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The following is a list of fictional United States presidents, U through Z.



President Claire Hale Underwood (Season 5-present)Edit

  • President in House of Cards
  • At the start of the series, she is the CEO of Clean Water Initiative (CWI), a charitable organization. She has also been married for over 20 years to Frank Underwood, a Democratic Congressman from South Carolina. She is a crucial part in helping Frank manipulate his way into the Presidency after he is betrayed for the Secretary of State nomination by new President Garrett Walker.
  • In season 2, she is the new Second Lady of the United States from December 2013 after Frank becomes Walker's Vice President. By the end of this season, she becomes First Lady of the United States in October 2014 when Frank ensures Walker's resignation and his own ascension to the position of President.
  • In season 3, she serves for a few months in 2015 as United States Ambassador to the United Nations but is forced to resign after falling for a manipulation of Russian President Viktor Petrov. The reason publicly stated for her resignation is to focus on Frank's re-election bid to cover up her failing. This event, combined with increasing tensions with Frank motivates her to leave him just before the Democratic New Hampshire primary in January 2016.
  • After weeks of tensions between the two and a coverup of their marital split, Claire returns to Frank when he is shot and wounded in an assassination attempt in March 2016. This is however at the cost of Frank agreeing to make her his vice presidential candidate for the presidential election by manipulating the Democratic National Convention. With Frank facing investigation at the end of Season 4 due to past crimes, Claire suggests stirring up fear of terrorism to improve their popularity.
  • During the events of Season 5, Claire is elected as Vice President of the United States in the 2016 election by the Senate initially after the Underwood campaign abuses presidential power to force Ohio and Tennessee into a scenario where their results cannot be certified, thus throwing the election of President to the House of Representatives. She becomes Acting President of the United States on January 20, 2017 due to the House being unable to choose between Frank and Republican candidate Will Conway. During her acting term, Claire proposes a new election in Ohio and Tennessee that is adopted by Congress and sees the Underwood's win after leaking damaging recordings of Conway and his vice presidential candidate, General Ted Brockhart.
  • Claire resumes her new role as Vice President once Frank resumes office in mid February 2017 but Frank is continually hounded by congressional investigations into his past. Frank, with the help of Chief of Staff Doug Stamper, manipulates events to allow a face saving resignation.
  • Therefore, Claire is sworn in as the 47th President of the United States on March 15, 2017 after Frank submits his resignation. This concludes Season 5.
  • Played by: Robin Wright
  • Political Party: Democrat

President Francis J. "Frank" Underwood (Season 2-5)Edit

  • President in House of Cards
  • At the start of the series, he is the Democratic Majority Whip in the United States House of Representatives and a Congressman from South Carolina. He is initially promised the position of US Secretary of State by incoming President Garrett Walker but when Walker reneges, Underwood sets in motion a plan to replace Walker as President.
  • The first half of his plan sees him become Vice President after manipulating a situation to get incumbent Vice President Jim Matthews to run in the special election for his old position as Governor of Pennsylvania, with Frank destroying the campaign of Congressman Peter Russo. Frank then makes a deal with Raymond Tusk, a billionaire energy tycoon with significant influence over President Walker, to ensure Frank replaces Matthews as Vice President. During these efforts, Frank is forced to murder his lover Zoey Barnes, a journalist, as well as Russo to ensure their silence.
  • During Season 2 as Vice President, Frank continues to undermine President Walker and ensures his resignation on October 30, 2014 by implicating Walker in a money laundering scheme orchestrated by Tusk and a Chinese businessman to stack Congress in favor of the Democrats. Frank becomes President upon Walker's resignation.
  • In the events of Season 3, Underwood is embattled due to low popularity from the Walker scandal, a hostile Congress and a rebelling Democratic party. After initially pledging to not run in 2016, Frank uses Congress forcing him to de-fund his 'America Works' job program (a massive reform of social security and medical benefits to pay for new jobs) to enter the 2016 primaries. He runs primarily against former Solicitor General Heather Dunbar in the Democratic primary.
  • During this campaign, Underwood is incapacitated due to assassination attempt in March 2016 and is sidelined for two weeks, his duties fulfilled by VP Donald Blythe in an acting capacity. Prior to this attempt, Underwood's wife Claire had left him and it had been covered up. They resumed their relationship after the assassination attempt, with Underwood agreeing to make Claire his VP candidate in 2016, manipulating the DNC to do so.
  • Runs against Republican Governor of New York Will Conway in the 2016 election. Underwood uses fear of terrorism to stir up his popularity against the more popular Conway and on Election Day he abuses presidential power to force Ohio and Tennessee into a scenario where their results cannot be certified, thus throwing the election of President to the House of Representatives. Claire briefly becomes Acting President of the United States for four weeks in January and February 2017 due to the House being unable to choose between Frank and Conway. Claire proposes a new election in Ohio and Tennessee that is adopted by Congress and sees the Underwood's win after leaking damaging recordings of Conway and his vice presidential candidate, General Ted Brockhart.
  • Underwood is then sworn in for a new term in mid February 2017 but is immediately dogged by impeachment hearings due to his past efforts to gain the Presidency. With the help of his Chief of Staff, Doug Stamper, Underwood spins what really happened with his crimes and uses it to face savingly resign as President on March 15, 2017 so he can enter the private sector and gain more power in the shadows whilst Claire is President.
  • Played by: Kevin Spacey
  • Political Party: Democrat

President Matthew UnderwoodEdit

  • President in The Guest of Honor, a 1989 novel by Irving Wallace
  • Former TV Anchorman who was elected to the U.S. Senate.
  • Married to former Supermodel Alice Armstrong Underwood.

President Nigel UnoEdit


President Gloria ValdezEdit

  • President in Chain of Command, a 1999 movie.
  • Vice President to President Jack Cahill, becomes President when he is shot and killed in a struggle over the nuclear football.
  • Forces China to back down during a nuclear exchange.
  • Played by María Conchita Alonso

President-elect Francisco VargasEdit

President Funny ValentineEdit

  • President and primary antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VII: Steel Ball Run
  • Uses a Stand called Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to travel across dimensions and by extent also pull objects and people from other dimensions.
  • Has scars on his back in the shape of the American flag.
  • Wanted to use the Saint's Corpse to secure the safety and prosperity of his country.
  • Had the ability to play mandolin with his feet.

President Margaret Valentine

President Rudolfo ValenzuelaEdit

  • President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • First Afro-Cuban President.
  • Married to First Lady Manuella Valenzuela.
  • Born in Puerto Rico after his parents emigrated there from Cuba to escape the Batista regime.
  • Served in the US Army 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam and later attended university on the GI Bill, obtaining a PhD.
  • Served as Deputy Secretary for African Affairs under President Wheeler, and later also served as Wheeler's envoy to Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro.
  • Helped work out an agreement between President Wheeler and Castro's successor, Colonel Juan Augustin Lopez, which restored diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries.
  • After serving in the Wheeler Administration took up a post as the Dean of International Relations at the University of Miami.
  • Appointed Secretary of State by President Arne Haugen, replacing Secretary Coulter.
  • Later appointed as Vice President in the Haugen Administration, replacing the reluctant incumbent Thomas M. "Jumper" Cromwell, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • After President Arne Haugen is shot in an assassination attempt, he names Valenzuela as Vice President before passing out and being hospitalised. Whilst Haugen recovers in George Washington University Hospital, Valenzuela serves as Acting President.
  • Becomes President upon the resignation of President Arne Haugen, who decides to retire shortly after getting shot. Despite not being born in the United States he eligible to succeed and become president due to having US Citizenship granted to all Puerto Ricans by the Jones Act.
  • Appoints Marianne Weisner, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, as his Vice President.

President Hallux ValgusEdit

  • President in: Et Tu, Babe by Mark Leyner
  • The 82nd President of the United States, Valgus had the distinction of being the first U.S. president with no gastrointestinal tract, having to survive via symbiotic bacteria in his torso which transformed airborne toxins into carbohydrates and protein. He wore a spandex unitard at all times.

President Josephine Vannebuker-BrownEdit

  • President in: Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank
  • Served as Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare
  • She is the highest survivor in the chain of succession after a nuclear war.

President VillersEdit

President Martin VincenzoEdit

  • President in: Shadowrun role-playing game
  • Served 2037–2041
  • Defeated incumbent Andrew McAlister in 2036 Election
  • Technocrat Party
  • 2nd UCAS President | 48th US President
  • Defeated by Carl Preston in the 2040 election.

President Philip Nolan VoigtEdit

  • President in: Marvel Comics's New Universe
  • Voigt was elected in 1988 after telepathically influencing voters. He had the paranormal ability to mimic and outdo any other paranormal ability.
  • Vice-president was Michael Dukakis

President Thomas VossEdit

  • President in: Resistance: A Hole in the Sky
  • President in 1953.
  • 36th President of the United States.
  • Former Assistant Secretary of the Interior.
  • Succeeded President Douglas MacArthur to office following the General's death in the Chimeran War; led remnants of the United States following the aftermath of the alien invasion.
  • Status unknown as of the war's end in 1957.


President "The Wacko"Edit

  • President in World War Z
  • Was a rising, outspoken political star before the Great Panic.
  • Is appointed as Vice-President of the United States after "The Big Guy" is sworn in.
  • Becomes President after "The Big Guy" dies during the days after the United States has gone on the offensive against 200 million zombies.
  • Currently lives in semi-retirement in Vermont.
  • Implied to be former Governor Howard Dean.

President Andrew WadsworthEdit

  • President in The R Document, written by Irving Wallace.
  • Vernon T. Tynan, the Hoover-esque Director of the FBI, plans to order Wadsworth assassinated in order to take power, hoping that Wadsworth's Vice President, Frank Loomis, will be less resistant to Tynan's theft of political power.
  • Party: not specified.

President Jefferson Lee WainwrightEdit

  • President in A War of Shadows by Jack Chalker
  • Imposes Martial Law after multiple outbreaks of a plague cause a variety of brain dysfunctions.
  • Part of a conspiracy to seize power and impose elitist values
  • After being found out by an FBI investigator, agrees to end the emergency and retire.

Acting President Glen Allen WalkenEdit

  • President in: The West Wing (TV series)
  • Played by: John Goodman
  • Born in Liberty, Missouri, Walken is a Vietnam veteran, is possibly married, has a dog named Bess and is "one prime rib dinner away from sudden cardiac arrest."
  • Walken was Speaker of the House and became acting President during a national emergency involving Zoey Bartlet (the position of Vice President had just been left vacant). President Bartlet invokes the 25th Amendment and temporarily resigns and assumes the presidency again a few days later.
  • He attempted to gain his party's nomination for the presidency later; despite winning the Iowa caucus, Walken lost the nomination to Senator Arnold Vinick of California.
  • An opponent to the Bartlet administration, Walken is a Republican.

President Garrett WalkerEdit

  • President in: House of Cards (TV series)
  • Played by: Michel Gill
  • A former corporate CEO and Governor of Colorado, Walker was the Democratic party presidential nominee in the 2012 presidential election with Pennsylvania Governor Jim Matthews as his vice presidential running mate. The pair were elected with 70 million votes and as such, Walker became the 45th President of the United States.
  • Walker had initially promised to appoint House Majority Whip Francis Underwood as Secretary of State but reneged on his promise on the advice of his mentor, billionaire businessman Raymond Tusk.
  • As such, Underwood contrived a plot to bring down Walker and replace him as President while presenting himself as a key ally of the President. During his machinations, Underwood passed an education reform act for the administration and set up alcoholic Congressman Peter Russo as the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania Governor to replace Matthews and then sabotaged him in order to persuade the disgruntled Matthews to resign as Vice President and run for his old post.
  • Again, on advice from Tusk, Walker nominated Underwood as Vice President to assist in a looming trade war with the Chinese. After being confirmed, Underwood aided his administration in passing entitlement reform and preventing a government shutdown but earned Walker's wrath after sabotaging negotiations with the Chinese and covering up Tusk and his business partner Feng's money laundering and contributing money to political campaigns.
  • Once news of the money laundering leaked, Walker became incredibly unpopular and despite not knowing of the scheme, Underwood manipulated it to look as if he did while also smearing him by manipulating Walker into admitting marriage counselling where he was prescribed drugs, casting doubts upon his ability to lead.
  • After Tusk decided to lie to a congressional committee and say Walker knew of the money laundering, impeachment proceedings were brought against him and therefore Walker resigned the Presidency on October 28, 2014, making Underwood the new President.

President Albert Baker WarrenEdit

  • President in the TV series Timecop, "The Stalker" episode (1997).
  • 44th President of the United States, elected in 2004.
  • Mother was 1960s movie star Rita Lake who married a U.S. Senator, and was the target of a time travelling stalker.

President Cristina WarrenEdit

  • President in the 2018 Quantic Dream video game Detroit: Become Human
  • Born on September 17, 1985.
  • Elected to office in 2038 in a very close election that divided the country.
  • Had no political experience and had not held any elected office before becoming president, but relied on her former career as an internet celebrity and vlogger to amass a large social media following that helped her to win.
  • Oversaw some of the most tense US-Russian relations since the Cold War, clashing with Russian President Artem Ivanoff over ownership of newly discovered Thirium (a substance used in the production of androids) reserves in the North Pole. The tensions resulted in both nations deploying their naval forces to the area and engaging in skirmishes, which in the opinion of both the United Nations and her own Secretary of Defense Denis Riggs brought the planet its closest in history to World War Three.
  • Said to be under investigation by Congress for her close ties to android manufacturing conglomerate CyberLife, as suspiscions exist that the company helped her to win the election by helping her in obtaining compromising information about her opponent during the presidential campaign. This, along with other political struggles in her first terms resulted in her 2038 approval rating being at only 38%.
  • Dispatched the United States Army to Detroit in an attempt to put down an android rebellion, ordering the soldiers to set up recall centers and destroy the humanoid robots.
  • Depending on the player's actions during the game, Warren will hold a live conference at the White House to either make peace with the androids and accept their existence as a new life form, or declare war on them.
  • Portrayed by: Christina Batman

President WarrickEdit

President Dean Cooper WallaceEdit

President Garner WardEdit

President WardEdit

  • President in Dead End Drive In, a 1988 Australian movie.
  • Mentioned in a television broadcast.

President Adam WarnerEdit

  • Was a former U.S. Senator from New York, and before that a New York City District Attorney.
  • Wife Mary Beth Warner attempted to murder his mistress by running her over before the election.

President Jeff WarnockEdit

  • A Democrat and 56th President of the United States in the year 2079 in the film Lockout, portrayed by Peter Hudson.

President WashingtonEdit

  • An African American woman who served as President from 1981 to 1985 in the movie Tunnelvision (1975).
  • She served between George Wallace and David Eisenhower.

President Thaddeus WaxmanEdit

  • President in the 2018 video game Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Prior to become president, he served as a US Senator and a military officer.
  • He is most well-known for leading American troops to victory in Guarma (an island based on Cuba) during the Battle of San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War.
  • Elected Vice President in 1900 with President Alfred MacAlister (who is based on President William McKinley.
  • After MacAlister was assassinated in 1901, Waxman subsequently succeeded him.
  • Waxman proved to be a better president than his predecessor, advocating for mass industrialization which included the construction of a massive battleship for the United States Army. These actions greatly increased his popularity and he became beloved by the American people.
  • While Waxman does not appear physically in game, he is seen on the game's physical map and on the Prominent Americans Cigarette Card Set.
  • Political party: Presumably Republican
  • Based on Theodore Roosevelt.

President Stephen WayneEdit

  • President in First Lady, a 1937 Film.
  • Secretary of State who gains the Presidency through the efforts of his wife Lucy Chase Wayne (Kay Francis), granddaughter of President Andrew Chase.
  • Played by Preston Foster

President Donald WestviewEdit

  • President in Steve Pieczenik's 1992 Book Maximum Vigilance.
  • 42nd President of the United States.
  • Youngest President since Kennedy.
  • Has a nervous breakdown causing him to resign.

President Graveney WestwoodEdit

  • President in: Spy High.
  • He was the key supporter of the Guardian Star as part of the American Earth Protection Initiative. (The Paranoia Plot).
  • Opposed by several peace organisations and a Capitol Hill politician Senator Al Nathanson. (The Paranoia Plot).
  • He was the victim of a failed assassination attempt by the Judson Siblings (Angel Blue)
  • In office 2064 -.

President Thomas WestwoodEdit

  • President in: The Lottery (TV series)
  • Thomas Westwood accidentally caused the event, known as the "Global Fertility Crisis", which caused all women on Earth to stop having babies, when he tries to prevent global human overpopulation.
  • Thomas Westwood became the President, in order to fix his mistake and save mankind.
  • Thomas Westwood is assassinated by Darius Hayes, in order to control the embryos and the lottery winners.
  • Played by: Yul Vazquez

President WestwoodEdit

  • President in: Stealth Fighter
  • President Westwood orders a covert war against Nicaraguan drug lords and mercenaries.
  • Played by: Ernie Hudson

President John Lawrence WheelerEdit

  • President in the movie Virus (1996).
  • Played by Stephen Markle.

President Warren G. WheelerEdit

President WheelerEdit

  • Former President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Previously worked as a professional football player before going into politics.
  • Elected at some time after Ronald Reagan.
  • After the death of Fidel Castro, he restored diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba by entering into an agreement with Castro's successor Colonel Juan Augustin Lopez.
  • Signed the Brussels Treaty with the Soviet Union regarding the use of Scalar Resonance weapons, with both sides agreeing not to utilise them on the risk of mutually assured destruction.
  • Oversaw the reopening and renovation of the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.
  • Died in office due to coronary issues, where he was succeeded by his Vice President Kevin J. Donnelly.

President Nathan "Shagpole" WhippleEdit

President WhitcombEdit

  • President in the 1966 Mission: Impossible episode "Operation Rogash"
  • Mentioned in a radio broadcast in an attempt to make someone think it was 1969.

President George WhiteEdit

  • President in: The Kid Who Ran For President
  • Served from: 1997–2001
  • Created by: Dan Gutman
  • Party Affiliation: Republican

President White (no first name given)Edit

  • President in Warday
  • Served from 1988–1993 (and possibly longer)
  • Created by: Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka
  • Party Affiliation: Unknown
  • Previously served as Undersecretary of the Treasury.
  • In October 28, 1988 when the US was devastated in a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. Had been vacationing at Key Largo when the war broke out, and was the highest Federal officer to both survive and agree to serve as President.
  • Since there was no possibility of holding elections, never got a popular mandate and considered himself as "a caretaker".
  • Was located (at least up to 1993 when the book's plot takes place) at part of the Federal Complex in Los Angeles. Though in name recognized as President of the United States, in practice had little power as California, undamaged by the war, cut itself off from the devastated other parts of the US, regarded refugees from there as "illegal immigrants" and treated them harshly, and acted as a de facto sovereign state (even to establishing de facto embassies of surviving foreign countries in Sacramento).
  • It was left to President White and the remnants of the United States Federal Government to conduct surveys on the country's devastated situation and hatch various plan for re-unification with little chance to implement them.

President WhitmanEdit

  • President on DAG, a 2000 NBC television series.
  • Wife is Suzanne, daughter is Camille.
  • Went to Havard, lost the women's vote, and head of his Secret Service detail once jumped the wrong way during an assassination attempt.
  • Played by David Rasche

President Thomas J. WhitmoreEdit

  • President in: Independence Day
  • Served 1992-2000
  • Whitmore fought in Operation Desert Storm as a fighter pilot. He is married to Marilyn Whitmore and has one daughter, Patricia. As president, he was criticized by political pundits in Washington for his inexperience in politics as well as his youth. The Orange County Register named President Whitmore one of the sexiest men of the year on July 2, 1996, the day the aliens arrived on Earth.
  • Before the alien invasion, Whitmore's approval rating slipped below forty percent.
  • Whitmore personally led surviving Earth resistance military forces into battle against alien invasion/occupation forces on July 4, 1996 after the death of his wife on July 3, 1996. This made him the first US commander-in-chief to lead troops in combat since James Madison took command of a rearguard artillery battery to cover the retreat of the US Army during the British attack on Washington, D.C. in the War of 1812.
  • Fired his Secretary of Defense in Area 51.
  • Had communication with a captured alien through ESP, thereby realizing their true intentions of invading Earth to consume its natural resources after killing all of mankind. This knowledge brings him to consent to using nuclear weapons over American soil in order to destroy the aliens, resulting in the destruction of Houston, Texas.
  • Succeeded by William Grey, his head of US Space Command.
  • Died 2016 manually detonating cold fusion bombs inside an alien queen's ship outside of Area 51.
  • Party Affiliation: Democrat (mentioned in novel)
  • Played by: Bill Pullman

President WidmarkEdit

  • President in: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
  • Widmark is confined, either temporarily or permanently, to a specially made hospital bed due to an undisclosed back ailment. In early versions of the script, he is confined there due to mental instability. His advisors include General Catburd of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of Defense McKinley, Senator Cunningham, and National Security Advisor Smirnoff.
  • Declares war on the Soviet Union by signing the "Short Form" of the Declaration of War, under pressure from the Black Lectroids. Presumably rescinds the declaration after Dr. Buckaroo Banzai defeats the Red Lectroids, ending the confrontation.
  • Quote: "Buckaroo, I don't know what to say...Lectroids? Planet 10? Nuclear extortion? A girl named John?"
  • Played by: Ronald Lacey

President Alice WilistonEdit

  • President in C.L. Moore's Greater Than Gods (1939)
  • In one of the story's alternate futures, she is part of a string of female Presidents in the 23rd and 24th Centuries, all sworn to abolish war.
  • Especially known for a memorable public confrontation with Dr. Philips, the country's most prominent scientist, who opposed the increasing tendency to a non-mechanized rural civilization, fostered by the President, and especially her cabinet's rejection of the work of a promising young scientist. The President's answer was broadcast worldwide on telenews: "That 'brilliant work', as you call it, was a device that might have led to war! Do you think we want it? Remember the promise that the first woman president made the world, Dr. Philips! As long as we sit in the White House there will be no need for war!" President Wiliston's position was approved of by women leaders in other countries, such as Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and Queen Juliana VII of the Netherlands. Later women Presidents continued in her footsteps, culminating with making Earth a garden world with humanity living in a low-tech civilization and cultivating spirituality.

President Jefferson WilliamsEdit

  • President in the 1999 Sliders episode, A Current Affair.
  • Played by Eric Pierpoint.
  • Is accused by the press of having an affair with Maggie Beckett (played by Kari Wuhrer) and uses the affair to take public attention away from the war in Switzerland and his illegal use of chemical weapons in it. He is later accused of murdering Maggie Beckett to which he denies.
  • The episode is a satire of the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal.

President Laurence WilliamsEdit

  • President in The Nomination, a 1970 novel.
  • Tries to prevent Vice President Harley Dann from getting the presidential nomination.

President Matthew WilliamsEdit

  • President in Escape from the Planet of the Apes.
  • President in 1973 when intelligent talking apes arrived in a formerly lost American space craft.
  • Played by William Windom
  • Name from the fan produced Presidential Commission's Briefing Dossier.

President Abigail WilsonEdit

President Joseph WilsonEdit

President Michael WilsonEdit

  • President in Metal Wolf Chaos (video game, 2004)
  • In the near future, Michael Wilson, the 47th President of the United States, needs to use the giant mech, "Metal Wolf", in order to free America from the evil coup d'état forces of Vice-President Richard Hawk.
  • Quote: "Nothing is pointless! And that's because... I'm the President of these great United States of America!"

President "Slade Wilson"Edit

  • President in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, a 2010 animated movie.
  • Former War Hero, Widower, with one daughter named Rose.
  • President in a world dominated by the super-powered Criminal Syndicate of America, an organization responsible for the death of The First Lady.
  • An alternate version of the super-villain known as Terminator.

President Thomas WilsonEdit

  • President in: 2012
  • 45th President of the United States.
  • Served from 2009 to 2012.
  • First African American President
  • During his administration, the world is devastated by a global cataclysm that threatens humanity with extinction in the year 2012.
  • Despite being offered evacuation to the global arcs saving remaining humans, Wilson decided to stay behind in Washington, D.C. and sheltered refugees in the White House. Earthquakes and ash clouds hit DC before a tsunami hit the city, causing the USS John F. Kennedy to hit the White House, destroying it and killing everyone inside, including President Wilson.
  • Succeeded by his Chief of Staff, Carl Anheuser who appoints himself "Acting Commander in Chief" as Anheuser is the most senior survivor of the cataclysm.
  • Married a woman named Dorothy, who died prior to his Presidency and a had a daughter named Laura who became a doctor.
  • Played by: Danny Glover

President Berzelius "Buzz" WindripEdit

President Hugo Allen WinklerEdit

  • President in: The Tercentenary Incident by Isaac Asimov
  • He was the 57th president.
  • He was assassinated on July 4, 2076 and replaced with a robot impostor who continued to run the country undetected.

President Benjamin T. WinslowEdit

President John P. WintergreenEdit

  • President in: Of Thee I Sing and Let 'Em Eat Cake by George and Ira Gershwin
  • Runs for president on a platform of "Love is sweeping the country." Publicizes his campaign by promising to marry the winner of a beauty contest, but instead falls in love with and marries a secretary, Mary Turner. This causes an international incident with France.
  • Defeated for reelection by John P. Tweedledee in Let 'Em Eat Cake.
  • Overthrows the government on July 4, proclaiming a dictatorship of the proletariat and later overthrown in a coup by the US Army after failing to deliver on his promises to them.
  • Spared a death by guillotining when his wife helps incite the Army to turn on its leader.

President Arthur Coleman WintersEdit

President WinthropEdit

President John WinthropEdit

President James L. WorthingtonEdit


President Kenneth YamaokaEdit

  • President in: Eagle (manga) by Kaiji Kawaguchi
  • Yamaoka is the 43rd President and is the first Asian-American president (third generation Japanese-American). He previously served in the military in Japan and in the Vietnam War and was the Democratic senator from New York. Yamaoka is married to Patricia with son Alex, daughter Rachel and an illegitimate son, Takashi Jo.
  • Party: Democratic

President YancyEdit

  • President in The Nomination.

President Anton YorkEdit

  • President in a Gold Key Star Trek comic #9, "The Legacy of Lazarus"
  • He served as the 45th president in the 21st Century.
  • A possible homage to the "Anton York, Immortal" stories by Earl and Otto Binder.

President Augustus Alvin YorkEdit

  • President in: The Zero Factor, a 1980 novel by William Oscar Johnson
  • York is nominated in Chicago as the Republican candidate for president when the convention for the 1980 election is hopelessly deadlocked with Ronald Reagan and other nominees. After dozens of ballots, York is a compromise/sacrificial nomination.
  • To everyone's surprise, York wins the 1980 election, but then becomes rather obsessed with the "Zero Factor" for presidents. All presidents elected in a year ending in Zero since 1840 have died in office. York fears he will be next in 1980.
  • After multiple attempts on his life, York begins to suffer severe stress, and finally finds the freedom from the Zero Factor by resigning office and turning the Presidency over to his former Vice-President, Browning Dayton.
  • Party: Republican

President Ursus YoungEdit

  • President in Operator No. 5 volume #14 "Blood Reign of the Dictator", printed in 1935
  • Governor of the fictional state of New Cornwall
  • Abolishes the Constitution and declares himself dictator upon his inauguration
  • Executes his political enemies by guillotine

President YoungEdit

  • President in Space: Above and Beyond episode "Eyes".
  • Assassinated by a silicate, an artificial life form, in 2051.


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