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This subpage is to list project-related articles currently undergoing some sort of review (such as peer review, featured article candidacy, deletion, or renaming), to bring these to the attention of Project participants.

Items should be listed under the appropriate heading in the "Current" section below, suggested format YYYY-mmm-dd: article — [link to discussion]. Once the item is resolved, its outcome can be noted and the item moved to the "Historical" section below that. The "Current" section is transcluded in the Activities mainpage.

The "Featured content" section lists Mesoamerica-related content that has currently achieved Featured or Good Article status.

Current reviewsEdit

Featured candidates

  • none at present

(Peer reviewGood Article nomsGood Topic noms):

  • none at present

(requested movesCat. del/rename):

  • none at present


  • none at present

Featured contentEdit

Featured content, A-rated and Good articles relating to Mesoamerica
Cscr-featured.pngFACscr-featured-strike.pngFormer FA
Symbol support vote.svgGASymbol unsupport vote.svgfailed/former GA
Type Item Date/Nom
Cscr-featured.png Nahuatl 13 May 2008 (Front pg)
FA passed Apr 2008 (nom)
GA relisted: Feb 2008
GA delisted:Oct 2007
GA listed: Aug 2006
Cscr-featured.png Olmec Heartland Overview 4.svg FP passed Dec 2007 (nom) (FP)
Cscr-featured.png Maya civilization 27 January 2016 (Front pg)
FA passed 24 July 2015 (nom)
GA listed: May 2015
Cscr-featured.png Maya stelae 17 February 2011 (Front pg)
FA passed 17 Jan 2011 (nom)
GA listed:Dec 2010
Cscr-featured.png Mayan languages 21 May 2007 (Front pg)
FA passed Mar 2007 (nom)
Cscr-featured.png Olmec colossal heads 23 August 2012 (Front pg)
FA passed 12 Aug 2012 (nom)
GA listed:Jun 2012
Cscr-featured.png Quiriguá 15 May 2010 (Front pg)
FA passed 30 Aug 2009 (nom)
GA listed:Feb 2009
Cscr-featured.png Spanish conquest of Guatemala 21 September 2012 (Front pg)
FA passed 17 Mar 2012 (nom)
GA listed:Dec 2011
Cscr-featured.png Spanish conquest of Petén FA passed 22 November 2013 (nom)
GA listed:Jan 2013
Cscr-featured.png Sylvanus Morley 27 Dec 2006 (Front pg)
FA passed Nov 2005 (nom)
Cscr-featured.png Takalik Abaj 30 March 2010 (Front pg)
FA passed 07 Feb 2010 (nom)
A-Class article A Chunchucmil Jan 2007
Support cluster.svg Spanish conquest of the Maya 16 April 2015
Symbol support vote.svg Grolier Codex 12 March 2015
Symbol support vote.svg Spanish conquest of Chiapas 22 February 2015
Symbol support vote.svg Spanish conquest of the Maya 17 February 2015
Symbol support vote.svg K'inich Yat Ahk II 13 November 2014
Symbol support vote.svg Yo'nal Ahk III 13 November 2014
Symbol support vote.svg K'inich Yo'nal Ahk I 14 October 2014
Symbol support vote.svg Spanish conquest of Yucatán 8 October 2014
Symbol support vote.svg Itzam K'an Ahk II 24 August 2014
Symbol support vote.svg Ha' K'in Xook 2 August 2014
Symbol support vote.svg Manche Ch'ol 2 August 2014
Symbol support vote.svg North Acropolis, Tikal 15 August 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Benjamin Lee Whorf 2 December 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Bartolomé de las Casas 2 July 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Mixco Viejo 26 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Mundo Perdido, Tikal 12 Apr 2012
Symbol support vote.svg La Blanca, Peten 29 Mar 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Motul de San José 15 Jan 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Calakmul 6 Mar 2011
Symbol support vote.svg El Chal 4 Mar 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Iximche 7 Nov 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Zaculeu 27 Oct 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Potbelly sculpture 16 Aug 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Copán 10 Apr 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Toniná 29 Mar 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Seibal 22 Feb 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Q'umarkaj 25 Jan 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Tikal 16 Nov 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Mesoamerican ballgame Aug 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Western Mexico shaft tomb tradition Jun 2008 (nom)
Symbol support vote.svg Aztec cuisine Feb 2008
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg GA delisted: Jun 2009
GA listed: Jul 2006
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Yuri Knorosov GA delisted: Feb 2009
GA listed: Aug 2006
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Valley of Mexico GA failed: Feb 2009 (nom)
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Olmec GA withdrawn: Oct 2008 (nom)
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Aztec GA delisted: Apr 2008
GA listed: Jun 2006
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Spanish conquest of Mexico Aug 2006
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Huitzilatzin May 2007
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Mixtec writing Jul 2007
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Moctezuma II Feb 2008

Historical reviewsEdit

Once completed, move the entry from "current" to section below, annotating the result of the review.