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Current Mesoamerica category treeEdit

Below is the auto-generated of all currently-defined Mesoamerican subcategories+mdash; that is, all subcategories of the overall parent Category:Mesoamerica. (NB: javascript needs to be enabled for this to display properly, and the display may also be dependent on browser type and settings).

Deeper levels of the category tree may be perused by clicking on the '+' symbol, adjacent to each subcat (however, see also the note above).

The articles within each category sublevel are also displayed, in italics.

Category tagging

All of the categories & subcategories under this structure may (or should) be tagged with the WP:MESO project banner template on the corresponding Category talk page, with the parameters set as follows:

{{WP Mesoamerica|class=NA|cat=yes}}  
Articles within category tree

In general, for the articles contained within these categories:

  1. every in-scope article for the project should be assigned to one or more of the categories within this structure (the article may of course also have other categories attached to it that are outside of this structure); and conversely,
  2. all articles within this category structure are eligible to be included within the scope of the WP:MESO project.

There are some exceptions to the above general principles—

  • there may be some broad-topic articles with a significant Mesoamerican component that the WP:MESO project would want to keep track of, but for which categorisation under 'Mesoamerica' & subcats is not warranted. Pre-Columbian could be one such example.
  • Equally, there may be the occasional article appearing somewhere in this scheme that is not mainly concerned with Mesoamerican scope, and the project elects not to include it.

Category tree

Category listingEdit

An alpha-sorted list of all the categories within the category tree structure, that have had their category talk pages tagged with the {{WP Mesoamerica}} project banner template. Ideally, this listing should match those in the auto-generated category tree structure, above (note that categories may appear more than once in the category tree, if they are interlinked to different 'branches').

Last update— 2008 November 21 (199 total)

Proposed amendmentsEdit

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