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Asian Highway 46 (AH46) is a route of the Asian Highway Network within India, from Kharagpur in West Bengal to Dhule in Maharashtra.[1] The route is part of old National Highway 6. [2]


Asian Highway 46
Route information
Length1,514 km (941 mi)
Major junctions
East endKharagpur, West Bengal
West endDhule, Maharashtra
Highway system
Asian Highway Network

This highway connects Dhule-Jalgaon-Akola-Amravati-Nagpur-Bhandara-Durg-Bhilai-Raipur-Saraipali-Bargarh-Sambalpur (Odisha)- Debagarh - Kendujhar-Baharagora (Jharkhand)-Kharagpur (West Bengal). [1]


Route in IndiaEdit

Length of AH46 is 1514 km. Various cities and towns in the Indian states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra lie on AH46 as follows:[1]

Constituent highwaysEdit

AH46 is located entirely within India. National highways have been renumbered since 2010.[3]

New numbered highwaysEdit

Old numbersEdit

Under old numbers, AH46 was part of old NH6 India.


  near Kharagpur, starting point.
  near Nagpur.
  near Dhule, end point.


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