Kim Jang-hoon (Korean김장훈; Hanja金章勳; born 14 August 1963) is a South Korean singer, known for his rock ballads.

Kim Jang-hoon
Kim Jang-hoon at LG Cinema 3D World Festival (3).jpg
Kim in April 2012
Background information
Born (1963-08-14) 14 August 1963 (age 56)
OriginSeoul, South Korea
Years active1991-present
LabelsConcert World, LOEN Entertainment
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Jang-hun
McCune–ReischauerKim Changhun

Early life and educationEdit

Kim dropped out of school and worked as a DJ at cafes. In 1991, he released his debut album.[1] Cho Dongik mainly wrote and arranged his music. That album included "On a sunny day", written by Yu Heeyul, "Always between you and I", written by Cho Dongik, "To the tomorrow", written by Cho Dongik. His second album,[2] including "Now", was released in 1993. After releasing the third album[3] I just sang my song, this was followed by the fourth album 1998 Ballads For Tears. Although Kim debuted in 1991, it was his 4th album, Fool that catapulted his popularity.


On 27 September 2011, Kim released the single, "Breakups are So Like Me" which featured Heechul of boy band Super Junior, who also starred in the music video. Since Heechul enlisted for mandatory military service on 1 September, his parts during the performance on Music Bank and Show! Music Core, was filled in by bandmates, Yesung, Eunhyuk and Shindong, who performed with Kim.[4]

Kim at LG Cinema 3D World Festival, on 1 April 2012.

Also, Kim is on many popular T.V. variety programs as an entertainer. Kim is the #1 musician at University Campuses for 10 years and his popularity ranges from people in their teens to their 60s.

Since his debut, Kim has twenty-two (22) albums, including his best remix albums, digital singles, and Original Soundtrack albums. Moreover, throughout his career, Kim performed at over 1,000 different concerts and shows, including fifteen (15) of his own exclusive concerts, in China and South Korea.

In 2012, Kim released his 10th full-length album, the first in six years. He released a music video for the title track "Nothing" featuring Paris Hilton.[5]

In 2014, Kim released, along with the girl group Crayon Pop, a new single titled "HERO".

Charitable workEdit

In South Korea, Kim is widely known as the "Donation Angel", donating over 10 billion South Korean won over the course of ten years to various causes. He is active in the Liancourt Rocks territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea.[citation needed]

In July 2012, while during his concert at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in California, Kim received a letter signed by U.S. President Barack Obama, notifying him of his winning the President's Volunteer Service Award.[6]


Album# Album Information Tracklist
1st Vol 1 always between you and I
  • Released: September 15, 1991
  • Language: Korean
  1. "Always between you and I"
  2. "In there"
  3. "To the tomorrow"
  4. "Go separate ways"
  5. "On a sunny day"
  6. "To the childhood"
  7. "For the days left"
  8. "Someday"
2nd Vol 2 Now
  • Released: December 10, 1994
  • Language: Korean
  1. "Now"
  2. "I want to love"
  3. "For the hard world"
  4. "When I was a young"
  5. "To the tearless world"
  6. "As we did the past"
  7. "My old song"
  8. "Now(instrumental)"
3rd Vol 3 I just sang my song
  • Released: January 10, 1997
  • Language: Korean
  1. "live happily without thinking of me"
  2. "Because I loved you"
  3. "I just sang my song"
  4. "The hardtime become my song"
  5. "I am breathing"
  6. "Revolution"
  7. "Bluebird"
  8. "It will go halves"
  9. "I just sang my song (edit)"
  10. "On such a day"
4th Vol 4 1998 BALLADS FOR TEARS
  • Released: March 10, 1998
  • Language: Korean
  1. "If you were like me"
  2. "Should this life sometimes deceive you"
  3. "When we live"
  4. "On a sunny day"
  5. "Always you and I"
  6. "To the tomorrow"
  7. "As we did the past"
  8. "She has gone"
  9. "MOTHER"
  10. "If you were like me(Acoustic Version)"
5th Vol 5 Fool
  • Released: October 5, 1999
  • Language: Korean
  1. "The sad gift"
  2. "The way to forget her"
  3. "When tomorrow comes"
  5. "We nevr meet but part"
  6. "The fool"
  7. "Letting her go"
  8. "The ring"
  9. "The Opera"
  10. "Honey, good-bye"
  11. "The gift"
  • Released: November 29, 2000
  • Language: Korean
  1. "The monologue"
  2. "Last winter (Christmas Version)"
  3. "The fool"
  4. "I am a man"
  5. "The season of the heart"
  6. "Your story"
  7. "Search for another me"
  8. "Our joyful day"
  9. "Like a movie"
  10. "Elly, My Love"
  11. "If I could do
  12. "Please"
7th Vol 7 Natural
  • Released: December 13, 2001
  • Language: Korean
  1. "The clown"
  2. "Sorry"
  3. "Love"
  4. "Oh! Beautiful"
  5. "The Day"
  6. "Go away"
  7. "After a while"
  8. "The ice rainbow"
  9. "On your little hands"
  10. "You"
  11. "Oh! Beautiful (Club version)"
8th Novelty Hero Newspaper with Cho PD
  • Released: 2004
  • Language: Korean
9th Vol A Piece
  • Released: May 4, 2005
  • Language: Korean
  1. "Show"
  2. "My Profile"
  3. "I Love You"
  4. "Are you happy?"
  5. "Panic Attack"
  6. "My father"
  7. "A burned tree"
  8. "A man waiting for you"
  9. "Just stay as you are"
  10. "Good-bye my brother"
  11. "The song for January"
10th Vol 9 It's me
  • Released: November 24, 2006
  • Language: Korean
  1. "Honey"
  2. "Face washing"
  3. "Let's run and run"
  4. "A couple(Happy together)"
  5. "I laugh because I am a man"
  6. "I cann’t forget"
  7. "On a day long after we met"
  8. "Go round and round (Zucker version)"
  9. "To my angel"
  10. "Honey (Mania version)"
  11. "Let her go out of my heart"
11th Project : Maestro
  • Released: September 28, 2007
  • Language: Korean
  1. "I laugh because I am a man"
  2. "Romance"
12th A Shower - Digital Single
  • Released: April 29, 2008
  • Language: Korean
  1. "A shower" (original version)
  2. "A shower" (pop version)
13th Letter to Kim Hyun Sik - tribute album
  • Released: November 4, 2010
  • Language: Korean
  1. "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter"
  2. "I've loved"
  3. "Like rain, like the music"
  4. "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
  5. "Faddist"
  6. "Making Memories"
  7. "Always by your side"
  8. "My love by my side"
  9. "Love Love Love"
  10. "Separation of the terminus"
  11. "Korean man (instrumental)"
14th Make Me Cry Again (w/ Psy) - Digital Single
  • Released: 2010
  • Language: Korean
  1. "Make Me Cry Again" (original version)

Public serviceEdit


  • 2002: The Prize for Good Deed Star in Current Year
  • 2008: 4th The Grand Prize for Contribution to Society-Special Award
  • 2008: 6th The Prize for Glorious Civilized People
  • 2012: President's Volunteer Service Award[7]


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