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Athletics at the 1994 Goodwill Games

At the 1994 Goodwill Games, the athletics events were held in July at the Petrovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. A total of 44 events were contested, of which 22 were by male and 22 by female athletes. The marathon event was dropped for the 1994 edition and racewalking events took place on the track, making the entire athletics programme a track and field-only affair. The United States won the most gold medals (18) in the athletics competition, but Russia had the greatest total medal haul, winning 41 medals, 10 of which were gold. Cuba, Great Britain and Kenya were the next best achievers in the medal count.

Athletics at the 1994 Goodwill Games
Стадион Петровский.jpg
The 28,000-capacity Petrovsky Stadium provided the venue for the athletics competition.
Host citySt. Petersburg, Russia
Date(s)July 1994
Main stadiumPetrovsky Stadium
Participation372 athletes from
46 nations
Records set1 world record
15 Games records

The competition remained invitation-only and each event was contested in a single final format.[1] Fifteen Goodwill Games records were equalled or improved at the competition, and Marina Pluzhnikova achieved a world record in the little-contested 2000 metres steeplechase (although the IAAF does not ratify world records for that distance). The United States completed medal sweeps in the men's 100 metres, long jump, decathlon and women's 400 metres. Noureddine Morceli's winning time of 3:48.67 in the mile run was a games record and the fastest of 1994.[2] In spite of appearances from prominent athletes such as Sergey Bubka, Irina Privalova and Carl Lewis, the stadium failed to reach much more than half of its 28,000 capacity over the five-day competition.[3]

Gwen Torrence completed a 100/200 metres double and added the 4×100 metres relay for a third gold of the competition. Irina Privalova was runner-up to Torrence in both the individual sprints. Russia's Yelena Romanova retained her 5000 metres crown and also won the 3000 metres race. Jackie Joyner-Kersee won her third consecutive heptathlon title, having dominated the event since the games' inception.[4] Two American men retained their titles won four years previously at the 1990 Goodwill Games: Michael Johnson in the 200 metres and Kenny Harrison in the triple jump. The performances of former champions Bubka and Lewis did not meet expectations; Bubka, representing Ukraine, managed only 5.70 m for the bronze in the pole vault while Lewis's run of 10.23 seconds in the 100 m left him in fourth place.[5]


Name Event Country Record Type
Marina Pluzhnikova 2000 metres steeplechase   Russia 6:11.84 WR
Key:0000WR — World record  • AR — Area record  • GR — Games record  • NR — National record

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see Athletics at the 1994 Goodwill Games – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Dennis Mitchell (USA) 10.07   Leroy Burrell (USA) 10.11   Jon Drummond (USA) 10.12
200 metres   Michael Johnson (USA) 20.10 GR   Frankie Fredericks (NAM) 20.17   John Regis (GBR) 20.31
400 metres   Quincy Watts (USA) 45.21   Du'aine Ladejo (GBR) 45.21   Derek Mills (USA) 45.29
800 metres   Andrey Loginov (RUS) 1:46.65   Stanley Redwine (USA) 1:46.84   Paul Ruto (KEN) 1:47.01
One mile   Noureddine Morceli (ALG) 3:48.67 GR   Abdi Bile (SOM) 3:52.28   Steve Holman (USA) 3:52.77
5000 metres   Moses Kiptanui (KEN) 13:10.76 GR   Paul Bitok (KEN) 13:24.41   Jon Brown (GBR) 13:24.79
10,000 metres   Hammou Boutayeb (MAR) 28:10.89   Oleg Strizhakov (RUS) 28:27.69   Kipyego Kororia (KEN) 28:28.56
110 metres hurdles   Colin Jackson (GBR) 13.29   Tony Jarrett (GBR) 13.33   Emilio Valle (CUB) 13.35
400 metres hurdles   Derrick Adkins (USA) 47.86 GR   Samuel Matete (ZAM) 47.98   Winthrop Graham (JAM) 49.13
3000 metres steeplechase   Marc Davis (USA) 8:14.30 GR   Mark Croghan (USA) 8:21.85   Joseph Keter (KEN) 8:23.13
4×100 metres relay   United States (USA)
Mike Marsh
Leroy Burrell
Sam Jefferson
Carl Lewis
38.30   Cuba (CUB)
Andrés Simón
Joel Lamela
Iván García
Leonardo Prevost
38.76   Russia (RUS)
Andrey Fedoriv
Aleksandr Porkhomovsky
Oleg Fatun
Andrey Grigoryev
4×400 metres relay   United States (USA)
Derek Mills
Andrew Valmon
Jason Rouser
Michael Johnson
2:59.42 GR=   Cuba (CUB)
Omar Mena
Iván García
Jorge Crusellas
Norberto Téllez
3:01.87   Russia (RUS)
Dmitry Golovastov
Mikhail Vdovin
Dmitry Bei
Dmitry Kosov
20,000 m track walk   Bernardo Segura (MEX) 1:23:28.88   Ruslan Shafikov (RUS) 1:23:28.90   Jiao Baozhong (CHN) 1:24:07.60
High jump   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.40 m GR   Hollis Conway (USA) 2.28 m   Leonid Pumalainen (RUS) 2.28 m
Pole vault   Igor Trandenkov (RUS) 5.90 m   Maksim Tarasov (RUS) 5.80 m   Sergey Bubka (UKR) 5.70 m
Long jump   Mike Powell (USA) 8.45 m (w)   Erick Walder (USA) 8.39 m   Kareem Streete-Thompson (USA) 8.29 m
Triple jump   Kenny Harrison (USA) 17.43 m   Mike Conley (USA) 17.25 m   Oleg Sakirkin (KAZ) 17.05 m
Shot put   C.J. Hunter (USA) 20.35 m   Randy Barnes (USA) 20.22 m   Sergey Nikolayev (RUS) 20.11 m
Discus throw   Dmitriy Shevchenko (RUS) 64.68 m   Sergey Lyakhov (RUS) 62.22 m   Attila Horváth (HUN) 61.70 m
Hammer throw   Lance Deal (USA) 80.20 m   Vasiliy Sidorenko (RUS) 80.12 m   Yuriy Sedykh (RUS) 77.24 m
Javelin throw   Andrey Shevchuk (RUS) 82.90 m   Mārcis Štrobinders (LAT) 80.92 m   Yuriy Rybin (RUS) 80.38 m
Decathlon   Dan O'Brien (USA) 8715 pts GR   Steve Fritz (USA) 8177 pts   Kip Janvrin (USA) 7908 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Gwen Torrence (USA) 10.95   Irina Privalova (RUS) 10.98   Juliet Cuthbert (JAM) 11.12
200 metres   Gwen Torrence (USA) 22.09 GR   Irina Privalova (RUS) 22.23   Carlette Guidry (USA) 22.42
400 metres   Jearl Miles (USA) 50.60   Maicel Malone (USA) 50.60   Natasha Kaiser-Brown (USA) 50.73
800 metres   Maria Mutola (MOZ) 1:57.63   Lyudmila Rogachova (RUS) 1:58.43   Irina Samorokova (RUS) 1:59.07
1500 metres   Yekaterina Podkopayeva (RUS) 4:04.92 GR   Sonia O'Sullivan (IRL) 4:04.97   Lyudmila Rogachova (RUS) 4:05.00
3000 metres   Yelena Romanova (RUS) 8:41.06   Fernanda Ribeiro (POR) 8:42.13   Annette Peters (USA) 8:43.65
5000 metres   Yelena Romanova (RUS) 15:28.69   Tatyana Pentukova (RUS) 15:30.15   Gitte Karlshøj (DEN) 15:33.88
10,000 metres   Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 31:52.39 GR   Klara Kashapova (RUS) 32:05.42   Gwyn Coogan (USA) 32:08.77
100 metres hurdles
Wind: 3.8 m/s
  Brigita Bukovec (SLO) 12.83 (w)   Aliuska López (CUB) 12.88 (w)   Marina Azyabina (RUS) 12.99 (w)
400 metres hurdles   Sally Gunnell (GBR) 53.51 GR   Kim Batten (USA) 54.22   Anna Knoroz (RUS) 54.67
2000 metres steeplechase   Marina Pluzhnikova (RUS) 6:11.84 GR WR   Svetlana Pospelova (RUS) 6:25.19   Lyudmila Kuropatkina (RUS) 6:26.76
4×100 metres relay   United States (USA)
Cheryl Taplin
Dannette Young
Michelle Collins
Gwen Torrence
42.98   Cuba (CUB)
Miriam Ferrer
Aliuska López
Julia Duporty
Liliana Allen
43.37   Ukraine (UKR)
Anzhela Kravchenko
Viktoriya Fomenko
Irina Slyusar
Antonina Slyusar
4×400 metres relay   United States (USA)
Natasha Kaiser-Brown
Maicel Malone
Jearl Miles
Michelle Collins
3:22.27   Russia (RUS)
Yelena Andreyeva
Yelena Golesheva
Yelena Ruzina
Tatyana Zakharova
3:25.00   Cuba (CUB)
Idalmis Bonne
Julia Duporty
Surella Morales
Nancy McLeon
10,000 m track walk   Olimpiada Ivanova (RUS) 42:30.31   Yelena Saiko (RUS) 42:43.23   Sari Essayah (FIN) 42:45.04
High jump   Silvia Costa (CUB) 1.95 m   Yelena Topchina (RUS) 1.93 m   Olga Bolşova (MDA) 1.93 m
Pole vault   Sun Caiyun (CHN) 4.00 m GR   Svetlana Abramova (RUS) 3.90 m   Andrea Müller (GER) 3.90 m
Long jump   Heike Drechsler (GER) 7.12 m   Svetlana Moskalets (RUS) 6.82 m   Irina Mushailova (RUS) 6.77 m
Triple jump   Anna Biryukova (RUS) 14.57 m GR   Lyudmila Dubkova (RUS) 13.99 m   Sheila Hudson (USA) 13.97 m
Shot put   Sui Xinmei (CHN) 20.15 m   Huang Zhihong (CHN) 20.08 m   Svetla Mitkova (BUL) 19.74 m
Discus throw   Bárbara Hechevarría (CUB) 64.84 m   Olga Chernyavskaya (RUS) 63.82 m   Daniela Costian (AUS) 63.72 m
Javelin throw   Trine Hattestad (NOR) 65.74 m   Felicia Tilea (ROM) 59.48 m   Oksana Yarygina (UZB) 59.30 m
Heptathlon   Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) 6606 pts   Larisa Turchinskaya (RUS) 6492 pts   Ghada Shouaa (SYR) 6361 pts

Medal tableEdit

Mozambique's sole medal came from 800 metres winner Maria Mutola.
Javier Sotomayor of Cuba set the games record to win the high jump.

  *   Host nation (Russia)

1  United States18101038
2  Russia*10191241
3  Cuba3429
4  Great Britain2226
5  Kenya2136
6  China2114
7  Germany1012
8  Algeria1001
14  Ireland0101
21  Jamaica0022
23  Australia0011
Totals (31 nations)444444132



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