Tennessee State Route 112

State Route 112 (SR 112) is a west-east state highway in Middle Tennessee. The state route runs concurrently with US 41A for its entire course as it is a secret, or hidden, designation since US 41A was first designated onto the roadway.

State Route 112 primary markerState Route 112 secondary marker

State Route 112
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length41.85 mi (67.35 km)
Major junctions
West end
US 41A Byp. / US 41A / US 79 / SR 12 / SR 13 / SR 76 at Clarksville
  SR 48 in Downtown Clarksville
SR 374 Clarksville
SR 76 in Clarksville
SR 49 at Pleasant View
SR 155 (Briley Parkway) exit 21 in Nashville
East end US 41A / SR 12 at Bordeaux, Nashville
CountiesMontgomery, Cheatham, Robertson, Davidson
Highway system
SR 111SR 113

Specifically, it traverses portions of Montgomery, Cheatham, Robertson, Davidson Counties in northern middle Tennessee.[1][2]

Route descriptionEdit

SR 112 is the older of two roadways with a direct route from Clarksville to Nashville, the other being I-24, although parent route SR 12 also provides a path between the two cities via Ashland City.

SR 112 begins in downtown Clarksville while meeting with various routes such as US 79, SR 76, SR 13 and SR 48. It then meets the 101st Airborne Parkway (SR 374) at that route’s eastern end before crossing SR 76 once again before leaving town. SR 112 between SR 374 and SR 76 is the only portion of SR 112 that is considered to be a primary route.[3]

After exiting the city of Clarksville and Montgomery County, it closely follows I-24 and straddles the Cheatham-Robertson County line. Most of the route along the line is in Cheatham County, although a small piece of roadway is technically in Robertson County. It then intersects SR 49 at Pleasant View.[4]

It then enters Davidson County, the Metro Nashville area, where it goes through some rural areas until reaching exit 21 of the Briley Parkway (SR 155). SR 112’s eastern terminus is at the intersection of US 41A and SR 12 at Bordeaux. SR 12 continues as a hidden designation with US 41A into downtown Nashville.[5][6]

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