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Kiss My Lips is the eighth Korean-language studio album (seventeenth overall) by South Korean singer BoA. It was released digitally on May 12, 2015, and physically a day later by S.M. Entertainment, and distributed by KT Music. The album features twelve tracks in total, including a pre-release single "Who Are You" and the lead single which shares the same name as the title of the album. The self-produced record (for celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of BoA's debut) is her first Korean full-length release since Only One (2012).[1]

Kiss My Lips
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 12, 2015
BoA chronology
Who's Back?
Kiss My Lips
Watashi Kono Mama de Ii no Kana
Singles from Kiss My Lips
  1. "Who Are You"
    Released: May 6, 2015
  2. "Kiss My Lips"
    Released: May 12, 2015



Professional ratings
Review scores
Billboard     [2]
IZM     [3]

"Who Are You"Edit

The album's pre-release single "Who Are You", written by BoA herself, is an electronic dance-pop tune with sounds of guitar and bass. Featuring a rap by Gaeko from hip-hop twosome Dynamic Duo, the lyrics of the self-penned song expresses excitement of a man and woman until meeting each other on a blind date.[4][5]

The single was released on May 6, 2015, with its accompanying music video.[6] The singer's labelmate Sehun (a member from boy band Exo) and actress Kim Hyun-ji co-starred in the music video as blind date partners.[7] The music video shows varied places and props, and also sensory images mixing reality and fantasy through a lot of CG-based special effects.[8]

"Who Are You" reached number three on the Gaon Singles Chart, and has sold over 466,000 digital copies in South Korea.[9][10]

"Kiss My Lips"Edit

The self-composed title track "Kiss My Lips" is a minimal pop song incorporated with unique synthesizer riffs and sound. Emphasizing her deep voice, BoA's vocals redouble the single's dreamlike atmosphere. In the song's lyrics, the speaker provocatively urges her counterpart not to hesitate about coming up to her.[11][12]

The single was released on May 12, 2015, the same day as the album's release. Its corresponding music video was directed by the singer's elder brother Kwon Soon-wook, who also directed the video for the album's pre-release track.[13][14][15][A]

"Kiss My Lips" peaked at number eighteen on the Gaon Singles Chart. Since its release, the song has sold nearly 128,000 digital copies domestically.[17][18]

Release, Promotion and Critical receptionEdit

On May 8, the album's track listing was revealed online, and an image teaser video for the lead single came out via S.M. Entertainment's official YouTube channel the following day.[19][20] Commercials for the album aired from May 11 until 17.[21] On May 12, the whole album was released with an official music video for the title track.

Upon its release, Kiss My Lips debuted at number five on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart.[22] The album also entered Billboard's World Albums Chart on the issue date of May 30, 2015, debuting at number six.[23]

BoA began promoting her comeback album on various music programs, starting on Music Bank (KBS) aired on May 15, 2015.[24] Along with the lead single, she performed "Fox" on Music Bank,[25] "Green Light" on Show! Music Core (MBC),[26][27] and "Smash" on Inkigayo (SBS).[28]

On KBS's You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook, BoA performed the album's two lead singles and "Double Jack",[29][30][31] along with her previous hits "My Name" and "No. 1".[32] She also covered "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson, who the singer stated was particularly her role model.[33]

Promotions for the album was wrapped up by BoA's performance on Inkigayo (SBS) aired on May 31, 2015.[34]

Year-end listsEdit

Publication Accolade Year Ref.
"IZM" The 10 Best Albums of 2015

Track listingEdit

CD/Digital download[36]
1."Kiss My Lips"BoA3:46
2."Who Are You" (featuring Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)
6."Double Jack" (featuring Eddy Kim)BoA
  • BoA
  • ZigZag Note
9."Love and Hate"BoA
  • BoA
  • Kim Tae-sung
  • Oberg
10."Green Light"BoABoA4:01
Total length:45:19
  • According to the album's booklet, the original title of track 1 was "Soft Lips".

Chart performanceEdit

Album chartsEdit

Chart (2015) Peak
South Korean Gaon Weekly Albums Chart[22] 5
South Korean Gaon Monthly Albums Chart[39] 8
South Korean Gaon Year-End Albums Chart 99
Japanese Oricon Weekly Albums Chart[40] 147
US Billboard World Albums Chart[23] 6

Single chartsEdit

Who Are You

Chart (2015) Peak
South Korean Gaon Weekly Singles Chart[9] 3
  • KOR: 466,047+ (digital downloads only)[10]
South Korean Gaon Monthly Singles Chart[41] 9
South Korean Gaon Year-End Singles Chart N/A

Kiss My Lips

Chart (2015) Peak
South Korean Gaon Weekly Singles Chart[17] 18
  • KOR: 128,000+ (digital downloads only)[18]
South Korean Gaon Monthly Singles Chart[41] 50
South Korean Gaon Year-End Singles Chart N/A

Other charted songsEdit

Title Peak chart position Sales

"Double Jack" 43
  • KOR: 24,209+ (digital downloads only)[43]
"Fox" 66
  • KOR: 18,000+ (digital downloads only)[44]
"Green Light" 71
  • KOR: 18,000+ (digital downloads only)[45]
"Love and Hate" 80
  • KOR: 16,000+ (digital downloads only)[46]
"Smash" 82
  • KOR: 16,000+ (digital downloads only)[47]
"Blah" 83
  • KOR: 16,000+ (digital downloads only)[48]
"Home" 86
  • KOR: 15,000+ (digital downloads only)[49]
"Shattered" 87
  • KOR: 15,000+ (digital downloads only)[50]
"Hello" 92
  • KOR: 15,000+ (digital downloads only)[51]
"Clockwork" 97
  • KOR: 14,000+ (digital downloads only)[52]

Release historyEdit

Region Date Format Label
South Korea May 12, 2015 Digital download S.M. Entertainment, KT Music
Worldwide[36] S.M. Entertainment
South Korea May 13, 2015 CD S.M. Entertainment, KT Music

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