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Athletics at the 1998 Goodwill Games

At the 1998 Goodwill Games, the athletics events were held at the Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale, New York, United States from 19 to 22 July. The programme consisted of 44 track and field events, of which 22 were contested by male athletes and 22 by female athletes. With the introduction of the women's hammer throw and mile run, the men's and women's programmes achieved equivalent parity for the first time. The United States topped the athletics medal table for a third consecutive edition winning 17 gold medals and 55 medals in total. Russia were the next best performing nation, with 11 golds and 21 medals. Kenya, Cuba and Jamaica rounded out the top-five countries.

Athletics at the 1998 Goodwill Games
Mitchel Athletic Complex.jpg
The athletics events were held at the Mitchel Athletic Complex
Host cityUniondale, New York, United States United States
Date(s)19 – 22 July 1998
Main stadiumMitchel Athletic Complex
Participation354 athletes from
38 nations
Records set1 world record
16 Games records

As in previous editions, the competition was by invitation only and events were contested in a single final format.[1] Significant prize money was available to athletes, with some event winners receiving US$40,000,[2] and world record breaking performances were worth $120,000. One world record was broken at the competition – an American team comprising Jerome Young, Antonio Pettigrew, Tyree Washington and Michael Johnson improved the 4×400 metres relay record.[3] Sixteen Goodwill Games records were set over the course of the four-day competition. Athletes from the USA filled the podium in five separate events: the women's heptathlon and the men's 400 m, 110 metres hurdles, 400 metres hurdles and shot put.

Marion Jones won the women's 100 metres and 200 metres in Games record time, beating Zhanna Pintusevich on both occasions. Jackie Joyner-Kersee won a fourth consecutive heptathlon title at the Goodwill Games in what was the last competitive outing of her career. Jearl Miles Clark took two silver medals in the 400 metres and 800 metres. Tyree Washington won 200 and 400 m silvers before breaking the world record in the relay. Dan O'Brien, completing his first decathlon since his 1996 Olympic gold, won the event with a games record score.[4]


Name Event Country Record Type
Jerome Young
Antonio Pettigrew
Tyree Washington
Michael Johnson
4×400 metres relay   United States 2:54.20 WR
Key:0000WR — World record  • AR — Area record  • GR — Games record  • NR — National record

Note: The IAAF announced on 12 August 2008 that they had rescinded this record after Antonio Pettigrew admitted to using human growth hormone and EPO between 1997 and 2003.[5] Jerome Young tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2004.[6]

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see Athletics at the 1998 Goodwill Games – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Maurice Greene (USA) 9.96   Ato Boldon (TRI) 10.00   Brian Lewis (USA) 10.25
200 metres   Ato Boldon (TRI) 20.15   Tyree Washington (USA) 20.29   Claudinei da Silva (BRA) 20.81
400 metres   Michael Johnson (USA) 43.76 GR   Tyree Washington (USA) 44.43   Antonio Pettigrew (USA) 44.78
800 metres   Patrick Ndururi (KEN) 1:45.30   Norberto Téllez (CUB) 1:45.92   David Kiptoo (KEN) 1:46.05
One mile   Noureddine Morceli (ALG) 3:53.39   William Tanui (KEN) 3:54.05   Daniel Komen (KEN) 3:54.78
5000 metres   Luke Kipkosgei (KEN) 13:20.27   Khalid Boulami (MAR) 13:20.66   Tom Nyariki (KEN) 13:23.34
10,000 metres   Julius Gitahi (KEN) 27:49.26   Simon Maina (KEN) 27:49.65   James Koskei (KEN) 28:51.02
110 metres hurdles   Mark Crear (USA) 13.06 GR   Allen Johnson (USA) 13.10   Reggie Torian (USA) 13.16
400 metres hurdles   Bryan Bronson (USA) 47.15 GR   Angelo Taylor (USA) 47.92   Joey Woody (USA) 48.59
3000 metres steeplechase   Bernard Barmasai (KEN) 8:14.26 GR   John Kosgei (KEN) 8:18.04   Brahim Boulami (MAR) 8:20.00
4×100 metres relay   United States (USA)
Jon Drummond
Tim Harden
Dennis Mitchell
Maurice Greene
37.90 GR   Canada (CAN)
Brad McCuaig
Glenroy Gilbert
Bruny Surin
Donovan Bailey
38.23   Cuba (CUB)
Alfredo García-Baró
Misael Ortiz
Luis Pérez
Anier García
4×400 metres relay   United States (USA)
Jerome Young
Antonio Pettigrew
Tyree Washington
Michael Johnson
2:54.20 GR WR   Poland (POL)
Piotr Rysiukiewicz
Tomasz Czubak
Piotr Haczek
Robert Maćkowiak
2:58.00 NR   Jamaica (JAM)
Gregory Haughton
Michael McDonald
Michael Blackwood
Davian Clarke
20,000 m track walk   Ilya Markov (RUS) 1:23:29.7   Daniel García (MEX) 1:25:52.3   Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:29:18.4
High jump   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.33 m   Charles Austin (USA) 2.33 m   Brian Brown (USA) 2.29 m
Pole vault   Jeff Hartwig (USA) 6.01 m GR=   Jean Galfione (FRA) 5.80 m   Pat Manson (USA) 5.70 m
Long jump   Iván Pedroso (CUB) 8.54 m   Erick Walder (USA) 8.38 m   James Beckford (JAM) 8.34 m
Triple jump   Jonathan Edwards (GBR) 17.65 m   Yoelbi Quesada (CUB) 17.27 m   LaMark Carter (USA) 17.07 m
Shot put   John Godina (USA) 21.45 m   C.J. Hunter (USA) 20.79 m   Adam Nelson (USA) 20.39 m
Discus throw   Dmitriy Shevchenko (RUS) 64.81 m   Andy Bloom (USA) 63.97 m   John Godina (USA) 62.84 m
Hammer throw   Vasiliy Sidorenko (RUS) 80.89 m   Lance Deal (USA) 78.13 m   Ilya Konovalov (RUS) 77.10 m
Javelin throw   Sergey Makarov (RUS) 84.11 m   Tom Pukstys (USA) 79.86 m   Andrew Currey (AUS) 78.50 m
Decathlon   Dan O'Brien (USA) 8755 pts GR   Chris Huffins (USA) 8576 pts   Tomáš Dvořák (CZE) 8428 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Marion Jones (USA) 10.90 GR   Zhanna Pintusevich (UKR) 11.09   Inger Miller (USA) 11.18
200 metres   Marion Jones (USA) 21.80 GR   Zhanna Pintusevich (UKR) 22.46   Beverly McDonald (JAM) 22.67
400 metres   Falilat Ogunkoya (NGR) 49.89 GR   Jearl Miles Clark (USA) 50.43   Sandie Richards (JAM) 50.98
800 metres   Maria Mutola (MOZ) 1:58.83   Jearl Miles Clark (USA) 1:59.08   Joetta Clark (USA) 2:00.02
One mile   Svetlana Masterkova (RUS) 4:20.39 GR   Regina Jacobs (USA) 4:20.93   Suzy Favor-Hamilton (USA) 4:22.93
5000 metres   Olga Yegorova (RUS) 15:53.05   Libbie Hickman (USA) 15:54.93   Lyubov Kremlyova (RUS) 16:00.20
10,000 metres   Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 32:15.44   Sally Barsosio (KEN) 32:50.16   Dong Yanmei (CHN) 32:59.85
100 metres hurdles   Angie Vaughn (USA) 12.72   Gillian Russell (JAM) 12.78   Michelle Freeman (JAM) 12.85
400 metres hurdles   Deon Hemmings (USA) 54.20   Debbie-Ann Parris (JAM) 54.49   Kim Batten (USA) 54.62
3000 metres steeplechase   Svetlana Rogova (RUS) 9:57.62   Daniela Petrescu (ROM) 9:58.28   Lesley Lehane (USA) 10:08.29
4×100 metres relay   United States (USA)
Cheryl Taplin
Chryste Gaines
Angie Vaughn
Carlette Guidry
42.06 GR   Bahamas (BAH)
Savatheda Fynes
Chandra Sturrup
Debbie Ferguson
Pauline Davis
42.19   Russia (RUS)
Yekaterina Leshcheva
Galina Malchugina
Natalya Voronova
Oksana Ekk
4×400 metres relay   Jamaica (JAM)
Charmaine Howell
Sandie Richards
Tracey Barnes
Deon Hemmings
3:24.76   United States (USA)
Toya Brown
Rochelle Stevens
Monique Hennagan
Kim Graham
3:24.81   Russia (RUS)
Tatyana Chebykina
Tatyana Sautkina
Yekaterina Bakhvalova
Irina Rosikhina
10,000 m track walk   Yelena Nikolayeva (RUS) 43:51.97   Nadezhda Ryashkina (RUS) 44:25.99   Joanne Dow (USA) 45:36.92
High jump   Tisha Waller (USA) 1.97 m   Amy Acuff (USA)
  Yuliya Lyakhova (RUS)
1.93 m Not awarded
Pole vault   Yelena Belyakova (RUS) 4.38 m GR   Emma George (AUS) 4.30 m   Vala Flosadóttir (ISL) 4.20 m
Long jump   Shana Williams (USA) 6.93 m (w)   Lyudmila Galkina (RUS) 6.85 m (w)   Niki Xanthou (GRE) 6.84 m (w)
Triple jump   Šárka Kašpárková (CZE) 14.76 m GR   Tatyana Lebedeva (RUS) 14.14 m   Tiombé Hurd (USA) 13.63 m
Shot put   Irina Korzhanenko (RUS) 19.94 m   Connie Price-Smith (USA) 19.46 m   Valentina Fedyushina (RUS) 19.07 m
Discus throw   Natalya Sadova (RUS) 65.80 m   Ilke Wyludda (GER) 63.03 m   Kris Kuehl (USA) 61.84 m
Hammer throw   Mihaela Melinte (ROM) 72.64 m GR   Olga Kuzenkova (RUS) 70.98 m   Amy Palmer (USA) 66.33 m
Javelin throw   Joanna Stone (AUS) 66.29 m   Isel López (CUB) 63.72 m   Sonia Bisset (CUB) 62.64 m
Heptathlon   Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) 6502 pts   DeDee Nathan (USA) 6479 pts   Kelly Blair-LaBounty (USA) 6465 pts

Medal tableEdit

Michael Johnson set records to win the 400 m and relay.
Marion Jones broke two Games records to win the 100 m and 200 ;m golds.
Kenyan Tegla Loroupe retained her 10,000 m title.

  *   Host nation (United States)

1  United States*17191955
2  Russia115521
3  Kenya54413
4  Cuba2327
5  Jamaica1258
6  Australia1113
7  Romania1102
  Trinidad and Tobago1102
9  Czech Republic1012
10  Algeria1001
  Great Britain1001
14  Ukraine0202
15  Morocco0112
16  Bahamas0101
22  Brazil0011
Totals (26 nations)444543132



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