1591 in music

List of years in music (table)



  • Giammateo Asola
    • Second book of masses for five voices (Venice: Ricciardo Amadino)
    • 3 Masses for six voices (Venice: Ricciardo Amadino)
  • John Baldwin completes My Ladye Nevells Booke, a manuscript anthology of keyboard music by William Byrd
  • Paolo Bellasio – Madrigals for three, four, five, six, seven, and eight voices (Venice: Ricciardo Amadino)
  • William Byrd, Catholic composer in England, publishes his Cantiones sacrae, Book 2, for five and six voices (London: Thomas East for William Byrd)
  • Giovanni CroceCompietta for eight voices (Venice: Giacomo Vincenti), music for Compline, his first publication
  • Scipione Dentice – First book of madrigals for five voices (Naples: Matteo Cancer)
  • John FarmerDivers and sundrie waies of two parts in one (London: Thomas East), a collection of vocal canons
  • Stefano Felis
    • Third book of motets for five voices (Venice: Girolamo Scotto)
    • Sixth book of madrigals for five voices (Venice: Scipione Rizzo for Girolamo Scotto)
  • Giovanni Giacomo GastoldiBalletti a5, published in Venice
  • Gioseffo Guami – Fourth book of madrigals for five and six voices (Venice: Angelo Gardano)
  • Adam Gumpelzhaimer
    • Compendium musicae (Augsburg: Valentin Schönigk), a music theory textbook in Latin and German
    • Neue Teutsche Geistliche Lieder for three voices (Augsburg: Valentin Schönigk)
  • Hans Leo HasslerCantiones sacrae de festis praecipuis totius anni for four, five, six, seven, eight, and more voices (Augsburg: Valentin Schönigk), a large collection of motets
  • Marc'Antonio Ingegneri – First book of motets for six voices (Venice: Angelo Gardano)
  • Luca Marenzio – Fifth book of madrigals for six voices (Venice: Angelo Gardano)
  • Philippe de Monte – Sixth book of madrigals for six voices (Venice: Angelo Gardano)
  • Johannes NuciusModulationes sacrae modis musicis for five and six voices (Prague: Georg Nigrinus)
  • Pietro Paolo Paciotto has his first book of masses published in Venice by Alessandro Gardano
  • Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Italian composer, publishes a group of Magnificat settings, in Rome
  • Andreas Pevernage – Fourth book of chansons for five voices (Antwerp: widow of Plantin & Jean Mourentorf)
  • Giaches de Wert, Franco-Flemish composer, publishes his tenth book of madrigals