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This page is intended as a repository of details and links to resources, references, tools and other materials commonly used when editing Mesoamerica-related articles.

Project (internal) resourcesEdit

Internal (wikipedia/project) resource pages

Mesoamerica reference works and citationsEdit

The project subpage WP:MESO/CITE contains commonly used reference works on Mesoamerican topics, with pre-filled citation templates containing the full reference details. The pre-filled template may be copied and conveniently pasted direct into the "references" section of articles which use them, for consistency and completeness.

Please add more as you find/need them.

Mesoamerica journals and citationsEdit

The project subpage WP:MESO/J contains a listing of journals and other periodicals in which papers may be published on Mesoamerican topics. Contains links to online resources for the journals, plus pre-filled citation templates for each journal, that may be used when citing in a particular article.

Please add more as you find/need them.

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Online (external) resourcesEdit

Accessible (external) resources.

Source documentsEdit

links to primary source documents (reproductions of codices, indigenous and Spanish accounts from pre-Columbian, conquest and colonial eras, etc.), and secondary/historical documents.

Primary sourcesEdit

Secondary/Historical sourcesEdit

Languages & dictionariesEdit

  • SUP-INFOR excellent collection of searchable databases for Nauhatl & other Mesoamerican languages, dictionaries, and reproductions of a number of codices. DBs can be downloaded (PC-only support). (in French, Nahuatl languages, Spanish, and English)(some pages)
  • Dictionnaire de la langue Nahuatl Classique, by Alexis Wimmer, based on dictionary compiled by Simeon. Comprehensive, with cross-referencing of terms found in the Florentine Codex. (in French and Nahuatl languages)
  • Nahuatl Vocabulary, searchable db of en, es & nah terms at Wired Humanities Project, UO
  • The Mayan Languages - A Comparative Vocabulary online searchable database of Mayan vocabulary, Univ. of Southern Denmark
  • Dictionary-Concordance of Yucatecan Mayan language by David Bolles, at FAMSI
  • AILLA, Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America, U.Texas. Contains some texts in a number of Mesoamerican langs.
  • ALMG Academia de Lengues Mayas de Guatemala. Authority on Mayan languages, its orthography is used by many Mayanist sources. (in Spanish)
  • OKMA, La Asociación Oxlajuuj Keej Maya’ Ajtz’iib’, Guatemalan organisation for investigation and documentation of Mayan langs.
  • PDLMA, Project for the Documentation of the Languages of Mesoamerica, by Kaufman, Justeson & Maldonaldo. Online database, some papers.

Maps & diagramsEdit

Mesoamerican studies websitesEdit

American foundations, institutions, collections and universitiesEdit

  • FAMSI Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc., just about the most comprehensive source for academic papers, monographs and Mesoamerican resources.
  • MESOWEB large repository of many recent academic papers on Mesoamerican studies.
    • PARI Precolumbian Art Research Institute; incl. papers from Palenque Mesa Redonda ("Round Table") meetings
  • MARI Middle America Research Institute, Tulane University
  • MARL Mesoamerican Archaeological Research Laboratory, UT Austin. Publishes mono y conejo journal, & some site reports
  • CMHI, Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions by Peabody Museum, now has some good info & reproductions online
  • Mesoamerican img archives Repository of photos from various Mesoamerican sites, by David R. Hixson. Imgs are copyrighted, but could be approached for use in WP.
  • Puuc (Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil and Labna) docs & imgs, by Charles Rhyne & Reed College; many scans of old (Pub Domain) imgs and maps, also modern ones, of the region; + extensive annotated biblios in PDFs
  • La Milpa Archaeological Project, Boston University
  • Traditional High Cultures, by EcoLinguistics (Lloyd Anderson); Mesoamerican writing links & articles
  • Jay I. Kislak Foundation, non-profit institution for pre-Columbian art and research collections; some papers online
  • University of Utah Digital Collections, facsimiles & commentary for codices Laud & Magliabecchi
  • Dumbarton Oaks, Research Library and Collection, pre-Columbian-Mesoamerican publications, a few important ones downloadable
  • SAA, Society for American Archaeology, pan-Americas but has papers/material relevant to Mesoam. Publishes notable journals:
  • AMNH American Museum of Natural History papers, includes some rare papers on Mesoamerican topics, among others
  • WHP, Wired Humanities Project, University of Oregon; collection of Mesoam resources and text digitisation projects (some under constr; some pwd protected, others accessible)
    • VMA Virtual Mesoamerican Archive, a portal maintained by University of Oregon's Wired Humanities Project, with extensive material, links, and search facilities specific to Mesoamerican material available online
  • HLAS Online, Handbook of Latin American Studies (online), by Library of Congress; searchable database of annotated bibliographies, journals etc
  • ArchaeoSeek Mesoamerica, listing of Mesoamerican archaeological sites (nb, WP:MESO gets a guernsey!)

European foundations, institutions, collections and universitiesEdit

Spanish foundations, institutions, collections and universitiesEdit

Mexican foundations, institutions, collections and universitiesEdit

Guatemalan foundations, institutions, collections and universitiesEdit

Honduran foundations, institutions, collections and universitiesEdit

Salvadoran foundations, institutions, collections and universitiesEdit

Colombian foundations, institutions, collections and universitiesEdit

Mesoamerican lectures and presentationsEdit

General external resourcesEdit

General external/online resources and tools that may assist in sourcing and refining Mesoamerican materials and article writing.

  • WorldCat, massive database of the world's library catalogues, use to find publications, publication data, ISBNs; ideally each reference used in wiki articles ought to have an OCLC number from this db appended
    • WorldCat Identities, new interface into Library holdings. Enter "Lastname, Firstname", and get back list of their works and works about them. Some other neat features. The list of works generated can be linked to in an article by putting the template {{worldcat id}} in ext links, just supply the author's unique code to the template from the url (eg lccn-n84-224562). Under the "useful links" section on the generated page, there's usually a link to the LoC authority file info, which often contains the author's dob info and alternative names (info sometimes not accessible elsewhere).
    • VIAF, Virtual International Authorities File, excellent new tool compiling data & crossreferencing from major libraries
  • Library of Congress Online catalog, find publ. details of just about any work
    • HLAS online, the LoC's "Handbook of Latin American Studies", annotated bibliographies of publications in the field. Searchable database.
  • Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB), 'world's largest' db for periodicals publishing info and serials titles, at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
  • JournalSeek, find details and links to journals, periodicals etc, incl. ISSNs
  • "Eastview" Russian periodicals catalogue
  • MetaBase - bibliografia en red, bibliographical database for Central American publications
  • DOAJ, Directory of Open Access journals, a few of which cover Mesoamerican publs.
  • RAE, Real Academia española, including online Diccionario de la lengua española and other linguistic & bibliographical databases
  • SciELO, Latin American academic journals database
  • Intute, free online service and edited links directory by UK Universities, contains a number of links to journals and websites incl. Mesoamerica ones
  • GALLICA, National Library of France's online catalogue, with many full docs, some older Meso works may be found here
  • PERSEE, full facsimiles of many French journals in anthropology etc, incl Journal de la Société des Américanistes, L'homme, and others with mesoamerica-related materials
  • REVUES.ORG, Fédération de revues scientifiques en sciences humaines et sociales; searchable indexed collection of many open-source articles & journals, incl. on Mesoamerican topics
  • UC Berkeley library catalogue
  • National Academies Press, online biographies of NAS members, incl some Mesoam anthropologists; some other relevant online publs to be found
  • U Penn online books, searchable with links to a few Mesoamerica works
  • Smithsonian Institution Archives
  • Smithsonian Institution search engine
  • World Digital Library, UNESCO-sponsored site with some digital reproductions incl Mesoamerican docs & artefacts (note includes one fake Maya MS., "How the Indians Did Their Paintings")
  • Oxford DNB, Dictionary of National Biography UK
  • The Writing Center, Yale University, Using Sources. One of the better citation/referencing guidelines around