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Athletics at the 1990 Goodwill Games

At the 1990 Goodwill Games, the athletics events were held in Seattle, Washington, United States between July 22 and 26, 1990. A total of 43 events were contested, of which 23 by male and 20 by female athletes. Athletes from the United States and the Soviet Union dominated the competition as they had done in the inaugural edition, with United States coming out on top this time with 54 medal won, 20 of them gold. The Soviet Union was a clear second place with 14 golds and 43 medals in total. The Greater Antillean island nations of Cuba and Jamaica had the third- and fourth-greatest medal hauls, respectively.

Athletics at the 1990 Goodwill Games
2007 Apple cup at halftime Husky Stadium.jpg
Husky Stadium was the athletics venue for the 1990 Games
Host citySeattle, United States United States
Date(s)July 22–26, 1990
Main stadiumHusky Stadium
Participation370 athletes from
28 nations
Records set1 world record
14 Games records

The number of competitors in each event was smaller than that of the 1986 Goodwill Games and the invited athletes only had to compete in a single final, rather than the qualification-round model typically found at multi-sport events. Fourteen Games records were beaten in the second edition and one world record was also set at the competition – Nadezhda Ryashkina of the Soviet Union beat the previous best mark in the 10,000 metres track walk with her time of 41:56.23.[1] The 1990 Games saw the athletics competition's first doping infractions, as Tamara Bykova and Larisa Nikitina (both from the Soviet Union) lost their silver medals after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.[2]

Ana Fidelia Quirot of Cuba became the first athlete to win two individual gold medals at a single edition of the Games as she won the 400 metres and 800 metres races. The United States took clean sweeps in both the men's and women's 100 metres events, and the Soviet Union completed the same feat in the men's hammer throw and women's marathon competitions. Addis Abebe finished as runner-up in the 5000 and 10,000 metres to win Ethiopia's only medals of the entire Games. Sheila Echols left the Games with one medal of each colour, having won the 4×100 m relay gold, 100 m silver, and long jump bronze. Among the other notable multiple medallists, Carl Lewis won the 100 m silver and the long jump gold.


Name Event Country Record Type
Nadezhda Ryashkina 10,000 metres track walk   Soviet Union 41:56.23 WR
Key:0000WR — World record  • AR — Area record  • GR — Games record  • NR — National record

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see Athletics at the 1990 Goodwill Games – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Leroy Burrell (USA) 10.05   Carl Lewis (USA) 10.08   Mark Witherspoon (USA) 10.17
200 metres   Michael Johnson (USA) 20.54   Robson da Silva (BRA) 20.77   Dennis Mitchell (USA) 20.89
400 metres   Roberto Hernández (CUB) 44.79 GR   Danny Everett (USA) 45.05   Andrew Valmon (USA) 45.46
800 metres   George Kersh (USA) 1:45.10 GR   Mark Everett (USA) 1:45.80   José Luíz Barbosa (BRA) 1:45.81
1500 metres   Joe Falcon (USA) 3:39.97   William Tanui (KEN) 3:40.13   Marcus O'Sullivan (IRL) 3:40.58
5000 metres   Paul Williams (CAN) 13:33.52 GR   Addis Abebe (ETH) 13:35.67   Mikhail Dasko (URS) 13:36.44
10,000 metres   Hammou Boutayeb (MAR) 27:26.43 GR   Addis Abebe (ETH) 27:42.65   John Ngugi (KEN) 27:42.95
110 metres hurdles   Roger Kingdom (USA) 13.47   Tony Dees (USA) 13.48   Arthur Blake (USA) 13.53
400 metres hurdles   Winthrop Graham (JAM) 48.78   Dave Patrick (USA) 49.00   Kevin Young (USA) 49.17
3000 metres steeplechase   Brian Diemer (USA) 8:32.24   Vasily Koromyslov (URS) 8:33.76   Valeriy Vandyak (URS) 8:34.18
4×100 metres relay   United States (USA)
Mike Marsh
Daron Council
Andre Cason
Dennis Mitchell
38.45   Cuba (CUB)
Andrés Simón
Leandro Peñalver
Félix Stevens
Joel Isasi
38.49   Soviet Union (URS)
Viktor Bryzgin
Vladimir Krylov
Oleg Fatun
Pavel Galkin
4×400 metres relay   United States (USA)
Clarence Daniel
Andrew Valmon
Antonio Pettigrew
Tim Simon
2:59.54 GR   Jamaica (JAM)
Seymour Fagan
Devon Morris
Howard Burnett
Patrick O'Connor
3:00.45   Cuba (CUB)
Juan Martínez
Félix Stevens
Héctor Herrera
Roberto Hernández
Marathon   Dave Mora (USA) 2:14:50   Nikolay Tabak (URS) 2:16:28   Peter Maher (CAN) 2:17:16
20,000 m track walk   Ernesto Canto (MEX) 1:23:13.12 GR   Mikhail Shchennikov (URS) 1:23:22.34   Bernd Gummelt (GDR) 1:23:29.61
High jump   Hollis Conway (USA) 2.33 m   Doug Nordquist (USA) 2.30 m   Tony Barton (USA) 2.30 m
Pole vault   Rodion Gataullin (URS) 5.92 m   Grigoriy Yegorov (URS) 5.87 m   Tim Bright (USA) 5.77 m
Long jump   Carl Lewis (USA) 8.38 m   Mike Powell (USA) 8.34 m   Robert Emmiyan (URS) 8.23 m
Triple jump   Kenny Harrison (USA) 17.72 m GR   Mike Conley (USA) 17.48 m   Volodymyr Inozemtsev (URS) 17.06 m
Shot put   Randy Barnes (USA) 21.44 m   Jim Doehring (USA) 21.12 m   Vyacheslav Lykho (URS) 20.70 m
Discus throw   Romas Ubartas (URS) 67.14 m GR   Kamy Keshmiri (USA) 65.50 m   Mike Buncic (USA) 62.06 m
Hammer throw   Igor Astapkovich (URS) 84.12 m   Andrey Abduvaliyev (URS) 82.20 m   Igor Nikulin (URS) 82.14 m
Javelin throw   Viktor Zaytsev (URS) 84.16 m GR   Ramón González (CUB) 80.84 m   Masami Yoshida (JPN) 77.36 m
Decathlon   Dave Johnson (USA) 8403 pts GR   Dan O'Brien (USA) 8358 pts   Mikhail Medved (URS) 8330 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Carlette Guidry (USA) 11.03   Sheila Echols (USA) 11.05   Michelle Finn (USA) 11.05
200 metres   Dannette Young (USA) 22.64   Pauline Davis (BAH) 22.88   Grace Jackson (JAM) 22.96
400 metres   Ana Fidelia Quirot (CUB) 50.34   Lyudmila Dzhigalova (URS) 51.38   Rochelle Stevens (USA) 51.54
800 metres   Ana Fidelia Quirot (CUB) 1:57.42 GR   Liliya Nurutdinova (URS) 1:57.52   Tatyana Grebenchuk (URS) 1:58.21
1500 metres   Natalya Artyomova (URS) 4:09.48   Yekaterina Podkopayeva (URS) 4:09.91   PattiSue Plumer (USA) 4:10.72
3000 metres   PattiSue Plumer (USA) 8:51.59   Yelena Romanova (URS) 8:51.79   Lynn Jennings (USA) 8:52.34
5000 metres   Yelena Romanova (URS) 15:02.23 GR   Viorica Ghican (ROM) 15:27.77   Sabrina Dornhoefer (USA) 15:38.87
10,000 metres   Wanda Panfil (POL) 32:01.17 GR   Cathy O'Brien (USA) 32:05.40   Olga Nazarkina (URS) 32:05.76
100 metres hurdles   Nataliya Grygoryeva (URS) 12.70   Lyudmila Narozhilenko (URS) 12.88   LaVonna Martin (USA) 12.89
400 metres hurdles   Sandra Farmer-Patrick (USA) 55.16   Schowonda Williams (USA) 55.65   Lyudmila Khodosevich (URS) 57.33
4×100 metres relay   United States (USA)
Carlette Guidry
Sheila Echols
Michelle Finn
Evelyn Ashford
42.46   Soviet Union (URS)
Yelena Bykova
Galina Malchugina
Natalya Kovtun
Irina Sergeyeva
42.67   Jamaica (JAM)
Michelle Freeman
Juliet Campbell
Layphane Carnagie
Ethlyn Tate
4×400 metres relay   Soviet Union (URS) "A"
Yelena Vinogradova
Marina Shmonina
Yelena Ruzina
Lyudmila Dzhigalova
3:23.70   United States (USA)
Natasha Kaiser
Rochelle Stevens
Lillie Leatherwood
Maicel Malone
3:24.53   Soviet Union (URS) "B"
Nadezhda Loboyko
Tatyana Grebenchuk
Nadezhda Olizarenko
Liliya Nurutdinova
Marathon   Zoya Ivanova (URS) 2:34:38   Irina Bogachova (URS) 2:36:25   Ramilya Burangulova (URS) 2:37:41
10,000 m track walk   Nadezhda Ryashkina (URS) 41:56.23 WR GR   Kerry Saxby (AUS) 41:57.22   Beate Anders (GDR) 42:48.51
High jump †   Yelena Yelesina (URS) 2.02 m   Yolanda Henry (USA) 1.92 m   Megumi Sato (JPN) 1.89 m
Long jump   Inessa Kravets (URS) 6.93 m   Larisa Berezhnaya (URS) 6.61 m   Sheila Echols (USA) 6.51 m
Shot put   Natalya Lisovskaya (URS) 20.60 m   Huang Zhihong (CHN) 20.50 m   Belsis Laza (CUB) 18.98 m
Discus throw   Ilke Wyludda (GDR) 68.08 m   Irina Yatchenko (URS) 67.04 m   Olga Burova (URS) 65.46 m
Javelin throw   Natalya Shikolenko (URS) 61.62 m   Tatyana Shikolenko (URS) 59.06 m   Karin Smith (USA) 58.94 m
Heptathlon ††   Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) 6783 pts   Svetlana Zinina (URS) 6128 pts   Gea Johnson (USA) 5963 pts
  • † = Tamara Bykova of the Soviet Union initially won the high jump silver medal with a jump of 1.92 m, but was later disqualified for ephedrine usage
  • †† = Larisa Nikitina of the Soviet Union initially won the heptathlon silver medal with 6236 points, but was later disqualified after testing positive for banned amphetamines

Medal tableEdit

Michael Johnson took the 200 m gold for the United States
Ilke Wyludda won East Germany's only gold in the women's discus.

  *   Host nation (United States)

1  United States*20161854
2  Soviet Union14161343
3  Cuba3227
4  Jamaica1124
5  East Germany1023
6  Canada1012
7  Mexico1001
10  Ethiopia0202
11  Brazil0112
13  Australia0101
17  Japan0022
18  Ireland0011
Totals (18 nations)434343129



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