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U.S. Route 64 in Tennessee

In Tennessee, U.S. Route 64 (US 64) stretches from the Mississippi River (Arkansas state line) in Memphis to the North Carolina state line near Ducktown. The highway, along with US 72, is a major route for travel between Memphis and Chattanooga.

U.S. Route 64 marker

U.S. Route 64
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length379.52 mi (610.78 km)
Existed1926[citation needed]–present
Major junctions
West end I-55 / US 61 / US 64 / US 70 / US 79 at Arkansas state line in Memphis
  I-55 in Memphis

I-240 in Memphis
I-40 in Memphis
I-269 in Eads
US 45 in Selmer
I-65 in Frankewing
US 231 / US 431 in Fayetteville
I-24 from Pelham to Kimball
I-24 in Chattanooga

I-75 from Chattanooga to Ooltewah
East end US 64 / US 74 at North Carolina state line near Ducktown
CountiesShelby, Fayette, Hardeman, McNairy, Hardin, Wayne, Lawrence, Giles, Lincoln, Franklin, Coffee, Grundy, Marion, Hamilton, Bradley, Polk
Highway system
SR 63SR 64

Route descriptionEdit

Map showing the route of US 64 in downtown Memphis.

US 64 enters Tennessee on the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge in Memphis. The route shares the bridge with Interstate 55 (I-55) and US 61, US 70, and US 79. The route traverses several streets in Memphis before becoming a rural divided highway in eastern Shelby County. The highway runs directly to the east through the county seats of Tennessee's most southern counties including Oakland, Somerville, Whiteville, Bolivar, Selmer, Adamsville, Savannah, Waynesboro, and Lawrenceburg, the largest on the route between Memphis and I-65. The route then interchanges with I-65, and runs through Fayetteville, Winchester, and comes to an interchange with I-24 near Pelham. The route unofficially runs concurrent with I-24 across the Cumberland Plateau, often cited as one of the most hazardous stretches of highway in the United States and splits at exit 152 near Kimball where it then enters Jasper, becoming concurrent with US 41, of which it crosses Nickajack Lake, part of the Tennessee River to Chattanooga. The route then becomes concurrent with US 11 and runs to Cleveland, where it splits and runs along US 74 into Polk County to the North Carolina state line. The section beginning in Cleveland and continuing into North Carolina is part of Corridor K of the Appalachian Development Highway System. The easternmost portion of the highway along the Ocoee River is the Ocoee Scenic Byway, a winding, two-lane road through the Ocoee River gorge.[1] The steep terrain around the highway is subject to rockslides. This is one of the only sections of US 64 in Tennessee that is still two lanes.

Ocoee Scenic Byway

Bypass routeEdit



U.S. Route 64 Bypass
LocationCleveland, Tennessee
Length6.6 mi[2] (10.6 km)

A bypass route exists for the route in Cleveland. The east–west route is part of a beltway around the business district known as APD-40, and stretches from I-75 to a cloverleaf interchange with US 64 and SR 60. SR 60 makes up the remainder of the route. Part of the route is controlled access, and an interchange with US 11/64 is located approximately a mile from the western terminus.


The route between Cleveland and the eastern end of the Ocoee Scenic Byway follows the route of the Old Copper Road, a wagon trail dating back to the 1830s used for transporting copper from the mines in Copperhill to Cleveland and Chattanooga.

The route originally continued westward from downtown Cleveland, crossing the Tennessee River at a ferry in Hamilton County, through Soddy-Daisy and across the Cumberland Plateau, and joined where the concurrency splits from US 41 (now part of Interstate 24) near Pelham. This designation was removed in 1940 after the Chickamauga Dam went into operation, flooding much of the original route, and the route was moved to its present concurrency with US 11 and 41. Much of this original route no longer exists even as county maintained road. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has plans to restore this route with a new four lane highway and toll bridge across the Tennessee River, providing Clevelanders with a more convenient access to Nashville.[3]

The Ocoee Scenic Byway was the first National Forest Scenic Byway in the nation, designated on July 22, 1988 by the United States Forest Service (USFS).[1] TDOT plans to remove the designation of US 64 from the Ocoee Scenic Byway, and build a new four lane route, due to the high volumes of commercial traffic passing through the area. Multiple methods have been proposed, including a route on the south side over the river and existing route, a route over nearby Little Frog Mountain, and a tunnel.[4]

TDOT is currently working to expand the highway to a four-lane divided highway across the state. The majority of this project is complete.[citation needed]

In November 2009, a massive rock slide closed the Ocoee Scenic Byway for several months. This was reportedly the largest rockslide in the area's history.[5]

Junction listEdit

Mississippi River0.00.0      I-55 north / US 61 north / US 64 west / US 70 west / US 79 north – St Louis, MOContinuation west into Arkansas; western terminus of unsigned SR 1; western end of unsigned SR 1 concurrency
  I-55 south – Jackson, MSEastern end of I-55 concurrency; I-55 exits 12A & 12B
1.32.1    US 61 south / SR 14 south (S 3rd Street) / SR 4 east (E.H. Crump Boulevard) – Vicksburg, BrownsvilleEastern end of US 61 concurrency; western end of SR 4/SR 14 concurrency
2.23.5  US 78 east (Doctor M.L.K. Jr Boulevard/SR 278) – Holly SpringsWestern terminus of US 78
   SR 3 north / SR 14 north (N B.B. King Boulevard/N 2nd Street)Western end of SR 3 concurrency; eastern end of SR 14 concurrency
2.94.7    US 51 north / SR 1 east / SR 4 north (Danny Thompson Boulevard) – MillingtonEastern end of SR 4/SR 1 concurrency; western end of US 51 concurrency
  I-240 south – Jackson, MSNo direct access to north(west)bound I-240 nor from south(east)bound I-240 (both signed at Madison Avenue); I-240 exit 30
4.36.9   US 51 south / SR 3 south (S Bellevue Boulevard) – JacksonEastern end of US 51/SR 3 concurrency; western terminus of unsigned SR 23; western end of unsigned SR 23 concurrency
6.410.3   SR 23 east (Union Avenue) / SR 277 south (East Parkway S)Eastern end of unsigned SR 23 concurrency; western end of unsigned SR 277 concurrency
6.911.1   US 72 east / SR 57 east (Poplar Avenue) – ColliervilleWestern terminus of US 72; western end of SR 57 concurrency
7.512.1Sam Cooper Boulevard east to    I-40 / I-240 - NashvilleWestern terminus of Sam Cooper Boulevard
7.712.4   SR 1 west (North Parkway) / SR 57 west (N Trezevant Street)Western end of SR 1 concurrency; eastern end of SR 57 and unsigned SR 277 concurrency; northern terminus of unsigned SR 277
   I-40 west to I-240 west – Little Rock, AR, Jackson, MSNo access to I-40 eastbound; I-40 exit 12A
Bartlett17.728.5    US 70 east / US 79 north (Summer Avenue/SR 1 east) / SR 15 west (Stage Road) – ArlingtonEastern end of US 70/US 79/SR 1 concurrency; western end of unsigned SR 15 concurrency
20.232.5  SR 177 (Germantown Road) – Germantown, Brunswick
  I-40 – Memphis, NashvilleI-40 exit 18
  I-269 (Winfield Dunn Parkway) – Arlington, ColliervilleI-269 exit 15; Memphis outer beltway
28.245.4  SR 205 (Airline Road) – Collierville, Fisherville, Arlington
FayetteHickory Withe32.151.7  SR 196 (Chulahoma Road) – Piperton, Gallaway
Oakland  SR 194 (Church Street) – Macon, Rossville
Somerville  SR 76 (Main Street) – Brownsville, Williston, Moscow
  US 64 Bus. east (West Main Street)
Western terminus of US 64 Bus
  SR 179 west (S Cross Avenue)Eastern terminus of SR 179
  US 64 Bus. west (East Main Street)
Eastern terminus of US 64 Bus
  SR 100 east – Toone, HendersonWestern terminus of SR 100
Bolivar  SR 18 south (Tennessee Street) – Hickory Valley, Grand JunctionWestern terminus of SR 18 concurrency
   SR 18 north / SR 125 (Main Street) – Middleton, TooneEastern terminus of SR 18 concurrency
McNairy  SR 225 north (Woodville Road)Southern terminus of SR 225
   US 45 north (Marcus J. Wright Memorial Highway/SR 5) / US 64 Bus. east (W Cherry Avenue/SR 15) – Henderson, Bethel Springs, Downtown
Interchange; western terminus of US 45 concurrency; western terminus of US 64 Bus
   US 45 south (Marcus J. Wright Memorial Highway/SR 5) / US 64 Bus. west (W Cherry Avenue/SR 15) – Eastview, Corinth, Downtown
Eastern terminus of US 45 concurrency; Eastern terminus of US 64 Bus
Airport Road    – Robert Sibley Airport
  SR 224 south (Gilchrist Stantonville Road) – Stantonville, MichieWestern end of SR 224 concurrency
  SR 224 north (Leapwood Enville Road) – EnvilleEastern end of SR 224 concurrency
Adamsville   SR 22 north / SR 117 south (Maple Street) – Milledgeville, StantonvilleWestern terminus of SR 22 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 117; provides access to Shiloh National Military Park
HardinCrump  SR 69 north (Morris Chapel Road) – MilledgevilleWestern terminus of SR 69 concurrency
  SR 22 south – Shiloh, MichieEastern terminus of SR 22 concurrency; provides access to Shiloh National Military Park
  US 64 Truck east (Water Street)
Western terminus of US 64 Truck
  SR 128 south (Pickwick Street) – Walkertown, Pickwick DamWestern terminus of SR 128 concurrency; provides access to Pickwick Landing State Park and Pickwick Landing Dam
    SR 69 south / US 64 Truck west (Florence Road) to SR 203 – Walkertown, Walnut Grove
Eastern terminus of SR 69 concurrency; eastern terminus of US 64 Truck
Olivet   SR 226 south (Airport Road) – Savannah-Hardin County Airport, Olivet, MaddoxNorthern terminus of SR 226
  SR 128 north (New Highway 128) – CliftonEastern terminus of SR 128 concurrency
WayneClifton Junction  US 641 north (Billy Nance Highway/SR 114) – CliftonSouthern terminus of US 641
Waynesboro  SR 13 (N High Street/Waynesboro Highway) – Collinwood, LindenInterchange via Access road
   – Wayne Medical Center
  SR 99 east (Old Highway 64 E) – HohenwaldWestern terminus of SR 99
county line
  Natchez Trace ParkwayInterchange / access road
LawrenceDeerfield  SR 240 north – Henryville, SummertownSouthern terminus of SR 240
  SR 241 north (Red Hill Center Road) – HenryvilleSouthern terminus of SR 241
  US 64 Bus. east (W Gaines Street)
Western terminus of US 64 Bus; provides access to David Crockett State Park
  SR 242 (West Point Road) – Westpoint, Iron CityInterchange; provides access to David Crockett State Park
New Power House Road - New Shoal Creek Dam
  US 43 (S Locust Avenue/Andrew Jackson Highway/SR 6) – Columbia, FlorenceInterchange
   US 64 Bus. west (Pulaski Highway) – Lawrenceburg-Lawrence County Airport
Eastern terminus of US 64 Bus
GilesPulaski  SR 166 north (Campbellsville Road) – Campbellsville, Mount PleasantWestern terminus of SR 166 concurrency
   SR 15 east / SR 166 south (College Street) – PulaskiEastern terminus of SR 15 / SR 166 concurrency
  SR 11 (Minor Hill Highway) – Pulaski, Minor Hill
   SR 166 (Bethel Road) – Bethel, PulaskiProvides access to Abernathy Field
  US 31 (Elkton Pike/SR 7) – Columbia, Pulaski, Elkton, Ardmore
  SR 15 west (E College Street) – PulaskiWestern end of SR 15 concurrency
Frankewing  I-65 – Nashville, HuntsvilleI-65 exit 14
LincolnBoonshill  SR 244 north (Boonshill Petersburg Road) – PetersburgSouthern terminus of SR 244
  SR 273 west (Old Elkton Pike) – Dellrose, ElktonWestern end of unsigned SR 273 concurrency
  US 64 Byp. east (Wilson Parkway) – Winchester
Western terminus of US 64 Bypass; southern bypass of Fayetteville
   US 431 / SR 50 west (Main Avenue/SR 273 east) – Lewisburg, Petersburg, Park City, HuntsvilleWestern end of SR 50 concurrency; eastern end of unsigned SR 273 concurrency
   US 231 / US 64 Byp. west (Thornton Taylor Parkway/SR 10) – Shelbyville, Pulaski, Park City, Huntsville
Eastern terminus of US 64 Bypass; southern bypass of Fayetteville
  SR 50 east (Lynchburg Highway) – LynchburgEastern end of SR 50 concurrency
  SR 275 west (Flintville Road) – FlintvilleEastern terminus of SR 275
  SR 121 south (Elora Road) – EloraWestern terminus of SR 121 concurrency
  SR 121 north (Shady Grove Road) – BroadviewEastern terminus of SR 121 concurrency; provides access to Tims Ford Dam/Lake
FranklinHuntland  SR 122 west (Main Street) – HuntlandEastern terminus of SR 122
Winchester  SR 16 (Rowe Gap Road/1st Avenue/SR 15 east) – Winchester, Hytop, AL, [[Skline, AL, Tennessee|Skline, AL]]Partial interchange; eastern end of unsigned SR 15 concurrency; western end of unsigned   SR 433 concurrency; southern terminus of unsigned SR 433
   US 41A (Cowan Highway/SR 15) – Winchester, Decherd, Tullahoma, CowanInterchange; provides access to Winchester Municipal Airport
Decherd  SR 50 west (Nissan Powertrain Drive) – DecherdInterchange; northern terminus of unsigned SR 433; western end of SR 50 concurrency
GrundyPelham   I-24 west / SR 50 west (Payne Cove Road) – Nashville, PelhamWestern terminus of I-24 concurrency; eastern end of SR 50 concurrency; I-24 exit 127
MarionMonteagle  US 41A (W Main Street/SR 15) – Monteagle, SewaneeI-24 exit 134
  To US 41 north (SR 2 west (Dixie Lee Avenue)) – Monteagle, Tracy CityWestern end of SR 2 concurrency; I-24 Exit 135
  SR 2 east (Martin Springs Road)Eastern end of SR 2 concurrency; I-24 Exit 143
Kimball   I-24 east / US 72 west (N Cedar Avenue) – Chattanooga, South PittsburgEastern terminus of I-24 concurrency; western terminus of US 72 concurrency; I-24 exit 152
  SR 2 west (Battle Creek Road)Western end of SR 2 concurrency
Jasper  US 41 north (Betsy Pack Drive/SR 150) – Tracy CityWestern terminus of US 41 concurrency
  SR 28 – WhitwellInterchange
   SR 27 (Griffin Highway) – Marion County-Brown Field, Powells Crossroads
Haletown  SR 134 east (J E Clouse Highway) – WhitesideWestern terminus of SR 134
HamiltonLookout Valley  I-24 – Chattanooga, NashvilleI-24 exit 174
  US 11 south (Birmingham Highway/SR 38)Western terminus of US 11 concurrency
  SR 318 south (Old Wauhatchie Pike) – Lookout MountainNorthern terminus of SR 318
  SR 148 south (Lookout Mountain Parkway) – Lookout MountainNorthern terminus of SR 148
Chattanooga  To SR 58 – Lookout Mountain
   I-24 / US 27 – Knoxville, Atlanta, Birmingham, NashvilleNo direct access to westbound I-24; I-24 exit 178
    US 41 / US 72 / SR 58 – MariettaEastern terminus of US 41 / US 72 concurrency; western terminus of SR 58 concurrency
  SR 58Eastern terminus of SR 58 concurrency
  I-24 west – Nashville, BirminghamDirect access only from eastbound I-24; I-24 exit 180A
   US 41 south (Westside Drive/SR 8) / US 76 west – East RidgeWestern terminus of US 41 / US 76 concurrency
  US 41Eastern terminus of US 41 concurrency
    US 76 / SR 2 – HealthSouth Chattanooga Rehabilitation Hospital, Parkridge Medical CenterEastern terminus of US 76 concurrency
  SR 320 east (East Brainerd Road) – East BrainerdWestern terminus of SR 320
  SR 153 – Soddy-Daisy, Falling WaterSR 153 exit 1
  SR 317 west (Bonny Oaks Drive) – TynerWestern terminus of SR 317 concurrency
   I-75 south / US 74 west – AtlantaWestern terminus of I-75/US 74 concurrency; I-75 exit 7
  SR 317 east (Apison Pike) – Ooltewah, CollegedaleEastern terminus of SR 317 concurrency; I-75 exit 9
Ooltewah   I-75 north / US 74 east – KnoxvilleEastern terminus of I-75 / US 74 concurrency; I-75 exit 11
  SR 321 south (Main Street) – Collegedale, East BrainerdNorthern terminus of SR 321
   US 74 / US 64 Byp. (APD-40/SR 311)
  US 11 Byp. north (Keith Street/SR 2)
Eastern end of unsigned SR 2 concurrency; southern terminus of US 11 Bypass
     US 11 north / SR 74 north (Broad Street/Ocoee Street) / SR 40 east / SR 312 west (Inman Street)Western end of SR 74 and unsigned SR 40 concurrency; western terminus of SR 40; eastern end of US 11 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 312
   SR 60 south / SR 74 south (Wildwood Avenue) – Wildwood Lake, Dalton, GAEastern terminus of SR 74 concurrency; western terminus of SR 60 concurrency
    US 74 west / US 64 Byp. end / SR 60 north (APD-40/SR 311)
Interchange; eastern terminus of SR 60 concurrency; western terminus of US 74 concurrency
PolkOcoee  US 411 (SR 33) – Benton, Chatsworth, GeorgiaInterchange
Parksville  SR 314 north (Parksville Road) – BentonSouthern terminus of SR 314
Cherokee National Forest  SR 30 west – RelianceEastern terminus of SR 30
Ducktown  SR 68 – Copperhill, DucktownInterchange
North Carolina state line379.52610.78   US 64 east / US 74 east – MurphyContinuation east into North Carolina; eastern terminus of unsigned SR 40
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

State Route 40Edit


State Route 40
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length39.63 mi (63.78 km)
CountiesBradley and Polk
Highway system
  I-40US 41  

State Route 40 (SR 40) runs as a secret, or hidden designation for US 64/US 74 from downtown Cleveland, in Bradley County to the North Carolina state line near Ducktown, in Polk County. SR 40 was also a former designation for part of APD-40, which is the origin of part of the common name of that route.[6][7]


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