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I was born in Malang, East Java, on April 23, 1998. I have many hobbies. First, I like some sports. I like soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and many more so much. In my spare time, I like to spend to playing computer with listening song and the second, watching TV with sports. And my other hobbies is collecting photos, bios, and results about Scripps National Spelling Bee. I very like spelling and sometimes I trying to report a round. In school, I have in 5th grade and will going to the 6th grade. So exciting moment! My exciting moment is going to the semifinals of 2006 EF Spelling Bee but regional .... I have many ambition. I'm thinking which ambition is my best. And for me, my ambition is to be sports commentator, sports journalist, and sports analyst.

On vacation, I like going to Jakarta and I like to turn around that and see ... which monument is the best ... because that city is so big! And did you know, Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Wow, this largest city is so amazing! I never wait for holiday and going to Jakarta. I like to play in [1] because I like collecting so much point and reach the first place in that game. So exciting game! But sorry ... I insulted with how many people in that game. In my home, I have 3 cars. My best car if not that cars are : Ferrari, Espass, Lamborghini Gallardo, and many more. I like some cars

Now, my first ambition in this year is winning the regional spelling bee and advance to the national spelling bee in Jakarta. It's so exciting moment as I have to prepare it in maybe 2 months. So long! I never forget this bio. And next, I like some racing. I like MotoGP, Formula 1, GP2 Asia Series, and many more. That championship so exciting! So, maybe this year is my best year. I have many favorites of this website article. And maybe I save it out!

I like more sports. First, I like soccer, and second, I like tennis, and many many more. I like sports all the time! I'm interested to learn National Anthems because that's interesting, and I like Eurovision Song Contest because the contest is tight and interested me. I like lots of team in the soccer because some of them were inspiring me, especially English and Italian teams, their playing style make me favorite some of their teams.

This is the end of my bio, so, don't forget to look my bio! Maybe I will to continue this bio.
Don't forget me, OK!

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soccer / football ESPN Science
tennis Star Sports Social Education
basketball Eurosport Physical Education
baseball Sky Sports Science
etc etc etc

Languages that I speak : English, a little Swedish, a little (most) Spanish, Indonesian (first language of my country), Javanese (culture language), a little bit Croatian, a little bit Nordic, and I know some Hebrew songs but I can't speak this language, only know a little, Chinese but a little too, Dutch with a little.

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