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Malkapur, Buldhana district

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Malkapur is the largest city and a municipal council in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, India. It is a major industrial and educational center in Buldhana district.

Tehsil chowk or Karanja chowk in Malkapur.
Tehsil chowk or Karanja chowk in Malkapur.
Vidarbhache Praveshdwar
Malkapur is located in Maharashtra
Coordinates: 20°53′06″N 76°12′00″E / 20.885°N 76.2°E / 20.885; 76.2Coordinates: 20°53′06″N 76°12′00″E / 20.885°N 76.2°E / 20.885; 76.2
 • Total22.50 km2 (8.69 sq mi)
255 m (837 ft)
 • Total110,794
 • Density230/km2 (600/sq mi)
 • OfficialMarathi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code07267
Vehicle registrationMH 28
Sex ratio0.9333 /



Prince Mohammad Malik Khan founded the town of Malkapur around the 13th century, and named it after his daughter, Princess Malika. The town gained its independence from the Bahamani Sultanate in 1399.[2] Malkapur is mentioned in Ain-i-Akbari as the headquarters of a paragana in the sarkar of Narnala. However, the story is improbable as no known record exists of any journey in this direction by Miran Ghani Adil Khan, a Faruqi prince of the period.[citation needed]

In 1761, the town was rich enough to pay Rs. 60,000 to the army of Raghunathrao, who later became a ruling Peshwa from 1773-1774, for exemption from plunder. The Nizams used to keep a force of about 20,000 men in this frontier district of their dominions. Daulatrav Shinde and Raghuji Bhosle were encamped near Malkapur when the British envoy Colonel Collins, after presenting General Lord Wellesley's ultimatum, quit Shinde's camp in 1803.[citation needed]

According to the Sarvajanik Granthalay (Public Library) of Malkapur, the great freedom fighter of India, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, made his last speech at a public meeting arranged in front of this library in the early 1940s. Bose was arrested and imprisoned in his house after this event.


According to the 2011 census,[3] Malkapur has a population of 110,794. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Malkapur has an average literacy rate of 76%, higher than the national average of 59.5%. The male literacy is 75% and female literacy is 63%. In Malkapur, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Malkapur is one of the biggest producers of cotton. It is the most important crop in this region.
Banana plantation with drip irrigation in Harsoda, Malkapur Tehsil

Malkapur is one of the largest cotton producers in the area. In the British era, it was known as the "White gold of Vidarbha". Malkapur has a vast paper industry and the primary paper suppliers to Mumbai are in Malkapur. Malkapur has many Dal mills, and a major agricultural industry specializing in Mahyco and Ankur seeds, chemical plants, and a fruit ripening chamber. Malkapur is a well-known grain and cloth market due to its proximity to Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the major producer of red chillies.


Malkapur is located on the Hajira - Kolkata National Highway 6, which is a part of the Asian Highway 46 from Kharagpur to Dhule.Malkapur railway station lies on the Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line.[4] Malkapur bus station is on Buldhana road. A boat facility is also available at Nalganga river.



The Chalis Bigha area of Malkapur has a couple of health facilities such as the 50-bedded sub-district hospital with OPD and in-patient services.Besides Sub District Hospital Chalisbigha also has many other hospitals like Manas Hospital, Kolte Hospital,Chopde Accident Hospital,Borle Hospital,Sanjivani Hospital,Narkhede Hospital,Dr Zawar's Clinic,Aishwarya Eye hospital,Sparsh Skin care clinic and maymore.


The tehsil consists of 64 villages, as enumerated below:

  1. Dudhalgaon Kh.
  2. Waghola
  3. Chinchol
  4. Hingana Nagapur
  5. Narvel
  6. Mhaiswadi
  7. Chikhali
  8. Rantham
  9. Bhangura
  10. Tighra Pr. Malkapur
  11. Rangaon
  12. Wiwara
  13. Dasarkhed
  14. Talaswada
  15. Tandulwadi Pr. Malkapur
  16. Telkhed
  17. Zodga
  18. Harsoda
  19. Shivni
  20. Nimboli
  21. Dharangaon
  22. Anurabad
  23. Wadoda
  24. Panhera Pr. Malkapur
  25. Kund Bk.
  26. Kund Kh.
  27. Malkapur
  28. Khokodi
  29. Nimbari
  30. Wakodi
  31. Gadegaon
  32. Khaparkhed
  33. Bahapura
  34. Gorad
  35. Deodhaba
  36. Bhalegaon
  37. Hingana Kazi
  38. Khadki
  39. Pimpalkhunta (Mahadeo)
  40. Khamkhed Pr. Malkapur
  41. Wajirabad
  42. Jambhuldhaba
  43. Gaulkhed
  44. Chinchkhed Bk.
  45. Harankhed
  46. Wadji
  47. Aland
  48. Dudhalgaon Bk.
  49. Lonwadi Phakir. Malkapur
  50. Balad Pr. Malkapur
  51. Waghud
  52. Ghirni
  53. Makner
  54. Datala
  55. Siradhon
  56. Morkhed Kh.
  57. Morkhed Bk.
  58. Umali
  59. Bhadgani
  60. Nimkhed Pr. Vadner
  61. Pimpalkhuta Pr. Vadner
  62. Lasura
  63. Warkhed
  64. Sawali


Malkapur has many reputed education institutes in every field. Malkapur has a pharmacy college situated on Buldana Road by name Dr Rajendra Gode College of Pharmacy.It has an engineering college established by Padamashri Dr V B Kolte. Malkapur has graduation college in the field of Arts,Commerce and science and Janta Kala Vanijya Mahvidyalaya is one of the most renowned college in the area.Many premium schools are also situated in the town like Madhubhau Saoji Memorial English School earlier known as National Convent,School of Scholars,Yashodham Public School,Gurukul Public School,L B Chandak Vidyalaya and G V Mahajan vidyalaya run by RSS.Other notable schools in the area is Nutan Vidyalaya and Prathmic Marathi Aamchi Shala


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