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The following is a list of fictional United States presidents, C through D.


President Billy CabotEdit

  • President in: The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman
  • In 2180 President Cabot is the first human privileged to witness the Second Coming. Jesus Christ shows up in the Oval Office, anoints the President as his First Bishop and sets him to proselytize the rest of the nation - which sets off the One Year War. The Army of the Lord, made of Christers who accept the President's visitor as being truly the returned Jesus, fight the Doubters who suspect this visitor of being nothing but a hoax, perpetrated via the use of a sophisticated hologramic images and pressor fields. In the course of the war, New York City is totally destroyed together with the eastern third of New York State, and so are Miami, Atlanta, large parts of Maryland and Virginia, and various other locations. After about half the population on the East Coast was killed, the situation is stabilised: the United States Government, headed by the President-Bishop and with Jesus making frequent appearances and performing various miracles, remains in control of the Eastern Seaboard and cuts itself completely off from the seceding Godless states to its west, known collectively as "Gommorrah" or "Holywood" (cinema and TV had been completely forbidden at Jesus' command). A string of killer satellites, known as "The Avenging Angels", is set to destroy any person or vehicle attempting to get across the Mississippi River, a situation which would persist over the next two millennia.

President Jack CahillEdit

President Patricia CaldwellEdit

  • President in: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (video game, 2010)
  • Succeeded David Bowers, who was President in the previous Splinter Cell installments.
  • Assassination attempt made on her life by corrupt elements of Third Echelon, a sub-agency of the NSA; rescued by rogue agent Sam Fisher.
  • Ordered the termination of Third Echelon, authorizing the launch of Fourth Echelon under the direction of Sam Fisher.
  • Led the nation's campaign to counter "The Blackist", a series of coordinated terrorist attacks planned against the United States aimed to end America's overseas military presence worldwide.
  • Re-elected to a second term of office.
  • Party: Democratic

President Gary CallahanEdit

  • President in: Transmetropolitan
  • An insane sadist; the first President to be arrested for murder while in office.
  • Also known as "The Smiler"

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CamachoEdit

  • President in: Idiocracy (film, 2006)
  • President in the year 2505.
  • Formerly a professional wrestler and porn star. His presidency is plagued with rampant famine, dust storms, and later, the collapse of the Brawndo company.
  • Played by Terry Crews

President Steven Mariano CapatelliEdit

  • President in: S.D. Weaver's series of short stories Il Presidente
  • Democrat, appointed VP-elect by President-Elect William Harris on January 8, 2017, after Vice President Elect Dana Merril was forced to quit prior to her formal swearing-in on January 20.
  • Becomes President at 5:13 PM, January 20, 2017, after President Harris kills himself in the Oval Office earlier that day.
  • Catholic; his uncle was a cardinal in the Catholic Church.
  • Was a medical researcher and hospital administrator prior to appointment.

President Jennifer CapperEdit

  • President in the novel Kingdom Come by Elliot S. Maggin (based on the acclaimed comic book miniseries of the same name by Mark Waid and Alex Ross)
  • The head of an international educational foundation, she becomes a media darling and is elected president without actively running.
  • President during a nuclear disaster caused by a clash of superhumans in Kansas.
  • Party: New Federalist.

President James (Jim) CarlisleEdit

  • President in: Guarding Tess (film, 1994)
  • Former governor and US senator from Ohio who is elected to the White House in the late 1980s, and dies in office. His widow Tess is kidnapped and later rescued by a Secret Service agent.
  • Played by: George Gomes (seen in archive footage watched by Mrs. Carlisle)

President CarlsonEdit

President CarmodyEdit

  • President in I, Martha Adams, a 1982 novel by Pauline Glen Winslow.
  • Elected President after President Reagan and Vice President Bush were assassinated in a bombing.
  • Cut back defense in an effort to appease the Soviet Union.
  • Surrenders to the Soviet Union after a Counterforce Attack destroys the bulk of the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent.
  • Forced to resign by Soviets in favor of Vice President Bristol.

President Francis T. CarrollEdit

  • Former President in Letter 44 (comic book series, 2013– )
  • 43rd President of the United States (caricature of George W. Bush).
  • While in office, NASA discovered alien activity in asteroid belt; sent out secret manned mission to investigate, and staged two wars in the Middle East to prepare American military for alien invasion.

President Quinton CarrowayEdit

President CarsonEdit

President Benito CarusoEdit

  • President in: The Shape of Things to Come, H.G. Wells's 1934 future history.
  • Elected in 1956 and carrying on in 1962 though his term had expired, because his successor-elect had disappeared in the Allegheny Mountains on his way to the capital.
  • His authority in practice was restricted to the environs of Washington D.C., because the US had disintegrated due to the failure of the New Deal and the decades-long continuation and deepening of the 1929 economic crisis (see [1]).
  • Earlier in the book, Caruso is mentioned among the statesmen from different countries ineffectively trying to negotiate an end to the European war of the 1940s (in which the US did not get involved).

President Dirk Morganthal CassidyEdit

  • President in The Agent from UNLESS by Cassandra Harbinger.
  • Former U.S. Senator from Connecticut.
  • Cousin of the superheroine Columbia (Commander Jennifer Cassidy Young, USN).
  • Assassinated in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Party: Liberty Party.

President James CassidyEdit

President John Trelawney CassidyEdit

  • President in: Promises to Keep, a novel by George Bernau
  • Cassidy is a roman à clef representation of John F. Kennedy. The novel assumes an alternate history in which Cassidy survives a November 1963 assassination attempt, which is the result of a conspiracy.
  • Cassidy spends the remaining fourteen months of his term recovering from gunshot wounds and does not run for re-election in 1964. He allows his vice president, Ransom W. Gardner, to run in his place, on the condition that Gardner names his brother, Attorney General Tim Cassidy, as vice president. John Cassidy runs for and wins the 1964 election as Senator from New York.
  • After Vice President Cassidy is killed in Vietnam, John Cassidy challenges Gardner for the Democratic nomination in 1968.
  • Cassidy survives a second assassination attempt in Los Angeles and is elected the 37th President of the United States.

President Samuel Adams CastillaEdit

  • President in the Covert-One series of thriller novels written by several authors based on unpublished material from Robert Ludlum
  • Castilla is from New Mexico.
  • Early in his presidency, Castilla authorized the creation of a top-secret US agency named Covert-One.

President Benjamin CastilloEdit

  • President-Elect and later President in The Unit (TV series) season 4
  • First Hispanic President.
  • Whilst still President-Elect, he falls victim to a day of widespread terrorist attacks on the executive branch in the episode "Sacrifice". The attacks claim the lives of incumbent Vice President Charles Horton whilst on a visit to Rome and Castillo's running mate, the Vice President-Elect.
  • Motorcade attacked by terrorists in Cascade, Colorado whilst en route to Colorado Springs Airport. Castillo is able to escape, flanked by two surviving Secret Service agents who are later killed.
  • Pursued through the Colorado countryside by the terrorists, who are disguised as members of the Colorado Army National Guard and thus able to blend in with the large numbers of genuine soldiers sent to secure the area and find him.
  • Proves to be very resourceful in protecting himself; attaching his tracker to a stray dog to defer his attackers, arming himself with a deceased bodyguards handgun and switching out his formal shoes for hunting boots retrieved from a cabin.
  • Later rescued by Delta Force operatives and returned to safety, with the news of the attack on his motorcade being censored from the public to prevent widespread national panic. The assassination of his running mate is blamed on an accidental gas leak for the same reason.
  • Later appears, as President, in "The Last Nazi", where he orders the Delta Force team to track down a surviving SS officer in Switzerland and bring him to The Hague. This is to prevent private operatives working for his close friend and donor (a survivor of the Holocaust whose family was killed by the man) killing him.
  • Also appears in "Unknown Soldier", where he orders the unit to track down and defuse a set of dirty bombs bound for various cities across the United States.
  • Secret Service codename: Spinnaker.
  • Portrayed by: Benito Martinez.

President Janice CastlemanEdit

  • President in Remnants by K.A. Applegate
  • First female and African-American president.
  • She is killed during the asteroid collision along with virtually everyone else on Earth.

President ChadbourneEdit

President ChambersEdit

  • President in: Long Shot
  • Actor known for playing a fictional president on a television show before being elected in 2016.
  • Though said to be popular, he chooses not to run for re-election in 2020 in order to pursue a career in film.
  • Term: 2017–2021
  • Portrayed by: Bob Odenkirk

President Samuel ChambersEdit

  • President in: The Survivalist book series by Jerry Ahern
  • The former Secretary of Communications, he became President after a nuclear war began, and the incumbent President committed suicide rather than surrender to the Soviets.

President Harrison ChandlerEdit

President William ChandlerEdit

  • President in: Timothy Benford's 1984 novel Hitler's Daughter.
  • Two-term President.
  • Vice President Elliot Benedict is running for President.

President CharlesEdit

  • President in: TV series Jericho.
  • As Secretary of Health and Human Services, Charles is next in line of succession after most members of the US government are killed in a series of nuclear attacks on two dozen American cities.
  • In the aftermath of the attacks, Charles' claim to the presidency is challenged by five other surviving government officials (mostly members of the US Senate). His administration eventually manages to regain control over all US territory east of the Mississippi with Columbus, Ohio as the new capital. However, two newly emerged governments are still refusing to recognize the administration: The so-called Allied States of America (led by former Wyoming senator John Tomarchio) and an independent Texas.

President Andrew ChaseEdit

  • President in: First Ladies (film, 1937)
  • Stars Kay Francis and Preston Foster.
  • Grandfather of Lucy Chase Wayne (Kay Francis), wife of Secretary of State Stephen Wayne (Preston Foster).
  • Lucy, who was a baby during her grandfather's administration, looks at his picture for inspiration while trying to get her husband the Presidency.

President Arthur ChristensenEdit

  • President in: the 1984 novel The Double Man by Gary Hart and William Cohen.
  • President Christensen approves of a plan to allow a U.S. Senator to be kidnapped and framed for treason.

Acting President Sam ClarkEdit

  • President in: Shelley's Heart, a 1995 novel by Charles McCarry.
  • He was a former Senator from Massachusetts who was chosen for Vice President by President R. Tucker Attenborough.
  • Was confirmed as Vice President in less than a day, and then took over as acting President due to President Attenborough's failing health under the 25th Amendment.
  • Party: Democratic

President Ralph ClarkEdit

  • President in: The Coup Scenario, a 2010 novel by John Rogerson
  • A former Senator from North Carolina, Clark was a Republican who was elected President in 2016 with Governor Anne Mitchell of Texas as his running mate.
  • Throughout his first term, Clark focused upon cutting the national debt, reforming immigration and social security along with pushing a Middle East peace plan. His foreign policy agenda made him unpopular among the intelligence community, especially with Secretary of State Stephen Cox, a former CIA Director.
  • He was re-elected in 2020 and at the start of his second term, having discovered Secretary Cox had been covertly trying to sabotage the Tehran Summit, where the West and Middle East would sign a crucial diplomatic agreement between Israel and Iran, President Clark told Cox that upon the completion of the summit, he would dismiss him as Secretary of State
  • In response, Cox used agents loyal to him to smuggle a bomb aboard Air Force One, planting it amongst the fuselage and letting it detonate during the President's flight to Tehran, killing Clark and all those on board. He was succeeded as President by Vice President Mitchell
  • Party: Republican

President David CoffeyEdit

  • President in: Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.
  • Having to deal with the invasion of Earth by elephant-like aliens. At a key scene is effectively overthrown by Admiral Carrel, the hardliner National Security Adviser, who feels that the President is making dangerous concessions to the aliens. Coffey seems loosely modeled on Jimmy Carter.

President ColeEdit

President Robert ColonbyEdit

  • President in The Eclipse of Dawn (1971) by Gordon Eklund ([2])
  • Runs for President in 1988, after the US collapsed in The Second Civil War and the White House was moved from ruined Washington DC to California. Promises to reunite the nation with extraterrestrial help from Jupiter - and does exactly that. Though he turns out to be a murderer and nearly a madman, he is still considered by the narrator as "The Best Man for the Nation" at this perilous time - and the plot is so constructed as to make the reader agree.

President Monroe "Eagle" ColeEdit

  • President in: Welcome to Mooseport (film, 2004)
  • Native of Mooseport, Maine, Cole served two terms as president and attempted to run for mayor of Mooseport after his presidency. Was the first President to divorce his wife while in office.
  • Played by: Gene Hackman
  • Party: Democratic

President Alex ColemanEdit

  • President in: .hack
  • Succeeded President Jim Stonecold, who resigned after the "Pluto's Kiss" incident.
  • Announced the "Network Peace Proclamation" to the world on December 14, 2007, exactly three years after the "Pluto's Kiss" incident destroyed the modern internet.

President Fred CollierEdit

  • President in: Political Animals Season 1 onwards
  • Prior to entering politics, Collier served for three decades with the CIA and eventually became the agency's director. He was selected as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate by Senator Paul Garcetti as Collier had influence over the party's conservative wing, whose votes Garcetti needed
  • Upon taking office, Collier fought a power battle with Secretary of State Elaine Barrish whom he resented for having more influence in government than he did.
  • In late 2010, Collier blackmailed Republican Congressman Sean Reeves into backing an administration bill after he procured evidence of Reeve's closeted homosexuality and affair with Barrish's son, T.J Hammond, which indirectly led to T.J attempting suicide and led to T.J's father, former President Bud Hammond punching Collier in the Oval Office upon learning of Collier's blackmail.
  • Collier looked set to be dropped as Vice President by Garcetti after he learned of the blackmail, but Garcetti died when Air Force One crashed due to a technical fault in mid-2011, leaving Collier as the Acting President and then the President after Garcetti's corpse was found in the wreckage. However, Barrish looked set to run against him for the Democratic nomination.
  • Term: July 2011 onwards
  • Party: Democratic
  • Played by: Dylan Baker

President Angela CollotonEdit

  • President in: Shadowrun role-playing game
  • Served 2069-2078+
  • 11th UCAS President | 57th US President
  • Republican
  • Brigadier General UCASAr, Ret.
  • Succeeds President Gene Simone

President Deklan Comstock/President Julian ComstockEdit

President Billy ConnorEdit

President David ConnorEdit

  • President in: Triumph, a 1963 novel by Philip Wylie
  • President Connor was killed along with his family while being evacuated from Washington, D.C. during a nuclear attack.

President Samuel ConradEdit

  • President in: Tom Clancy's books Act of War and Edge of Battle
  • Declared war against global terrorism after a nuclear attack in Houston and attempted nuke in San Francisco.
  • Survived terrorist attack and invasion of White House.

President Hamilton ConroyEdit

  • President in: Coyote, a novel by Allen Steele
  • Conroy is purportedly a descendant of Alexander Hamilton and is the President of the United Republic of America, an extreme right-wing reorganization of the United States of America where New England and the Pacific Northwest have seceded and become sovereign nations, at least up until 2070.
  • A former Congressman from Alabama, he was instrumental in getting Operation Starflight, the first manned deep-space mission to colonize 47 Ursae Majoris, up and running.
  • Party: Liberty Party, an ultra-right-wing neoconservative party

President Edward Randolph CooperEdit

  • Former President in: Scandal
  • Served as 40th President, whose popular conservative leadership influenced the policies of his Republican successors.
  • Survived an assassination attempt in 1986 perpetrated by Leonard Carnahan, who shot him whilst he was campaigning in Stockton, California.
  • Although he survived the attempt on his life, the bullet remained in his head as it was too dangerous for medical staff to remove it. Cooper died in 2014 of a stroke caused by complications from this injury.
  • Was married to First Lady Bitsy Cooper, but had a string of affairs whilst in office.
  • Secretly suffered from diagnosed ADHD, requiring his wife to essentially run the nation and provide him with guidance out of the public eye.
  • Based partially on Ronald Reagan, however Reagan himself if also referenced to later in the series.
  • Political Party: Republican

President Will "Chewey" CooperEdit

  • President in: Pixels
  • He is an initially unpopular president whose popularity surges when his childhood friend, Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), helps defend the world against aliens.
  • He is an expert at the crane game, which comes in handy to defeat the alien invaders.
  • Played by: Kevin James

President Joseph CopelandEdit

President CordEdit

  • President in: Stealth Bomber (1990) novel by Barnaby Williams.
  • Believing that Cord's defense policy would be beneficial to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Soviets manipulated a presidential election to have Cord elected (he would have lost otherwise). Their plot is exposed when Iran tries to start World War Three.

President John J. CormackEdit

President Guy "Whitey" CorngoodEdit

President Daniel CoxEdit

President Daniel KeemEdit

  • President in: Hunt Down the Freeman, a game made by Royal Rudius Entertainment
  • Played by: Daniel Keem/DJ Killer Keemstar

President William A. CozzanoEdit

President Calvin CraigEdit

President Stanley CraigEdit

President Hugh CraneEdit

President Benjamin Edgar CrossEdit

President Mary Alice "Muffy" CrosswireEdit

  • President in: the intro of the Arthur episode "The Election". She is being sworn in as President before Arthur Read calls out to Muffy. He was later dragged away by Binky Barnes, as a secret service agent.
  • Played by: Melissa Altro

President Andrew Y. CulpepperEdit

  • President in: Moonfall by Jack McDevitt
  • Briefly referenced in the novel Moonfall.
  • First African-American president and the oldest elected president (78).
  • Was elected to office in 2008. Was re-elected in 2012.
  • Opened his presidential library in 2019.
  • Died in his sleep in 2021 at the age of 91.
  • Party: Democratic

President John Robert CulpepperEdit

  • President in: The I, Q series by Roland Smith
  • He is a mentioned in the first book (I, Q: Independence Hall)
  • He is a minor character in the second book (I, Q: The White House), where he risks his position to keep the cover of a spy attempting to take down a terrorist organization.

President George CunninghamEdit

  • President in: The Cassandra Project by Jack McDevitt and Mike Resnick
  • Middle East combat veteran.
  • Was elected to office in 2016.
  • Youngest president since John F. Kennedy.
  • Struggles to deal with multiple crises, including population growth, the impending availability of life expectancy extension, two wars in Africa and the revelation of a cover-up about the early Apollo moon missions.
  • First Lady: Lyra.
  • Novel adapted from short story set in 2026 in which President is named Gorman.[3][4]

President William Arthur CurryEdit

  • President in: John Ehrlichman's novel The Company, adapted as TV mini-series Washington: Behind Closed Doors.
  • Curry is a roman à clef representation of John F. Kennedy.
  • From a wealthy family, is elected Governor of New York, and two years into office appoints himself to a vacant US Senate seat.
  • Wins the nomination from Senator Esker Scott Anderson of Oregon and asks him to be his Vice Presidential running mate.
  • Defeats Republican James Dudley and his running mate, Illinois Senator Richard Monckton.
  • Okays a CIA plan to aid an exile invasion of the Dominican Republic, but orders an assassination calculated to make the invasion fail.
  • In September of his second year in office, he flies from Albany to meet his wife Jenna at Camp David, when a private plane accidentally collides with Air Force One, killing all on board.
  • Party: Democratic

President John CurtinEdit

  • President in: Logan's Run, a 1967 novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.
  • Overweight and the father of several children, President Curtin in the year 2000 advocated a one-child policy to deal with overpopulation. The resulting protest led to a nuclear war.

President Johnny CyclopsEdit

  • President in: Whoops Apocalypse (television, 1982)
  • Qualities/attributes: A former screen actor, recently lobotomized. Hated at home and desperate to regain popularity. With other world leaders, starts World War III and resulting nuclear holocaust. Often depicted as being a puppet controlled by his security advisor, the Deacon. Possibly based on Ronald Reagan, as he is a Republican and he has a bad relationship with his son.
  • Played by: Barry Morse
  • Party: Republican


President Jack D'AmiciEdit

  • President in: the novels of Jim DeFelice

President James DaleEdit

President Joan DaleEdit

  • President in Reign of Supermen, a 2018 Animated movie.
  • In a world where Superman died fighting Doomsday, President Joan Dale is protected by the Justice League.
  • Before she was President Joan Dale was the superheroine Miss America.
  • Voiced by Jennifer Hale

President Taffy DaleEdit

President Chauncey Talcott DallasEdit

President Conrad DaltonEdit

  • President in: Madam Secretary TV series
  • Played by: Keith Carradine
  • Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of 12 years.
  • Wife: Lydia Dalton, one son Harrison
  • During his first term, IA Director, Andrew Munsey, Secretary of State Vincent Marsh and other intelligence officials planned a coup in Iran to stop the Iranian peace talks. Marsh was killed during the planning, prompting Dalton to replace him with Elizabeth McCord, a former senior CIA analyst and Georgetown professor. His administration signed a peace treaty with Iran to diffuse their nuclear weapons program in 2015 after the attempted coup failed and exposure of the Munsey conspiracy.
  • Opened relations with Cuba by lifting the trade embargo in 2015.
  • Initially escalated a conflict over Ukraine with new Russian President Maria Ostrova, leading to an air battle between air forces, before diffusing the conflict with the help of McCord. Dalton then was able to hold the peace deal with the new Russian government after Ostrova's assassination. In a further development to return a US asset (Russian military officer Dimitri Petrov) who had helped the US massively during the conflict but had been captured, Dalton authorised a spy swap for the officer with Russian spy Peter Buckley, a former CIA officer and US traitor. The move proved controversial but saw the return of Petrov.
  • Also dealt with terrorist group Hizb al-Shahid committing terrorist attacks in the Middle East and when their terrorists detonated a dirty bomb in the Washington D.C. At Dalton's order, a top-secret intel unit was be formed to combat them including former spy Henry McCord, the husband of the Secretary of State. The unit eventually killed the terrorist responsible.
  • Dalton tried to make peace between India and Pakistan but the talks failed due to a Pakistani nuclear bomb crash landing in India and a coupe led by the Pakistani Foreign Minister overthrowing the Prime Minister of Pakistan. As a result, Dalton had to execute the Render Safe plan to secure nuclear missile sites in Pakistan.
  • As a result of his ambitious, successful peace deals with Iran and Cuba, as well as the Hizb al-Shahid attack in Washington D.C. and the Buckley Trade, Dalton was challenged for the Republican party nomination in 2016 by the hawkish Governor of Pennsylvania Sam Evans. Initially leading Evans in primary polls, a radical shift on foreign policy to include acceptance of climate change as a national security issue and changing of alliances in the Middle East, in tandem with Dalton's earlier foreign policy achievements allow Evans to portray Dalton as soft on defense to the Republican base and thus win the party nomination over Dalton.
  • Faced with being only the second President in US history to lose his party nomination for a second term (after Franklin Pierce in 1856), Dalton is convinced by Secretary McCord and Chief of Staff Russell Jackson to run in the general election as an independent candidate in order to preserve his legacy and stop the detrimental actions of hawkish Republican nominee Evans and dovish isolationist Democratic nominee Fred Reynolds.
  • Party: Independent, formerly Republican (presumed based upon stated party positions of opposition to climate change and peace with Iran)

President Danny DanielsEdit

President Eliot DanielsEdit

  • President in: The Russian Woman, a 1983 novel by Tom Hyman.
  • Survives an attack on his motorcade in which the Soviet Premier is killed.
  • His wife is mentally ill, and he falls in love with a Russian woman, a spy for the KGB.
  • Seriously injured during a fire at the White House.
  • Vice President Chester Arthur Caitlin is implicated in a major scandal.

President Noah DanielsEdit

  • 49th President in: 24 (2009-2013)
  • Vice President to Wayne Palmer during Season 6 of 24.
  • When Palmer is severely injured in an assassination attempt, Daniels takes over as Acting President.
  • Palmer assumes office again for a few hours and asks for Daniels' resignation over Daniels' plan to launch a nuke at Hamri Al-Assad's country in order to stop Fayed from detonating another bomb on US soil.
  • Palmer collapses during a press conference soon after and Daniels assumes office as Acting President.
  • Serves out the rest of Palmer's term after Palmer's death and loses reelection to Allison Taylor in the 2012 Presidential election.
  • Played by: Powers Boothe
  • Party: Democratic
  • Previously served as the Governor of Tennessee (2003-2008) and as a United States Senator from Tennessee (1977-1995)

President Linda DanversEdit

  • President in Action Comics 344 (Dec 1966) and 345 (Jan 1967)
  • Supergirl travels to an alternate reality where teenagers are in charge. While Supergirl is unpopular Linda Danvers is elected President of the Union of American States.

President Paul DavenportEdit

  • President in: First Kid
  • President Davenport is married to Linda Davenport and has one thirteen-year-old son, Luke.
  • Played by: James Naughton

President Nadja DaviarEdit

  • President in: Shadowrun role-playing game
  • Served 2064
  • 9th UCAS President | 55th US President
  • Succeeded President Kyle Haeffner after his death during the 3 November coup staged by The New Revolution.
  • Declares martial law and ruthlessly stamps out the coup within 24 hours.
  • Succeeded by Senate President Pro Tempore Gene Simone after Nadja Daviar goes missing soon after the coup is defeated.

President Jason DavidsonEdit

President Jason Davidson, Jr.Edit

  • President in Decker
  • Son of a U.S. President.
  • His First Lady is plotting against him.
  • Elected in 2072.
  • Played by Joe Estevez

President Floyd DavisEdit

President Frederick DavisEdit

  • President in Fletcher Knebel's novel Convention (1964).
  • Does not run for re-election due to ill health.

President Gordon DavisEdit

  • President in Protect and Defend by Eric L. Harry (no relation to the book by Richard North Patterson)
  • Davis was an African-American Senator from Maryland prior to his nomination as Governor Phil Bristol's running-mate. Davis was wounded in the assassination of President-elect Bristol and Davis was later sworn in from his hospital room. President Davis presided over a war between China and U.N. forces over control of Siberia.
  • Party: Republican

President Jack DavisEdit

President Browning DaytonEdit

  • President at the end of: The Zero Factor, a 1980 novel by William Oscar Johnson
  • Dayton is the Vice President to Augustus Alvin York, a Republican nominated in Chicago as the candidate for president when the convention for the 1980 election is hopelessly deadlocked with Ronald Reagan and other nominees. After dozens of ballots, York is a compromise/sacrificial nomination.
  • To everyone's surprise, York wins the 1980 election, but then becomes rather obsessed with the "Zero Factor" for presidents. All presidents elected in a year ending in Zero since 1840 have died in office. York fears he will be next in 1980.
  • After multiple attempts on his life, York begins to suffer severe stress, and finally finds the freedom from the Zero Factor by resigning office and turning the Presidency over to Browning Dayton, who assumes the office of President of the United States.
  • Party: Republican

President Hamilton "Ham" DelbacherEdit

  • President in: the Allen Drury novels The Hill of Summer and The Roads of Earth.
  • Sitting Vice President, on the verge of being asked to leave the coming year's ticket, who succeeds to the Presidency after his unnamed predecessor dies on the Fourth of July.
  • Despite enormous personal criticism at home and abroad, defies plans by Yuri Serapin, the dictator of the Soviet Union, to undermine the west.
  • Survives an assassination attempt by a false KGB defector inside the White House.
  • Presides over the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but is disappointed when the People's Republic of China begins assimilating Soviet Asian territory, including Siberia.
  • Political party: Unknown
  • Based loosely on Nelson Rockefeller

President Jarrod DelportEdit

  • President in: the Josh Gurling novels The American Hero and The Word of Hate.
  • Is the Senior Senator from New York (2028–2036) and later Vice President (2036–2040)
  • Launches an unsuccessful presidential bid; he is later asked to be Dean Bartlett's running mate, winning the election in 2036.
  • Becomes the first foreign-born US Vice President, and later President, when the 34th Amendment is passed, allowing him to run.
  • Elected President in 2040, winning by a massive landslide against Victor Johnson.
  • Chooses Edward "Ed" Garcia as his running mate; Garcia, who serves until his death in 2042, is the first Hispanic Vice President.
  • Married to former Governor of California's daughter Alexandra Buchanan.
  • Has three children, Benjamin Christian 'Chris' Delport, Michael Alexander 'Alec' and Sarah Leigh Delport
  • Works alongside Louis Laurént, the Prime Minister of Canada to create a loose American Federation.
  • Campaign slogans: "It's TIME"; "Change for a new America" ; "One Nation, One Destiny"
  • Political party: Democratic
  • Terms: (2040–2048)
  • Cabinet and Vice President(s): Edward Garcia (2036–2039) and Jillian McCallister (2039–2044)

Chelsea Clinton (Secretary of State), Robert Truman Bailey (Secretary of Defence), Claire Traiton (Secretary of the Treasury), General Marc Redford (Secretary of American Affairs).

President Jack DeckerEdit

  • President in Decker
  • Died on July 4. 2076.

President DemskyEdit

  • President in: the 2005 TV movie Alien Apocalypse
  • Thanks to a long-range space probe, President Demsky escaped Washington, D.C. before it was destroyed by alien invaders.
  • Seen as a mythic figure leading the resistance to the invaders, Demsky is found by astronauts who have returned to Earth to be in hiding.
  • Played by Peter Jason
  • Party: Republican

President DenningsEdit

  • President in NTSF:SD:SUV "Time Angels" Episode.
  • First Female President
  • Husband Killed by Time Travelers in 1975 a mistaken attempt to prevent the birth of her nuclear terrorist disk jockey son.
  • Taken back in time to confront time villain Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Killed by Time Travelers before she became President to prevent the nuclear destruction of San Diego in the future.
  • Played by Tara Copeland

President Tom DeringEdit

President DeutscherEdit

  • President in: A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury
  • A fascist candidate who in the "original" timeline was defeated in 2055 by the more moderate Keith - but this result was changed in his favor, when a time traveler to prehistoric times stepped on a butterfly and caused a wave of historical changes.
  • May be a take on Adolf Hitler.

President DevlinEdit

President DevonianEdit

President DeVoreEdit

President DexterEdit

  • President in: Saturday Night Live sketch comedy television show
  • During his first term, a crisis took place because he had mustard on his chin.
  • During his second term, it was revealed he was illiterate.
  • Played by Charlton Heston

President Isabel DiazEdit

  • President in: John M. Green's novels, Born to Run, The Trusted and The Tao Deception
  • First woman to win the White House, and first Hispanic.
  • Party: Republican, with a Democrat vice-president.

President Robert DiazEdit

President C. Douglas DillionEdit

  • President in: Resurrection Day by Brendan Dubois.
  • Secretary of the Treasury during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and is the highest ranking cabinet member to survive the nuclear exchange.
  • Party: Republican (although served in a Democratic Cabinet).

President Douglass DilmanEdit

President Trick E. DixonEdit

  • President in: Our Gang, a novel by Philip Roth
  • Satire of Richard Nixon, inspired by Nixon's statement about his opposition to abortion based on his belief in "the sanctity of human life", while, at the same time, he had escalated bombing campaigns in Vietnam to include Cambodia.

President Joe DoakesEdit

President Mitchell DobeEdit

  • President in Not Even a Name by Henry I. Obdson
  • Three-term Mayor of Boston, elected president as a U.S. Senator from New Hampshire.
  • Mixed-caricature of Tom Menino and Judd Gregg.
  • Political party: Democratic

President John Doe aka TempusEdit

President Joseph DonahueEdit

  • President in Rides a Pale Horse by Franklin Allen Lieb.
  • Former U.S. Senator from Connecticut, and Vice President under President Tolliver.
  • Becomes President after Tolliver is assassinated.
  • President Tolliver had begun a campaign against terrorist states, and President Donahue ends it, but the result is seen as weakness and a nuclear war nearly begins.

President Jack DonnellyEdit

  • President in: The KGB Candidate, a 1988 novel by Owen Sela.
  • Elected in 1980, and re-elected in a landslide in 1984.
  • His Vice President in the first term was Ford, in his second term Bradley Taylor.
  • Strongly anti-Communist.
  • Party: Republican

President Kevin J. DonnellyEdit

  • President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Native of Colorado.
  • Served as Vice President under President Wheeler, and took over after his death in office.
  • After a stock market crash in 1994 throws the United States and the rest of the world into turmoil, he worked alongside the United States Congress to institute several emergency measures to combat growing unrest, primarily the Emergency Powers Act. Said act conferred much greater power on the Executive Branch.
  • Was left physically and emotionally drained during his time in office during the unrest, becoming so ill he had been permanently accompanied by members of the Medical Corps.
  • Wanted to resign due to the stress, and chose to appoint Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Thomas M. "Jumper" Cromwell as Vice President to succeed him, having forced his previous Vice President's resignation after a scandal.
  • Not wanting to take over the responsibilities of the office, General Cromwell instead recommends President Donnelly appoints Arne Haugen, a technology entrepreneur from Duluth, Minnesota to take over the office. Agreeing with the General, President Donnelly uses the emergency powers to appoint Haugen to the office of Vice President without the need to congressional approval, and then immediately resigns, causing Haugen to ascend to the office of the President.
  • After his resignation, President Donnelly is taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital for treatment.

President Robert DonovanEdit

  • President in: The President's Man, a 1982 novel by Nicholas Guild.
  • Vice President to President Faircliffe, and becomes President when he dies in office.
  • President Donovan is later informed that Faircliffe was a traitor.

President Victor von DoomEdit

  • President in issues 29-33 of the now-cancelled Doom 2099 comic book, and other Marvel 2099 titles.
  • Dictator of the fictional country Latveria, Doom arrives in the year 2099 from sometime in our near future via unknown means. Seeing the damage being done to the world by American mega-corporations, Doom invades America and installs himself as President by "right of revolution."
  • Although never completely resolved in the comic book, it is assumed that the title character is, in fact, Victor von Doom and not one of a number of Doom impersonators that have appeared in the present-day comics timeline.

President Jonathan DoorsEdit

  • President on Earth Final Conflict.
  • President in an illusion created by Aliens.

President DouchebagEdit

President Matt DouglasEdit

  • President in: My Fellow Americans
  • Former governor of Indiana, Douglas ran against Senator Russell P. Kramer of Ohio and lost, but defeated incumbent President Kramer four years later in a landslide. Douglas was later defeated by Kramer's vice president, William Haney. Douglas later ran again for office as an independent alongside Kramer. He had a reputation as a womanizer and was married to Katherine Douglas.
  • Played by: James Garner
  • Party: Independent, formerly Democratic

President Thomas DouglasEdit

President DoverEdit

President Arthur DowningEdit

President Connor DoyleEdit

  • President in: The People's Choice by Jeff Greenfield.
  • Chosen by the electors after the death of President-Elect MacArthur Foyle because of the unacceptability of Vice President-Elect Theodore Block to hold office.
  • Former U.S. Congressman.
  • Party: Republican.

President Howard T. DuckEdit

President Michael DuganEdit

President Michael DukakisEdit

President DunkelzahanEdit

  • President in: Shadowrun role-playing game
  • Served 2057
  • 7th UCAS President | 53rd US President
  • Western Great Dragon, president of the United Canadian and American States (UCAS) in 2057.
  • Died in a limousine explosion 10 hours, 23 minutes, and 8 seconds after being sworn in as president
  • Preceded by President Betty Jo Pritchard.
  • Succeeded by VP Kyle Haeffner.

President Sam DunneEdit

President Helen Du PrayEdit

  • President in The Fourth K by Mario Puzo, a 1990 novel.
  • Vice President to President Francis Xavier Kennedy who is assassinated on Inauguration Day of his second term.
  • Back the "The Oracle", the 100 year old millionaire who manipulated many events in the novel.

President Charles Carter DurantEdit

President Vanessa DurksenEdit

  • President in Red Planet Blues by Robert J. Sawyer
  • Body was fatally shot by a crazed gunman during her second term, but her mind was uploaded to an artificial body, which served the remainder of the term.
  • Was subject of the fictional Supreme Court case Durksen v. Hawksorth which established that legal personhood is transferred to an artificial body when consciousness is transferred.

President Roger DurlingEdit


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