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The table of years in music is a tabular display of all years in music, to provide an overview and quick navigation to any year.

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1300s in musicEdit

1400s in musicEdit

1500s in musicEdit

1600s in musicEdit

1700s in musicEdit

1800s in musicEdit

1900s in musicEdit

2000s in musicEdit

Other years in musicEdit

Decades from 1000 to 1300 are redirected to their corresponding centuries in music; centuries from 2000 BC to 1000 AD are redirected to their corresponding millennia:

13th century in music12th century in music
11th Century in music1st millennium in music
1st millennium BC in music2nd millennium BC in music

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  1. ^ a b Years from 1300 to 1549 are redirected to their corresponding decade: e.g.: 1490–1499 redirect to 1490s in music.