2000 Romanian general election

General elections were held in Romania on 26 November 2000, with a second round of the presidential election on 10 December.[3] Former president Ion Iliescu of the Social Democracy Party of Romania (PDSR) was re-elected in the run-off, whilst the PDSR, as part of the Social Democratic Pole of Romania (PDSR), emerged as the largest party in Parliament, winning 155 of the 345 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 65 of the 140 seats in the Senate. The 2000 Romanian presidential election was the fourth of its kind held in post-1989 Romania.

2000 Romanian general election

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Presidential election
26 November 2000 (first round)
10 December 2000 (second round)
Turnout65.31% (first round)
57.50% (second round)
Nominee Ion Iliescu Corneliu Vadim Tudor
Popular vote 6,696,623 3,324,247
Percentage 66.83% 33.17%

President before election

Emil Constantinescu

Elected President

Ion Iliescu

Parliamentary election
26 November 2000

All 140 seats in the Senate
All 345 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
Party Leader % Seats +/–
Chamber of Deputies
PDSR Ion Iliescu 36.61 155 +64
PRM Corneliu Vadim Tudor 19.48 84 +65
PD Petre Roman 7.03 31 −12
PNL Mircea Ionescu-Quintus 6.89 30 −3
UDMR Béla Markó 6.80 27 +2
Minority parties Varujan Pambuccian[a] 2.57 18 +3
PDSR Ion Iliescu 37.09 65 +24
PRM Corneliu Vadim Tudor 21.01 37 +29
PD Petre Roman 7.58 13 −9
PNL Mircea Ionescu-Quintus 7.48 13 −11
UDMR Béla Markó 6.90 12 +1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Results for the Chamber of Deputies and Senate
Prime Minister before Prime Minister-designate
Mugur Isărescu
Adrian Năstase

Presidential candidates

Name Lifespan Public administration experience Affiliation and endorsements Alma mater and profession
Ion Iliescu
Born: 3 March 1930
(age 70)
Oltenița, Călărași County
Senator (1996–election day)
President of Romania (1989–1996)
President of Water Surfaces Management Council (1979–1984)
Member of the State Council (full member: 1979–1980, observative: 1974–1979)
President of Iași County Council (1974–1979)
Vice-President of Timiș County Council (1971–1974)
Minister of Youth (1967–1971)
Deputy (1957–1961, 1965–1973, 1975–1985)
Former presidential elections:
1996: 32.3% (1st place, 1st round), 45.6% (2nd place, 2nd round)
1992: 47.2% (1st place, 1st round), 61.4% (winner, 2nd round)
1990: 85.1% (winner)
Affiliation: PDSR
Alliance members: PDSR, PSDR, and PUR
Energy Institute, Moscow State University (1954)

fluid mechanics engineer,
publishing house manager
Corneliu Vadim Tudor
Born: 28 November 1949
(age 51)
Died: 14 September 2015, Bucharest
Senator (1992–election day)

Former presidential election:
1996: 4.7% (5th place, 1st round)
Affiliation: PRM Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest (1971)

journalist, writer
Theodor Stolojan
Born: 24 October 1943
(age 57)
Târgoviște, Dâmbovița County
Prime Minister of Romania (1991–1992)
Minister of Finances (1990–1991)
Deputy Minister of Finances (1989–1990)
Director of Department of International Relations and Financial Relations with the Ministry of Finances and General Inspector of the Department of State Revenues (1988–1989)
Director of the State Budget Accounting Department with the Ministry of Finances (1978–1982)
Affiliation: PNL Faculty of Finances and Accontancy, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (1966)

financier, accountant
Mugur Isărescu
Born: 1 August 1949
(age 51)
Drăgășani, Vâlcea County
Prime Minister of Romania (1999–election day)
Governor of the National Bank of Romania (1990–1999)
Commercial Attache with the Romanian Embassy in USA (1990)
Affiliation: none
Endorsed by: CDR 2000
Faculty of Foreign Trade, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (1971)

financier, banker
György Frunda
Born: 22 July 1951
(age 49)
Târgu Mureș, Mureș County
Senator (1992–election day)

Former presidential election:
1996: 6.0% (4th place, 1st round)
Affiliation: UDMR Faculty of Law, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (1974)

Petre Roman
Born: 22 July 1946
(age 54)
Minister of Foreign Affairs (1999–election day)
Senator (1996–election day)
President of the Senate of Romania (1996–1999)
Deputy (1990–1996)
Prime Minister of Romania (1989–1991)

Former presidential election:
1996: 20.5% (3rd place, 1st round)
Affiliation: PD Faculty of Energy, Politehnica University of Bucharest (1968)

hydroelectric powerplant engineer
Teodor Meleșcanu
Born: 10 March 1941
(age 59)
Brad, Hunedoara County
Senator (1996–election day)
Minister of Foreign Affairs (1992–1996)
Undesecretary of State with the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1990–1992)
Affiliation: ApR Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, (1964)
Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Geneva (1968)

jurist, diplomat
Eduard Manole
Born: 21 March 1964
(age 36)
Constanța, Constanța County
Affiliation: none Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest (unknown year)

Graziela Bârlă
unknown birthdate
unknown birthplace
Affiliation: none Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest (1968)

Paul Lambrino
Born: 13 August 1948
(age 52)
Paris, France
Affiliation: Party of National Reconciliation Millfield College (1968)

art dealer
Ion Sasu
Born: 5 March 1944
(age 56)
Cugir, Alba County
Affiliation: PSM Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest (1968)

Niculae Cerveni
Born: 19 March 1926
(age 74)
Cervenia, Teleorman County
Died: 16 January 2004, Bucharest
Senator (1996–election day)
Deputy (1992–1996)
Affiliation: Romanian Liberal Democratic Party Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest (1974)





Presidential election - First round
Presidential election - Second round

In the second round, Theodor Stolojan, Mugur Isărescu, György Frunda, and Petre Roman positioned against Corneliu Vadim Tudor, without openly endorsing Ion Iliescu.

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Ion IliescuSocial Democratic Pole of Romania4,076,27336.356,696,62366.83
Corneliu Vadim TudorGreater Romania Party3,178,29328.343,324,24733.17
Theodor StolojanNational Liberal Party1,321,42011.78
Mugur IsărescuRomanian Democratic Convention1,069,4639.54
György FrundaDemocratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania696,9896.22
Petre RomanDemocratic Party334,8522.99
Teodor MeleșcanuAlliance for Romania214,6421.91
Eduard Gheorghe ManoleIndependent133,9911.19
Graziela-Elena BârlăIndependent61,4550.55
Prince Paul of RomaniaParty of National Reconciliation55,2380.49
Ion SasuSocialist Party of Labour38,3750.34
Niculae CerveniRomanian Liberal Democratic Party31,9830.29
Valid votes11,212,97497.0010,020,87098.39
Invalid/blank votes346,4843.00163,8451.61
Total votes11,559,458100.0010,184,715100.00
Registered voters/turnout17,699,72765.3117,711,75757.50
Source: Nohlen & Stöver





The alliance named Social Democratic Pole of Romania was formed by PDSR, PSDR (2 senators), and PUR (4 senator). On 16 June 2001, PDSR and PSDR merged, forming the present-day PSD.

Social Democratic Pole of Romania4,040,21237.0965+24
Greater Romania Party2,288,48321.0137+29
Democratic Party825,4377.5813
National Liberal Party814,3817.4813
Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania751,3106.9012+1
Romanian Democratic Convention575,7065.290–53
Alliance for Romania465,5354.270New
Romanian National Unity Party154,7611.420–7
National Liberal Party–Câmpeanu133,0181.220New
Ecologist Party of Romania108,3700.990New
Socialist Party of Labour96,6360.8900
Party of Pensioners of Romania86,4010.7900
Romanian Working Party81,7560.7500
Romanian Liberal Democratic Party61,2340.560New
National Peasant Party55,9700.5100
Party of Romanian Life54,6340.500New
National Democratic Christian Party45,2520.4200
Party of National Reconciliation31,8240.290New
Free Republican Socialist Democratic Party30,9100.280New
New Generation Party27,5760.250New
Democratic Party of Pensioners in Romania and the Diaspora24,3460.220New
Social Democratic Party "Constantin Titel Petrescu"20,4260.190New
Generation 200018,9980.170New
Party of Non-Communists18,8790.170New
Party for the Motherland18,4030.1700
Socialist Party of Romania12,9610.1200
Republican Party12,0940.1100
Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tatars9,2260.0800
Liberal Union–Brătianu7,3730.070New
Popular Union for Justice Party5,7470.050New
Christian Democratic Union4,0160.0400
Party of the Romanian Revolution2,1460.0200
Christian Centre of the Roma in Romania2,0450.020New
Party of Private Entrepreneurs–Social Democratic Party1,5750.0100
Hungarian Free Democrat Party in Romania4980.0000
International League of the Romanians–Bucharest3430.000New
Valid votes10,891,91094.23
Invalid/blank votes667,5485.77
Total votes11,559,458100.00
Registered voters/turnout17,699,72765.31
Source: Nohlen & Stöver, University of Essex

Chamber of Deputies


The Social Democratic Pole of Romania included the PDSR, PSDR (10 deputies), and PUR (6 deputies). On 16 June 2001, PDSR and PSDR merged, forming the present-day PSD.

Social Democratic Pole of Romania3,968,46436.61155+64
Greater Romania Party2,112,02719.4884+65
Democratic Party762,3657.0331
National Liberal Party747,2636.8930
Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania736,8636.8027+2
Romanian Democratic Convention546,1355.040–122
Alliance for Romania441,2284.070New
National Liberal Party–Câmpeanu151,5181.400New
Romanian National Unity Party149,5251.380–18
Ecologist Party of Romania101,2560.930New
Socialist Party of Labour91,0270.8400
Party of Pensioners of Romania76,7040.7100
Party of the Roma71,7860.6610
Romanian Working Party68,7180.6300
Romanian Liberal Democratic Party52,4970.480New
National Peasant Party48,4350.4500
Party of Romanian Life46,1290.430New
Democratic Forum of Germans40,8440.3810
National Democratic Christian Party33,4100.3100
Free Republican Socialist Democratic Party32,8110.300New
Party of National Reconciliation22,3760.210New
Union of Armenians of Romania21,3020.2010
Italian Community of Romania21,2630.2010
Democratic Party of Pensioners in Romania and the Diaspora21,0620.190New
Bulgarian Union of Banat–Romania20,0850.191+1
New Generation Party19,6620.180New
Social Democratic Party "Constantin Titel Petrescu"17,7300.160New
Party for the Motherland16,9910.1600
League of Italian Communities in Romania16,2660.150New
Hellenic Union of Romania15,0070.1410
Party of Non-Communists14,1970.130New
Generation 200013,4550.1200
Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania12,6290.1210
Christian Centre of the Roma in Romania12,1710.110New
Romanian Socialist Party11,9160.1100
Community of the Lipovan Russians in Romania11,5580.1110
Union of Croats of Romania11,0840.101+1
Republican Party10,8400.1000
League of Albanians of Romania10,5430.101New
Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tatars10,3800.1010
Union of the Ukrainians of Romania9,4040.0910
Association of Macedonians of Romania8,8090.081New
Union of Serbs of Romania8,7480.0810
Bulgarian Cultural Association of Romania8,0920.070New
Cultural Union of Albanians of Romania7,7980.070–1
Cultural Union of Ruthenians of Romania6,9420.061New
Democratic Turkish Union of Romania6,6750.0610
Bratstvo Community of Bulgarians in Romania5,9230.050–1
Democratic Union of Ukrainians in Romania5,8430.0500
Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs of Romania5,6860.0510
Union of Poles of Romania5,0550.0510
Turkish Community of Romania3,9530.040New
Liberal Union–Brătianu3,7600.0300
Hungarian Free Democrat Party of Romania3,5100.0300
Popular Union for Justice Party3,5060.030New
Christian Democratic Union3,3160.0300
Hellenic Community Iasi2,0720.020New
Democratic Union of Croats in Romania2,0590.020New
Prahova Hellenic Community1,9920.0200
Party of the Romanian Revolution1,6230.0100
Union of Poles of Romania 'Dom Polski'1,6190.0100
Union of the Czechs of Romania1,5390.010New
Democratic League of the Croats in Romania1,3290.010New
General Union of the Hutul Ethnicity in Romania1,2250.0100
International League of the Romanians–Bucharest5160.000New
Union of Pavlicheni Bulgarians in Romania4970.000New
Hellenic Union ELPIS Constanta4490.000New
Party of Private Entrepreneurs–Social Democratic Party4010.0000
Valid votes10,839,42493.77
Invalid/blank votes720,0346.23
Total votes11,559,458100.00
Registered voters/turnout17,699,72765.31
Source: Nohlen & Stöver, University of Essex


  1. ^ Pambuccian has been the parliamentary leader of the national minorities' group since 1996 onwards.
  2. ^ Isărescu could have also been perceived as a technocratic PM, yet somewhat affiliated with the CDR, officially only for the presidential campaign.
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