Seoul Music Awards

The Seoul Music Awards (Korean서울가요대상; RRSeoul Gayo Daesang) is an awards show founded in 1990 that is presented annually by Sports Seoul for outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea.[1]

Seoul Music Awards
Seoul Music Awards Logo.png
Awarded forExcellence in music
CountrySouth Korea
Presented bySports Seoul
First awarded1990
Television/radio coverage
NetworkKBS N (2013–present)

The winners are selected from singers who have released albums during the year, combined with 30 percent mobile votes,[2] 40 percent digital downloads and album sales, and 30 percent judges' scores.[3]


There are eight awards which are not restricted by genre, and three awards which are each in trot, hip hop, R&B.

  • Daesang Award (Grand Award)
    • Prior to 2020, the Grand Award was awarded to the best artist among up to 12 of them by calculating album and digital sales with online vote and a final judgement by the judges of the award ceremony.
    • From 2020, there are two Daesangs: Album Grand Award (for physical sales achievements) and Digital Grand Award (for digital achievements).
  • Bonsang Awards (Main Award) is awarded to up to 12 artists by calculating album and digital sales with online vote and a final judgement by the judges of the award ceremony.
    • Two main prize categories, Record of the Year in Album and Record of the Year in Digital Release, have been defunct since the 2020 award ceremony.
  • New Artist Awards are awarded to new performers, usually three in each year.
  • Performance Award is awarded to best live performer of the year.
  • Trot Award is awarded to the performer of trot music.
  • Hip Hop/Rap Award is awarded to the performer of hip hop music/Rapping music.
  • R&B/Ballad Award is awarded to the performer of the R&B/ballad music.
  • OST Award is awarded to the performer of the original soundtrack (OST) from drama/movie/TV program.
  • Popularity Awards are awarded to performers who gained popularity during the year, usually two in each year, the winners chosen by online voting. The nominee pool comes from the nominees for the Bonsang and the Newcomer awards.
  • Hallyu Special Award is awarded to the performer who gained popularity around the world during the year.


Edition Date of ceremony Venue Location Hosts Ref
17th 31 January 2008 Kangwon Land High1 Hotel Conference Hall Gangwon [4]
18th 12 February 2009 Taebaek Gowon Auditorium Taebaek [5]
19th 3 February 2010 Olympic Fencing Gymnasium Seoul [6]
20th 20 January 2011 Kyung Hee University
21st 19 January 2012 Olympic Gymnastics Arena [7]
22nd 31 January 2013 SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium
23rd 23 January 2014 Jamsil Arena Eunhyuk [8]
24th 22 January 2015 Olympic Gymnastics Arena Jun Hyun-moo, Leeteuk (Super Junior), Soyou (Sistar) [9]
25th 14 January 2016 Jun Hyun-moo, Honey Lee, Hani (EXID)
26th 19 January 2017 Jamsil Arena Tak Jae-hoon, Heechul (Super Junior), Jeon So-mi (I.O.I) [10]
27th 25 January 2018 Gocheok Sky Dome Shin Dong-yup, Heechul (Super Junior), Kim So-hyun [11]
28th 15 January 2019 [12]
29th 30 January 2020 Shin Dong-yup, Heechul (Super Junior), Jo Bo-ah [13]

Grand Award (Daesang)Edit

Four-time Grand award winner and 22-time award winner Exo
BTS has won 15 awards in total, including three Grand awards.
Girls' Generation has accumulated 12 awards, including two Grand awards (not including members' or sub-unit's solo awards).
# Year Winners
29th 2020 BTS (Album) / Taeyeon (Digital)
28th 2019 BTS
27th 2018
26th 2017 Exo
25th 2016
24th 2015
23rd 2014
22nd 2013 Psy
21st 2012 Super Junior
20th 2011 Girls' Generation
19th 2010
18th 2009 Wonder Girls
17th 2008 Big Bang
16th 2006 TVXQ
15th 2004 Shinhwa
14th 2003 Lee Hyori
13th 2002 BoA
12th 2001 Kim Gun-mo
11th 2000 Jo Sungmo
10th 1999 Jo Sungmo / Fin.K.L
9th 1998 H.O.T. / Sechs Kies
8th 1997 H.O.T.
7th 1996 Clon
6th 1995 Roo'ra
5th 1994 Kim Gun-mo
4th 1993 Seo Taiji and Boys
3rd 1992
2nd 1991 Tae Jin-ah
1st 1990 Byeon Jin-seob

Main Award (Bonsang)Edit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Super Junior Chungha NCT Dream BTS Mamamoo Monsta X NU'EST Taeyeon Paul Kim Twice Exo Red Velvet
28th 2019 iKon Wanna One NCT 127 BTS Mamamoo Monsta X NU'EST W Momoland Seventeen Twice Exo Red Velvet
27th 2018 Super Junior Wanna One Got7 BTS BtoB Blackpink NU'EST W Bolbbalgan4 Seventeen Twice Exo Red Velvet
26th 2017 Sechs Kies GFriend Got7 BTS Mamamoo Zico VIXX Taeyeon Seventeen Twice Exo Red Velvet
25th 2016 Yoon Mi-rae Big Bang Zion.T BTS Apink Shinee VIXX Taeyeon Sistar EXID Exo Red Velvet
24th 2015 Super Junior AOA Beast BTS Apink Girl's Day VIXX Girls' Generation-TTS Sistar B1A4 Exo Infinite
23rd 2014 B.A.P Cho Yong-pil Beast 4Minute Apink Shinee VIXX Girls' Generation Sistar B1A4 Exo Infinite
22nd 2013 Super Junior Big Bang Epik High 2NE1 Huh Gak Shinee miss A Psy Sistar Secret Lee Seung-gi f(x)
21st 2012 Super Junior FT Island Beast 4Minute IU Kara miss A Girls' Generation Sistar Secret Lee Seung-gi T-ara
20th 2011 2AM FT Island Beast 4Minute IU Shinee miss A Girls' Generation Son Dam-bi Secret
19th 2010 Super Junior 2PM Brown Eyed Girls Davichi Kara Shinee Baek Ji-young Girls' Generation Son Dam-bi Kim Tae-woo
18th 2009 Wonder Girls Big Bang Brown Eyed Girls TVXQ Jang Yoon-jeong SG Wannabe Baek Ji-young SS501 Son Dam-bi Kim Jong-kook
17th 2008 Super Junior Big Bang Epik High Eru Jang Yoon-jeong SG Wannabe Baek Ji-young SeeYa MC the Max V.O.S
16th 2006 Jang Yoon-jeong Son Hoyoung MC Mong TVXQ Shin Seung-hun SG Wannabe Baek Ji-young Turtles Vibe Park Jung-ah
15th 2004 Cho PD Lee Seung-chul Koyote TVXQ Shin Seung-hun Rain Shinhwa Park Hyo-shin Lee Soo-young Kim Jong-kook
14th 2003 Jewelry Fly to the Sky Koyote Wax Lee Hyori Rain Shinhwa Baby V.O.X Wheesung Yoon Do Hyun Band
13th 2002 BoA Cool Koyote Wax Jang Na-ra Sung Si-kyung Shinhwa Park Hyo-shin Lee Soo-young Yoon Do Hyun Band
12th 2001 g.o.d Fin.K.L Uhm Jung-hwa Wax Shin Seung-hun Park Ji-yoon Kim Gun-mo Lee Jung-hyun Steve Seungjun Yoo Im Chang-jung Kangta Tae Jin-ah
11th 2000 g.o.d Fin.K.L Uhm Jung-hwa Jo Sungmo Shin Seung-hun Park Ji-yoon Tae Jin-ah Lee Jung-hyun Steve Seungjun Yoo Im Chang-jung
10th 1999 H.O.T Fin.K.L Uhm Jung-hwa Jo Sungmo Sechs Kies Clon Kim Gun-mo Baby V.O.X Song Dae-kwan Im Chang-jung Country Kko Kko
9th 1998 H.O.T Fin.K.L Uhm Jung-hwa S.E.S. Sechs Kies Kim Kyung-ho Kim Gun-mo Turbo Song Dae-kwan Kim Jong-hwan
8th 1997 H.O.T UP Uhm Jung-hwa Park Jin-young Sechs Kies Kim Kyung-ho Jinusean Turbo DJ Doc Im Chang-jung
7th 1996 Kim Won-jun Kim Jung-min Park Mi-kyung Insooni R.ef Clon Kim Gun-mo Turbo Hoon Green Area
6th 1995 Noise Seo Taiji and Boys Park Mi-kyung Park Jin-young R.ef Solid Kim Gun-mo Shin Hyo-beom DJ Doc
5th 1994 Seol Woon-do Lim Ju-ri Choi Yoo-na Shin Seong-woo Shin Seung-hun Boohwal Kim Gun-mo Roo'ra Two Two
4th 1993 Kim Won-jun Seo Taiji and Boys Choi Yoo-na Lee Mu-song Shin Seung-hun Kim Jeong-soo Kim Gun-mo Shin Hyo-beom Kim So-hee
3rd 1992 Kang Susie Kim Kook-hwan Min Hae-kyung Yang Soo-kyung Shin Seung-hun Lee Seung-hwan Lee Sang-woo
2nd 1991 Kang Susie Kim Ji-ae Kim Wan-sun Noh Sa-yeon Tae Jin-ah Kim Jeong-soo Lee Sang-woo
1st 1990 Na-mi Kim Ji-ae Min Hae-kyung Byun Ji-sub Joo Hyun-mi Hyun Chul

New Artist AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 TXT AB6IX Itzy
28th 2019 Stray Kids Iz*One
27th 2018 Pristin Chungha Wanna One
26th 2017 Blackpink NCT127 I.O.I
25th 2016 Seventeen GFriend iKON
24th 2015 Got7 Eddy Kim Red Velvet
23rd 2014 BTS Lim Kim Crayon Pop
22nd 2013 Exo Ailee B.A.P Lee Hi
21st 2012 B1A4 Apink Boyfriend
20th 2011 The Boss Sistar CNBLUE
19th 2010 Beast T-ara After School
18th 2009 Davichi Mighty Mouth Shinee
17th 2008 F.T. Island Girls' Generation Wonder Girls
16th 2006 Super Junior See Ya Brown Eyed Girls
15th 2004 TVXQ Lee Seung-gi SG Wannabe
14th 2003 Maya Se7en Big Mama
13th 2002 Rizi Rain Wheesung
12th 2001 Brown Eyes Sung Si-kyung Jadu Morning Bond To-ya
11th 2000 Park Hwayobi
10th 1999 Lee Jung-hyun Koyote Sharp Chae Jung-an
9th 1998 NRG Jo Sungmo Kim Hyun-jung Yoo Ri
8th 1997 Lee Ji-hoon Yangpa
7th 1996 Young Turks Club
6th 1995 Sung Jin-woo Yook Gak-soo
5th 1994 Go Bon-seung
4th 1993 Choi Yeon-je
3rd 1992 Lee Deok-jin Seo Taiji and Boys
2nd 1991 Shim Shin Shin Seung-hun
1st 1990 Kim Min-woo Shin Hae-chul

Genre-specific awardsEdit

R&B AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Kassy
27th 2018 Suran
19th 2010 Bobby Kim

Ballad AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Kim Jae-hwan
28th 2019 Im Chang-jung
26th 2017 Baek A-yeon
25th 2016 BtoB
24th 2015 K.Will
23rd 2014
22nd 2013
21st 2012 4Men
20th 2011 2AM

Hip-Hop/Rap AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
28th 2019 Drunken Tiger
26th 2017 MOBB
25th 2016 San E
24th 2015 San E & Raina
23rd 2014 Dynamic Duo
22nd 2013 Double K
21st 2012 Clover
20th 2011 Supreme Team
19th 2010 Drunken Tiger
15th 2004 Bobby Kim
14th 2003 Cho Yong-pil
13th 2002 YG Family
12th 2001 Drunken Tiger

Dance AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Ha Sung-woon
28th 2019 GFriend
27th 2018 NCT 127
26th 2017 BTS
25th 2016 Monsta X
24th 2015 Hyuna

Trot AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Song Ga-in
26th 2017 Tae Jin-ah
25th 2016 Hong Jin-young
20th 2011 Jang Yoon-jeong
19th 2010 Park Hyun-bin, Park Sang-chul
18th 2009 Park Hyun-bin
17th 2008

OST AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners Song Drama
29th 2020 Taeyeon "All About You" Hotel del Luna OST
27th 2018 Ailee "I Will Go to You Like the First Snow" Goblin OST
26th 2017 Gummy "You Are My Everything" Descendants of the Sun OST
25th 2016 Jang Jae In "Hallucination" Kill Me, Heal Me OST
24th 2015 Lyn "My Destiny" My Love from the Star OST
23rd 2014 The One "Winter Love" That Winter, the Wind Blows OST
22nd 2013 Lee Jong-hyun "My Love" A Gentleman's Dignity OST
21st 2012 Baek Ji-young "That Woman" Secret Garden OST
16th 2006 Sweet Sorrow "No matter how I think about it" Alone in Love OST
15th 2004 Jo Sungmo "By Your Side" Lovers in Paris OST
14th 2003 N/A Punch OST
13th 2002 Kang Seong N/A
12th 2001 Kim Tae-jeong

Band AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Daybreak
28th 2019 Crying Nut
27th 2018 Iamnot
26th 2017 Kiha & The Faces

Popularity AwardEdit

The nominees for the Popularity Award come from the pool of artists that were nominated for Bonsang and Newcomer awards.[14]

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Exo
28th 2019 Shinee
27th 2018 Taemin
26th 2017 Shinee
25th 2016 XIA
24th 2015 Taemin
23rd 2014 Shinee, B1A4
22nd 2013 Lee Seung-gi, Shinee
21st 2012 Lee Seung-gi, Girls' Generation
20th 2011 Girls' Generation, Shinee
19th 2010 2PM, Super Junior
18th 2009 Big Bang, TVXQ
17th 2008 Super Junior
16th 2006 TVXQ, Super Junior
15th 2004 Shinhwa, TVXQ
12th 2001 Click-B
11th 2000 Baby V.O.X., SKY, Click-B

The K-wave Special AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Exo
28th 2019
27th 2018
26th 2017 Astro
25th 2016 Exo
24th 2015 Infinite
23rd 2014 Shinee
22nd 2013 Super Junior
21st 2012 Kara
20th 2011 Girls' Generation
19th 2010 Super Junior
18th 2009 SS501
17th 2008 Paran
16th 2006 Kangta
15th 2004 Park Yong-ha, Baby V.O.X.
14th 2003 S
13th 2002 Baby V.O.X.
12th 2001 Kim Hyun-jung

Special AwardsEdit

Discovery of the Year AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
29th 2020 Kim Hyun-chul
28th 2019 Yang Da-il
27th 2018 Monsta X
26th 2017 WJSN, Han Dong-geun

Fandom School AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
28th 2019 Wanna One
27th 2018 Exo
26th 2017

Other awardsEdit

Edition Year Award Winners
29th 2020 QQ Music Popularity Award Exo
28th 2019 Judge special award Adoy
27th 2018 Judge Special Award Bom Yeoreum Gaeul Kyeoul
Directing award Bang Si-hyuk
26th 2017 Music Video Award BTS
World Collaboration Award Punch X Silentó
Directing Achievement Award Lee Dong-suk
24th 2015 iQiyi Award Exo
18th 2009 YTN Star Award Baek Ji-young
Mobile Award Big Bang
17th 2008 HIGH1 Music Award
Girls' Generation
16th 2007 Mobile Award Super Junior

Discontinued awardsEdit

Record of the Year in Album Release (Bonsang)Edit

Edition Year Winner Title Song Album Note
28th 2019 BTS "Fake Love" Love Yourself: Tear 3rd album
27th 2018 IU "Palette" Palette 4th album
26th 2017 BTS "Blood Sweat & Tears" Wings 2nd album
25th 2016 BoA "Kiss My Lips" Kiss My Lips 8th album
24th 2015 Beast "12:30" Time 7th mini album
23rd 2014 Cho Yong-pil "Bounce" Hello 19th album
22nd 2013 G-Dragon "Crayon" One of A Kind 1st mini album
21st 2012 IU "You & I" Last Fantasy 2nd album
20th 2011 Psy "Right Now" PsyFive 5th album
19th 2010 Drunken Tiger "Feel gHood Muzik" Feel gHood Muzik : The 8th Wonder 8th album
18th 2009 Big Bang "Sunset Glow" Remember 2nd album
17th 2008 Epik High "Fan" Remapping the Human Soul 4th album

Record of the Year in Digital Release (Bonsang)Edit

Edition Year Awardee Title song
28th 2019 iKon "Love Scenario"
27th 2018 Yoon Jong-shin "Like It"
26th 2017 Twice "Cheer Up"
25th 2016 Big Bang "Bang Bang Bang"
24th 2015 Soyou & Junggigo "Some"
23rd 2014 Exo "Growl"
22nd 2013 Sistar "Give It To Me"
21st 2012 T-ara "Roly Poly"
20th 2011 IU "Good Day"
19th 2010 Girls' Generation "Gee"
18th 2009 Wonder Girls "Nobody"
17th 2008 Big Bang "Lies"

Show & Culture AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
25th 2016 Hyukoh
24th 2015 Im Chang-jung
23rd 2014 Lee Seung Chul
22nd 2013 Kim Jang-hoon
20th 2011 Bobby Kim
19th 2010 Psy
18th 2009 Kim Jang-hoon

Write Lyrics AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
15th 2004 Psy
14th 2003 Park Gyeong-jin
13th 2002 Shim Hyeon-bo
12th 2001 Han Gyeong-hye
11th 2000 Chae Jeong-eun
10th 1999 Jang Dae-seong
9th 1998 Kim Jong-hwan
7th 1996 Yoon Seong-hee
6th 1995 Lee Gun-woo
4th 1993 Yu Yeong-geon
3rd 1992 Yang In-ja
2nd 1991 Park Ju-yeon
1st 1990 No Young-shim

Composition AwardEdit

Edition Year Winners
16th 2006 Cho Yeong-su
15th 2004 Yoon Myeong-seon
14th 2003 Park Geun-tae
13th 2002 Lim Gi-hun
12th 2001 Park Jin-yeong
11th 2000 Lee Gyeong-seop
10th 1999 Choi Jun-yeong
9th 1998
8th 1997 Lee Gyeong-seop
7th 1996 Choi Jun-yeong
6th 1995 Kim Chang-hwan
5th 1994
4th 1993 Seo Taiji
3rd 1992 Kim Gi-pyo
2nd 1991 Yoon Sang
1st 1990 Ha Gwang-hun

Most winsEdit

Rank Artist Count
1st Exo 22
2nd BTS 15
3rd Super Junior 14
4th Girls' Generation, Shinee 12
6th Big Bang 10
7th TVXQ 8
8th Sistar 7
9th Beast, Red Velvet, Twice 6

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