1564 in music

List of years in music (table)



  • Paolo Aretino – First and second books of responsories for Holy Week (Venice: Francesco Rampazetto)
  • Bálint Bakfark – First book of lute tablature (Paris: Le Roy & Ballard), contains "several fantasies, motets, chansons, and madrigals" by various composers
  • Simon Boyleau – Madrigals for four, five, six, seven, and eight voices (Milan: Francesco Moscheni)
  • Gioseppe Caimo – First book of madrigals for four voices (Milan: Francesco Moscheni)
  • Claude GoudimelLes cent cinquante pseaumes de David nouvellement mis en musique for four voices (Paris: Le Roy & Ballard), homophonic harmonizations of the melodies from the 1551 edition of the Genevan Psalter
  • Philibert Jambe de FerLes 150 Psaumes de David à 4 et 5 voix (Lyon: Antoine de Cercia & Pierre de Mia)
  • Orlande de Lassus
    • First book of motets for five and six voices (Paris: Le Roy & Ballard)
    • Fourth book of chansons for four and five voices (Louvain: Pierre Phalèse)
  • Claude Le Jeune – 10 pseaumes de David for four voices (Paris: Le Roy & Ballard)
  • Francisco Leontaritis – First book of motets for six voices (Venice: Francesco Rampazetto)
  • Giovanni Domenico da Nola – Second book of madrigals for five voices (Rome: Valerio Salviano & fratelli)
  • Johannes Pacoloni – Tribus testudinibus ludenda carmina
  • Annibale Padovano – First book of madrigals for five voices (Venice: Antonio Gardano)
  • Gioan Paien – First book of madrigals for two voices (Venice: Antonio Gardano)
  • Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina — First book of Motets for four voices (Venice: Antonio Gardano)

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