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2000 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

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2000 in sports

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  • June 26 – Bangladesh becomes the tenth Test cricket playing nation.

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  • Olympic Games Men's Competition: Netherlands
  • Olympic Games Men's Competition: Australia

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Mixed martial artsEdit

The following is a list of major noteworthy MMA events during 2000 in chronological order.

Date Event Alternate Name/s Location Attendance PPV Buyrate Notes
January 30 Pride Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round N/A   Tokyo, Japan 48,316 N/A Opening Round to Pride GP 2000 openweight tournament.

The event featured Royce Gracie in his first fight since April 1995.

March 10 UFC 24: First Defense N/A   Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States N/A N/A The event was originally scheduled to have a title fight between Kevin Randleman and Pedro Rizzo.

However this postponed due to a concussion Randleman suffered before the fight.
This event featured, Dan Severn as a referee for the preliminary bouts.

April 14 UFC 25: Ultimate Japan 3 N/A   Tokyo, Japan N/A N/A This event was held to determine the new light heavyweight champion following Frank Shamrock's retirement from the UFC.
May 1 Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals N/A   Tokyo, Japan 38,429 N/A Mark Coleman becomes the Pride 2000 openweight Grand Prix champion.

The event featured a highly anticipated match between Royce Gracie against Kazushi Sakuraba.

June 4 Pride 9: New Blood N/A   Nagoya, Japan N/A N/A Matt Serra was to fight on this card, but his opponent, Johil de Oliveira, was injured by a pyrotechnics explosion at the event.
June 9 UFC 26: Ultimate Field Of Dreams N/A   Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States N/A N/A This event featured the first UFC "bantamweight" bout as defined as 155lbs.
August 27 Pride 10 – Return of the Warriors N/A   Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan 35,000 N/A N/A
September 22 UFC 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz N/A   New Orleans, United States N/A N/A UFC veteran Frank Shamrock replaced Jeff Blatnick in the announcers booth for this event.
October 31 Pride 11 – Battle of the Rising Sun N/A   Osaka, Japan 13,500 N/A N/A
November 17 UFC 28: High Stakes N/A   Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States N/A N/A UFC rule change, New Jersey SACB becomes the first state to regulate MMA in the USA. Uses newly written Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

This event held the first and only UFC super heavyweight bout.

December 9 Pride 12 – Cold Fury N/A   Saitama, Japan 26,882 N/A N/A
December 16 UFC 29: Defense of the Belts N/A   Tokyo, Japan 1,414 N/A This was the last UFC event held by SEG. Because in January 2001, SEG sold the UFC to current owners Zuffa LLC.



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  • Fifth World Short Course Championships, held in Athens, Greece (March 16 – March 19)
    • United States wins the most medals (25), and the most gold medals (9)
  • 25th European LC Championships, held in Helsinki, Finland (July 3 – August 9)
    • Romania wins the most medals (14), Sweden and Russia the most gold medals (6)
  • XXVII Olympic Games, held in Sydney, Australia (September 16 – September 23)
  • Fourth European SC Championships, held in Valencia, Spain (December 14 – December 17)
    • Great Britain wins the most medals (19), Sweden the most gold medals (10)
  • January 18 – Australia's Susie O'Neill breaks her own world record in the 200 m butterfly (short course) again, this time at a meet in Sydney, Australia, clocking 2:04.16.
  • February 12 – In Paris, France, US–swimmer Jenny Thompson betters her own world record in the women's 100 m butterfly (short course), from 56:90 to 56:80.
  • March 18 – Jenny Thompson again betters her own world record in the women's 100 m butterfly (short course), this time in Athens, Greece, from 56:80 to 56:56.
  • March 23 – Anthony Ervin breaks the world record in the men's 50 m freestyle (short course) at a swimming meet in Minneapolis, clocking 21.21.
  • June 16 – At the Russian National Swimming Championships in Moscow, Alexander Popov betters the ten-year-old world record (21.81) in the 50m freestyle (long course), swam by USA's Tom Jager in 1990 – 21.64.



  • Men's World League: Italy
  • Women's World Grand Prix: Cuba
  • Olympic Games Men's Competition – Yugoslavia
  • Olympic Games Women's Competition – Cuba

Water poloEdit

  • Olympic Games men's competition: Hungary
  • Olympic Games women's competition: Australia

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