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Turkish language, is an official language of (Southern) Cyprus, but why Greek Cypriots doesn't using this language? Or the Turkish language, why is not official language of European Union? I want peace for Cyprus, but both Turkish and Greek Cypriots are not trusting with each other...

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NameEmre Mıdıkoğlu
Born (1990-01-02) 2 January 1990 (age 33)
Turkey Şişli, İstanbul
maternal homeland is Perşembe,
paternal homeland is Ünye.
Country Turkey
Current locationTurkey Sultangazi, İstanbul
Time zoneEastern European Time
EthnicityTurkey Turkish (pat.)
Georgia (country) Muslim Georgian (mat.)
Height1,76 m
Weight76 kg
Family and friends
Marital statusSingle
Girlfriend...not found
Education and employment
OccupationCall Center agent
UniversityAnadolu University
Faculty of Economics - Local Government
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
HobbiesVirtual World (Internet), Music (mostly Despina Vandi songs)
ReligionMuslim (Hanafi madh'hab of Sunni)
PoliticsNationalism, Kemalism, Turanism
Contact info

The cities of Turkey which i stayed/visited.
Brown: I live in that province. (Istanbul)
Red: I stayed more than 1 month.
Dark Orange: I stayed more than 2 days.
Light orange:I visited and stayed less than 2 days. (48 hours)

Dark blue: My homeland
Dirty blue: I went
Light blue: I want to come...
Extra light blue: Maybe...
Yellow: Time will show...
Light orange: Don't think in these times
Orange: That's hard for come
Red: There must be miracle.
Brown: Never i won't go.
Ortaköy, entertainment center of Istanbul