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see also: Category:Mesoamerica articles needing attention

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  • none currently

see also:Category:Mesoamerica articles needing merge action

POV concernsEdit

Copyvio concernsEdit

  • none currently


  • Aztec society - looks like its been cleaned up, but large chunks of text need to be wikified.

Disambig fixesEdit

Certain disambig pages with links to Mesoamerican content need periodic review and cleanup of their 'what links here' articles. See category:Mesoamerica disambiguation pages for several of these that have been identified.

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Priority- TOP

Article rating and assessment scheme edit | watch

Article rating and assessment schemeEdit

WP:MESO article rating and assessment scheme
(NB: Listing, Log & Stats are updated on a daily basis by a bot)
Current detailed listing of Mesoamerica articles by quality
Daily log of status changes
Current Statistics Rated article Categories

Rating reassessment needed

An article rating and assessment scheme has been implemented for Mesoamerica-related articles, which is monitored and maintained by WikiProject Mesoamerica. In this scheme, all Mesoamerica-related articles ('article' here also includes lists) may be assigned:

  • a particular rating which indicates an assessment of their class (overall quality), and
  • a particular rating which indicates an assessment of their importance (priority or relative significance).

The primary purpose of this rating and assessment scheme is to provide editors with a sub-categorised survey of the current status of Mesoamerican articles, which can then be used to prioritise the overall workload and highlight articles needing improvements at various stages.

For example, higher-priority articles (those most essential to any encyclopaedia) in need of most work (i.e. lower quality) can be readily identified for attention and collaboration.

There will be a number of secondary benefits from the scheme, such as being able to track which kinds and topics of articles are 'neglected'.

This assessment and rating scheme follows the precepts adopted by the Version 1.0 Editorial Team, see Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment and Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Work via Wikiprojects for details.

The class and importance ratings are recorded by setting appropriate values to the parameters of the main WP:MESO Project banner, {{WP Mesoamerica}} (or alternatively the WP:AZTEC subproject banner, {{WP Aztec}} ), which are placed on the corresponding talk pages of in-scope Mesoamerican articles. See the template instructions for details on these and other parameters which can be set.

See the Quality scale for guideline criteria for rating an article by class/quality. See the Importance scale for guideline criteria for rating an article by importance/priority.

The assessments of class and importance are assigned manually by WP:MESO project members (or other interested parties)– see the Rating instructions for details. Assigning a rating will automatically place the article in an appropriate rating category.

Once assigned, behind the scenes a bot (Mathbot (talk · contribs)) runs periodically (scheduled daily, about 0300hrs UTC) which compiles a variety of statistics and log data, which can then later be analysed.

It is expected that this rating and assessment scheme will require periodic and iterative maintenance, as new articles are created or identified, and existing articles are progressively improved (or, hopefully much rarer, demoted), requiring the status to be reassessed (indicated by changing the parameter value).

Of course, anyone is free to edit any of the articles they choose without regard to priority, however it is hoped that this will provide some basis for a more methodical approach to the longer-term overall improvement of content and coverage in the Mesoamerican field.

Open Tasklist- priority edit | watch
Review Monitoring edit | watch
Priority open tasklist

The current selection of priority open and ongoing tasks is contained in a separate template, seen below. These represent a sampling of the tasks and activities to focus on, and are contained in template form so that they can be listed at a number of appropriate places (eg interested participants' userpages) as a readily-visible reminder. At some future point the open tasklist is proposed to be added to the project banner (in an expandable section) to encourage wider collaboration.

To add the open tasklist to your userpage, add the template {{WP Mesoamerica tasklist}}.

Open tasks for WikiProject Mesoamerica WikiProject Mesoamerica Open Tasklist: a shortlist of things you can do to help out.
Queries welcomed here.

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  • Meta-tasks and subprojects: • add project banner to articles • document Strategy • assign article ratings per the assessment scheme • add to Project references • collate images and mapsMore...
  • Categorisation: • develop full Category scheme • reorganise Category:Mesoamerica contents • More category tasks...
  • Templates: • {{Mesoamerica site infobox}} (create) • {{Mesoamerica ruler infobox}} (create) • {{Maya civilization}} (improve) • {{WP Mesoamerica}} project banner (populate) • More...


  • Requested articles:History of MesoamericaChenes (Maya subregion & architectural style) • 260-day Mesoamerican calendarList of Mesoamerican culturesHermann BeyerHuastec civilizationValley of OaxacaMore...
  • Expand from stub:Calendar roundChiapas highlandsChilam BalamChol languageTrecenaVeintenaMore...
  • Cleanup/attention needed:Domesticated plants of MesoamericaGender in Mesoamerican culturesHistory of Mesoamerica (Paleo-Indian)Gender in Maya societyOlmec figurineMore...
  • Improvement drive: Start-ClassMesoamerican calendarsMesoamerican chronologyMixtecMonte AlbánToltecYucatán PeninsulaMore...
  • Improvement drive: B-ClassChichen ItzaLa VentaMaya calendarMaya civilizationMaya scriptOlmecQuetzalcoatlMore...
  • Prepare for Quality reviews (GA, PR, FAC):MesoamericaMayan languagesSpanish conquest of MexicoPalenqueChunchucmilMore...
  • Current reviewsEdit

    Featured candidates

    • none at present

    (Peer reviewGood Article nomsGood Topic noms):

    • none at present

    (requested movesCat. del/rename):

    • none at present


    • none at present

    Featured contentEdit

    Featured content, A-rated and Good articles relating to Mesoamerica
    Cscr-featured.pngFACscr-featured-strike.pngFormer FA
    Symbol support vote.svgGASymbol unsupport vote.svgfailed/former GA
    Type Item Date/Nom
    Cscr-featured.png Nahuatl 13 May 2008 (Front pg)
    FA passed Apr 2008 (nom)
    GA relisted: Feb 2008
    GA delisted:Oct 2007
    GA listed: Aug 2006
    Cscr-featured.png Olmec Heartland Overview 4.svg FP passed Dec 2007 (nom) (FP)
    Cscr-featured.png Maya civilization 27 January 2016 (Front pg)
    FA passed 24 July 2015 (nom)
    GA listed: May 2015
    Cscr-featured.png Maya stelae 17 February 2011 (Front pg)
    FA passed 17 Jan 2011 (nom)
    GA listed:Dec 2010
    Cscr-featured.png Mayan languages 21 May 2007 (Front pg)
    FA passed Mar 2007 (nom)
    Cscr-featured.png Olmec colossal heads 23 August 2012 (Front pg)
    FA passed 12 Aug 2012 (nom)
    GA listed:Jun 2012
    Cscr-featured.png Quiriguá 15 May 2010 (Front pg)
    FA passed 30 Aug 2009 (nom)
    GA listed:Feb 2009
    Cscr-featured.png Spanish conquest of Guatemala 21 September 2012 (Front pg)
    FA passed 17 Mar 2012 (nom)
    GA listed:Dec 2011
    Cscr-featured.png Spanish conquest of Petén FA passed 22 November 2013 (nom)
    GA listed:Jan 2013
    Cscr-featured.png Sylvanus Morley 27 Dec 2006 (Front pg)
    FA passed Nov 2005 (nom)
    Cscr-featured.png Takalik Abaj 30 March 2010 (Front pg)
    FA passed 07 Feb 2010 (nom)
    A-Class article A Chunchucmil Jan 2007
    Support cluster.svg Spanish conquest of the Maya 16 April 2015
    Symbol support vote.svg Grolier Codex 12 March 2015
    Symbol support vote.svg Spanish conquest of Chiapas 22 February 2015
    Symbol support vote.svg Spanish conquest of the Maya 17 February 2015
    Symbol support vote.svg K'inich Yat Ahk II 13 November 2014
    Symbol support vote.svg Yo'nal Ahk III 13 November 2014
    Symbol support vote.svg K'inich Yo'nal Ahk I 14 October 2014
    Symbol support vote.svg Spanish conquest of Yucatán 8 October 2014
    Symbol support vote.svg Itzam K'an Ahk II 24 August 2014
    Symbol support vote.svg Ha' K'in Xook 2 August 2014
    Symbol support vote.svg Manche Ch'ol 2 August 2014
    Symbol support vote.svg North Acropolis, Tikal 15 August 2013
    Symbol support vote.svg Benjamin Lee Whorf 2 December 2012
    Symbol support vote.svg Bartolomé de las Casas 2 July 2012
    Symbol support vote.svg Mixco Viejo 26 May 2012
    Symbol support vote.svg Mundo Perdido, Tikal 12 Apr 2012
    Symbol support vote.svg La Blanca, Peten 29 Mar 2012
    Symbol support vote.svg Motul de San José 15 Jan 2012
    Symbol support vote.svg Calakmul 6 Mar 2011
    Symbol support vote.svg El Chal 4 Mar 2011
    Symbol support vote.svg Iximche 7 Nov 2010
    Symbol support vote.svg Zaculeu 27 Oct 2010
    Symbol support vote.svg Potbelly sculpture 16 Aug 2010
    Symbol support vote.svg Copán 10 Apr 2010
    Symbol support vote.svg Toniná 29 Mar 2010
    Symbol support vote.svg Seibal 22 Feb 2010
    Symbol support vote.svg Q'umarkaj 25 Jan 2010
    Symbol support vote.svg Tikal 16 Nov 2009
    Symbol support vote.svg Mesoamerican ballgame Aug 2008
    Symbol support vote.svg Western Mexico shaft tomb tradition Jun 2008 (nom)
    Symbol support vote.svg Aztec cuisine Feb 2008
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg GA delisted: Jun 2009
    GA listed: Jul 2006
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Yuri Knorosov GA delisted: Feb 2009
    GA listed: Aug 2006
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Valley of Mexico GA failed: Feb 2009 (nom)
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Olmec GA withdrawn: Oct 2008 (nom)
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Aztec GA delisted: Apr 2008
    GA listed: Jun 2006
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Spanish conquest of Mexico Aug 2006
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Huitzilatzin May 2007
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Mixtec writing Jul 2007
    Symbol unsupport vote.svg Moctezuma II Feb 2008

    Strategy, sub-projects & detailed tasks edit | watch

    Details of overall Project strategyplan of action designed to achieve particular goal(s)— are to be defined here. This will consist of a number of tactical actions intended to work towards the primary aim:

    "to improve the content and coverage of articles relating to Mesoamerica".

    All participants and other interested parties are invited to assist with any of the tasks below, to expand them, or to suggest new ones.

    Strategy- activities & subprojectsEdit

    The sections below are intended to document and outline various activities, sub-projects and tasks for the Project —aka a few reminders of "here are some things you can do"— which are to be worked on, or are planned to be worked on.

    These are broadly aligned towards the individual high-level aims specified on the Goals subpage, and are grouped according to which of these they most closely address.

    General discussion and proposals for new activities can be directed to the corresponding talk page.

    As these sub-projects and tasks further develop, there may be a need to create new workspaces (project subpages), these should be linked to in the 'links' column, and also added to the overall Project Navigation panel where appropriate.

    [A] Article improvement and maintenance tasksEdit

    (A1) Article to-do worklistsEdit

    • ongoing
    • general article improvements and running to-do logs
    • identify and add articles requiring some sort of work to the appropriate list/queue
    • ultimate goal would be to work these articles towards FA status, or as high a quality as possible
    • action (ie, edit) articles in the list, moving through the progressive phases if needs be
    • maintain the listings with the Top- and -High-priority articles, per WP:MESO/RATE.

    WP:MESO/A (overall view)

    [B] Topical coverage and validation tasksEdit

    (B1) To be definedEdit

    • not started
    • describe here
    • links here

    [C]- Organisation and categorisation tasksEdit

    (C1) Category scheme developmentEdit

    • in progress
    • develop hierarchy of Mesoamerica categories and sub-categories
    • hierarchy proposed to be based largely upon the top-level major themes identified at Scope subpg
    • The "overall" category Category:Mesoamerica should be reserved for only the most important and general articles, with other articles assigned to appropriate subcategories at lower levels of the hierarchy
    • In principle, it should be possible to navigate from Category:Mesoamerica to every in-scope Mesoamerica-related article via some series of sub-categories (articles can also of course be assigned to non-Mesoamerica specific categories as well)
    • Naming conventions to follow WP:NC and WP:NCCAT where sensible; any exceptions to be notified

    (C2) Category maintenance for articlesEdit

    • ongoing
    • Maintain/improve Mesoamerica-related categories and sub-categories
    • Add the Project's banner {{WP Mesoamerica}} with the class parameter set to NA and the cat parameter set to yes (ie: {{WP Mesoamerica|class=NA|cat=yes}}  ) to relevant categories' talk pages to flag as one concerned with this Project. This will automatically applyCategory:WikiProject Mesoamerica categories to the page.
    • Periodically refresh the category-tree dump at WP:MESO/CAT with an updated listing of currently-existing categories.
    • Note, that existing category scheme is to be eventually overhauled once activity [C2] below has worked out new category scheme proposal. Once this is done, the category scheme can be maintained per the proposed structure (to be documented).
    • Use the "Related changes" special view to track any category-related changes.
    • Compare current category names with WP:NCCAT and WP:NC naming conventions, identify any which may need to be renamed, deleted or merged. Propose these at WP:CFD, note the proposal at WP:MESO/M. For unsure cases, ask around for advice.
    • Periodically review the articles listed in these categories and confirm if appropriately categorised.

    [D] Information and presentation consistency tasksEdit

    (D1) To be definedEdit

    • not started
    • describe here
    • links here

    [E] Editing guidelines and conventions tasksEdit

    (E1) Project editing guidelinesEdit

    • ongoing
    • identify need or suggestions for guidelines and conventions to help articles achieve a degree of consistency and standardised use of terminology (where applicable)
    • List identified/proposed standards on Project Guidelines subpage
    • Document particulars, examples, exceptions and ambiguous/unresolved points at the 'detailed' section there
    • Develop from these guidelines a Wikipedia:Manual of Style (Mesoamerica-related articles) page which can be placed in Category:Wikipedia style guidelines and other relevant links.
    • Develop from these guidelines a Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Mesoamerica) page which can be placed in Category:Wikipedia naming conventions and other relevant links.
    • Consider whether at least some of the guidelines need to be proposed and/or publicised at other or wider guideline pages (eg Related WikiProjects' guidelines, general editing conventions such as WP:NAME)
    • Review existing conventions/guidelines for applicability or specificity to WP:MESO scope

    [F] Resource & reference tasksEdit

    (F1)- Resource compendium maintenanceEdit

    • ongoing
    • Build a set of centralised links and notes to tools, resources and references, which are likely to be of common use for the Project. These can be both internal (eg WP:TOOLS) or external (eg links to commonly-used references).
    • Add references and commonly-used citations to a list (eg pre-filled {cite} templates), which can be accessed and copied into articles using the reference as a cite.

    [G] Coordination and collaboration tasksEdit

    (G1) Project workspace maintenanceEdit

    • ongoing
    • Maintain the overall Project structure and mainpage-subpage system
    • Keep links and information current, update related pages and texts to reflect changes made
    • Keep log of major design changes at version history
    • Announce major design changes at WP:MESO/N
    • Consider and respond to structure/design comments, requests, and problems
    • Test major changes in Draft mode first

    (G2) Related projects liaisonEdit

    • Started
    • Browse for other wikipedia projects, portals, collaborations etc which may have some relevance or degree of overlap with this Project's aims/scope. Add these to WP:MESO/REL.
    • Review these related projects etc for collaboration opportunities, useful information, links and ideas.
    • Notify these related projects etc about WP:MESO, inviting any cross-collaboration or coordination as/where appropriate.
    • "Related" can also be extended to similar efforts which may be defined in other language wikis- see for eg de:Portal:Mittelamerika, fr:Projet:Précolompédia, fr:Portail:Précolompédia

    WikiProject Mesoamerica

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