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This Project subpage lists the following article-related activities, as part of the current worklist:

  • Requests to create new articles relating to Mesoamerica (i.e., "wanted" or "missing" articles)
  • Newly created articles relating to Mesomerica
Requested articles - instructions

If you have a request or identify a need for a new article, list it under the "Requested" section, newest at the bottom. If the proposed title of the new article is not self-explanatory, you can use the corresponding talk page to describe what the article is supposed to cover.

Another way to populate this list is to note any redlinks for Mesoamerican articles as you come across them.

Remember to check if the article does not already exist under another name or spelling- the article catalogue (incomplete) can be used for this as well as searching.

Priority creation requests: To assign a particular wanted or requested article some degree of priority, you can also add it to the 'requested' section on the Project's priority Tasklist template, {{WP Mesoamerica tasklist}}. The number of entries on this template should be kept to a handful, say around 6 to 10 maximum.

If the lists below begins to grow too long to appear comfortably when viewed from the Activities mainpage, newly created entries which have been listed for a while can be archived under the "Previously created" section below.

Newly created articles - instructions

Once an article is created, it should be moved to the "New articles" section, noting also the date it was created, i.e. article name (mmm dd).

DYK: Any newly created articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Main Wikipedia page. DYK has a 72 hr. time limit from the creation of the article, and generally the article needs to be in reasonable shape to be eligible for selection. Therefore, project members may be interested to assist in expanding these new articles within the timeframe for DYK nomination.

The content of these two lists below appears on the Activities mainpage.

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Check regularly the results of potential Mesoamerican new articles identified by User:AlexNewArtBot. This is a bot which runs daily, searching through newly created articles to find content matches which may indicate (based on a ruleset we supply) the article is within project scope. Matches against a predefined points scheme are totalled, those which meet or exceed the predefined threshhold (ie are likely in WP:MESO scope) are listed on the search results page. Those which matched against at least one of the criteria but didn't make the threshhold (ie, only potentially in scope, or perhaps are tangentially related) are noted in the full daily log.

For those on the NEWHITS page, once they've been checked and (if within project's scope) the WP:MESO project banner added to their talk pages and they've been added to WP:MESO/NEW listing, mark off with {{Y}}. If a false positive (ie not properly in project scope), mark off with {{N}}. Optionally add brief comments. If unsure, {{?}} can be used.

Also review the NEWLOG page, the daily log of all articles which met at least one of the stipulated criteria. Some of these could still be in project scope, if they are then transfer them to the NEWHITS page, add the project banner, etc. Others may mention Mesoamerican topics without themselves being in project scope- these can be reviewed just to make sure they contain appropriate and correct info. Note, this daily log is overwritten each pass, so you may have to check back through the page's history.



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