9.[1]

Warner Robins - August 7
2B   Tennessee5
Warner Robins - August 9
1A   Florida1
2B   Tennessee5
Warner Robins - August 7
1B   Virginia3
2A   South Carolina6
1B   Virginia12


The tournament took place in Waco, Texas from August 2–7.[1]

August 6 - Waco
2B   Arkansas6
August 7 - Waco
1A   Texas West10
1A   Texas West6
August 6 - Waco
1B   New Mexico0
2A   Louisiana3
1B   New Mexico9


The tournament took place in San Bernardino, California from August 2–10.[1]

State City LL Organization Record
  Northern California Belmont - Redwood Shores Belmont - Redwood Shores 4–0
  Southern California Chula Vista Eastlake 3–1
  Nevada North Las Vegas Mountain Ridge 3–1
  Arizona Chandler Chandler National South 2–2
  Hawaii Wailuku Central East Maui 0–4
  Utah St. George Dixie 0–4
August 9 - San Bernardino
4   Arizona1
August 10 - San Bernardino
1   Northern California8
1   Northern California0
August 9 - San Bernardino
2   Southern California9
3   Nevada0
2   Southern California12


Asia-Pacific and Middle EastEdit

The tournament took place in the Philippines from July 1–7.[1]

July 6 – Philippines
2B   Hong Kong3
July 7 – Philippines
1A   Chinese Taipei6
1A   Chinese Taipei11
July 6 – Philippines
2A   South Korea2
2A   South Korea14
1B   Indonesia2

1 Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan, due to complicated relations with People's Republic of China, is recognized by the name Chinese Taipei by majority of international organizations including Little League Baseball (LLB). For more information, please see Cross-Strait relations.


The tournament took place in Gold Coast, Queensland on June 1–5.[1] The top two teams in each pool advance to the elimination round, where they are seeded one through eight based on overall record. The "runs against ratio" (RAR) is used as the tiebreaker. It is calculated by the number of runs scored against a team, divided by the number of defensive innings the team played.

June 4 – Gold Coast (F/7)
1   Perth North8
June 4 – Gold Coast (F/4)
8   Adelaide South9
8   Adelaide South14
June 4 – Gold Coast
3   Yarra0
3   Yarra7
June 5 – Gold Coast
6   Hills South6
8   Adelaide South2
June 4 – Gold Coast
2   Perth Central8
4   North Cronulla6
June 4 – Gold Coast
5   Swan Hills5
4   North Cronulla1
June 4 – Gold Coast
2   Perth Central3
2   Perth Central4
7   Ryde North1


The tournament took place in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia on August 2–11.[1]

Province City LL Organization Record
  British Columbia White Rock White Rock South Surrey 6–0
  Ontario Nepean East Nepean 5–1
  Nova Scotia* Glace Bay Glace Bay 4–2
  Quebec Montreal Notre-Dame-de-Grâce 2–4
  New Brunswick St. John St. John 2–4
  Saskatchewan Regina North Regina 1–5
  Alberta Medicine Hat Medicine Hat 1–5

(*): host league

August 11 - Glace Bay (F/4)
4   Quebec1
August 11 - Glace Bay
1   British Columbia11
1   British Columbia1
August 11 - Glace Bay
2   Ontario5
3   Nova Scotia0
2   Ontario5


The tournament took place in Bonaire, Netherlands (formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles) from July 13–20.[1]

  Quarterfinals     Semifinals     Finals
        1A   U.S. Virgin Islands
(St. Thomas)
  3B   Puerto Rico 10     3B   Puerto Rico 12    
  2A   U.S. Virgin Islands
(St. Croix)
0         3B   Puerto Rico 6
      1B   Curaçao 4
        1B   Curaçao 2    
  3A   Sint Maarten 0     2B   Aruba 1   Third place
  2B   Aruba 10   1A   U.S. Virgin Islands
(St. Thomas)
  2B   Aruba 2

Europe and AfricaEdit

The tournament took place in Kutno, Poland from July 13–21.[1]

Note: No Ugandan team was able to participate in the tournament, due to the fact that some players from the previous year's Lugazi squad moved and played with the Allen VR school, the team who won this year's Ugandan tournament. Little League rules allow this in the United States, but it is not allowed in Uganda.

July 18 – Kutno
4B   Belarus1
July 19 – Kutno
1A   Italy14
1A   Italy3
July 18 – Kutno
2B    Germany-US0
3A   United Kingdom3
July 20 – Kutno
2B    Germany-US5
1A   Italy0
July 18 – Kutno
1B   Czech Republic3
3B   Netherlands8
July 19 – Kutno
2A   Austria3
3B   Netherlands8
July 18 – Kutno
1B   Czech Republic11
4A   France1
1B   Czech Republic20


The first two rounds of the tournament were held on June 30, and the remaining two rounds were played on July 7. All games were played in Tokyo.[1]

Participating teams Prefecture City LL Organization
Chūgoku Champions   Hiroshima Hiroshima Hiroshima Saiki
Higashikanto Champions   Chiba Matsudo Matsudo
Hokkaido Champions   Hokkaido Sapporo Sapporo Shiroishi
Kanagawa Champions   Kanagawa Yokohama Yokohama Aoba
Kansai Champions   Hyogo Takarazuka Takarazuka
Kansai Runner-Up   Osaka Kishiwada Kishiwada
Kitakanto Champions   Saitama Ōmiya City Ōmiya
Kyushu Champions   Kumamoto Kumamoto Kumamoto Chuo
Shikoku Champions   Ehime Iyo District Tobe
Shin'etsu Champions   Nagano Ueda Ueda Minami
Tōhoku Champions   Miyagi Sendai Sendai Aoba
Tōhoku Runner-Up   Miyagi Sendai Miyagino
Tōkai Champions   Shizuoka Hamamatsu Hamamatsu Minami
Tōkai Runner-Up   Aichi Ichinomiya Owari Ichinomiya
Tokyo Champions   Tokyo Fuchū Musashi Fuchū
Tokyo Runner-Up   Tokyo Chōfu Chōfu
Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
June 29 – Tokyo
  Hiroshima Saiki3
June 29 – Tokyo
  Musashi Fuchū6
  Musashi Fuchū11
June 29 – Tokyo
  Sapporo Shiroishi0
July 6 – Tokyo
  Musashi Fuchū8
June 29 – Tokyo
  Sendai Aoba5
  Kumamoto Chuo5
June 29 – Tokyo
  Owari Ichinomiya6
  Owari Ichinomiya5
June 29 – Tokyo
  Sendai Aoba15
  Sendai Aoba2
July 6 – Tokyo
  Musashi Fuchū11
June 29 – Tokyo
  Yokohama Aoba9
June 29 – Tokyo
  Hamamatsu Minami2
  Yokohama Aoba12
June 29 – Tokyo
July 6 – Tokyo (F/5)
  Yokohama Aoba6
June 29 – Tokyo
June 29 – Tokyo
June 29 – Tokyo
  Ueda Minami6
  Ueda Minami16

Latin AmericaEdit

The tournament took place in Guayaquil, Ecuador from July 20–27.[1]

Country City LL Organization Record
  Panama Aguadulce Aguadulce Cabezera 6–0
  Venezuela Maracaibo San Francisco 5–1
  Ecuador (A) Guayaquil C Unidas Miraflores 4–2
  Colombia Cartagena Falcon 3–3
  Nicaragua 2–4
  Ecuador (B) Guayaquil C Unidas Miraflores 1–5
  Bolivia 0–6
July 27 – Guayaquil


The tournament took place in Reynosa, Tamaulipas from July 8–14.[1]

July 14 – Reynosa
2B   Municipal De Tijuana14
July 14 – Reynosa
1A   Trevino Kelly0
2B   Municipal De Tijuana11
July 14 – Reynosa
2A   Beto Avila5
2A   Beto Avila1
1B   Guadalupe Linda Vista0


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