Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me, Heal Me (Korean킬미, 힐미; RRKilmi, Hilmi) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum, Park Seo-joon, Oh Min-suk, and Kim Yoo-ri.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] It aired on MBC from January 7 to March 12, 2015 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.[10][11] The series incorporates dissociative identity disorder and child abuse elements as pivotal topics.[12] It reunited Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum, who previously starred together in Secret Love (2013).[13][14]

Kill Me, Heal Me
Promotional poster
Created byHan Hee
Written byJin Soo-wan
Directed by
  • Kim Jin-man
  • Kim Dae-jin
Creative directors
  • Jin Chang-gyoo
  • Sung Chi-uk
  • Kwak Seung-yeol
Opening themeKill Me by Various Artists
Ending themeAuditory Hallucinations by Jang Jae-in
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes20
Executive producerHan Hee
ProducerKim Hee-yeol
Running time70 minutes
Production companies
Original networkMBC TV
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseJanuary 7 (2015-01-07) –
March 12, 2015 (2015-03-12)


The human body is capable of all sorts of things to survive difficult situations. Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is a third-generation business heir who developed dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) in the aftermath of several life-threatening traumatic events. He tries to regain control over his life with the help of Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung-eum), a beautiful first-year psychiatric resident who helps him secretly. But Ri Jin's twin brother, Oh Ri On (Park Seo-joon), is a writer who is determined to uncover the unscrupulous lives of the rich and starts following Do Hyun around. Can Do Hyun take control over his condition before one of his seven identities takes control of him instead?



  • Ji Sung as Cha Do-hyun (Cha Joon-young)[15][16]
    • Lee Do-hyun as child Cha Do-hyun (Cha Joon-young)
A wealthy businessman with a warmhearted personality who loves to help others. He is the main personality of the body. However, after realizing that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder 11 years ago, he has been desperately trying to hide this fact from his families and friends. In Episode 17, it was revealed that Cha Joon-young is his real name. He has six other identities:
  • Shin Se-gi: A vehement young man with a devil-may-care demeanor who appears when Cha Do-hyun experiences violence. He may be violent, but he never hurts children and women. Se-gi endures all of Do-hyun's pain as he is the only identity to have all of Do-hyun's memories. His first love is Oh Ri-jin.
  • Perry Park: A 40-year-old man with an affinity for fishing and building bombs. He appears when Cha Do-hyun reminisces the sweetside of his father before they came back into the mansion. The name "Perry Park" came from the promise Do-hyun (Joon-young) made to his father, which is to buy a boat named Perry Park Boat for him. He speaks with a Jeolla dialect.
  • Ahn Yo-seob : A suicidal, intelligent 17-year-old boy who is an artist. He first appeared when Cha Do-hyun attempted to commit suicide when he was in high school. He is Yo-na's twin brother.
  • Ahn Yo-na : An extrovert and mischievous 17-year-old girl who loves idols. She appears when Cha Do-hyun undergoes a great deal of pain or mental stress, and needs to endure it clandestinely. She has a crush on Oh Ri-on. She is Yo-seob's twin sister.
  • Na-na (Cha Do-hyun): A 7-year-old girl who owns a teddy bear named Nana and revealed that her name is Cha Do-hyun. She is the embodiment of Do-hyun's childhood fears as well as Ri-jin's younger self.
  • Mr. X: A mysterious man who is later revealed as the father of Na-na.
Oh Ri-on's twin sister. A first-year psychiatry resident who tries hard to maintain her seemingly perfect image to cover for her real personality. At first glance, she looks beautiful, elegant and gentle, but she is actually messy and short-tempered. Ri-jin then becomes Do-hyun's secret psychiatrist, and slowly falls in love with him. In Episode 16, it was revealed that Cha Do-hyun is her real name.
  • Park Seo-joon as Oh Ri-on (Omega / Oh Hwi)
    • Kim Ye-joon as child Oh Ri-on
Oh Ri-jin's twin older brother. Ri-on often gets mistaken for a goofy simpleton, but he is actually a famous mystery novelist under the pseudonym Omega who investigates about the Seungjin Family. His other name is Oh Hwi which he uses to flirt with girls.
President of ID Entertainment, he is Do-hyun's confident and competent cousin. Ki-joon and Do-hyun are rivals, with both competing to inherit their family's company.
She is Do-hyun's first love and Ki-joon's fiancée, a cold and prideful woman.


  • Choi Won-young as Ahn Gook, Do-hyun's Secretary.
  • Ko Chang-seok as Suk Ho-pil (Dr. Schofield), Do-hyun's physician and Ri-jin's professor.

Seungjin Family

  • Kim Young-ae as Seo Tae-im, Chairwoman of Seungjin Group and Do-hyun's grandmother
  • Shim Hye-jin as Shin Hwa-ran, Do-hyun's birth mother
  • Ahn Nae-sang as Cha Joon-pyo, Do-hyun's father
  • Kim Il-woo as Cha Young-pyo, President of Seungjin Group and Ki-joon's father
  • Kim Na-woon as Yoon Ja-kyung, Ki-joon's mother
  • Myung Se-bin as Min Seo-yeon, Do-hyun's registered mother
  • Kim Yong-gun as Cha Gun-ho, First Chairman of Seungjin Group

Family of Ri-jin and Ri-on


Special appearancesEdit

  • Yoon Joo as Jennifer
  • Jung Eun-pyo as U.S. psychiatrist who was afraid of Do-hyun (Episode 1)
  • Kan Mi-youn as Shin Se-gi's girlfriend in the U.S. (Episode 1)
  • Woo Hyun as Alcohol-dependent, mental patient (Episode 1)
  • Koo Jun-yup as Club Paradise DJ (Episode 1)
  • Kim Seul-gi as Patient Heo Sook-hee (Episode 1–4)
  • Jo Yoon-ho as The biker with leather jacket (Episode 1–3)
  • Seo Yi-ahn as Hong Ji-sun, Do-hyun's arranged date (Episode 7)
  • LU:KUS as Idol group Rocking (Episode 8)
  • Park Seul-gi as The MC (Episode 8)
  • J.One (LU:KUS) as J.I. (Rocking) (Episode 11–12)
  • Ahn Young-mi as Tarot card reader (Episode 13)
  • Kwon Yuri as Ahn Yo-na (Episode 20)


  • Supposedly Lee Seung Gi was supposed to play the role of Cha Do-hyun, but declined. It was next offered Hyun Bin, but he declined also.
  • Lim Ji Yeon was as well offered to become the female lead of the series but declined.

Original soundtrackEdit

Kill Me, Heal Me:
Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
ReleasedMarch 5, 2015
GenrePop, K-pop, soundtrack, R&B
LanguageKorean, English
LabelPan Entertainment
Recording Industry Association of Korea, Inc.

Part 1Edit

Released on January 14, 2015 (2015-01-14)
1."Auditory Hallucination" (환청)Jang Jae-in feat. NaShow3:29
2."Auditory Hallucination" (Inst.) 3:29
Total length:6:38

Part 2Edit

Released on January 28, 2015 (2015-01-28)
1."Healing Love" (치유의 사랑)Luna and Cho-yi (LU:KUS)4:11
2."Healing Love" (Inst.) 4:11
Total length:8:22

Part 3Edit

Released on February 9, 2015 (2015-02-09)
1."Unspeakable Secret" (말할 수 없는 비밀)Moon Myung Jin4:26
2."Unspeakable Love" (Inst.) 4:26
Total length:8:42

Part 4Edit

Released on February 12, 2015 (2015-02-12)
1."This Feeling" (이런 기분)Lee Yoo-rim3:34
2."This Feeling" (Inst.) 3:34
Total length:7:38

Part 5Edit

Released on February 17, 2015 (2015-02-17)
1."Letting you go" (너를 보낸다)Park Seo-joon4:07
2."Letting you go" (Inst.) 4:07
Total length:8:14

Part 6Edit

Released on March 5, 2015 (2015-03-05)
1."Violet" (제비꽃)Ji Sung3:54
2."Voilet" (Inst.) 3:54
Total length:7:08
Disc 2:
1."Kill Me"Various Artists2:26
2."I Am Shin Se-gi"Various Artists3:39
3."Beyond Recollection"Various Artists3:58
4."Freak"Various Artists2:17
5."Childhood"Various Artists2:01
6."Who Are You?"Various Artists2:37
7."Driving to the Past"Various Artists3:40
8."I Am Cha Do-hyun"Various Artists2:16
9."Heal Me"Various Artists2:46

Chart performanceEdit

Title Year Peak
Remarks Ref.
"Auditory Hallucination"(Jang Jae-in & NaShow) 2015 12 Part 1 [18]
"Healing Love" (Luna & Cho-yi (LU:KUS)) 98 Part 2 [19]
"Unspeakable Secret" (Moon Myung Jin) 46 Part 3 [20]
"Letting you go" (Park Seo-joon) 91 Part 5 [21]


  • In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • NR denotes that the drama did not rank in the top 20 daily programs on that date.
Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS[22] AGB Nielsen[23]
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
1 January 7, 2015 8.7% (20th) 11.1% (12th) 9.2% (15th) 10.3% (13th)
2 January 8, 2015 8.0% (NR) 11.2% (10th) 8.9% (17th) 9.6% (16th)
3 January 14, 2015 8.5% (NR) 11.3% (9th) 10.3% (14th) 11.2% (8th)
4 January 15, 2015 8.4% (NR) 10.4% (19th) 9.4% (18th) 10.8% (10th)
5 January 21, 2015 8.6% (20th) 11.3% (10th) 9.5% (16th) 10.5% (11th)
6 January 22, 2015 9.2% (17th) 12.3% (8th) 9.9% (14th) 10.9% (10th)
7 January 28, 2015 9.4% (18th) 12.0% (7th) 9.6% (14th) 10.6% (10th)
8 January 29, 2015 9.8% (14th) 12.3% (7th) 11.5% (11th) 12.5% (6th)
9 February 4, 2015 10.2% (16th) 12.5% (6th) 10.5% (12th) 11.3% (9th)
10 February 5, 2015 10.9% (14th) 13.5% (6th) 11.0% (11th) 12.2% (6th)
11 February 11, 2015 11.2% (12th) 14.7% (5th) 10.9% (12th) 12.0% (6th)
12 February 12, 2015 10.2% (14th) 14.1% (6th) 11.4% (9th) 12.3% (7th)
13 February 18, 2015 11.0% (10th) 14.1% (5th) 10.3% (9th) 11.1% (7th)
14 February 19, 2015 10.1% (9th) 13.2% (4th) 9.4% (7th) 9.6% (4th)
15 February 25, 2015 11.2% (10th) 14.6% (6th) 10.5% (9th) 11.3% (8th)
16 February 26, 2015 10.7% (13th) 12.8% (8th) 10.4% (11th) 11.2% (9th)
17 March 4, 2015 12.1% (8th) 15.0% (6th) 11.5% (9th) 12.5% (6th)
18 March 5, 2015 10.6% (10th) 13.0% (7th) 9.8% (15th) 11.0% (8th)
19 March 11, 2015 10.7% (11th) 13.4% (7th) 9.2% (16th) 10.0% (13th)
20 March 12, 2015 10.5% (13th) 13.1% (7th) 9.4% (17th) 10.6% (11th)
Average 10.0% 12.8% 10.1% 11.1%

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2015 Best Drama Kill Me, Heal Me Nominated
Best Director (TV) Kim Jin-man Nominated
Best Actor (TV) Ji Sung Nominated
Best Screenplay (TV) Jin Soo-wan Nominated
Most Popular Actor (TV) Ji Sung Nominated
Park Seo-joon Nominated
Most Popular Actress (TV) Hwang Jung-eum Nominated
Best Actor Ji Sung Nominated
Excellent Korean Drama Kill Me, Heal Me Won
Outstanding Korean Actress Hwang Jung-eum Won
Grand Prize / Daesang Ji Sung Nominated
Best Drama Kill Me, Heal Me Nominated
Best Production Director Kim Jin-man Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actress Hwang Jung-eum Nominated
Best Original Soundtrack "Auditory Hallucination"
by Jang Jae-in (feat. NaShow)
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Ji Sung Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Park Seo-joon Nominated
Grand Prize / Daesang
(Determined through fan votes)[25]
Ji Sung Won
Hwang Jung-eum Nominated
Drama of the Year Kill Me, Heal Me (Kim Jin-man) Won
PD Choice Award Hwang Jung-eum Won
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Ji Sung Won
Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Hwang Jung-eum Won
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Park Seo-joon Won
Top 10 Stars Ji Sung Won
Hwang Jung-eum Won
Park Seo-joon Won
Popularity Award, Actor Ji Sung Nominated
Park Seo-joon Won
Popularity Award, Actress Hwang Jung-eum Won
Best Couple Award Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum Nominated
Ji Sung and Park Seo-joon Won
2016 Best Actor Ji Sung Won
Best Drama (Platinum Award / TV Series-Dramatic) Kill Me, Heal Me Won


A Chinese remake, A Seven-Faced Man aired on Tencent in 2017.

A Hong Kong remake, Threesome aired on TVB in 2018.


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