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This Project subpage lists the following article-related activities, as part of the current worklist:

  1. articles to be prepared for some form of promotion/quality review (eg WP:FAC, WP:PR, GA)
  2. "B-Class" articles, for improvement to GA-Class, A-Class, or FA-Class

At some point it may be convenient to group articles on this worklist by similar topic or category, so that related articles can be worked on in parallel more easily. For now, place entries into the lists in descending alpha order.

Review preparation - instructions

This listing is for articles which are well-rounded and of a sufficient standard (ie at or near at least GA-class) where they are ready to be worked on in order to put them forward for nomination as one of the better articles of their type. Articles to be listed here are those which are to be considered for such nominations, and still need to be polished and perhaps further expanded to get them to that point.

Once satisfied (it might be an idea to seek some informal opinion) that the article is ready for submission, the article can be nominated for review by the appropriate process. List the article at the appropriate section of the Review monitoring subpage while the review is in progress to publicise the review to other interested parties. If the nomination is successful, congratulations! If the nomination was to PR or GA the article's entry could still be maintained in the list once the review is completed, if it is to be worked into an eventual Featured Article.

To assign a particular article-for-review-preparation some degree of priority, you can also add it to the 'prepare for quality review' section on the Project's priority Tasklist template, {{WP Mesoamerica tasklist}}. The number of such entries on this template should be kept to a handful, say around 6 to 10 maximum. Remember to update the template once you're through with improving the article.

If the lists below begins to grow too long to appear comfortably when viewed from the Activities mainpage, additional requests can be placed under the "Holding queue" section below, awaiting action.

Specific instructions for the Mesoamerica article rating and assessment scheme:

  1. Articles for review preparation will typically have a rating of B-Class or A-Class (and possibly GA-Class if preparing one of these for FA), and are categorised accordingly. Update the rating if one has not yet been recorded by setting the {{WP Mesoamerica}} parameter, |class=B or |class=A (or other, as appropriate).
  2. Once improvements are made, update the class to a new quality status if that is now warranted.
  3. Set |reassess=yes if you wish to request another's opinion on the status.

The content of the list below appears on the Activities mainpage.

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Holding queueEdit

If the listing above becomes too long to be comfortably viewed on the Activities mainpage, any additional entries can be listed in this section, which will not appear on the Activities mainpage view. As the "active" listing is worked through, these can then be moved from the "holding" to the active list.

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