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The following is a list of fictional United States presidents, N through R.



President Elaine NakamuraEdit

  • President in Time Trax
  • By the year 2093 she is mentioned as one of the great Presidents along with Abraham Lincoln and John Shaw.

President Gary NanceEdit

  • President in: Dave
  • Succeeds to presidency upon death of President William Mitchell. Nance has honorable ethics and morals, is cleared in a scandal involving bank fraud. Alan Reed, a White House staffer instrumental in clearing his name, possibly becomes either his Vice-President or Chief Of Staff.
  • Left a career in shoe sales to become a city councilman, wife usually manages his campaigns.
  • Played by: Ben Kingsley
  • Party: Uncertain

President NapperEdit

  • President in Epitaph Road, a book by David Patneaude
  • He was removed from office in a one-day impeachment because of the military's faulty intelligence on a nuclear fallout in Los Angeles.
  • Vice President James Corson assumes the presidency.

President Julian NavarroEdit

  • President in: The Brink
  • First Latino President.
  • In office when a coup takes place in Pakistan, requiring him to utilise a low level Foreign Service officer to ascertain more information.
  • Agrees to defend Israel should the radical-controlled Pakistan decide to use nuclear weapons against them.
  • Quickly dismisses the efforts of Secretary of State Walter Larson's diplomatic approach to avoiding international conflict, and starts to side with the hawkish Secretary of Defense Pierce Gray, who wants to bomb Pakistani nuclear sites.
  • Evacuated from the White House due to fears it may become a military target, and is taken to a secret underground bunker beneath a Neiman Marcus department store.
  • Takes most of the credit for Larsons work on diffusing the conflict between Pakistan, Israel, Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, China and Iran.
  • Played by: Esai Morales

President Jack NeilEdit

  • President in: Murder at 1600
  • Son is framed for murder to force his resignation for making military decisions his National Security Advisor does not like. The president has a (unproven) sexual reputation and has one son, Kyle.
  • Ambidextrous, writes with his right hand, but swings (playing baseball & golf) with his left. Upon revealing of his son's framing, punches out NSA Alvin Jordan with his right fist.
  • Saved from assassination by NSA Jordan when Secret Service Agent Nina Chance jumps in front him, despite her being handcuffed (she survives, Neil's guards kill Jordan).
  • Played by: Ronny Cox

President NelsonEdit

President D. Wire NewmanEdit

President NewtonEdit

  • President in the 2004 movie Spartan starring Val Kilmer
  • Daughter Laura is kidnapped by a sex slave ring who due to her dying her hair do not realize who she really is.
  • Presidential advisers decided to fake her death in order to gain sympathy for his upcoming re-election campaign.

President NguyenEdit

A woman President, first name unknown (presumably a Vietnamese American, though this is not explicitly stated). Involved in the Immortality War (often known simply as "The War"), fought worldwide between the rich who could afford the Becker-Cendrek pills which made then immune to dying of old age, and the others who could not afford them and violently resented it. As the country was already involved in a murderous second civil war in both 2048 and 2052, it is not clear by which electoral process she got to power. In 2054, President Nguyen left Washington, D.C. for a bunker in West Virginia, ahead of the city being sprayed with the Lot 92 biological agent, killing all of its twenty million impoverished inhabitants - a part of the worldwide killing of seven billion people, 97% of humanity, which left the planet in sole possession of the rich "immortals".

President LaMonte NielsonEdit

  • President in Orson Scott Card's Empire, possibly set in 2008
  • Was Speaker of the House when President and Vice President were killed by a left-wing terrorist group.
  • Led the United States in the Second American Civil War.
  • Chose not to run for his own term, instead opting to re-enter Congress.
  • Party: Republican

President Howard Johnson NissenEdit

  • President in Give Me Liberty/Martha Washington Goes to War comic book series, set in 2014.
  • The former Secretary of Agriculture, he becomes President when President Rexall, the Vice President, and most of the cabinet are assassinated in an explosion. Well-meaning but ineffective, being manipulated by the evil Colonel Moretti who eventually murders him.

President John Milhous NixonEdit

  • President in Red Dwarf novel Last Human
  • Implemented a policy to control the weather, which backfired, causing the eventual destruction of the sun.
  • Sends Arnold Rimmer's son, Michael McGruder as part of a mission to colonize the Andromeda galaxy.
  • Is a descendant of Richard Nixon and shares his middle name of Milhous.

President Winston NobleEdit

  • President in: Fahrenheit 451
  • Described as extremely charismatic and charming and "one of the nicest-looking men who ever became president."
  • President Noble defeated his homely and disheveled opponent, Hubert Hoag, in a landslide. Unlike Hoag, Noble does not pick his nose while on television.

President James NorcrossEdit

President NoxinEdit


Acting President Douglas OatesEdit

  • Acting President in Deep Six, novel by Clive Cussler
  • Secretary of State, who assumed powers and duties of the office after the presidential yacht, the Eagle, goes missing with the President, Vice President Vincent Margolin, Speaker of the House Alan Moran and President of the Senate pro tempore Marcus Larimar on board. He orders a cover-up, with actors playing the President and Vice President while he executed power

President William Harvard OaksEdit

President Brian O'BrienEdit

President Desmond OgilvyEdit

  • President in My Gal Sunday by Mary Higgins Clark.
  • A former U.S. Representative from Wyoming.
  • Was Vice President to President Britland.

President OliverEdit

  • President in Independents' Day, a 2016 Movie.
  • Killed by Aliens when they destroy the White House.
  • Played by Kurt Sinclair.

President Howard OliverEdit

  • President in The Last Ship (TV series). (Season 3)
  • Second African American President (as it is implied the incumbent President during the outbreak was Barack Obama).
  • Former Mayor of St. Louis, where he presided over one of the most effective quarantines during the Red Flu pandemic, saving over 100,000 people.
  • Served as Vice President under President Jeffery Michener, who presided over the reconstruction of the United States after the Red Flu pandemic.
  • After a reporter reveals details regarding President Michener's actions during his time as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development which accidentally aided the spread of the Red Flu, Michener apparently commits suicide (later revealed to be murdered by forces loyal to Shaw and the regional leaders), resulting in Oliver being sworn in as his replacement.
  • Becomes the victim of a coup d'etat masterminded by White House Chief of Staff Allison Shaw, who along with regional leaders across the United States plans to split the country into smaller nations, believing the federal government to be too weak to restore order to post-pandemic America. He is blackmailed into acting as their puppet, as unlike the former President, he still had surviving family members who could be threatened.
  • Rescued from captivity by sailors from the USS Nathan James, and temporarily operates a government in exile from an office aboard the ship.
  • After the regional leaders and Shaw are either captured or killed, the divided United States Armed Forces are made aware of the illegal and traitorous activities carried out by the leaders, and the vast majority reaffirm their allegiance to Oliver as their commander in chief. President Oliver then makes a televised address to the reunited nation from the recaptured White House in St. Louis.
  • Leaves office some time before the start of Season 5, succeeded by Joshua Reiss.
  • Political party unknown.
  • Played by John Cothran.

President Patrick O'MalleyEdit

  • President in Fletcher Knebel's novel Night at Camp David (1965).
  • Was Vice President to President Mark Hollenbeck.
  • Was accused of corruption over the construction of a stadium named in honor of President Kennedy.
  • Became President when President Hollenbeck resigned due to mental instability.

President Vincent O'ReillyEdit

  • President in the 1987 D. M. Thomas novel Summit.
  • Former Movie Actor who meets with the new Soviet Leader.

President A. Thorton Osgood IIIEdit

President Tommy OwensEdit

  • President in The Essential Man by Al Morgan (1977)
  • Elected in 1980, and re-elected in 1984.
  • Has a massive stroke just before he is to take the oath of office for a second term on January 20, 1985.
  • His staff organize an attempt to replace him with a lookalike, but the plan when the double becomes mentally unstable and is assassinated to cover up the truth.
  • Replaced by corrupt Vice President Carl Kobin.
  • Party: Democratic


President Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III, Esq.Edit


President Sonya PaddockEdit

  • President in Dead Rising 3
  • Is similar in appearance to Sarah Palin, and also shares her initials.
  • Married to Alan Paddock and had two daughters.
  • Became caught in the midst of a zombie outbreak during an official visit to open a museum in Los Peridios, California.
  • In the disarray caused by the outbreak within the city, President Paddock drops off the grid and becomes uncontactable, resulting in her dictatorial Secretary of Defense General George Hemlock to take over, who introduces strict media censorship and martial law in response to the outbreak.
  • Is later captured by special forces soldiers loyal to Hemlock, who kill her United States Secret Service bodyguards. Hemlock is revealed to be working with infamous bioscientist Marian Mallon, with the two wanting to consolidate their power by utilising a bioweapon derived from the virus to infect all of North America.
  • She is purposely infected and turned into a zombie by being exposed to the virus. Once infected, Hemlock orders his men to film her attacking and infecting a low ranking serviceman on live broadcast, and then shoot her in the head.
  • News broadcasts state she was 54 years old.

President Nathaniel James PageEdit

  • President in: Real Politics (online game) (2004–2008)
  • Former Senate Majority Leader, elected President after George W. Bush declined to run again. He shocked everyone when he nominated a Democrat as his running mate during the 2004 campaign.
  • Played by: Real Politics game admins
  • Party: Republican

President Andrew PalmaEdit

  • President in Geostorm
  • First Hispanic president.
  • A widower, he mentions that his late wife was a passionate and dedicated advocate for environmentalism.
  • Cabinet includes Vice President Miller and Secretary of State Leonard Dekkom.
  • Administration is responsible for overseeing the transfer of control of the Dutch Boy weather controlling satellite network from the United States to a global committee overseen by the United Nations.
  • Campaigning for re-election at the time of the film, with the campaign slogans "One World" and "United We Can".
  • Whilst attending the Democratic National Convention in Orlando, Palma is subject to an assassination attempt at the hands of Dekkom, whose men take control of Dutch Boy and use it to trigger a superstorm in the area. Dekkom plans have the storm kill Palma and the rest of the presidential line of succession gathered at the convention, so he can be sworn in as President under the 25th Amendment.
  • Kidnapped and rescued from the plot by Dutch Boy assistant director Max Lawson and Secret Service agent Sarah Wilson. He later activates the biometric kill codes to reboot the Dutch Boy satellites and wipe the virus from their system.
  • Played by: Andy García
  • Political Party: Democratic

President David PalmerEdit

President Wayne PalmerEdit

President Harriet PalmerEdit

  • President in: Out of the Dark, a 2010 science fiction novel by David Weber
  • Leads the U.S. government during the invasion of Earth by the extraterrestrial Shongairi. She and her cabinet are killed when the aliens destroy Washington, D.C. with an orbital strike.

President PangwinnEdit

  • President in the Simulations Publications Inc. wargame War in the Ice
  • Defeated President Bradley in the 1992 election because of the war in Antarctica.

President Jack ParkerEdit

  • President in the 1970 novel The Election
  • U.S. Senator from Florida running an independent campaign against Republican Pennsylvania Gov. Nelson Maynard, and Democrat Illinois Senator Jimmy Harrington.
  • When none of the candidates win a majority in the Electoral College the House of Representatives elects Parker after he cuts a deal with the Governor of California for his State's support.

President Eldon ParkerEdit

  • President in: The Oasis Project, a 1981 novel by David Stuart Arthur
  • Once elected, states that he will only serve one term, but secretly funds weapon program to create high-tech 2nd generation shuttles and weapons in order to eliminate population centres worldwide and create a new Pax-Americana.
  • Party: Not mentioned

President Pete ParkinEdit

  • President in The Prodigal Daughter by Jeffrey Archer.
  • Former Vice President who agreed to serve only one term to gain the support of Senator Florentyna Kane of Illinois.
  • Due to his being irresponsible and unavailable during a crisis with the Soviet Union, Vice President Florentyna Kane resolves the matter without backing down.
  • President Parkin decides to use the success to seek a second term, and informs Vice President Kane she will not be on the ticket.
  • Dies of a heart attack shortly thereafter.
  • Party: Democratic

President David PayneEdit

  • President in: The Interim
  • Served eight years with high approval ratings.
  • Clashed with President-Elect Candor over policies regarding a free Taiwan.
  • Party: Republican

President Ambrose "Bud" PaytonEdit

  • President in The Godfather's Revenge.
  • Vice President to President James Shea.
  • Former U.S. Senator from Florida.
  • President Payton assumed the office when President Shea was assassinated in 1964.

President Constance PaytonEdit

President Riley PeachamEdit

  • President in: Boomsday, a 2007 novel by Christopher Buckley
  • Suffered low popularity, but was re-elected to a second term
  • Party: Not mentioned

President Hunter PealeEdit

  • President in The Hell Candidate, 1980 novel by Graham Masterton.
  • Senator of Colorado, possessed by the Devil to start global war, exorcised by the Pope.
  • Party: Republican

President Arthur PennEdit

President PérezEdit

President Perryman Castor (family name first)Edit

  • President in: Black Star Rising, a novel by Frederik Pohl
  • Mock-elected in the late 21st century.

President Joyce PetermanEdit

President Nathan PetrelliEdit

  • President in: Heroes
  • In the episode "Five Years Gone", Nathan is shown as President of a future dystopian American state. His true identity was shown to be that of Sylar, the serial killer, who has presumably killed Nathan and used Candice Wilmer's power of illusion casting to take on Nathan's appearance.
  • Nathan was also the President of a future America in the episode "I Am Become Death".
  • Party: Unknown

President PhillipsEdit

  • President in Air Collision, a 2012 Direct To Video Film
  • On Air Force One with his wife and daughter when an EMP storm sends the plane on a collision with a Passenger Plane.

President Warren H. PierceEdit

President Stephanie PilgrimEdit

  • President in Eziekel Boones novel-trilogy "The Hatching", "Skitter" and "Zero Day" (2016 - 2018)
  • 47th President of the US; also first female President and youngest President ever elected (four days younger than Teddy Roosevelt)
  • served as a gouvenor and senator prior to her presidency
  • decided to destroy the whole infrastructure of her country (due to the so-called spanish protocol) and to nuke 31 american cities later in the story, in order to protect her people against a invasion of millions of carnivorous spiders
  • has to face a military coup against her, initiated by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Ben Broussard
  • has an affaire with her White House Chief of Staff, Manny Walchuck
  • Party: Not mentioned (most likely Democrats)

President Ulysses Delano Fitzgerald Milhous PinkyEdit

President Olivia Caroline PopeEdit

  • President in the ABC TV Series Scandal
  • Former Chief of Staff to President Melody Parker Grant, and President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.

President Katherine PowersEdit

Acting President Jim PrescottEdit

  • Acting president in 2002 and again from 2002–2003 in 24 (2003)
  • Prescott was Vice President under President David Palmer (2001-2005) and manipulated the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, but only served a few hours before the presidency was restored to Palmer.
  • 24: The Game shows that Prescott once again served as Acting President following an assassination attempt on Palmer ("24: The Game" is set between Seasons 2 and 3)
  • Played by: Alan Dale
  • Party: Democratic

President Carl PrestonEdit

  • President in: Shadowrun role-playing game
  • Served 2041–2049
  • Defeated incumbent Martin Vincenzo in 2040 Election
  • 3rd UCAS President | 49th US President
  • Defeated by Alan Adams (D) in the 2048 election.

President Jack "Kill the Commies" PrestonEdit

President Reginald J. PriestEdit

President Betty Jo PritchardEdit

  • President in: Shadowrun role-playing game
  • Served 2057
  • 6th UCAS President | 52st US President
  • Speaker of the House Betty Jo Pritchard succeeded incumbent president Thomas Steele as President ad Interim on 19 January 2057, after the UCAS House of Representatives declared the UCAS Presidential Election of 2056 invalid, cancelling the second inauguration of President-elect Thomas Steele and his VP-elect. Pritchard becomes full president of the UCAS on 26 January 2057 upon the formal impeachment and conviction by Congress.
  • On 29 January 2057, President Pritchard signs into law an emergency election to be held on the first day of August 2057.
  • She is succeeded by President Dunkelzahan on 9 August 2057.


President Jeffrey Mindol RaglandEdit

  • President in Jerry van Orsdell's 1972 novel Ragland.
  • Former senate aid to future President William F. Berndt, and chosen to be his Vice President.
  • Becomes President when Berndt dies in office.
  • Tried LSD, advocates sterilization for the poor, returns a Soviet defector to insure a summit meeting takes place.
  • Threatens to blow up Air Force One with the Soviet and Chinese leaders on it during an airborne summit unless they agree to disarmament.

President Robert RandEdit

  • President in Larry Burkett's novel The Thor Conspiracy
  • He was an erstwhile actor, chosen by "The Society"
  • His policies dictated by "The Society" cause some states (including Wyoming) to revolt.
  • He is assassinated (along with most of "The Society") by a South Korean who parks a van containing an atomic bomb in front of the White House (after which US capital is moved to Philadelphia)
  • Thinks he is in control and "Society" operative Cho serves him—but revealed to be other way around shortly before he and Cho are murdered.

President RaneyEdit

  • President in Independents' Day, a 2016 movie.
  • Becomes President when President Oliver is killed by aliens.
  • Played by Fay Gauthier.

President Lawrence Ivor RandolphEdit

President Eli RaphelsonEdit

  • President in White House Down
  • Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.
  • Evacuated to The Pentagon when domestic terrorists bomb the United States Capitol as a distraction in order to take control of the White House.
  • Sworn in as the 48th President of the United States after President James Sawyer is presumably killed in an explosion and Vice President Alvin Hammond is killed when terrorists gain control of NORAD missiles and shoot down Air Force One.
  • Revealed to be one of the masterminds behind the attacks, with both himself and various members of the military industrial complex orchestrating the attacks to place Raphelson in power, believing that Sawyers proposed peace treaty would "sell the United States out to the Arabs".
  • Plans to have his co-conspirator, corrupt Secret Service agent Martin Walker, use his codes for the nuclear football in order to destroy the Middle East with American nuclear missiles. He also orders an air strike on the White House complex in order to destroy any evidence of his involvement.
  • When Walker is killed and the Air Force pilots go rogue and refuse to carry out his order, evidence arises that points to him being involved with the attacks (his pager is set off by one of the cell phone numbers used by the terrorists).
  • Although confident in his belief that as President he will avoid prosecution and the claims won't be believed, President James Sawyer is revealed to be alive and has Raphelson arrested for plotting the coup d'état. Sawyer also asures him his "friends" who helped orchestrate the attacks will also be imprisoned.
  • Party: Republican
  • Played by: Richard Jenkins

President RathcockEdit

President Carlton RattiganEdit

  • President in Ben Wattenberg and Ervin S. Duggins' 1977 novel Against All Enemies.
  • President Rattigan orders U.S. Forces to South America on a peacekeeping mission. When an American base is attacked by Rebels, Vice President Abner Hoffman challenges Rattigan for their parties nomination. Rattigan defeats Hoffman in the New Hampshire primary.

President Arthur Timothy ReadEdit

  • In the Arthur television series, Arthur often imagines himself as President.
  • In the Episode Arthur's Lucky Pencil, he signs into law a bill that mandates every student be served two pieces of Boston Cream Pie, at lunch.
  • Played by: Michael Yarmush in that episode.

President Carl ReedEdit

  • President in Invader, a 1980 science fiction novel by David Campbell Hill and Albert Fay Hill.
  • President of the United States when an alien fleet is discovered heading for Earth.
  • Protested Against the Vietnam War, but authorizes the construction of a Gamma Ray Cannon to use against the Aliens.

President Joshua ReissEdit

  • President in The Last Ship (TV series) (Season 5)
  • Succeeds Howard Oliver as President some time between the end of Season 3 and start of Season 5.
  • Declares war on the restored Gran Colombian Empire after they cripple the US military's computerized infrastructure with a virus and launch an unprovoked attack to destroy most of the recommissioned US navy.
  • Clashes with Admiral Tom Chandler over the latter's insistence on fighting at the front, believing both that Chandler is too mentally burnt out to lead, and that he's more useful as a public face for the war effort.
  • Political party unknown.
  • Played by Steven Culp

President Erwin RexallEdit

  • President in Give Me Liberty/Martha Washington Goes to War comic book series, set in 2014.
  • Elected in 1996 (future date at the time of publication). The most popular President of all time (complete with his face on Mount Rushmore), Rexall repeals the 22nd Amendment to gain a third term.
  • Vice President Cargo, and most of his cabinet are assassinated in an explosion, while Rexall himself is left incapacitated. Succeeded by Secretary of Agriculture Howard Johnson Nissen.
  • Rexall eventually has his brain implanted into a robot body and is able to continue his presidency by the end of the series.

President Caroline ReynoldsEdit

  • President in Prison Break
  • As Vice-President, she collaborated with an organization known as "the Company" to fake the death of her brother Terrence Steadman and frame Lincoln Burrows for the murder. When her presidential campaign began to falter and the Company turned against her, she had President Mills assassinated and was immediately sworn in as President.
  • Played by Patricia Wettig
  • Party: presumably Republican

President RichardsonEdit

  • President of the United States in the 1980 movie Virus.
  • During his administration, in the then future Feb. 1982, the United States and Soviet Union both put in place the Automatic Response System (ARS), a computer system that is capable of fighting a nuclear war without human control.
  • A biological weapon is stolen from a U.S. lab, and in an attempt to recover it, the virus is released in Europe resulting in a worldwide pandemic. The only survivors are in Antarctica.
  • President Richardson dies at his desk from the virus shortly after informing those in Antarctica of the situation.
  • The Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff activates the ARS after the President dies, and an earthquarke a few months later causing a nuclear exchange that destroys the Antarctic colony.
  • Played by Glenn Ford

President Dick RichardsonEdit

  • President in Fallout 2
  • President of the United States in the 23rd century after World War III, although it meant nothing more than leading the surviving significant government employees onto an oil rig, west of the city San Francisco. He was killed by the main character, the Chosen One, in the fall of 2242.
  • Vice President is Daniel Bird
  • Played by: Jeffrey Jones

President Elizabeth RichardsonEdit

  • President in the 1996 TV movie Special Report: Journey to Mars.
  • Elected in 2000, and Re-elected in 2004 due to her support of the Destiny Mission to Mars.
  • In July, 2005, it is learned that the Destiny Mission has been sabotaged. Due to the heroic efforts of the crew the craft lands safely on Mars, but all contact is soon lost.
  • Played by Elizabeth Wilson

President Robert RichmondEdit

President Allan RichmondEdit

  • President in: Absolute Power (1996 book) and Absolute Power (1997 film)
  • Is an aloof, womanizing man who is cheating with his good friend's wife. After the sex became rough, she attacked him with a letter opener followed by the Secret Service killing her. He and his chief of staff attempt to cover up the murder, however, a cat burglar witnesses the entire skirmish.
  • Attempts, at all costs, to kill the man who possesses the letter opener with his blood on it.
  • Book: A young lawyer later uncovers the scandal and goes public with it. President Richmond is later either impeached or resigns and is incarcerated. Later becomes the only American president to be tried for murder and executed.
  • Movie: Burglar gives the letter opener to President Richmond's "good friend", who assassinates Richmond with it. Death represented publicly as a suicide.
  • Played by: Gene Hackman in the film.

President Eleanor RichmondEdit

President George RichmondEdit

  • President in: My Date with the President's Daughter
  • President Richmond is married to Carol Richmond and has one teenage daughter, Hallie. While running for reelection, President Richmond was once mistakenly arrested by the police and spent one night in jail.
  • Played by: Dabney Coleman

President Kyle RichmondEdit

  • President in The Squadron Supreme, a marvel Comic Book Mini-series.
  • A former costumed crimefighter known as Nighthawk, he was a member of the superhero group called The Squadron Supreme.
  • He left the group and entered politics, first serving as a Congressman, then a Cabinet Member, and finally as President of the United States.
  • During his term an alien named Overmind secretly takes over his mind and forces President Richmond to conquer the world. As no other country had atomic bombs in this timeline it happened quickly.
  • President Richmond was seen as the Dictator of the World as Overmind stayed behind the scenes.
  • When Overmind was defeated President Richmond resigned from office, but when the Squadron Supreme decided to take over the world and create a Utopia he once again became Nighthawk and opposed them.
  • Benjamin Franklin, Hubert Humphrey, and Nelson Rockefeller all served as President before Richmond.

President Prez RickardEdit

President Rick RickardEdit

President RidgelyEdit

  • President in the short story Franchise, by Isaac Asimov.
  • Was elected in 1988 through "pie-in-the-sky promises and racist baloney". Was extremely disliked even 20 years later.

President Benjamin RikerEdit

  • President in Falseface by Marilyn Sharpe.
  • Was killed by the world's greatest assassin who made his death look like a skiing accident.
  • President Riker was killed on orders from the Speaker of the House who thought he was to weak to deal with the Soviets.

President Henry RoarkeEdit

  • President in Quantico
  • Native of Wisconsin.
  • Former United States Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • Ascended to the office after orchestrating the resignation of President Claire Haas.
  • Overseas the creation of a new arm of the US intelligence community, the Domestic and International Intelligence Agency (DISA).
  • Introduces a controversial Muslim Registry Act, and later conspires with rogue elements of the United States Government to orchestrate a terrorist attack on commercial airliners and blame it on innocent individuals placed on a list by the legislation.
  • Though this plan is foiled, he uses the fear generated to controversially request a Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia to drastically change and amend the Constitution of the United States in response to an increased terrorist threat.
  • Is later approached by the Russian Federal Security Service, who make a request that he add a specific modification to a proposed amendment in the new constitution, should he receive the votes. This meeting however is secretly recorded and broadcast at the convention, with copies also being released to the ACLU, law enforcement and leading law firms across the country.
  • With his reputation tarnished, and not wanting to answer to the press or law enforcement in the wake of the scandal, President Roarke commits suicide by shooting himself in the head.
  • Party: Republican
  • Played by Dennis Boutsikaris

President Marshall RobertsEdit

  • President in Ikon, 1982 novel by Graham Masterton.
  • Blackmailed by secretary of state Titus Alexander into cancelling nuclear reduction talks with Soviets. But really only President in name, as Russians had secretly been in charge of the United States since 1962, when Kennedy surrendered to threat of missiles on Cuba.
  • Reportedly intending to be re-elected in 1984.

President Peter Arnold RobinsonEdit

  • President in Michael P. Kube-McDowell's 1988 novel Alternities.
  • Elected president in 1972 and reelected in 1976.
  • Aware of a series of connections leading to other timelines, Robinson escalates the Cold War in an effort to regain lost status and prestige, risking nuclear war with the expectation that he and his supporters can withdraw safely to another universe should events escalate.
  • Is stopped by his chief of staff after government forces in his destination timeline seize the gate, preventing easy passage.
  • Party: Republican

President Elise RochelleEdit

  • President in: Coyote (novel) by Allen Steele
  • Was elected President-for-Life of the United Republic of America by Congress.
  • Committed suicide in 2096 to avoid being prosecuted for war crimes, as she had killed 1.1 million people with biological weapon strikes on Boston, Seattle, and Montreal.
  • As the URA was later absorbed by the socialist Western Hemisphere Union after her suicide, she was essentially the final President of the United States of America.
  • Party: Liberty Party

President Steve Rogers (Captain America)Edit

  • President in: What If, vol. II #28 (Marvel Comics)
  • Party: New Populist Party


  • President in "The Last Avengers Story" book by Marvel Comics (non-canon fiction)

President "Steve Rogers"Edit

President John RomeroEdit

  • President in Deadlands: Hell on Earth role-playing game.
  • Former film director and anti-Confederate propagandist. Conducted secret funding of the Latin American Alliance's war against the Confederate States of America, the revelation of which sparks another war between North and South.
  • Romero was elected in 2070, impeached in 2078.

President George RomneyEdit

  • President in Resurrection Day by Brendan Dubios.
  • Elected in 1964, two years after a nuclear exchange sparked by the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Re-elected in 1984.
  • Party: Republican.

President RonnieEdit

  • President in the arcade game "Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja"
  • He gets kidnapped by Ninjas and it is up to Blade and Striker to save him.
  • Based on the then current president Ronald Reagan in the arcade version.
  • On the NES port of the game, he is based on the then current president George H.W. Bush.

President RomulusEdit

Chester RooseveltEdit

President Chet RooseveltEdit

  • President in: Americathon
  • Somehow becomes president at the age of 30.
  • Prior to the Roosevelt administration, the U.S. government suffers bankruptcy, a few years later the nation holds a telethon to pay off its debts and deficit.
  • Relocates the nation's capital from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, California.
  • Falls in love with a Vietnamese pop star and resigns the presidency to marry her. The two later leave to Vietnam.
  • Played by: John Ritter

President Charles RossEdit

  • President in the 2005 Short Film Last Best Chance
  • President Ross had to deal with the possibility Terrorist had smuggled a nuclear weapon into the United States.
  • Played by Fred Dalton Thompson

President Pete RossEdit

  • Ross was a former Senator from Kansas, succeeded President Lex Luthor after Luthor's impeachment, and refused to run for re-election.
  • Party: Tomorrow Party

President Paul RoudebushEdit

President Harriet RowntreeEdit

  • President in: Air Force One is Down
  • Due to meet with members of the Serbian government to discuss their potential joining of NATO.
  • En route to the meeting, Air Force One is digitally hijacked by English hacker John Mackenzie, and its passengers rendered unconscious by the release of gas via oxygen masks that were tampered with at Andrews Air Force Base.
  • The plane is remotely landed by Mackenzie, where the unconscious President Rowntree is kidnapped by members of the Serbian military loyal to renegade General Arkady Dragutin, who has just been sentenced to life imprisonment at The Hague. The plane is then returned to the air, where it is crashed into the ocean, creating a diversion and making it appear she has been killed.
  • Is held hostage by the rogue soldiers, who promise she will be released "unharmed" should Dragutin be released.
  • Is later rescued from captivity and placed taken for medical examination at Ramstein Air Base in Germany
  • Played by Linda Hamilton.

President Jim Roy'Edit

  • President in the science fiction novel O Choque das Raças, ou O Presidente Negro (The Shock of the Races, or The Black President), by Brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato
  • Jim Roy, a black man, is elected President of the US in the year 2228.

President Oliver RussellEdit

President Jack RutledgeEdit

  • President in: the novels of Brad Thor
  • Kidnapped by Swiss terrorist group known as The Lions. Has a finger cut off by the group as proof of his kidnapping. Later returned safely to the White House.
  • Widower and father of a teenage (later college age daughter), who is injured in an avalanche during his kidnapping, and injured again several books later during an attack on NYC bridges and tunnel.
  • Two term president, reelected sometime between the novels Blowback and Takedown
  • Party: Republican

President Virgil RutledgeEdit

  • President in the 1984 novel Hitler's Daughter by Timothy Benford.
  • Defeated Vice President Elliot Benedict, and followed President William Chandler into office.
  • Vice President Leona Crawford Gordon became President when President Rutledge died in the mysterious crash of Air Force One.

President John Patrick "Jack" RyanEdit

  • President in numerous novels by Tom Clancy, previously serves as a Marine Lieutenant, CIA analyst & emissary, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, and National Security Advisor.
  • Because he is the first Marine to become President and in reference to a gift by a Saudi Prince to him, his Secret Service codename is "SWORDSMAN".
  • Ryan is married and has four children, younger son born shortly after his re-election.
  • Jack Ryan assumed the presidency after the death of the president and most of Congress after a terrorist attack on The Capitol (ending Clancy's novel Debt of Honor). The Ryan Administration tries to significantly alter Washington politics by cutting through bureaucracy and political infighting, in part by encouraging "regular people" to run for Congress, who will serve their terms and return home, rather than professional, lifelong politicians whom he refers to as "a permanent ruling class" (throughout Executive Orders).
  • Participates in the arrest of a terrorist mole in the Secret Service by helping the FBI run a sting operation in the Oval Office. The mole's fellow assassin's from Iran earlier raided the daycare center attended by Ryan's younger daughter, killing a teacher and several of little Katie's Secret Service Guards. None of the attackers survived.
  • In foreign policy, the Ryan Administration fights two wars; the Second Persian Gulf War with the newly created United Islamic Republic, a union of Iraq and Iran, and the Russo-Chinese War, fought over Siberian oil (in The Bear and the Dragon). Not long before the latter war, Ryan had successfully pushed for an expansion of NATO to include the Russian Federation, in a futile attempt to deter a Chinese attack.
  • Pronounces the "Ryan Doctrine"; this states that anyone who attacks American citizens anywhere in the world, no matter who he may be, will be held accountable by the United States. This is consistent with Ryan's belief that "the safety and security of our citizens is ultimately my country's only vital interest." The doctrine can be seen as a reaction to the rise of terrorist attacks on American citizens, including by the state organs of countries like Iran (or, in the book, the UIR). Iran's Ayatollah had masterminded the release of the Ebola Zaire virus in America's major cities, to neutralize the U.S. military while the UIR invades and crushes Israel. Despite this, the non-quarantined military reserves are deployed to the Middle East and thwart the invasion. Afterward, while Ryan is on camera pronouncing his doctrine, coverage flips to a palace in Iran, which is then incinerated by U.S. stealth bombs, killing the Ayatollah & his regime.
  • Ryan refuses to run for a second term - a decision he regrets when the Democrat Ed Kealty is elected President and enacts policies to which Ryan strongly objects. In the next elections Ryan re-enters active politics, runs against Kealty and narrowly defeats him.
  • Party: Independent / Republican. The Ryan Administration espouses many conservative, traditionally Republican beliefs, but Ryan is said to support candidates from both parties. Ultimately, the integrity and loyalty of politicians matters far more to Jack Ryan than their party affiliation. However, the reference to the GOP winning Ohio and Michigan in Locked On implies that Ryan ran on the Republican Party ticket in the 2008 presidential election against incumbent Ed Kealty. This is reflected in the presidential debates, where there is only Kealty (the Democratic candidate) and Ryan.