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Article watchlistsCategoriesRecognised contentMonitoringAssessmentsResourcesCitationsJournalsGuidelinesParticipants This subpage contains a bibliography of Mesoamerican references in pre-formatted citation templates.

The intention of this bibliography is twofold- firstly to accumulate sources which can be used in researching Mesoamerica-related topics, and secondly to provide a convenient and consistent way to quickly add the references into an article where they are used - simply copy the entry from the list and then paste into the articles' "References" section, the reference should then appear in the desired format. Note that it may be necessary to further edit the citation, eg to update the edition, ISBN, url or the accessdate, or if a different edition is used.

Please add more as you find/need them.

The citation references themselves are stored on separate subpages, alpha-sorted by 'author' keyword (typically, leading authors' surnames) as the listing is now too long to be comfortably edited on a single page. The navigation bar below can be used to switch between these subpages. The contents of all these subpages are transcluded into this overall citations page, so they can still be seen 'all at a glance' by expanding the collapsible boxes in the bibliography subpages section below.

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You can also use predefined shortcuts to quickly navigate to each letter's subpage/section: just type the shortcut wp:meso/citex in the searchbox, replacing x with the desired letter (so wp:meso/citem will bring you to the subpage where citations beginning with "M" are listed; this can either be all in lowercase, or all in caps).

See also
  • WP:MESO/J for pre-filled citation templates for Mesoamerica-related journals
  • WP:CITET for a summary of standard wikipedia citation templates
  • WP:MESO/RES for a listing of online/accessible resources for Mesoamerican research materials

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